Poland Will Begin Dividing Ukraine


Originally appeared at Rusplt, translated by Comrade Korolyov exclusively for SouthFront

Ambitions and old scores of Russia’s historical opponents will help to find a solution to the Ukrainian question

Polands threatens to become the EU’s main problem in 2016, according to Austrian Der Standard publishment. The winning party “Right and Justice” (translated from Russian translation of the original Polish name), that won the majority of votes in the Seim, is nowadays conducting a coup d’état, establishing control over all governmental institutions, including the Constitutional Court.

The right-winged conservative orientation of Warsaw makes it remember old Polish-Ukrainian arguments and scores, and claim its rights on the historically Polish lands of Western Ukraine. Russia can “heat” the situation according to her own interests. Dividing Ukraine can help Novorossiya to separate, leaving only a dozen central regions under Kiev’s control.

The “Right and Justice” party under Yaroslav Kachinsky came to power last autumn and completely legally – as a result of democratic elections. After it received the majority of seats in the parliament, it, for the first time in the modern Polish history, formed a single-party government. And this time there was not a single Communist, Socialist or other left-wing party in the Seim.

Polish President Andjey Duda – is also from Right and Justice. The total control received by the conservatives of the jurisdictional and executive powers allowed them to develop their success. According to the Seim-approved law, the quorum of the Constitutional Court has been increased from 9 to 13 judges, and the decisions will be made not by majority, but by two-thirds of the votes. This way, the work of this highest law institution is de-facto paralyzed.

Right and Justice are “eurosceptics”. Their ideal – is a strong Poland with little influence from the EU, or, if possible with no influence at all. Factually, this is a Polish analogue to the French “National Front”. Also, what makes the Polish conservatives stand out is their honest-to-god Russophobian attitude.

In the setting of absolutely unlimited power, the right-winged conservative ideology will undoubtedly become the main Party Line of Polish foreign policy, and this means, old historical scores will be attempted to be settled, interests and claims of this formerly powerful European country will be revived, as it happened in history before. The neighbours of this new “Grand Duchy of Poland” should brace themselves.

Geopolitics is back on the menu

Polish ambitions were always grandiose. The four divisions this country lived through are living proof of this: only the aggressive defeated suffer such a fate. Nowadays, when the foreign policy is turning out rather nicely for the Polish, it seems, we are to expect some sort of a revanchist movement within Polish governmental circles. Poland is being backed by the “British world” with the U.S. in it’s lead, whose loyal European puppets are Warsaw and London (as yet another eurosceptic and EU’s critic). No longer wishing to serve Germany’s interests, the leader of new non-military eurointegration, Poland dreams of simultaneously play the role of one of the leading European states. This is where Right and Justice triumph’s roots are set.

This was already understood in the EU. Luxemburg’s Foreign Affairs Ministry’s head Jean Asselbourne called what is happening in Poland now “strange and scary”: in his opinion, the attacks on independence of courts, mass media and methods, which are used to do this, are a spit in the face of European principles. “The European Union must explained to the Polish government, without any delay, that you cannot do this”, – says Asselbourne. However, to do this to a legally elected government is unclear. The expulsion of Poland from the EU is not outlined in any of the allied agreements, is what Der Standard reminds us, meaning any threats are useless.

We must note, that Warsaw’s strife to play an increasing role in the international affairs was predicted in Stratfor’s analysis. In 2009 they were claiming that before 2020 Germany, Turkey, Japan and Poland will activate, all of these throughout history marked themselves with the thirst of expansion, but as the result ended up a subject or a satellite of a victorious nation. Demonstration of Merkel’s ambitions, political insanity of Erdogan, new Japanese militarism (that recently permitted the use of Japanese Self-Defense force to operate out of the country), and, last, but not least, ultraright conservative Poland – this is all a sign that the forecast was correct. Geopolitics is back on the menu.

Division of Ukraine

Poland will of course be an antirussian and proamerican country. And this is why she probably won’t be too hostile to the antirussian Kievan regime. “Washington’s forepost” is a “forepost” for both countries. For now, this is so, however the nationalist regimes act out of their own logic. USA’s wishes will only be considered up to a point, and only until Polish interests are considered too. And a fundamental interest of all nationalists is a conquest of all historical “living space”. In the Polish case, this is Western Ukraine. Just a few years ago most analytics couldn’t even guess that something like this could become a reality. Maidan and its consequences weren’t foreseen either.

More to that, the map of a possible Ukrainian divide the Polish media demonstrated over a year ago. This is, of course, not the Sovinformburo (Soviet Informational Buerau, Soviet Union’s mass media organisation), we cannot take everything the Polish media says as an outright truth, but still, it is the sign of true intentions of the Polish government and Polish peoples’ attitudes. According to Polish nationalists, Poland must consume Lviv, Volyn, Ivano-Frankovsk, Ternopol, Rovnensk cities and their districts (oblasts). This isn’t surprising, consingering that Lviv is really a Polish city ethnically, that was given to the USSR in 1939 as per Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. And although the Polish community has thinned out over the decades, the historical memory, especially of Polish-Ukrainian War of 1918-1919, has not dissapeared. This is why Poland was lobbying the creation of a monument to commemorate that war in Lviv “Lviv’s little eagles”. We can say the same about Volyn with it’s famous massacre.

This is also confirmed by the fact that “a Polishman’s card” is being widely spread in those regions. And it was being done for a while now – this law was passed eight years ago. It eases the access through the Polish border and is easily exchanged for a residence permit, overall it Polifies its owner. It really is a Polish passport in its own sense. Because it is unable to give out EU member’s passport just to anyone, Warsaw acts in steps. Already 140 000 Ukrainians own this card. If their interests will suddenly be under threat, Poland wil have a moral right to intervene.

Dreaming about the conquest of those lands, the Polish also thought about other lands and their historical ownership. Chernovitskaya oblast can be given to Romania. Zakarpatskaya – to Hungary. Russia will take back all of Novorossiya (that is all of Kharkhovskaya, Dnepropetrovskaya, Donetskaya, Luganskaya, Zaporozhskaya, Khersonskaya, Nikolaevskaya and Odesskaya oblasts, literalliy half of Ukraine) where the population is vastly ethnically Russian and Russian-speaking, and the economy is traditionally very dependent on Russian clientelle. And Ukraine itself will be left with nine central regions with Kiev as the capital: Zhitomirskaya, Khmelnitskaya, Vinnitskaya, Kievskaya, Chernigovskaya, Cherkasskaya, Kirovogradskaya, Sumskaya and Poltavskaya oblasts. These are historical lands of Kievan Rus. This way, Ukraine will keep all its territories, except those that were gifted to Ukraine the so-much hated in Ukrainian nationalist circles Russian Czars and Soviet leaders.

Such turn of events would be favourable for Russia not only because of Novorossian salvation, but also because of localisation of the insane Ukrainian nationalism in set boundaries. Even the rather ruthless Soviet government that was standing for internationalism in it’s good form couldn’t eradicate it, now, after twenty five years of “independence”, it, while fully stripped of statehood, is still dangerous as ever. If a small Ukrainian country will be created, in it’s natural borders, the lovers of Mova and Vyshivanka will be able to practice their fetishes without any harm to their neighbours, rightfully proud to belong to a Ukrainian nation, and, if they will pull it off, Europe.

The conditions to realise such a scenario or just about right. Nationalist turn in Poland is key. Through making a deal with Warsaw (or may be bypassing it, and talking as equals with the U.S. straight away, to save time), exciting Romanian and Hungarian (and may be even Slovakian and Belorussian) appetites, Russia could solve the Ukrainian crysis for good and for safety of all, including the Ukrainians themselves. But first and foremost for the good and safety of the Russian population of Novorossiya.


  1. Oh my Gennady.. I think we describe you in American Slang “Clueless” Really? Russian Aggression ? What about the US state sponsored 5 billion dollars tax payer funded Coup in Kiev is “Russian Aggression? Please. go away. Anyone who thinks Putin is responsible for MH17 by not “providing documents” needs to go post that crap on some zions bs site like Yahoo. Tell me why no ATC tapes from Kiev?

  2. In response to Gennady & Lidiya Sevastyanov comment of January 20, 2016 at 9:51 am – 1

    There would be no Polish emigrants in Great Britain if Poland wasn’t conquered by the American capitalists in 1989 and its economy privatized (read taken over and destroyed!) by western financiers who invested a lot of money in the Solidarity movement. I would like to know what it is happening with the Ukrainian economy at the present moment, because – as I’m sure you are aware – the western capitalists, not Poland, are dividing Ukraine as we speak. I’m sure you know that Ukrainian soldiers escape to Russia in large numbers in search of safe haven from the war in the name of western economic and political interests.

    • In response to Gennady & Lidiya Sevastyanov comment of January 20, 2016 at 9:51 am – 2
      I’m sorry but I don’t feel thankful to the Ukrainian immigrants who supposedly rescued Poland from “crowds of Syrians”. EU has no legal right to impose any quotas of immigrants on its members, but when EU does that, it means that the governments of the member countries allowed it to do so. Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are also opposed to refuges from North Africa and Middle East and nobody can force their governments to behave differently, so I suppose, they don’t need Ukrainian immigrants to be rescued from the imposition. Our previous government, Citizens Platform (PO) represented mostly western, liberal, pro-German, and anti-national interests and did just that; they secretly – against the will of the nation – agreed to quotas on immigrants. That was one of the many reasons why the PO party lost the last election. The supporters of the Citizens Platform, generously financed by western “lovers of free markets and democracy,” still crowd our streets in defense of the western capitalistic right to indefinitely exploit Poland. They call such a state of affairs “democracy” in full bloom.

    • In response to Gennady & Lidiya Sevastyanov comment of January 20, 2016 at 9:51 am- 3
      Even if Bandera was held by the German GESTAPO, the Bandera movement was not stopped by anyone. With all of its atrocities against Poles, banderism represented ultranationalist hatred resulting in extreme cruelty and the murder of many Poles, mostly older people, women, and children. I don’t want to speak of the details, because they are too graphic. Also, we shouldn’t forget that Ukraine was on the German side during the WWII. The statement that “The terrible actions and pictures were inspired and organized by NKVD-KGB “is an obvious confirmation of your self-denial, dear Ukrainians. I understand that like many of your western “friends” you found in Russia a convenient scapegoat for your immoral actions.
      The Russian refusal to provide Poland with material evidence that had been used for their investigation doesn’t automatically establish Russia as guilty of the destruction of the Polish plane; however, some people in their simple logic may just think that

  3. Dear Gennady & Lidiya Sevastyanov :(3)
    What proof do you have that Russia had organized the disaster of the Polish government plane? We don’t know if it was an accident or somebody committed a crime and is responsible for their deaths. I personally doubt very much that Mr. Putin is responsible.

  4. Dear Gennady & Lidiya Sevastyanov :(2)
    As a Polish person I would like to inform you that the majority of Poles are for peaceful and friendly relations with Russia. The fact that you lived in Poland doesn’t mean that you know how we think or what we want. Many Poles admire Putin and – don’t get offended – think that your current government was created by pro-American, Zionistic puppets. We don’t want crowds of Ukrainian immigrants in our country either. It bothers us that our government uses taxpayers money to educate Ukrainians in our universities instead of taking care of Poles who are homeless or Ukrainian Poles who would like to return to their motherland. We also haven’t forgotten how Ukrainian fascists murdered our people during and after WWII. Did you see the pictures of Polish babies killed by Ukrainian patriots and then hanged on barbed wire?

  5. Dear Gennady & Lidiya Sevastyanov :

    Your unfortunate comment (answer to Dr Aby) forced me to clear certain misconceptions that the Ukrainians have and publicize in the name of the Polish people. Please don’t present your point of view as an ordinary attitude of Poles towards Russia because you are very much mistaken.

  6. Gennady & Lidiya: Your native Ukraine is breaking up — with itself. If you disagree with the facts & analysis, then provide your own facts & analysis — not just your biased & unsupported opinion.

    Russia was not the aggressor against Ukraine. The U.S. & others staged a violent coup d’etat against the duly elected, duly recognized, and usually corrupt government of Ukraine — installing an unelected, even more corrupt puppet government, which was later “elected” when much of the country was unable to vote.

    Russia has shown NO recent signs of aggression — especially against Poland. Are you getting your “facts” from the sides of yourselves on which you sit?

  7. I also am confused Jozsef. My grandmother came to this country around 1910-15, not sure. No birth certificate survived so we put her birth at around 1880. She told horrible stories of being overrun by soldiers, men and babies being bayoneted. Her and her husband were farmers. Was she Polish or was she Russian (from Ukraine) I still don’t know. My father was born here in 1917. Did she flee at the start of the Bolshevik Revolution? That would make me Russian. And here I always thought I was Polish. With her more than likely Russian maiden name and definitely Polish married name and not knowing the city she was born in, I’ll never know my true heritage given the complexities of the Polish/Russian ever-changing geographical boundary lines.

  8. In conclusion, there had never been a Grand Duchy of Poland, instead the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania co-existed and dramatically ceased their existence thanks to the acts of partition preformed by our German and Russian neighbors, who again seem to have reached a similar “understanding” of things Polish. Please don’t presume that you know what we dream about!

  9. Does Comrade Korolyov have a first name or is his full name only known to the Russian Communist party? The gonzo journalism, not to mention the inadequate translation from Polish, makes this political analysis nothing more than a trashy piece of propaganda. First of all Poland does not threaten anybody. It is the EU that threatens Poland because the EU – mainly Germany- does not like the idea of the reforms that the Law and Justice party – not “Right and Justice” dear Mr. Korolov, or if you prefer, comrade Korolyov – is trying to implement in Poland. The Kaczyński party is simply carrying out the program of economic reforms that the PiS promised to its electorate and those include changes in the way constitutional judges are elected to their offices, imposing taxes on foreign banks and huge foreign supermarkets, and creating a Polish media. It is shocking that most of the media in Poland today is German. European neoconservatives, especially those from the banking and media sector, certainly don’t like these reforms.

    • Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the Law and Justice party, doesn’t plan a partition of Ukraine. What that party has done- in spite of the severe criticism of many Poles- is to give generous financial support to the Kiev regime. The idea of partitioning Ukraine was officially suggested to Poland in 2015 by a member of the Russian Duma, Vladimir Wolfovich Zhirinovsky. Polish authorities politely didn’t respond to such a” delicious” Russian scheme. Nobody ever seriously discussed the preposterous idea in the Polish Sejm. Perhaps the Russian ambitions are more grandiose than Poland’s and, perhaps, it is extremely convenient for the Russians and Germans to see Poland economically weak and isolated. It is true that members of the Kaczyński party are mainly Russophobes, however, the Polish conservative movement is generally pro-Russian and every journalist who knows the political reality of today’s Poland is fully aware that Polish conservatives are not represented exclusively by the Law and Justice party. Those who don’t understand this shouldn’t undertake ambitious projects such as writing on the subject of politics in contemporary Poland.

  10. The Poles should be careful, or Germany might ask back for the land stolen by the Treaty of Versailles.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander, eh?

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