Where Does Evil Come From?


by Katherine Frisk 

This is a difficult article for me to write. But the question has come up time and time again on many platforms: Where does evil come from?

I am going to attempt to answer this question. And please note it is an attempt, so bear with me, be patient and what is more, feel free to contribute in the comments section below.

The Historical Nature Of Evil

I believe evil is born out of extreme trauma and terror and has occurred in every society in every nation at some point in time. Anyone who has suffered from PTSD will understand more about this than I do. The nightmares go around and around in circles and the psyche constantly computes in order to try to make sense of it all when in fact it makes no sense at all. It is contrary to all that we believe to be humanity. Some people are even driven to suicide because of this dichotomy.

Those who suffer the most have what is called in some circles a very high emotional IQ. There have been a number of books written on this subject should you wish to pursue them. The difficulty for these people in any traumatic situation is that they empathize with the other, friend or foe. In a war situation these people literally go through hell, not only their own, but through empathy with the hell of others.

Alternatively, there are those who manage to integrate the trauma and terror into their life view and it becomes normative, resulting in a perpetuation of the behaviours that cause trauma and terror to the point where they even enjoy watching the effects of trauma and terror on others. This behaviour is passed on generationally and to use a very old-fashioned phrase, the sins of the father will be visited upon the children. They consider themselves tough, they can take it, they are survivors, survival of the fittest. Might is right.

These people although they may have a very high IQ, do not have a very high emotional IQ and therefore are incapable of empathizing with others. They are rote leaners who copy others with very little discernment in their thinking process and very little originality or creativity. So long as they are not exposed to a traumatic lifestyle, they generally do not become a problem to society. But if through nurture or war they are exposed to uncaring, violent and traumatic behaviour, they will copy it and repeat it.

In order to function in society these people have to develop a number of skills. The first is pretending to be who they are not and do it successfully. The second is to learn to lie. Society in general will automatically reject these personality types, because they are by their nature destructive to the well-being of the whole. So new skills of manipulation need to be developed in order to fit in unnoticed into any group, and secret societies are formed.

The next step is to justify their existence and as with all societies they need a headman, a leader, a deity to unify them. They establish the same patterns as in any belief system with all its rites and rituals and later its written texts. And so cults are born. Their basis being in trauma, terror and horror, and the enjoyment of experiencing the ability and the power to impose this on others. It is self-perpetuating cycle to justify their existence.

There is another aspect to this subject. I am sure that you have been to some places and felt very comfortable while in other places decidedly disturbed. I cannot explain this scientifically, I do not have the skills. Maybe one of you do and can add it in the comments section.

This is what happens. Whenever a violent situation occurs that causes trauma and terror, it imprints itself not only on that particular region, but even into the soil and the vegetation. A common term for this is “bad vibes.” And this can apply to anything from a building, town, nation or continent. Unless these energies are dealt with in an appropriate manner, they can stick around for centuries until the area is eventually cleared. A flood would do it. So would a volcano. Or…

If the suffering is acknowledged and a proper burial takes place, and those who have suffered are recognized, as in a war situation by both parties during a peace agreement, these people can be laid to rest and move on. Sounds corny I know.

But if this does not take place, these energies will stick around and often suck unsuspecting people into their orbit. The area will have a very macabre atmosphere about it. We can often absorb these energies sometimes unwittingly and unknowingly. Some people are even attracted to these sites and feed off this type of vibe, which in turn is in alignment with those who integrate trauma and terror into their lives, either through generational inheritance, or through a traumatic life experience.

Peter Levenda has done excellent research on this subject and his books are well worth reading and his interviews are very informative. But you need a strong stomach and your hand firmly on the rudder to steer your way through it all without getting sucked down into the subject and being consumed by it.


Which brings me to another aspect. In recent years there has been a plethora of information on the occult, the Illuminati and cults and sects. Even those who “expose” these people in the interests of informing others and warning them, are actually giving them free advertising and might in fact be promoting it instead. Hell, they like converts just as much as anybody else! The more converts they get, the more they normalize their own behaviour patterns into society.

It is for this reason that I generally stay away from it and why this article is very difficult for me to write. I have been aware of these energies all my life and tend to stay away from them. You attract what you put your attention on. So… keep that in mind.

One downfall is that when we do pick up on it, we often put it down to an overactive imagination, which might sometimes be the case. Depending on what we have been reading, listening to and watching. Charlatans make use of this weakness, knowing that suggestion in any form, as with advertising and social engineering can manipulate people into believing an absolute fantasy. Reverse psychology is another mechanism. The war on drugs for example is a war for drugs and promoting this industry. Ask Hollywood.

Now I want to bring up fractals. We see fractals in every living thing. A basic format is repeated over and over again and this same fractal goes from a seed to a tree and expands. The same can be said for family trees and genealogy which also expands in fractals, something that Peter Levenda also explores with the interconnectedness around the murder of JFK. Which in turn brings us to the birth pangs of the USA.

There is a macabre pall that hangs over the USA. Many are aware of it, some are not. Those who are aware of it either shy away and ignore it or become sucked into this negative energy which in turn has effected every sector of society. Readers of Veterans Today know the names, the personalities and the cults involved so I will not repeat them here. For those who do not, again I would like to refer you to Peter Levenda.

What I have been looking for is the core of the fractal that has played out over time. I think that maybe I have found it. Or at least one of them. You decide.

The USA was not born on the 4th of July 1776. After a failed attempt on the 4th July 1584 at Roanoke which was aborted, another attempt a conception was made. A conception that would bring together two divergent people, equally as determined and proud. The Europeans of England and the Powhatan at Jamestown.

Much like a forged birth certificate, the USA was born out-of-wedlock and in trying times. All families have skeletons in their closet. Things they are not proud of. This skeleton has been hidden away for some time now, behind the glory of the Revolution and a fireworks display.

At the time Spain was reaching the height of her power with colonies that were producing an abundance of gold, tobacco and silks, enriching the Spanish to levels that had never been seen before on the continent of Europe. The Spanish Empire was known as the largest empire in the world.

England by contrast was winding down and out of the Elizabethan age and into the reign of James 1. What is more they were bankrupt.

The Virginia Company of London got a concession to establish a fort, not under the crown, but under this trading company for the purposes of finding gold, tobacco and a route through to the Pacific for trade in the east. Their intension was to bypass not only the Silk Road through the Middle East, but also the Cape of Good Hope in Southern Africa, and extend trade to China and India via a western route.

The Virginia Company managed to find many investors and the ships set sail with instructions to bring back gold and make money. They were not supplied with provisions to establish a colony and were not provided with the essential means to establish agriculture of any sort. They were expected to trade trinkets with the locals for food and set up a fort as a trading station. They were ill-equipped, ill prepared and uninformed as to the situation that awaited them. Aristocrats and their servants. Not farm labourers on a territory that was unsuitable for agriculture anyway.

They landed on May 4th 1607, in what became known as Jamestown. Initially they were welcomed by the Powhatan with festivities and the exchange of food for goods, but later disputes and acrimony set in from both sides as well as dissention within their own ranks. None of them knew how to deal with the Powhatan and as a result the spin-off was diminishing trade,  something that they relied on for their survival.

Up until 1609, the Powatan Princess Pocahontas, now famous in books, movies and legends, was instrumental in ensuring that provisions were made available. As for the disputes in 1609, there are many conflicting accounts. By the autumn of that year their provisions had almost dried up and this was compounded by a drought that had badly effected the Powhatan and the English settlers alike.

Mass grave at Jamestown discovered by archaeologists, beneath the foundations of one of the later capitol buildings

By the time help did arrive in the Spring of 1610, the settlement that originally consisted of 500 people, men women and children, were reduced to a population of 60.

The colony was severely traumatized:

Trying to adapt to a foreign environment which by comparison to where they had come from was extremely harsh.

New neighbours whom they barely understood and in most cases misunderstood entirely.

A lack of solid leadership with dissention within their ranks.

They were now also confronted by disease and starvation.

The situation devolved into survival of the fittest. The consumption of their horses, domestic animals and rats, and finally eating each other to the point where they were digging up already dead and decomposing bodies.

The dead were not given proper funerals but buried in mass graves which in later years was covered up by one of their capitol buildings and only rediscovered in the 1990s. As I said earlier, all families have skeletons in the closet.

When the ships from Bermuda arrived in May they were confronted by what could only have been a scene out of Hades itself. I am reminded of Goya and his painting “Saturn Devouring His Son.”

The settlement was almost aborted, in fact should have been, and these people taken back to England and properly taken care of. Today we call this PTSD. They were in no condition to continue establishing a trade station and they had become a danger to themselves and a danger to others.

Instead with the arrival De La War in June of that year, the ships carrying them home were turned around and all settlers returned to the colony.

This was the birth of the United States of America and the fractal that was passed on down from generation to generation until it now hangs like a macabre pall over the entire nation.

Many of the settlers integrated trauma and terror into their life view and it became normative, resulting in a perpetuation of the behaviours that cause trauma and terror to the point where they even enjoyed watching the effects of trauma and terror on others. This behaviour was passed on down generationally and to use a very old-fashioned phrase, the sins of the father have been visited upon the children. They consider themselves tough, they can take it, they are survivors, survival of the fittest. Might is right.

Jamestown is a sad and cadaverous nativity for a country that was to rise to be a great world power, and the fractal of the seed planted in the winter of 1609-1610 has played out where we see its manifestation today.

Can it be healed? I believe it can. The remains of the dead found in mass graves need to be given a proper burial with a memorial service and their names read out and acknowledged. They need to know that somebody cares, that somebody gives a damn. Because at the time nobody did, least of all the Virginia Company who was only interested in profits for their shareholders.

The soil of Jamestown and the souls who suffered on it need to heal, as do those who were forced to resort to cannibalistic behaviour due to greed, bad planning and ineptitude by the Virginia Company. They too suffered and found themselves in hell.

But then all Veterans of war know this.


The Nature Of Evil – Political Ponerology

Bending Consciousness. Toolbox of Evil

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.

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  1. So we witness two forces in opposition: God the Creator, the source of all good and perfection, and the image of the demiurge, the aeon that sinned, the devil or Satan, who, according to Plotinus, (Eneads 11, c 10) is the principle of error and ugliness. “It is “, says Plotinus, “pure potency ; it is often the non-being, the essence of non-truth”.
    In the Manichaeism of Gnostic tradition we find the concept of the primitive origin. the basic origin of man -pure joy, peace and freedom- that has now been corrupted by the body, by the outside world, in the end, by matter, to whom both belong. Hence arises the hypothesis of Mani that our Essential Being is superior to the body and the world. The history of man – the microcosm- then becomes the history of the universe, the macrocosm.

  2. We are all born onto a planet where everything kills and is killed in order to survive. That’s nature. Mammals, insects, bacteria are all part of this system. It’s unavoidable. “There is no good or evil, but thinking makes it so.” -Shakespeare.

  3. ‘Evil and good’ in occult terms are like the poles ‘negative and positive’ on a battery- you can’t have one without the other. Evil is devolutionary, good is evolutionary. Put simply, evil is as a result of ignorance or reflective of a certain stage of evolution present in the person. The most absolutely evil people are those who are fully aware of the ‘laws of nature’ and who use those same laws (as a black magician would) to control and manipulate lesser beings (ie the majority of us who are not cognizant or empowered by knowledge that such laws even exist- because the ‘elite’ have carefully hidden them). Lack of awareness as to the true nature of our existance and place in the universe is the greatest evil and ignorance.

  4. Anyway, wherever evil (on behalf of the US of A, or other Western countries) comes from (mostly from Zio-London, Zio-Washington and Zio-Hollywood), least of all it comes from “trauma” or from vets “suffering” from “PTSD” . . . Besides, it’s definitely not them who have a disorder, but rather the “civilization” which sent them (the vulgar psychopathic leaders, their cheerleaders, and the whole, from mass psychosis “suffering”, herd of stupid hanger-ons). Like Richard Miles from Iowa, who most likely couldn’t get help, then retired into the woods, and froze to death.

    • In the beginning of this article I described two reactions to trauma. You have given an example of the first. For an example of the second, see the movie In the Valley of Elah (2007).

  5. Katherine, I appreciate the perspective of this article, and the combination of intellectual curiosity and empathy for the reality of human suffering that underpins it. When I became aware of the level of intergenerational trauma the Black Death which took 1/3 of the population of Europe imposed, I began to imagine the insanity by which the subsequent horrors of colonialism may have been perpetuated. Multiply it by the genocide every population has faced at some point in history and perhaps we can begin to find the compassion needed to begin to unwind the mess we are collectively in? It’s a dense discussion to begin, but if we are to progress beyond the depressing infighting of the entire truth movement, I feel it is going to take courage for such investigation and speaking out. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks raven and I could not agree with you more! Too much emphasis on the problem, not enough on the solution. And the suffering of MKultra victims has not even been properly addressed. The music industry is screaming it in your face.

  6. Where does evil come from?
    We moderners are conditioned from an early age to adopt an uncompromising subject/object split in our embodiment of reality. This intentional isolation immediately posits a separation wherein it is possible to gain while others loose, to prosper while others suffer, to enjoy while others are in agony.
    This split, opposition, dichotomy only exists in the savage dualistic worldview. This dualism, which clearly is but a means for life to discover itself, is not the all encompassing tyranny that religion, pop philosophy, and primitive science demand you make yours. Yet this conquest has for two thousand years cheated mankind of the discovery of themselves.

    • How about subject, health. Object food. Reality, we need co-operation so that there are not the haves and the have nots. In this particular situation due to a lack of knowledge in both cultures, no compromise between the two and not preparing for a drought a win-win outcome was not negotiated which resulted in a disaster. Trauma which in turn breaded an ethic that can be seen as evil.

    • Ms. Frisk,
      Your points are good ones, however, there is both a physical and a mental/spiritual facet to dualism. The mistake lies in seeing the physical as omnipotent, omnipresent-and in seeing the mental/spiritual as that which cannot be transcended.
      Trauma as the initiator of primitive and savage behavior is well documented. However, trauma is not limited to the human experience. The assumption that all of this operates exclusive of any but the human experience is again reaffirming the tyranny of dualism.
      If indeed trauma is evil, then the intrinsic nature of trauma with existence must mean that evil itself is endemic to creation. This was the conclusion of the ancient seers.

    • No matter what the ancient seers might have concluded, we have or think we have evolved since then. Which I believe we have, but we do not want to see or use the skills available to us because it would mean stepping out of our preconceived notions. And all the hated that entails, which many are addicted to under many different labels. Pick your poison. Disasters happened, that are not under our control, and people suffer. It is how we deal with the results that is the main issue and to date we have not dealt with it very well. The many US war Veterans are one example and the high level of suicides. We send very sick traumatized people back into society, some of whom have made these traumas “normative” in their minds and then have through brainwashing manipulated society through the media and other vehicles into thinking that this is what society is. It is not. Those who suffer from PTSD are the most in need, and the most dangerous are those who have inculcated traumatic behaviour into a normative life view. And they perpetuate the abuse. Bottom line. The USA is a macabre sick degenerate society in desperate need of healing. Jamestown might be a start, where it all began. Honour those people, bring lots of flowers. plant rose gardens and bury them with respect and a memorial. Maybe the fractal will change , I think it will. You just have to plant it.

    • Certainly, events such as Jamestown carry with them such a strong echo, that we hear it reverberating even now. However, I find it too narrow to conclude that trauma, which occurs throughout all of life, has only the human sphere to find its expression.
      If indeed we have progressed so far, why do we keep rediscovering what was seen thousands of years ago, and add so little to this realization?
      It is irresponsible to imagine that the trauma that stimulates such aberrant behavior is limited to a societal construct, when we find ample evidence of its wider scope. If we intend to get a handle on evil, we must first understand its scope.
      Finally, moderners simply refuse to comprehend the dichotomy of our existence, the duality that pervades the so called material world. Here is the key to grasping how evil can be intrinsic to nature, to creation, to ourselves. This realization places a further burden upon each of us, because this requires both an intensely personal and transpersonal response.
      Anything less is just entertainment.

    • Maybe we should start with what we can deal with. And put our attention on that. The mental/spiritual as you put it. Mental being understanding the consequences of trauma and that its effects carry on down through generations. It takes at least three generations for any society to return to some kind of sense of normality after a war. The whole society is shell shocked. They are all traumatized.And an offshoot of this is aberrant behaviour. Or what we call evil. Natural disasters aside, we create evil through war and other atrocities and perpetuate it. War memorials have a sense of peace that is not often found in other places, I believe this is because the suffering of those buried there has been acknowledged. The energy is different. In the case of Jamestown the suffering has not been acknowledged, so this negative energy still clings to the area and the generational trauma based consequences which have created more evil has never been looked at in any depth. Surely we are more intelligent and wiser now with all the in depth study that has gone into pyschology? Surely by now we have the tools to deal with it but are not using them?

    • Yes, Ms Frisk, if we intend to be proactive regarding evil, then we must deal first with our own. The first step is in confronting and releasing our fears.
      Most of our hauntings are self induced…

    • Sounds like New Age junk to me and not dealing with the nuts and bolts. Put the blame on those who have nothing to do with it and let them self destruct trying to work it out. Great psychology.

    • “New age junk?”
      I once hoped you were deeper than this statement reveals. Apparently, you choose to believe that evil is “out there”, and there is no intrinsic element to it.
      Ok, you will do as you will, but keep in mind your finger pointing will never address the issue, and in searching for your way to fix “them”, you are merely creating yet another demonized group.
      But that is always the way it is with Christians, obsessed with blaming the faults of others, and utterly dismissive of their own. It’s a great way to keep the same corruption in place, while grinding everything into dust.
      Yep, same old orthodox junk, for nigh 2,000 years.

    • If that is the conclusion you have come to then you have not understood what I wrote in this article in the first place. IN this instance these people were Christians. They should be seen in this light out of respect. The same can be said for Native American Indians who were massacred at Wounded Knee. They need to be seen in he light of Native American beliefs. Self examination is all very well and good, and in this instance I did not say evil is “out there,” I discussed a situation that caused evil behaviours. Applying New Age self examination is not looking at the cause, instead it is deferring it to the individual to carry the burden. I doubt if anyone could say if they were subjected to the same situation that they would not behave in the same manner. This trauma was the cause of their behaviour , and that in turn was caused by ignorant and uninformed people putting themselves into a dangerous position.

    • No, Ms. Frisk, you do not understand. Your insulting use of the new age label is just another attempt to marginalize and lampoon the one real direction open for humanity, IF humanity truly wants a different world.
      Whether you wish to believe it or not, the world doesn’t suck just because of the leadership. Oh sure, the leadership is central, but do you really think all the minions happily playing their part in upholding an increasingly corrupt and caricatured existence have no role in supporting the reign of evil?
      If that is your premise, then you are welcome to it, but context is not just analysis, context is also the entire mosaic, and how all the pieces make the image.
      You assume that I demand others take on responsibility for the crimes of others, when I never wrote any such thing.
      Can you appreciate that there is a difference between awakening to your role in creating the mosaic, and assuming a responsibility for the actions of others?
      Ms. Frisk, are you gonna shoulder your rifle and go take out the evil leadership? No? Then exactly what type of solution are you proposing? Do you suggest that examining the problem until we are dead is offering a solution?
      No, Ms. Frisk, you cannot assume the cost for the actions of others, nor can you change anything for the better if you are ruled by fear, and all its sub-personalities. This really should be self-evident.
      It is your responsibility alone, to yourself, to reach to a higher level of life.

  7. You have identified the problem. I have tried to identify the cause. So we are more than halfway there. So the next step is to find the solution. In the example I have given in Jamestown, these traumatized people should not have been integrated back into the community. They should have been removed. Because they were destructive on many levels. But this was not recognized. I think our challenge in the future is to recognize the destructive nature of these people and not only remove them from power, but remove them where they cause pain and suffering in society. They are mentally unbalanced and should be treated as such.

  8. What we have is “unbalanced”people who have a disconnect from the very human trait of empathy for others. People who have empathy do not cause pain to others because they are capable of putting themselves in another persons shoes so to speak.

  9. Fractals. Which is the point I was trying to make with the Jamestown example. The people who were traumatized and then integrated trauma and terror into their life view, could result in this evil becoming intrinsic, learnt and hereditary and through the centuries spreading down generationaly in a fractal system which will bring you to Levenda and his research.

  10. At one stage in my L life did a lot of research into the San, or what is known as the Bushmen. Regarded by some as primitive. It has proved to be a good yard stick for me to measure things by. And keep in mind that they have the oldest genetic structure in the world today for our species. This kind of evil is absent from their societies. Which brings up three factors. They have lived in an abundant environment and being hunter gatherers are mobile so even during a drought they could move to better areas with ease, they were not trapped. They are very in tune with what I have called “vibes”in this article, of themselves and of nature and the animal kingdom, they literally talk to it through intuition. Lastly, they do not experience winter as they do in the northern hemisphere. So there has never been this need for hibernation and resorting to a diet of flesh. In other words the trauma factor is drastically reduced. If you look at the spread of civilizations and the movement of different peoples plus the growth in populations over a long period of time, a traumatic experience from 3,000 years ago similar to Jamestown in one group of people could result in a certain group where evil becomes intrinsic, hereditary and learnt. And through the centuries with population movements and growth spreads. Fractals.

  11. It is not only Jewish custom to be circumcised. This practice was followed in ancient Egypt before Abraham entered Canaan. It has also been practiced all through Africa for centuries and in some tribes women are circumcised.

  12. “Those who suffer the most have what is called in some circles a very high emotional IQ”……. time is accessed in the fractal moving through the fractal …there is no scientific language for where they cant see or be….a space where no evil is and therefore entering an atmosphere where humanity has been trampled underfoot by it there is more than an extreme heightened awareness identifying its movement with extra sensitivity felt in the fractal flow of human suffering it causes for it to become …. surroundings are absorbed and the very pulse of the land can be felt, everything can be healed and evil has no place where lies are not allowed to freely inhabit … we are in … we have everything given to us already …there is a way to move that must mend with the fractal… you did well Katherine … the past is present with the future for all their lying machines that capture and destroy the Human psyche to be completely and utterly immobilized, deactivated and destroyed …. tell that to someone and see if you dont get locked up

    • It is not only Jewish custom to be circumcised. This practice was followed in ancient Egypt before Abraham entered Canaan. It has also been practiced all through Africa for centuries and in some tribes women are circumcised. The difference in Africa is is is a tribal custom and rite of passage when a boy becomes a man and is done for health reasons.

  13. I did not say don’t talk about evil. What I said is that even when some people expose them, they get free advertising. It is a reverse psychology principle. Drugs are a perfect example of this. In the 60’s people had to be taught about cocaine and LSD for it to enter their consciousness, so a “drug” problem was created in the media. Then the market was flooded. It was advertised first. SO basically when you explain the Illuminati and the cults, it is a fine line between being informative and educating and advertising the concepts. As for “judging.” Take Jamestown as an example. Canibalism is horrific in anyone’s language. Unacceptable. That is a judgment. But given the circumstances can you with any conviction say that you would not do the same thing? That is not judging. But, how to deal with the situation? That is not a judgment that is a conclusion that needs to be made in the best possible interests of all. I think they should have been removed and not integrated into the colony.And I did not say that the Indians could not find food. I said that there had been a drought which effected both the Indians and the Settlers. I have left this open, because in all the accounts I have read there are many conflicting opinions. Both sides attacked each other. So I cannot come to any conclusions on that. Some accounts say the Indians purposely starved them. Some accounts say due to the settlers own inner conflicts and inexperience they ended up starving themselves.

  14. Yes, that’s right, Katherine. It’s not so much (or not at all) about (most of) the people in “Israel” or the “Jews” (people with Jewish ancestry), they’re just as much victims of their, and the West’s “shadow” regime, which shows itself increasingly openly . . . (It mosly seems to be this “cult” of the Western (royal) “elite”, the banksters, the “freemasonry” boy scout clubs, and no doubt mostly originating from the talmud)

  15. Well said, Katherine. The talmudis (synagog of sate) pretty much worship savagery/psychopathy. There’s also something about Calvinism, which was damned by Martin Luther . . .Katherine, I don’t like to say it, but I’m just telling what I think, and as far as I know . . . You can’t deal with the devil, or align yourself with psychotic, damn fools, or psychopaths (pretty much Jonas Alexis’ opposites), take their advice, or have much to do with them. Otherwise you’ll (almost certainly) be ruined by them yourself (sooner or later).

    • If we understand the cause, and I think extreme traumatic experiences is one very strong contender, then we can get some measure of the psychological profile that results from it. Which is not restricted to any particular religion, race, culture or nationality. By putting this in one box or another, you miss the larger picture. Once we identify the product, we can start finding solutions. In the case of Jamestown, these people who had been extremely traumatized and damaged should have been removed from society, put in a place of safety for their own good as well as the good of others. They should not have been integrated into the colony. Psychopathy is a mental illness and brain dysfunction where the normal traits of empathy are absent. And any empathy shown on their part is learnt and copied from the behaviour of others, But is not inherent.

    • It was a reply to your comments, I don’t like the article very much, although some parts of it are very good. (North America was settled during a long period of time, from all around the country, from many different countries, hardly from Virginia, and there were wars, and hardships everywhere)

    • It is not a “nice” article. I had difficulty writing it. And Jamestown was the foundation stone, it was the first English attempt at a colony and a disasterous one at that.

  16. What are they reading? What are they being indoctrinated with generation after generation? Some dufuss decided that they are the “chosen race.” Are they really? Genesis 1 is a different thing entirely from Genesis 2. Then you have the celebration of Purim. I wrote an article on that at VT. This influences their mindset. Whether they are genetic Jews or not. Then some other fools wrote the Talmud. The stuff in that is enough to curl your hair. Not all “Jews”abide by it. But again we have a group of people subjected to trauma. The Assyrian invasion, the Babylonian exile etc. And then they live, breathe and think the Holocaust. Look at the hatred and suffering in Israel today as a result. creating more trauma. It is programming. A Matrix. At some point it needs to stop with reconciliation. Because they are also creating very bad energies in the land every time somebody is subjected to trauma. I think Jesus attempted to break through this Matrix.

  17. Well, that is one of the reasons I finally wrote this article. Exposing this behaviour is one thing, finding solutions and dealing with it is another. Many articles expose it, but never the cause or balance it out with a solution. I have tried to find the cause. If we can see it for what it is, instead of going down rabbit holes, we can find solutions. The people who engineered 9/11 are basically insane. But they have managed to pass themselves off as normal. The people who have run the Fed and robbed others blind are insane, but they too have managed to pass themselves off as normal. The large majority of humanity stands up for justice, equal rights, human rights, and has the best interests of the whole at heart, they are empathetic to others. We have let a type of virus take hold of society and convince people that their way is sane, when it is bat shit crazy. That is a delusion.

  18. I have given Jamestown as an example. There are many others. In Libya, Syria and Ukraine today for example, the atrocities of ISIS and the impact this has and will have in the future. In the Jamestown example, in retrospect, these people who had basically become insane today would be institutionalized. Or, eliminated as Putin is now doing in Syria. It is a hard question, because they basically had become like rabid dogs. Instead they were re-integrated. This kind of psychological damage is very difficult to reverse and I am sure had a detrimental effect on the colony as a whole, not only for the period of their own lifetimes but down through generations resulting in a certain type of culture and mindset.

  19. Have you considered the theory that here on Earth there are humans and “creatures”- i.e. created by their Creator non-humans? The creatures don’t have any empathy, don’t understand the concept of good and evil, and yes, they use trauma as an instrument of creating others like them.

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