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Gulf war syndrome: British Legion calls more help for veterans

The Royal British Legion is calling on the government to do more to help veterans suffering from Gulf war syndrome.

He Was a Man of Constant Sorrow! He’s seen trouble all his born days!

The old man sat alone in the darkened room of his Tennessee home, his eyes moist and red.

NEO – Washington Quietly Lifts Sanctions on Russian Rockets

Impotent and incoherent, it appears that the US has managed to do more harm to itself than to Russia.

NEO – On the Comfort Women Issue

Vladimir Terekhov - The Seoul agreement may serve as opening of the “Pandora’s box” for Tokyo.

Surkov-Nuland Meeting and End of the Junta

Original by Mikhail Onufrienko published by Federalnoye Agentstvo Politicheskikh Novostey; translated from Russian by J.Hawk The first paper to report the  rumored meeting between Vladislav...

Poland Will Begin Dividing Ukraine

Originally appeared at Rusplt, translated by Comrade Korolyov exclusively for SouthFront Ambitions and old scores of Russia’s historical opponents will help to find a solution to...

NEO – America’s Military: They Simply Can’t be Trusted

If you ask someone in the Pentagon when Russia invaded Ukraine and how many tank divisions are there, waiting to attack Western Europe, they will take out their phones and show you photos of the Russian tanks -- photos long proven to have been a decade old, long exposed as a hoax.

Big Squeeze now on Khazarian Mafia

Many nations have now ganged up on the Khazarian Mafia and it is being deconstructed on many fronts. How much real power does it have left and for how long?

Are You a Real Muslim

He who conquers his “Self” is greater than he who conquers a thousand armies.

AIPAC and New World Order Are Screwed—Again

Bombing Iran ain’t happening, and there is no indication that it will happen this year or the next. What’s equally worse is that there isn’t a damn thing that Benjamin Netanyahu can do about it.

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