FFWN covers False Flag Paradigm Shift



This week’s False Flag Weekly News (watch the above video—click here for the story links) asks:

Are we in the middle of a “False Flag Paradigm Shift“?  When X Files comes back for a special run based on a 9/11 truth “conspiracy theory,” and mega-bestselling author Dan Brown unveils false flags in his latest book, it does seem the mass mind is starting to shift.

This week we learned that the mosque attended by the two San Bernardino patsies has officially stated on its FaceBook page that the attacks were a false flag. And America’s most influential African-American leader (with vastly more street cred than the President) Minister Louis Farrakhan just made the same point in a mainstream radio interview.

Meanwhile Israel is openly admitting its love for ISIS, while Rita Kaatz’s favorite supervillain cartoon character, Jihadi John, has been “written out of the script.”

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  1. Just redneck yahoos blaming the “demonstrators”? I guess you haven’t seen the formerly suppressed but now released FBI files on Kent State, with verified testimony that the window smashing riots the day before and initiatory burning of the ROTC building were planned by “student” saboteurs, or that eyewitnesses testified that the first two shots came from the “demonstrators,”, fully corroborated by two slugs recovered from a tree and statue behind the National Guard, all proving the Guard were set up and then fired on first.

    At New Plei Jerang in Early May ’70 as my battalion was readying for the invasion of Cambodia, a roar of approval went up from we “redneck yahoos,” who were a day away from deep insertion into an enemy stronghold, as the Kent State event was announced over a loudspeaker–because even we redneck yahoos knew that the Jews behind SDS, and hence these protests, wanted American soldiers dead, not home. Now those former Trotskyite SDS types call themselves neocons, a term David Brooks of the NYT defines as their latest pose, in which “neo” means “new,” “con” means “jew,” and they send young Americans to die and be maimed because our military leaders now serve the worst enemy they ever had on their knees.

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