Breaking: Turkey in Panic Mode After Spotting Russian Engineers on Syrian Border



Editor’s note:  Yesterday, Veterans Today and South Front presented a video outlining Erdogan’s plan to move troops into Syria and set up a buffer zone to protect ISIS’ oil theft and to keep arms moving to his terrorist allies.  Today we reported, with limited confirmation, that Russian engineers are moving to a Syrian Kurdish city on the Turkish border where, according to the pro-Erdogan Barzani regime in Erbil, a new Russian air base is being set up.

Now, Sputnik News, a Russian based but fully independent news source is now reporting that Erdogan has approached the US asking for help against what he sees is a Russian threat, and as Jim W. Dean so often points out (“You just can’t make this stuff up!”).

Russia is planning, according to Erdogan, to interfere with Turkey’s illegal oil trading with ISIS and cut off their arms supplies.  This would also cut off Turkey’s supply of Christian slaves as well, one of the very real scandals among so many, that have been suppressed.


It is also becoming impossible for the world to ignore that Erdogan’s program of ethnic cleansing of Kurds inside Turkey is piling up dead and will eventually reach the levels of the 1915 massacre by Turkey of Armenians.  From Sputnik News:

Amid rising tensions between Ankara and Moscow, Turkish President Erdogan has expressed concern over the alleged presence of Russian engineers near the country’s Syrian border.

The Turkish government has expressed alarm over Russia’s air campaign in Syria since it began last September. Along its Syrian border zone, Turkey has dug defense trenches and increased security forces, despite the fact that Moscow has repeatedly stated its goal is to combat terrorist groups in Syria.
Ankara, Turkey
On Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed new levels of panic, sounding the alarm over the alleged presence of Russian inspectors at an airport near the Turkish border.

“We have said this from the beginning: we won’t tolerate such formations (in northern Syria) along the area stretching from the Iraqi border up to the Mediterranean,” he told reporters. “We maintain our sensitivities on these issues.”

Erdogan said he plans to discuss the matter with US Vice President Joe Biden when the two meet on Saturday.

“I can say that Turkey is closely watching every military movement on its borders and especially the border with Syria,” a Turkish government source added, speaking on condition of anonymity.

But the president fails to address the underlying cause for any tensions in the border zone: Ankara’s downing of a Russian bomber in Syrian airspace. Following that incident, Russia was forced to move S-400 air defense systems to Hmeymim airbase.

Fighters from the Kurdish People Protection Unit (YPG) monitor the horizon in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakeh

Putin, during his annual press conference:

“They [Turkish authorities] thought that we would turn tail and run! No, Russia is not that country. We have increased our presence in Syria, have increased the number of combat aircraft deployed there. There was no Russian air defense system there –now there’s the S-400. If before, Turkey had constantly violated Syrian airspace, let them try it now.”


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivers a speech during a mukhtars meeting at the presidential palace on November 26, 2015 in Ankara

Erdogan’s comments also come amid Turkey’s increased concern over the presence of Kurdish militants along the border. While the YPG has proven to be one of the most effective ground forces fighting against Daesh in northern Syria, Ankara has labeled the group a terrorist organization.

While Moscow has pushed for the inclusion of the YPG in Syrian peace talks, Ankara has refused, threatening to extend the bloody conflict.

“For us, there is no difference between PYD, YPG, PKK, or Daesh,” Erdogan said. “We will discuss this with Biden tomorrow. “I hope that this joint stance will be aimed at preventing this wrong Russian formation in northern Syria.”


Senior Editor , VT
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  1. Im still waiting for the UN leader Bank the moon to address this problem with Kurdish genocide but nothing so far. He probably in a corner singing the cinderalla version of “in my own little corner in my own little room….”.
    NATO isnt worthless, its powerful enough to force the world to accept that it wont budge on any crime against humanity commited by those it supports, but will act against any country the US deems a threat to the US.
    By US I mean the compaines in the US that control global enterprises. President Obama and the Bushes and the Clintons have supported big oil big pharma and big agriculture to name a few. They never lied about supporting the US. The tax payer always guessed they were refering to them. They never accepted what the washinton stooges to the oligarchs really meant when they say …..its in the interest of the US. Pure Facism, right in our faces.

  2. The Erdogan profits from Iraqi and Syrian oil are cut so many different ways, the Biden family cut must be suffering. Will Biden provide more support to his staff on Incirlik NATO (USAF) Airbase?
    Comrade chancellor Merkel´s investment of German patriot dollars into the maintenance of Erdogan´s facade is approaching the limit of tolerance of the citizenry. The Jewish press is the only organization that continues to support Merkel´s Moslem extravaganza. Leaders of EU nations have begun to realize that Merkel is the chancellor only of Germany, not the nations that comprise the EU, also, their capitol cities are not located in Israel.

  3. A good bet is that there is a point coming soon where Erdogen’s high military command will have had enough of him and his Likudist bosses. he is rapidly becoming an embarrassment and a major risk to Turkey’s future. Of course he won’t see any such action coming because he is far too arrogant. He is now single-handedly destroying turkey’s economy and future and his hope that Israel and its stateside controllers of the USG would keep the steady stream of US and NATO USD coming to him has no further basis. And he has transformed Turkey into a terrorist nation like Israel. In the meantime until that day comes, the finely tuned clearly superior Russian military machine tightens the noose around Erdogen’s neck and cuts off his stolen oil revenues and human trafficking dollars. If Erdogen is dumb enough to provoke the Russians into get into full air combat, he will find his aircraft and bases instantly be decimated beyond recovery and Turkey will be Balkanized into three sections within months. Something is seriously deficient in this man’s thinking process. Odd are very high he took an all expenses trip to Israel and drank their specially prepared koolaid and got the puff of gas through the wall while sleeping. ever since he has been functioning as a KM Zio drone. It is time for the whole World to gang up on Erdogen and his crime syndicate and bring it to final judgment for Terror, narcotics trafficking, human trafficking and oil theft.

  4. This will ultimately be a bigger mess than the downimg of the Russian bomber. These people are so brain-dead its almost incomprehensible. ALL of them – from Nuland-ia to shining Ben-gazia…

    Go – Mr. Putin. And to think the UK are trying to disrupt his undivided attention with local US citizens) Russian rrps and the spy’s death in UK.

    Talk about mud grovelling…

  5. I pray that someone does not think that they can use tactical nuclear weapons in response to any act of belligerence.

    • He might as well check with Biden as Biden is Obama’s minder and also the Cabal’s official top mouthpiece. Erdogen is now desperate for even more U.S. support as he was promised a situation like this could never happen.

  6. So, Erdogan is counting on Joe Biden to offer a solution, or assistance? Biden is still trying to figure out how to knot his own tie. He might as well stay in Washington and play with his coloring books. As for Erdogan, I anxiously await his action against Putin and the proposed air base near the Turkish border. I really hope he does something stupid. As Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  7. I get the feeling that when the Turks, under Erdogan’s leadership shot down a Russian military jet, they made a huge mistake.

    The Russians are going to fight this war to the bitter end.

  8. You wanna “discuss this with Biden tomorrow”? What do you think the outgoing U.S. Vice President will do for you, Mr. Erdogan? lol

  9. You are very much correct, VT reports what others cannot. And this is fabuloso. As that wretched Churchill stated This might be “the beginning of the end”.

  10. Excellent article there Mr Duff.
    Awwe, ErDoggy goes crying to the US. And one has to admire the tactics of the Russian leadership.

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