Corporate Fascism, The Vatican and the 21st Century


by Katherine Frisk

Pope_Prade+lif9b600The Vatican is the prototype of a Corporate Fascist entity. It answers to nobody. It pays taxes to nobody. Its Bishops and priests have diplomatic immunity all over the world. It even has its own embassies. It owns more real estate than any other entity on the planet.

It was never about God, Jesus or Christianity, it is about power and control and “fashion statements. “

The Vatican has major shareholding in all the top corporations. Lockheed Martin and Bank of America being two examples.

But who and what is the Vatican really, behind their elected men dressed up in red Prada shoes ( The Devil wears Prada) , one of the biggest pedophile rings on the planet, money laundering, drug running entities and illegal arms trade industries in the world?

The Vatican is a front for the Black nobility of Europe, Zionist Bankers and the Wahhabi sect under the control of the Saudi Royal family.

It does not believe in Democracy and certainly not the framework of a Republic. It advocates monopolist, political tyranny, hegemony and a hierarchical framework where in their own courts they have trial by ordeal, not a free and fair trail with witnesses to speak on their behalf.

For the last 1,000 years, their goal has been to take over Russia, which has determinedly remained Orthodox Christian in spite of a communist invasion funded by Wall Street Bankers, and not succumbed to the dictatorship of the pope nor in their advocacy that the pope owns the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls. An Apostolic Church based on all twelve disciples, as opposed to Peter, who is the only person referred to in the Bible as Satan, is more in alignment with a Federation of States, a Republic and Democracy.

The Spanish, during the heady times of the Inquisition and the rise of the Jesuits, explored and colonized the New World, most notably South America. In the 20th century, we saw repeated violent Fascist Dictatorships across that continent suppressing the will of the people, and where the hidden hand of the CIA, which is duty bound to the Vatican, has played a major role.

There are still those in this contingent that are attempting to take over Russia as they have been trying to do for 1,000 years, however there are others who have moved on. They have by slow degrees moved to South American countries and taken their wealth with them.


They have also spawned from the motherload of the Vatican which is the prototype of Corporate Fascism, a New World Order under the auspices of the TPP and the TTIP agreements.

The Vatican that was once their bread and butter has now expanded into what is also known as the Vampire Squid. An Octopus of Corporations that now span the world. Under the TPP and the TTIP agreements, corporations will become satellite states much as the Vatican has been, with their own closed secret law courts, their own diplomatic immunity and their tax-free status. They will now have the same rights and powers as governments. They will be able to sue governments for loss of income due to wage labour laws, health laws, environmental laws in fact any government regulation that they see as a hindrance to their profitability.

The Black Nobility, the Jesuits, the Illuminati and the Zionist Bankers will change like chameleons, in fact already have. They are now the CEOs of these corporations and have successfully removed themselves from nation-state status and the thrones which they once sat on, all altars at which they once served as priests and central banks which they once controlled. Sorry guys, the horse has already bolted from the stable.

They have stolen as much gold as they could in the last 500 years and have it in private storage facilities that you know nothing about. Leaving countries around the world with now defunct central banking systems that are bankrupt.

The Vatican will become a “poor church,” because quite simply all its wealth has long since left Italy, along with all the gold in their catacombs, art works and the library. Anything you see in the Vatican today is a replica.

The real power in the Vatican has long since vacated the building. They sit in boardrooms now, plotting and planning the full implementation of the TPP and the TTIP agreements and when they do not get their way, they set loose colour revolutions, tsunamis, earthquakes and droughts in order to convince other nations to fall into line. Which by the way, is a crime against humanity and needs to be addressed in an international court of law where the perpetrators are arrested, charged and brought to book.

Having failed no less than three times to take over Russia, (Napoleon, WW1 and WW2 with a pathetic new attempt during the 1990s through economic warfare as well as the 2014 war in Ukraine), they have now decided to dump Europe altogether for better climes in the southern hemisphere. And as usual they will make it look like somebody else’s fault. That is their plan anyway.

George Soros has long masked what other powers he works with
George Soros has long masked what other powers he works with

Hence the funding by Soros of the refugees to Europe and the promises made to the Wahhabi that the failed invasion of the Ottoman Empire can now proceed. Muslims in time will be called invaders, colonizers and the main cause for the destruction of European society as we know it. The fall guys.

But things might turn out quite differently to what they expect.

For Europeans their best bet if they want to survive is to close all borders. Refuse to sign the TTIP agreements and then go east and join the AIIB and BRICS. If anything this is a gift horse, do not look it in the mouth.

Keep Monsanto out and deport all “refugees” most of whom are male and ISIS insurgent rapists, in fact send them back to Soros on a one way ticket! He is so rich he can feed, clothe and house them all. He funded them to go to Europe in the first place, so send them back to him.

After centuries of Vatican tyranny, Europeans are now free. Wave the Black Nobility, the Jesuits and the Zionist bankers goodbye as they board planes for South America. You are well shot of them. 1,000 years of burning people to death is overkill in anyone’s book. Francis is just basically closing shop and the Vatican is now an empty shell. He does not wear Prada and is doing a Uriah Heap impersonation in contrast to the Nazi Benedict who sat on a gold toilet seat. Its only smoke and mirrors babe!


Poland, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have already woken up. They are moving east and dumping Brussels policies. They are tired of being used and abused in destructive wars across the continent where those who instigate them walk away rich while their populations are devastated. Hungary in their wisdom burnt Monsanto GM fields and eradicated it from their country. The rest of Europe will follow.

Eastern Ukraine will become an independent state. Poland and Hungary will reclaim what was originally their territory and the Zionist/Nazi/ISIS Kiev Junta will be isolated into a small state. Who needs these freaks? The whole world saw their barbaric rape, plunder and pillage in 2014 and nobody is particularly impressed. Germany will soon follow and go east as will France.

As for Spain, they are still tied by the umbilical cord to South America, the Black Nobility and what once was the Vatican which is now the Vampire Squid. Who knows how that will turn out?

Turkey is digging its own grave by threatening Russia in northern Syria. If they persist they will be broken up between the Armenians, the Kurds and the Orthodox Christians in the west. What will be left of Turkey will be a minor entity.

I also expect Constantinople and the Hagia Sophia to be returned to Greece where it belongs. And Revelation will be fulfilled.

That is the way I read it, rightly or wrongly. I am a woman. I reserve the right to change my mind at any point in time. It comes with the package and time will tell.

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.

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  1. Katherine, Looks like you really “stirred the pot” this time! Religion, no matter which one is being called into question by many, is difficult to research, since most historical accounts were written, as you say, by the victors in different languages. Then, too, there are over 760 different bibles with their own interpretations depending on the beliefs of the writers. It’s enough to make your head spin!

    The heart of the matter is far more than written language. Apparently, Golden Rule has become rather forgotten with hate-mongering & intolerance so widespread. Perhaps the entire religion paradigm needs dismantling & a new Renaissance of spirit is called for where, as individuals, we trust our own internal connection to Creator/Source. “God” is so politicized around the world that many, whether atheistic, agnostic, mystic, gnostic or whatever is meaningful, are walking away for very good reasons.

  2. “excommunication” by what right ? He has NO RIGHT. Never did and never will have. Only God has that right. What a damn joke. He has NO RIGHT. Watch out for my next article it is more intelligent than Francis. Even if I may say so myself. Excommunicate from what? Their fake system? Give me a break!

  3. jvmcd and Laika von old Monkshusen, just thought I would let you both know, for everyone of your comments I get at least six emails from all around the world thanking me for this article. It is also now being posted on other web sites and translated into other languages where Veterans Today is credited. It appears that nobody is paying much attention to the comments section. So again might I suggest that instead of wasting your time and mine, you write your own article.

    • I will no longer waste my time answering your posts in the comments section . NotAVeteran2 is right. It is a waste of time and energy that could be better spent on more research.

  4. “Francis” at that time wasn’t supporting the fascistic regime at all. Of course, there are plenty of lies told about him, same goes for for instance Putin, the Muslims, Iran, and so forth. You mustn’t believe all vulgar lies, stupid crap/trash you read/hear, Katherine Frisk, not from the regular Lügenpresse, nor from the CIA/MI6/Mossad “alternative” media.

  5. They are wise by now . They know that everything that comes out of Rome is a LIE. Too funny Uriah Heap sucking up at this point in time, where was he when he was supporting a Fascist Dictatorship in Argentina? Oh but I forgot, he is CHRIST’s representative on Earth and he OWNS the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls. All HAIL POPE Francis! Bow down to thy king!

  6. Jozsef V., as you well know, history is written by the victors and the pope HAD to deny all involvement, he could not be seen attacking another Christian church when his mercenaries were supposedly going out to attack Muslims now could he? This is the comments section, not the add another article of your own section. Write your own article or your own book, as the case may be.

    • If you want answers to these questions go and ask the Orthodox Christians in Eastern Europe. Ask them about persecution by the Vatican over 1,000 years and their habit of burning people at the stake for not worshiping the pope. Ask Orthodox Christians in the Balkans about how the Jesuit priests massacred them in WW2. .Ask Orthodox Christians in Greece how they were massacred by the Nazis and how their country has been attacked by the CIA and operation Gladio since WW2. Ask the Orthodox Christians in the Middle East especially in Syria where the CIA has been training and funding ISIS. But most of all ask the Russians their point of view. It is quite different to the western brainwashing we have been subjected to for over 1,000 years.

    • Oh and before I forget, go and ask the Armenian Orthodox Christians subjected to a genocide 100 ears ago by the Turks and the support they got from Roman Catholic Germans. Makes interesting reading. Because the Nazis copied the kind of persecution that the Urks imposed on these Orthodox Christians.

  7. Mrs. Frisk: your note has a wrong starting point. Your premise that the Vatican has not to answer anyone, doesn´t pay taxes and priests have immunity simply speaks of your biased and total ignorance on the matter. The Vatican is an independent state and as such it doesn´t have to pay taxes to another nation. And about immunity, you must really have being reading Playboy, Bloomberg news or the Jerusalem Post but if you follow Yahoo news, you´ll have to know about the permanent harassing of the Catholic Church for any mistake and for the pedophile priests serving time as well as of all the money that American Catholic churches had to pay to those that never categorically proved to be victims, just presented charges and were sentenced by Masonic judges. Plenty of dollars had to be paid without appealing to whatsoever immunity. Before slandering or bashing read some History and try to be fair.
    If you are Jewish, or you´re family, politically related or job dependent I would understand your Talmudic standpoint against the Church nevertheless, your article seems to prove once again what the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” planned against Christians and specially Catholics.

  8. They are already stirring up racial trouble here. Setting blacks off against whites, Zulus against Xhosa, coloureds against Indians. Standard color revolution stuff. I expect some false flags as well soon. I think Makrikana was one as well as the Xenophobia. They would be quite happy for us all to kill each other, then walk i and take the spoils.

  9. If so, you can tell about the evil Chinese nobility, the devilish African nobility, or even the “black nobility”, or whatever, but don’t you dare mentioning the Jews (banksters, Zionists) and their (Calvinistic) henchmen/whores.

  10. What a scurrilous screed and vicious attack on the one and only Church of Christ in order to put us all off the scent of the nefarious crimes of the chosen few who are truly responsible for the state of the world; the original revolutionaries who follow their father the devil. In truly intellectual magazines from America namely Culture Wars that Jonas E Alexis reads, the contributors substantiate their essays with footnotes. This excuse for journalism wouldn’t even reach the letters page. It is that embarrassing. By way of deception thou wilt do war.

    • I guess you have never studied scriptures nor the history of this church, Jesus warned, that no man can sit on the throne of the father, that one is the anti-christ…, from the very first Pope he was the anti-christ because he was a man. Martin Luther also came to that same conclusion but, as organized religions take shape, all of them, they lose the message. This church runs the world and has since it’s inception, maritime law, everything. A few good video’s about this are by Jordan Maxwell.

    • Thank you, thank you, well said, paultdale. And that goes certainly for this Mr. “PhD” too, perhaps Katherine’s boyfriend, and possibly manipulating on here, disguised as a “suckpuppet” (several), as well.

    • Stonehilllady

      Gee Schucks! You mean Christ came and established his one and only Church on earth, naming St Peter as his number one representative and the Peter went and screwed up in no time at all! Shame, isn’t it, that we had to wait for Luther to come along to tell us how! Oh, and he wasn’t chosen by Christ to lead His Church. Logic not your strong point is it?

  11. Thank you Katherine. You have the courage to tell the truth. Please go on with telling people what they have to know. Do you speak Dutch? In Holland there are a few really interesting blogs.

  12. “The Vatican is a front for the Black nobility of Europe, Zionist Bankers and the Wahhabi sect under the control of the Saudi Royal family.”

    Since the Vatican was first present, it is more logical that Black nobility, Zionist Bnkers and the Wahhabi sect are in fact front organisations of the Vatican. If you dig a little deeper in history you will find that this is actually the case, Professor Walther Veith has done quite some good research in this respect.

    The Knight of Malta is the Vatican Department that is responsible for big business.

    I can appreciate most of the article, but the people from Syria invading don’t deserrve to be all labelled as rapists. They are just pawns in the globalist game, as well as the Europeans themselves. They also don’t deserve to be called fugitives since they come to Europe not for safety but for economic reasons. In Turkey or Libanon they were save as well.

    If you think the Vatican abandons Europe, think again. They put so much pressure because they want more change to globalisation/EU control. A civil war in Europe is nothing more then a mayor move on the chessboard.

  13. This is a little propagandist article, as if Vatican was a real mobilization and military force on the planet. Maybe it was during the ages of crusaders conquering of Jerusalem but Vatican and St.Peter’s chair do not command armies and migrations these days. Does Vatican conscript mercenary soldiers to West Point or to Sandhurst? To ISIL? To IDF? Still, the Windsor’s beat any entity in this world in terms of property size. Mass migrations were always funded by imperialists in achieving political goals and gain.

    • Everything you know of in government, laws, maritime laws, banking laws, law it self is all designed by this church, you should watch some video’s by Jordan Maxwell, it will wake you up to the last 1700 years of this whole world set-up. Remember royality, was always sanctioned by the church, including the Windsor’s, she bows down to the Pope.

  14. Years of pealing onions, intensely, I would guess.

    But your right about criminal strategy.

    Although the point is not the “person” but the role.

    If you’re a child rapist (read Cardinal), you’re a child rapist, who cares what your name is.

    The Abrahamic scriptures emphasize THE ROLE – embody evil then you’re Satan.

    JHVH is constructivist (Creation) while his Accusor tries to instill an idéa of essentialism – one of his main weapon systems.

  15. “Fasces” were the weapons of senator’s or the nobility’s security-forces in the Roman Empire.”As Hitler was of the Vatican. In order to extend the Roman Empire across eastern Europe and into Russia. SO was Napolean. The Zionist Jews are the people who through Talmudic “money farming”fund these wars. As for the term “Catholic” I donot believe believe that Jesus made use of it.

  16. Moi? Disoriented? Geez, take a look at the guy wearing a dress and Prada red shoes! You gotta be kidding me! Those ain’t no shoes of the fisherman! 🙂 That’s somewhere over the rainbow in drag.

  17. What you both fail to see is that the connection goes back to the 1A.D. The coalition between the Levite Sadducee Priesthood, The Herodian Kings and Rome. All three tax collectors at the Temple. Noting has changed. After they massacred the Samaritains in 36 A.D Caiaphas was deposed. And Pilate and Herod Antipas were banished to Gaul. All three became inter-related through marriage. The Herod Kings were all educated in Rome and had Roman citizenship. The descendants of these people were the Talmud Jews and their banking system as they were in the Temple, the Royal families of Europe through the House of Orange and the Roman Empire where Ceasar became the Pope. Same objective then and same objective now. So screaming “Jew”in every single breathe you breathe is in itself disinformation and propaganda.

  18. Right, “confusing article”, and then you describe it very, very, very politely. I’m not convinced that Loyola was a Jew either. Who says so? CIA alternative/conspiracy/fairy tales sites? Nor that the Nazis and the Communists (Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Korea) were much talmudic Jewish. Some infiltrators, and many leaders had Jewish ancestry at first, and the ideology somewhat maybe (Soviet Union), and (some of) the many atrocities might have something to do with that, but it was mostly a crazy revolution, with a crazy ideology, which turned into a pretty crazy and brutal dictatorship (as China, at first, and they were under attack from all sides) . . . One could get that impression about certain commenters below, though.

  19. Excellent! And BTW, impeccable timing Ms. Frisk!!! I sincerely hope you will continue along this trajectory. There is yet, much to be revealed!

  20. Another astounding and revealing article by Katherine Frisk. very well done indeed. The key concept here is that the Vatican is the spiritual controller for the Old Black Nobility, while the City of London is their bank and DC their military enforcer. The top of this Pyramid is Baphomet, aka Lucifer, who wants to destroy all humans and substitute his own race that will be custom gene-spliced and part machine. As Lucifer continues to roll out his age-old plan the NWO will be dumped, the KM and Zios will be dumped and his new system will appear to be populist through and through until he puts his new financial system in place and reveals who he really is. Once again great work. Please keep this quality work coming.

    • Thanks Preston. If people understand the basic framework of the TPP as well as Monsanto with corporate farming and patented seeds, the destruction of Greece and why and what it is today coupled with an almost 3,000 year history of that country, plus the feudal system of which the TPP is a 21st century construct, then the pattern starts to become clear. Also throw in the hoarding of gold and the theft of it over a period of 500 years and the families whose vaults store it, giving them unprecidented wealth beyond comprehension which will be the foundation of these Corporate Fascist entities who with their private armies, like Blackwater and their private secret law courts, will become entities unto themselves, with no rule of law to restrain them as we know it. They even want to privatize the law courts. Food stamps are a good example. Printed by J P Morgan and paid for with tax payers money, Morgan has guaranteed income for pieces of cheap paper. Redeemable at selected stores which in turn have guaranteed income paid for by tax payers. It is another scam. Health care insurance works much the same way. All part of these corporate entities that do not pay tax themselves.

    • Finally I understand Preston James concerning “the NWO will be dumped, the KM and Zios will be dumped”.

      The future is explained in this 7min animation called “I, Pet Goat II”. The elites communicate through semiotics and their perhaps most important message is this (with semiotics explained):


      “Pet Goat” because sheep aren’t lost, sheep have a shepherd, and “I, Pet Goat II” as in “I’m co-responsible, I’m also Babylon” and not only the “big goats” who plan it all.

      The film shows that the elites plan to destroy ALL of the old world, structures, faiths, all its memories, and that only the New Age Order crowd will survive and free (unknowingly as slaves under a new faith – the New Age). For this it is imperative that Islam and political zionism is destroyed, among other things.

  21. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Like Alex Jones, once in a while he actually tells something which is true, but he’s is almost always treacherously lying and raving (as in madness, although he’s just a treacherous Jewish whore). Almost all these, mostly glossy looking, sites are like that, as bad, or worse as the regular Lügenpresse/CIA-media, and with the same bosses. You’re listening/watching/reading (and accusing) the wrong ones, Katherine. (not that there’s much good to be said about the “Vatican”, this Francis seems to be a likable guy, though) . . . Now whose “religion” or better savage/psychopathic cult, is it which teaches just that, and of whom it is also known that they own the banks, the “money press”, and the Lügenpresse?

    • Laika the materialist being bought the half concept of the Lügenpresse.

      The saying “the Devil will come in white” means that They will come in a “flavour” of your choise.

      Of course Francis comes veiled in white, only a moron would chose to come in a despicable form.

  22. I’m a Traditional Catholic who mourns what the Church has become. And no I don’t think the Church was utterly corrupt 5 mins. after Christ Ascended into Heaven. I do like Orthodox. ( The only 2 Churches with Apostolic Succession and valid priests and sacraments ). But the world ( Judeo-Masonry ) has, for the most part, infiltrated and corrupted the Church. It was Cromwell and his “Reformers” who brought the Jew bankers back to England and murdered King Charles. It was Judeo-Masonry that murdered King Louis XVI and turned France into the servant of the illuminati that it now is. It was occultic Judeo-Masonic forces that created WWI and killed off the Austrian-Hungarian Emperor, the Czar and the Kaiser. The Vatican has cowardly cut a deal with these people to avoid persecution. The Jesuits? Mostly crypto-Jews who seemingly loathe the Church…

    • The Church did not exist 5min after the shepherd ascended into 4th dimension.

      And they had to kill of all followers of Jeshua before they could fabricate what we today call The Bible.

      Father rested on the 7th day, not on Sun worshiping (Lucifer/Apollo) Sunday; which is the 1st day of the week and belongs to Lucifer, just like the morning does, and, conversly, the evening belongs to Love – JHVH.

      * Must watch (9min) on the genealogy of the Church:

      * Proof Vatican architecture is a cobra outside-in:–3aHm6nxE?list=PLsqO5KBlCPjfYN_LcAWccIxiW4HdieF_N

    • “Thou art Kepha -PETER-and upon this rock I will build My Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it..

    • Here Here Bill. This excuse for journalism is a disgrace for this organisation. You are spot on with what you relate about history. The Church is going through Her own crucifixion at the hands of judaic masonry. We await the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to rescue Her from the tomb where She must descend. Vivat Christus Rex!

  23. Christian Orthodoxy is as little friend of humanity (philanthropic..) as the Catholic Church.

    You’ll love the information on the site TEMPLEofTHEOLA.COM who claim to be part of the “gnostic illuminati” and (falsly) are against those new “evil” illuminati. Problem is, if they as claimed have known about this interbreeding for thousands of years, why have they been quiet about it although Gutenberg has enabled them to be heard?

    TempleOfTheola claims they are part of the “Serpent Race” and that their big nemesis are the “Eagle Race”. The Serpents are the Vatican (check who shows the Vatican is literally intentionally designed like a Cobra, best channel on YT!!!), while the double headed eagle is the symbol of Constantinopel and Orthodoxy.

    My notion is that Israel is split between Kabbalists (Serpents) and Talmudists (Eagles), but there are a total of 5 million Kabbalist Freemasons around the world. Dunno about the other esoteric organizations.


      ***TempleOfTheola – Three Bloodlines Rhesus Negative Blood Information (9min)***

      ***Jonathan Kleck – Basilika: The King Serpent (14min)***–3aHm6nxE&list=PLsqO5KBlCPjfYN_LcAWccIxiW4HdieF_N

  24. Time has been on their side, is it running out you think. The land they so disrespected may reclaim them.

    • Well, things have not quite worked out for them. Syria and Iran still stand, eastern Ukraine has not been taken over by Monsanto, more important than most people realize, Barrick lost the court case in Chile in 2013 for the Pasca Lima gold mine which has a million and one implications. That gold I suspect was going to be used to back up a new US Treasury gold backed note and what people refer to as the “reset” has been delayed. So… things are not going as smoothly for them as they wished. Big stickler is Brazil being part of BRICS, watch that country go through major turmoil in order to change the government as they have recently done in Argentina and as they are hammering away at Venezuela.

    • I am a bit confused by this sentence in your comment, Katherine … “Chile in 2013 for the Pasca Lima gold mine” … I read articles such as the one above for perspectives and I knew nothing of the 2013 lawsuit, so I attempted to Google … Do you mean the “Pascua Lama” mining project in Chile? … Just attempting to gain clarity so I can educate myself. From reading, “Lima”, I was thinking Peru had something to do with such a squabble!

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