Is Vitol Buying Oil From ISIS?



by Katherine Frisk

I wrote an article a year ago and then completely forgot about it until somebody jogged my memory with a comment: 

I had a item to pass on re; Dubai Gold post you had before Christmas. Phrasing and how to bring it up was a concern. A book from 1940 “The story of the Pacific” by W. H. Van Loon was of interest in many items (he was on to the Roosevelts – go figure) But one item on Abel Tasmin’s story relating to Japan and how the Dutch ended up with the exclusive trading monopoly because they were not interested and would demonstrate (yearly) that they weren’t in proselytizing.

But what they were very good at was extracting all gold from Japan, till none was left after 200 years and the Japanese had to open trade with the US — on more favourable (reciprocal) terms. Van Loon wanted to know more details on what happened and how, to the Gold. So would I.

None seem to come up when you inquire about this case specifically. References to the Roman empire having the same problem develop are now “disappeared.” Many questions involving Gold and its movement are of interest. Asking can be fraught.

To which I replied:

Dutch? Interesting. One could ask the same thing about South Africa’s gold during the apartheid era, and how involved were the Dutch in that? And keep in mind that South Africa was a Dutch colony and only became British after a Dutchman became king of England and when Napoleon invaded Holland, which gives you pause for thought. Then after WW2 reverted back to basically a Dutch/Afrikaans country and apartheid was instituted through social engineering by Hendrik Verwoerd, who was born in Holland.

200 years you say? The Dutch have never really had an empire, maybe they have been smarter than that. Who needs the burden and the shame of being a colonialist? As for South Africa, a Dutchman ended up adopting an Afrikaans nationality and then ruled the country.

VOC_150px-VOC.svgFor a history of Dutch/Japanese relations beginning in 1598, click here. 

As far as resources go, Holland as a country does not have much to offer, so perhaps long term planning was/is involved. I think you might find some answers in the Bilderberg group and Argentina. Another interesting point, Nobel Peace prize winner De Klerk, former president of S.A and the last president under apartheid now lives on a very big farm in… Argentina.

Maybe asking is not so fraught after all.

For a history of Dutch/Japanese relations beginning in 1598, click here. 

But to the article I wrote a year ago, you can see the original here. I have added more information and updated it somewhat. Amazing how things go around in circles and I have to wonder if Vitol was on the list that Putin presented to the G20, and have they been buying oil from ISIS?


The Dutch-Malaysian Connection [And We’re Not Talking Tulips, But Oil]

Americans always conclude Rothschild, and you miss one extremely important factor. The Dutch. Dutchmen. You always underestimate that little country. The Dutch East India Company was doing business in the far East before the Mayflower landed in Boston. The Cape of Good Hope was started by them as a stopping off point in South Africa. The Dutch East India company was based in Malaysia. A lot of Malaysian slaves were brought to Cape Town at one stage, and in Cape Town there is a large Muslim Cape Malay community.

Also keep in mind the Bilderberg group, which is outright Nazi, and was started by Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands. The Dutch Royal family have major share holding in Royal Dutch Shell and lots of links to Argentina, which is a revelation in and of itself! You know… that country where all the Nazis went to after WW2? Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is married to Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti from Argentina, the daughter of Jorge Zorreguieta, who played a leading role under Jorge Rafael Videla during his dictatorship. At the same time, the current Pope Francis was a Bishop in the country.

Vitol was started by two Dutchmen, and you can find NO information on them whatsoever, other than their CEO Ian Taylor, who is British and apparently the richest man in the City of London. Really? Their head office is in Geneva. Most of these major oil trading companies like Vitol, are based in Geneva, Switzerland. Vitol used to basically buy oil in one place and then sell it in another.

Now Vitol is expanding. They are not only acting as traders, they are also developing refineries. In other words hard assets; And buying out… Shell petrol stations all over Africa, and in up to 14 countries.

They have also sold 50% shareholding in oil processing plants to a Malaysian shipping company. Which means they now have a rather large fleet of ships at their disposal. And again reinforces the very old ties between the Dutch East India Company and Malaysia going back over 400 years.

If you look at Vitol’s operation in Florida, it is very high tech, low maintenance. They only have 26 staff. Typical Dutch. When you come from a small country you think in terms of making one small thing accomplish great big things.

They will also trade with anyone. Including terrorists. It seems that they made deals to supply the rebels in Libya and Syria with needed petrol but on condition that when they took over they would sell oil back to them for below market prices.

In the years of sanctions against Iran both Vitol and this Malaysian shipping company have been doing business with Iran. They transfer the oil off shore in international waters from one ship to another. In fact this Malaysian company has in it’s box of tricks, ship repair out at sea, without the need to come into a dry dock.

Which brings me to the missing Air Malaysian flight, and the flight shot down over Eastern Ukraine with Dutch citizens on board.

In the first instance the first thing we heard was that it was Iranian hijackers, remember the two men with the same legs story? Clear case of photoshop. But, excuse the pun, that story did not fly. If it had done Israel would have bombed Iran by now.

Then the second story… this time blame Putin. I am really starting to see the funny side whenever somebody in the West messes up and the first thing they do is blame Putin. It is really looking more and more childish and unbelievably silly! The latest being the CIA pointing fingers at Russia for geoengineering and weather modification used as a weapon.

Now the price of oil has dropped supposedly to get at Putin and is doing terrible damage to the USA Fracking industry. We all ask why? The latest I heard is that the oil fields in Saudi are being flooded with seawater and they have to pump out as much as they can or it will get contaminated…. mmmmmmmmm

Queen Beatrix At The Bilderberg Meeting

Rothschild may well be one of the 350 shareholders in Vitol, but you can bet your left testicle that the Royal Dutch family is on that list, (Bilderbergers) possibly some big wig Malaysian business tycoons, maybe even a few Chinese and Iranians as well. And then I have to wonder…. who was the broker between the Saudi oil deals to China that has brought the price crashing down? Vitol maybe? And which shipping companies are transporting these huge amounts of oil from Saudi to China. So….

There is another world behind the world that we see, and it has nothing to do with politics or even wars for that matter. It is pure trade plain and simple and these guys are not interested in taking sides. If there is money to be made, they are in. If not they are out.

Oh, how did I get here in the first place? The strike at Long Beach California against a company called Tesoro, who just happened to buy oil from Vitol who just happened to buy oil from rebels in Libya. I also hear that the Panama canal and the Suez are doing great business and the East coast of the USA is looking a lot better than the West. Well, Vitol is in Florida.

That was February 2015. 

In January 2016, what do we have? According to Benjamin Fulford’s latest newsletter:

Perhaps the most dramatic, and under-reported, new aspect of this ongoing struggle has been the freeze on global shipping. To confirm reports on the internet of a shipping freeze, this writer called NYK lines, a major international shipping firm, and was told “we cannot speak for the whole world but, as far as our company is concerned, with current shipping prices we will lose money every time we send a ship so we have stopped.” Chinese government sources told this newsletter shipping companies are now demanding to be paid in Chinese yuan and not dollars and that is a major reason for the freeze in shipping worldwide. If this continues, it will lead to empty super-market shelves and social unrest, especially in the US. The announcement last week by Walmart that it is closing 269 stores is just the beginning.


According to Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

“The Baltic Exchange’s main sea freight index, which tracks rates for ships carrying industrial commodities, continued its freefall to close at a record low on Tuesday amid concerns over vessel oversupply and global demand shortage.

The overall index, which gauges the cost of shipping dry bulk cargoes including iron ore, cement, grain, coal and fertiliser, fell for the 11th straight session and was down six points, or 1.63 percent, at 363 points.

The index has plunged 115 points or around 24 percent in January.

The capesize, panamax, supramax, and handysize indices also continued their downward spiral and touched their all time lows on Tuesday.

The dry bulk sector has taken a beating from the slowdown in Chinese business at a time when the sector is struggling with huge overcapacity.

The capesize index fell 12 points, or 6.09 percent, to 185 points. Average daily earnings for capesize vessels decreased by $68 to a new record low of $2,662.

Capesizes typically transport 150,000-tonne cargoes such as iron ore and coal and have been particularly affected by a fall-off in coal and iron ore demand in China.

The panamax index fell 6 points to 369 points.

Average daily earnings for panamaxes, which usually carry coal or grain cargoes of about 60,000 to 70,000 tonnes, fell $47 to $2,952.”

According to this report on January 8th 2016:

Commerce between Europe and North America has literally come to a halt. For the first time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America. All of them (hundreds) are either anchored offshore or in-port. NOTHING is moving.

This has never happened before. It is a horrific economic sign; proof that commerce is literally stopped.

And in Argentina:

Since day one, Mauricio Macri has started repressive socio-economic measures – when he let the peso float on the day of his inauguration on 10 December 2015. It devalued by about 50%, then recovered somewhat. The bottom line is, though, the people at large will suffer purchasing power losses, so that dollar investments may flood the country – as he says and hopes – to privatize once more Argentina’s economy to foreign investors. It’s all so reminiscent of the Menem years. – And the Argentinians elected him – did they really?

At least 12,000 state employees in Buenos Aires were dismissed, starting the New Year with unemployment – no individual warnings; the contracts of another 62,000 government employees country-wide are being examined – and most likely terminated. Many of them may have voted for him — really?

Millions of people took to the streets throughout the plazas of the major cities in Argentina during the past weekend, demanding social justice, like freedom of expression and the right of work – and for most the respect for human rights – and defending democracy over the dictatorial rule of a right wing demagogue.

So what I want to know is this. In the great mess that the world is in today, where do the Dutch, the Dutch Royal Family, Gold, Oil, Vitol and Argentina fit into the equation? Soon after the CIA relieved Kiev of their gold, the Fed who cannot give Germany’s gold bank apparently, managed to give back Holland’s gold. 

Who is who in the zoo exactly? Anyone with any ideas?


Also Of Interest:

National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC), Iran’s biggest tanker company, back on a list of sanctioned firms

Er hem, cough cough cough,….

National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) is a subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil Company, which was privatized in 2009.[1] As of 2011, NITC was owned by funds managing pensions for 5 million Iranians.[2] It is the biggest tanker company in the Middle East and 4th in the world.[1] The company transports Iranian crude to export markets and also engages in cross-trading of crude oil cargoes for some 150 oil majors worldwide, including ROYAL DUTCH SHELL, Total SA, Saudi Aramco and state-run producers in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.[3] NITC has a capacity of 11 million tons per year.[4]

AE911Truth Presents WTC Evidence to Malaysian War Crimes Conference

Malaysian plane disappearance linked to 9/11: Barrett

Petronas Towers

Ex-El Al expert: Iran likely involved in MH 370



Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.

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Katherine is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian

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  1. I think they will all move to Argentina before that happens. As for public appearances in Holland, as a thought, have you heard of body doubles? Saddam Hussein had at least five apparently. Which makes you wonder, who exactly did they hang?

  2. @Laika von old Monkshusen,

    Stop your nonsense! I married into a Black Nobility family (House of Orange) and my own family was personally and financially involved with the Catholic clergy during their disgusting incursion into Argentina during the junta. What a horror to humanity that was! Stop attacking Ms. Frisk when she is asking for help and trying to get the truth out to us all! In these hours of darkness we desperately need the light of truth!

    • More likely you’re a vulgar liar (while preaching about “the light of truth”) yourself. You’re comments don’t make much sense, anyway. You know the difference between “Catholic clergy”, and CIA mercenaries like black academi water, “ISIS”, Pµssy Riot, and neo-Nazi trash? Obviously not. And what the h€ll is an Aleutian well?

  3. I like you Katherine! Let me share this info, relevant to the current economic milieu: stage2omega (dot) com/al-hodges-michael-cottrell-intel-update-january-7-2016. Let us know what you think.

    • Fort Knox is empty and they cannot give Germany their gold back. So what you need to ask is where is the US treasury going to get the gold to back up a new dollar? I am speculating here… my guess is that if there is any gold it is in the hands of private corporations. Who in turn are all part of the TTP and TTIPP network. If you understand what they are doing here, the corporate giants will be separate entities with the same power as governments, not under any jurisdiction to anyone except themselves and certainly not the US gov. They have been stock piling gold. The US gov has not. Which in turn means back to square one, because they will “loan”out their gold reserves to the US Treasury with massive compounding interest rates which is basically the same kind of daylight robbery as the Fed. Rumour has it that the Bush family has a massive hoards of gold as one example. This TTP is going to leave the average US citizen high and dry paying taxes and seeing no return for those taxes which the corporations will function tax free as independent entities. Make sense?

  4. There is a rather appropriate saying for this. Take the plank out of your own eye before you tale the splinter out of somebody else’s eye. It would seem to me, even though much criminality is “Jewish”based that much international criminality is excused under this mantle. Nevermore so than with the Rockerfellers. and ALL the founders of the Federal Reserve Bank where not one Rothschild appears.

  5. Yes Katherine, you are correct in connecting the dots to the Dutch Royal family. They are major players along with the RKM’s, the Rothschild’s/Swiss Banksters and the Pope. Just take a look at what is happening with the Great Lake’s water. Governor Rick Snyder, who was supported by the DeVos, VanAndel and Meijer families have illegally taken over many cities throughout the state. Benton Harbor is located over 1 of 3 Aleutian wells in North America that supplies 30% of the water to Lake Michigan. Detroit is the third largest water delivery infrastructure in the world. Saugatuck Dunes sits upon one of the largest drift aquifers in the state. They know this because IBM mapped all the planet’s fresh water right down to the last molecule. Also take note of the Dutch Royal family’s recent visit to the US and the meeting they had with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. It’s business as usual…

    • Why mention the pope, Katherine? You could be right, of course, but it seems to me typical Jewish-Calvinistic ….?, I’m sorry, Chinese-African gossip (you know, they accuse someone innocent of exactly the crimes, they just committed themselves, that’s typically what Chinese-Africans do). For instance; the “Canadian Rev.Kevin D.Annett”, a Chinese-African psychopath, who is accusing pope Francis of all kinds of typical Chinese-African monstrosities (the prick also pretends to represent Canada’s “First Nations”, but somehow the Canadian Indigenes want nothing to do with him whatsoever) . . . Besides, look at for instance the media (Lügenpresse), it’s all typical Chinese-African lies, and owned by Chinese-African liars.

  6. Well, some Argentinians probably voted for Rothschild-agent Macri; some indoctrinated demented old ladies (who watch CIA-media), for instance, and the Nazis (the family of the Dutch queen, and the likes), just like some US Americans voted for Dubya Bush, plus “some” vote-rigging, of course . . . I reckon the Americans conclude right; the “Dutch East India Company” was most likely the “Rothschilds” (or gang of likewise Jews) first international (monstrously criminal business), which still exists and “owns” many companies (Shell is just one of them). And yes, they weren’t trying to convert people like the (Roman Catholic) Portuguese, Spanish; but just looting, murdering, enslaving (selling) them . . . I reckon it’s all pretty much the same organization (mob), the Western (royal) “elite” with their Nazi ties, all kinds of criminals, but especially the (Jewish) banksters. The “royals” of Holland are even worse (stupidity/psychopathy) than the “Windsors”, and part of this mob, but most likely not so influential.

    • I have a challenge for you, try writing anything without the word “Jew”in it. I bet you cannot do it. There is no distinction or dividing line in the power blocks in Europe and the USA and the “Jews.” When you are making that much money, it is irrelevant. It is only small people on the ground who go “Its the Jews,” “Its the Germans” “Its the British.” When in fact it is none of them and all of them. And their ethics are non existent. As I said, if there is money to be made, they are in. Jewish or not. If there is no money to be made they are out

    • Yes sure, but the (talmudic) Jews, only a small bunch of monstrously criminal Jews (the banksters) grabbed power, especially since the 17th century; the time of the looting (or worse) of faraway countries. Especially they (the talmuds), but also the somewhat likewise Calvinists, had a special inclination for this monstrously criminal, and savage/psychopathic business . . . Of course the overwhelming majority of the Jews had nothing to do with that, they were the ordinary criminals (that’s how they were widely considered). How am I supposed to call these (satanic) criminal banksters (and henchmen/whores) otherwise? Chinese? Or Africans?

  7. Then we get the deals cut between Russia and China, before the fall of the oil price. These are contracts, also in Rubles, Yuan , gold and exchange of commodities. Again the petro dollar is out of the loop, so it the dollar. The oil price in dollars is not that relevant to these contracts, because if I am trading you two bananas for six eggs, and I am not using dollars, the value of the dollar does not come into the equation. Then there is the Silk Road project, which will take a huge amount of resources and money to pull off, but it is also going to increase trade and create more jobs. A high price in oil would be detrimental to this project. A low price would be far more beneficial.

  8. As I understand it so far, and then the picture changes on a daily basis, so it is hard to keep up to date. Two years ago I think, (too lazy to google now) CHina cut deals with Saudi Arabia, big meetings held between the two countries. Upshot of it was that China would no longer pay them in petro dollars, only in Yuan, possibly gold but also in these agreements was that China would build refineries. Now there is another angle to this because new technology has been developed in Iran, also possibly China and Russia bringing costs way down to producing oil for $10 a barrel. People in the west need to understand how the east thinks. They think less for more, not more for less. eg they would rather sell 1,000 apples at $1, than 100 at $10. With China and India sitting with populations of over 1 billion each, it changes your mindset.

  9. Mostly covered up in WW2 and conveniently when eastern Europe came under the communist block, is the persecution of Serbs and specifically Orthodox Christians. Still ignored to this day, their deaths and persecution by numbers in Croatia and Greece alone outnumber the “Jews.” While in Russia over 20 million were killed. And yes like everyone else at the time the Dutch were also slave traders. And Amsterdam is a major diamond trading centre. What becomes more and more obvious, is that there is no distinction or dividing line in the power blocks between Europe and the USA and the “Jews.” When you are making that much money, it is irrelevant. It is only small people on the ground who go “Its the Jews,” “Its the Germans” “Its the British.” When in fact it is none of them and all of them. And their ethics are non existent. As I said, if there is money to be made, they are in. Jewish or not. If there is no money to be made they are out.

  10. Ship loads of gold made it’s way out of the Americas on Spaniard flagged vessels and they were landing in what today is San Diego Ca. This is indicative of trans Indian and Pacific ocean and not trans Atlantic routes. Piery Reese (sic) made a very interesting map long ago under someone’s commission no doubt. Blaming Putin lets the lunatics skate free another day.

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