Danish Writer: Away with Angela Merkel—The West Needs a Putin

"Feminism has programmed women to see men as the enemy. As a result, males have been made redundant in post-modern Western culture."
"Feminism has programmed women to see men as the enemy. As a result, males have been made redundant in post-modern Western culture."
“Feminism has programmed women to see men as the enemy. As a result, males have been made redundant in post-modern Western culture.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Let’s get the cat right out of the bag. Danish journalist Iben Thranholm and I are obviously saying the same thing, but she would be a really bad cop precisely because she doesn’t want to unpack the political substratum and find out what’s really going on.

If Thranholm would brace herself and look into the political microscope, she would certainly see bizarre and incoherent things. Once she is done examining things at the microscopic level, she would realize that the vocabulary which polite people of this world have forced upon the West is existentially worthless.

First of all, let us lay out our points of agreement. Thranholm argues quite rightly that:

“Feminism has programmed women to see men as the enemy. As a result, males have been made redundant in post-modern Western culture. Women no longer need men as a provider, protector or father of her children; an anonymous semen donor can do the job of creating a baby if a woman so chooses.

“Since the 1960s, modern mothers have raised their sons to be women, soaking them in feminine values like accepting responsibility for household chores, being caring, understanding and attentive, and bend to every wish of the woman. This has produced a generation of soft, insecure men, who are out of touch with their masculine nature, identity and strength.

“Today, many boys also grow up with no father in the home and have no male role models. The average modern Western male has been feminized, with no knowledge or habit of manly virtues like courage, resolve, self-sacrifice, justice, temperance, self-reliance, self-discipline and honour.

“He has no sense of true expression of manliness. Feminism despises and rejects these virtues, and this has had a profoundly detrimental impact on a European culture, the “battered wife” of a feeble continent.”[1]

Thranholm moves on to argue that Angela Merkel is a by-product of feminist ideology:

“The massive feminization of culture has had a major impact on politics. The prevailing ideology of Western liberal democracy is secular humanism, which is particularly feminine in character. Policy, especially as applied to immigrants, is a motherly embrace of goodness and overbearing indulgence. One could also interpret it as naivety, weakness and accommodation.

“As the refugee crisis erupted and overwhelmed Europe, its political leaders – spearheaded by German Chancellor Angela Merkel – acted like timid mother hens, not as strong men responsible for guarding their country from an invasion.”[2]

As we have seen earlier, Jim W. Dean would have agreed completely with Thranholm here as well. Perhaps it is pertinent to quote him again:

“The EU needs a Putin, and not a Merkel, and by that I do not mean a sex change operation for her. They need someone who is not a graduate of Fantasyland University, and who can deal with real geopolitics and be straight with their constituency, rather than acting like an occupational force mandarin, totally disconnected from the people.”

Thranholm quotes feminist academic Camille Paglia saying, “The last western society to worship female powers was Minoan Crete. And significantly, that fell and did not rise again.”[3]

One cannot listen to Paglia or read her books without coming face to face with blatant contradictions and impressively incoherent statements
One cannot listen to Camille Paglia or read her books without coming face to face with blatant contradictions and impressively incoherent statements

One ought to be cautious in quoting Paglia without a single qualification, for she has produced contradictory statements over the years. Paglia has been a lesbian and a flaming feminist throughout her academic year at Yale. Her Ph.D. dissertation, which was supervised by people like Harold Bloom, was about empowering feminism in an indirect way. Her dissertation was later published as a book, in which we find the following assertion:

“Pornography cannot be separated from art; the two interpenetrate each other, far more than humanistic criticism has admitted. Geoffrey Hartman rightly says, ‘Great art is always flanked by its dark sisters, blasphemy and pornography.’”[4]

Paglia admitted that had it not been for Bloom, the book would probably not have been published. Paglia, in a widely viewed interview, also admitted that she was “pro-pornography, pro-prostitution on libertarian ground.”

Here Paglia dropped the political bomb by indirectly arguing that pornography, prostitution and libertarianism are concentric circles. We will come back to that issue later this year.

When asked the question, “For you, what is the essence of feminism?,” Paglia responded:

“I’m an equal opportunity feminist. I believe that all barriers to women’s advance in the social and political realm must be removed. However, I do not feel that gender is sufficient to explain all of human life.”

One cannot listen to Paglia or read her books without coming face to face with blatant contradictions and impressively incoherent statements. In fact, contradictions are at the core of the feminist movement.

If “all barriers to women’s advance in the social and political realm must be removed,” then Paglia cannot consistently or morally say that “There’s no room for anything manly now.”[5]

Paglia cannot logically argue that Katy Perry is a “manic cyborg cheerleader” when Paglia’s own weltanschauung implicitly asks that cyborg cheerleaders be flourished in the social and political landscape. In fact, if they cannot flourish, then it would be a barrier “to women’s advance.” Paglia cannot intellectually say that Lady Gaga is “stripped of genuine eroticism.”[6]

Finally, Paglia cannot logically argue that “Schoolgirls as young as 14 ‘should be told to start thinking about when they want a baby’”[7] precisely because that principle is against her own feminist ideology.

Paglia is missing two key elements in her feminist project: morality and practical reason. She could never address those elements because they are counter-productive to the feminist movement itself. She does assert quite rightly that Marxism has been a disaster and that “Catholic theology of the Middle Ages address” the deep questions about nature and the natural law “far more profoundly than Marxism ever has.”

Thranholm is right in line with rational thought in saying that feminism has produced no good fruits, as its children hoped it would.

But Thranholm undermines her own mines by bringing in Roosevelt, de Gaulle and Churchill into the equation and by extoling them as great leaders of the past.

As we have seen in previous articles, Churchill in particular mercilessly starved millions of German civilians to death and bragged about it. He was working for the Dreadful Few and worshipped Mamon. Moreover, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin were concentric circles.

As I will argue next month or in March, Roosevelt relied heavily on Henry Morgenthau and Harry Dexter White, two Jewish revolutionaries who were basically enemies of the West, most particularly America. White in particular was a Soviet agent. The Soviet regime literally used White to provoke an unnecessary conflict with Japan, which led to the Pearl Harbor disaster, and which eventually dragged America to World War II.[8]

So, Thranholm wrong here. But that is not all. We said earlier that Thranholm would be a bad cop for good reason. She is not willing to tell us that feminism, which has spread its ideological wings in Asian countries like Japan (and in Ukraine through Inna Shevchenko), is a Jewish subversive movement.[9] Some of its leading proponents in the West were none other than Betty Friedan (real name Betty Naomi Goldstein), Eve Ensler, Gloria Steinem, Alexandra Kollontai, Rosa Luxemburg, Andrea Brofman, etc. Ensler’s The Vagina Monologue ended up subverting the morals of Catholic institutions such as the University of Notre Dame.[10]

Revolutionaries such as Ensler and others always give the impression that they intend to help women, but in reality their ideological substratum always suppress and enslave women and strip them of their true womanhood. Friedan in particular was a closet Communist and a Stalinist up until her mid-thirties.[11] But throughout The Feminist Mystique and her subversive career, she never mentioned this dark side.

If Friedan and the feminist movement are really in the business of helping women, wouldn’t they be boycotting films such as The People vs. Larry Flynt?
If Friedan and the feminist movement are really in the business of helping women, wouldn’t they be boycotting films such as The People vs. Larry Flynt?

There is more. When former actress Linda Boreman testified in 1986 that she was

“being kicked and beaten during the filming of Deep Throat in Miami as well as being held in bondage by Chuck Traynor as a prostitute…

“[Betty] Friedan, who made a career out of portraying herself as sensitive to the needs of women, not only ignored the testimony of women like Linda Boreman, who were tortured for the nation’s sexual titillation, but actually blamed them as traitors to their sex by collaborating with the Reagan administration in general…

“In fact, Friedan, ignoring the testimony of women who were both degraded and physically injured as a result of pornography-inspired sexual experimentation, outdid herself by claiming that ‘suppressing pornography is extremely dangerous to women.’”[12]

Boreman later declared that pornography is “legalized rape,” but that is permissible under libertarian principles, which always get the so-called “Right” into trouble.

Think about this for a moment. If Friedan and the feminist movement are really in the business of helping women, wouldn’t they be boycotting films such as The Hateful Eight, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Death Proof, I Spit on Your Grave, Hostel II, Eastern Promises, American Psycho, Deep Throat, Boogie Nights, Basic Instincts, Antichrist, Irreversible, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover?

If these people are serious, wouldn’t they be telling people like Madonna, Nicky Minaj, Lady Gaga, among others, to stop prostituting themselves and degrade women? Shouldn’t they be saying that sexual titillation can lead to rape?

Can anyone seriously say that watching women almost kill themselves in cages, as in the recent case of Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm, true freedom? Can freedom exist without morality? If the answer is yes, then E. Michael Jones was right on target again when he said:

“What we have now is a duplicitous zombie state, whose soul is the will to power, run amok, lost in its own internal self-contradictions, proclaiming freedom but imposing bondage in its name, whose claims are accepted at face value by myopic clerics whose minds are imprisoned by the obsolete categories of a by-gone era.”[13]

Thranholm argues: “The shortage of masculine virtues is the underlying cause of the immigration problems.”[14]

Completely false. In fact, it was “masculine virtues” which gave us the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria. The last time I checked, Bush and Blair and Obama and Cameron were still men. The Neo-Conservatives (hereafter Neo-Bolsheviks) literally used them as puppets to bludgeon England and America in the Middle East. The Neo-Bolshevik movement itself is “in complete contrast…to the general cast of the American temperament as embodied by the Declaration of Independence.”[15]

Neo-Bolshevik Richard Perle, commonly known as “Prince of Darkness,”[16] told Vanity Fair in 2006 that Bush “did not make decisions, in part because the machinery of government that he nominally ran was actually running him.”[17]

Thranholm needs to address those issues before she can start talking about “masculine virtues.” This brings us to another essential point: the underlying cause of the so-called immigration problems is perpetual wars in the Middle East. To my knowledge, Thranholm hasn’t addressed this vital issue at all.

Furthermore, Thranholm cannot seriously say that countries like Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, and even Hungary, lack “masculine virtues.”

If Thranholm is interested in pursuing this issue further, perhaps she needs to give people like Daniel Pipes a call. She also needs to call the mad man in Tel Aviv, who has been coaching and abetting terrorist groups in Israeli hospitals.[18]

So, if Thranholm is prepared to understand the deep forces that post beneath the Neo-Bolshevik ideology, she has to do a little homework. She has to ask the C.I.A. why they are taking money from terrorist regimes such as Saudi Arabia to support the Syrian rebels/terrorists.[19]

Saudi Arabia performed 84 beheadings by May 2015 alone,[20] and the U.S. remained silent throughout that period. British journalist Robert Fisk of the Independent declared way back in 1995 that: “Secret Saudi executions shame the West.”[21]

There is more. British officials “have decided to drop investigations into almost 60 claims of unlawful killings by soldiers who served in Iraq.”[22] These allegations include

“claims of murder, abuse and torture during the Iraq war… Earlier this month, nearly 300 Britons who served in Iraq were contacted by investigators looking into allegations of war crimes, with some being interrogated on their doorsteps… Last week, David Cameron ordered ministers to clamp down on lawyers pursuing claims against Iraq veterans.”[23]

These are not “spurious claims,” as David Cameron has declared. “The documents have been sent by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), a unit led by Mark Warwick, a former senior police detective, and set up after claims of systemic brutal treatment of Iraqi detainees.”[24]

These documents have all been dismissed by the powers that be in England. But the same political prostitutes and whores would like to see Putin’s head on a silver platter because they claim that he is responsible for the death of Aleksandr Litvinenko.

If Putin “killed” one man, it is an unpardonable sin. If the same political whores killed more than 1,000 and destroyed an entire country, it is democracy and freedom.

What planet do these people come from? Who are they really fooling?

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  1. This is a very article bc it makes the reader think about the larger picture and ask more questions ( and come to more “wrong” conclusions. Paglia admits that the last society that was essentially feminized was Minoan Crete and ” it fell and did not rise again”. But, there’s ” no room for anything manly anymore”. It seems obvious that Camille knows that the masculine virtues were/are necessary-she just doesn’t want them exhibited by men. So this is what we have now in Europe: A couple of generations of “men” trained to think that patriotism, national pride and masculine pursuits are, for the most part, backward and dangerous.

    • Any culture that teaches it’s boys that it’s very important to get in touch with their “feminine side” will inevitably be taken over by MEN who haven’t bought into that crap. That’s what’s gone wrong in Europe. Politicians like Merkel should be drawn and quartered. The central banks should be seized, the “sovereign” ( the govt. ) should have control over it’s currency creation. If triillionaires like Jacob Rothschild don’t like it we can give him the same treatment his ancestors and Cromwell gave to King Charles. The Soros-sponsored invaders need to be rounded-up and driven out.

  2. One change that did occur in Europe was children used to be raised to be well mannered and respectful. However, the theory came about after WW2 that raising children this way would make it too easy to establish fascist societies, so the standard was changed to raise spoiled, uncontrolled brats.

    Would be a worthy topic for Mr. Alexis to dig into, especially who promoted this change (the usual suspects?) and why.

    • Worker Bee,

      A very interesting point. I have been meaning to discuss this for years here, but other projects continue to pile up. I observed this phenomenon when I was teaching in the States, and it was one of the main reasons that led me to do research on some of these things. We know the people who have been promoted this change, and you probably know as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to point these out in a series of articles this Year. I will be working on one of them next month, and it will be about one of the peaceful countries in Europe. Stay tuned.

  3. The big showdown between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm wasn’t a cage fight, Jonas. That was a UFC fight, and UFC is the modernised version of the pankration of the ancient Olympics. You can find any number of videos on YouTube. Obviously those two are not normal women, but I wouldn’t try to tell that to either of them.

    And with all due respect, this isn’t your best work. This is you back up on your favorite hobby-horse, again. Everything you say in this article you have said before, multiple times. That doesn’t mean you’re wrong, nor does it mean I particularly disagree, it just means you’re repeating yourself.

  4. RT publishes that vulgar Zionist/Nazi tramp Thranholm too. (that’s not a girl/woman that’s a fishwife)

  5. The author confuses form with essence.

    That “Bush and Blair and Obama and Cameron” are men in form (as in humanoid males) does not necessarily mean that they are men in essence (in constructivist sense).

    In the Abrahamic scriptures it is clear that Satan is a bitch, not because he is a woman, and not because Baphomet has titties, but because of his character.

    Modernity is the Culture of the Bitch.

    And concerning Bolshevism, claiming that Talmudists like Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, etc. are “Neobolsheviks” because they like the taxpayers to take the tab only qualifies them to 50%.


    H2O is not water if you remove the oxygen.


  6. A couple of points about emasculo-feminism, which is the only establishment variety that is or ever was. It could have gained traction only in fields where the men were already notoriously emasculated excuses for men, such as in the clergy, TV, Hollywood, and Academe. It had no public opposition because, as Michael Hoffman writes, the mainstream conservatives were themselves mostly effeminate men whose bluff was called and who then rolled underneath whenever a butch shouted them down. The fact of the matter is that without affirmative action not five percent of doctors or lawyers would be women, and the ones who do get a by are not only not grateful, but generally have a chip on their shoulder you can’t miss from a mile. It’s a tragedy that women buy into this politically motivated emasculation and demeaning of their own men, because when the SHTF, it’ll be women who bear the brunt and suffer the most from this war that’s actually aimed at them.

  7. It’s true. It’s called the “ISIS War Powers Act” and lots of info is available by searching on that name. McConnell brought the bill to the floor with a little known Senate rule (Rule 14) that bypassed committee hearings. It seems Rule 14 leaves the bill open for voting at McConnell’s discretion, so this POS may get passed by a “quorum” of 5 or 6 Neocon / Neolib Senators voting at 4 AM on a Friday after any opposing Senators have left town.

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