Disclosure: What Fox Mulder Isn’t Telling Us


testBy Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Did an alien race “beam” a Chinese submarine to a launch position off the California coast where a missile launch acted as a private exhibition of capability to a very select and silent few?  This was the back story in 2010, not from the “UFO community” but the power centers around the world.  This incident and several others including one “disappeared airliner” was thought to open the doors to disclosure.

However, by late 2012 not only did that door close but those who may actually be “in the know” were cut out of the loop or simply quit answering the phone or even going outside.  There is now a total disclosure blackout, something addressed on X Files during their reboot pilot.

Last nights opener for X Files on Fox has brought focus back on disclosure.  The show itself was carelessly thrown together with narcissistic closeups of “Scully” and incoherent dialog unrelated to storyline.  I suggest they shot hours of storyline and took 5 minutes to edit it into something inane.  However, not all was inane.  The real plot line, picking up from the earlier “Purity” extra-terrestrial race mixing tale interspersed with meaningful and occasional comedy, is pure “disclosure.”

We are fictionally told that there is no alien invasion, only “earthlings” who use alien technology to “Alex Jones” the world into a panic so they can “take over” for some unknown reason.

Several private intelligence services, at heart cheap carnival con outfits, and one major Washington think tank, something that causes us a bad moment or two, parrot this same line to clients, both corporate and nation state, who pay dearly for what they could get off podcast radio for nothing.

Issues of UFO disclosure are rarely reported on VT.  Verifying who, within what is called the “UFO community” has real standing and who is a fabricator is a difficult task.  Suffice it to say, when the Rand Corporation rears its very ugly head, we begin paying attention.  Private Rand Corporation briefings on UFO disclosure issues typically describe complex interactions between off world factions, humanoid and very non-human and make references to not only events but coalitions with certain global powers as well.

Other disclosure issues speak of secret societies, bloodlines, “black nobility” and draw parallels with religious doctrine on issues like demonic inhabitation.

Jumping right to the meat of the issue, a minor spoiler for those whose Tivo recordings of X Files were screwed up by a football game that went on forever:

A reverse engineered alien craft was shown on X Files.  Mulder saw the craft in a hangar, a small triangular craft that floated in the air powered by “Keshe” technology, either Keshe or Tesla.  VT published on American electromagnetic “weight reduction” (gravity elimination) applications some time ago and introduced evidence that the Apollo moon lander may have befitted with one of these units, confirmed by multiple sources including an astronaut/passenger informant.

As for what we did quietly note was the bottom of the TV model that Mulder was moving around like a feather.  It had round, call it maybe a lid or door or whatever, on the bottom of the fuselage.  The design of the TV model is close to that of a TB 3 designation shown in either real or fabricated satellite photos from Australia and Nevada.

The circular area corresponds with what I had described I saw when I examined a TB 1 (I am told it was a TB 1) craft at an RAF facility outside Oxford. In fact, much of the Mulder “experience” oddly duplicated my radio interview account of this incident from 2009.  Were this a coincidence or were the X Files scene borrowed from what is now public domain, is not an issue.  If this scene was more detailed and was edited down, and the anti-gravity drive system described as Nazi origin influenced by “alleged” UFO contact between Germany and, let’s say for sake of argument, an off world civilization that had based in Chile or Antarctica, then we might be moving into better quality UFO community conjecture that coincides with confirmations, some of which are rated “good” or slightly better.

There are a number of news blackouts going on now.  The role of either off-world tech or off-world players in the current series of wars, much of the main direction of the upcoming X Files series, may well signal an end to what many have found upsetting, the move away from hoped for disclosure.

Disclosure is a magic word.  It connotates a “knowing authority” and the release of information that answers mysteries, provides reasons and explanations and, in the end, may touch on life after death, what things are really about.

One of the briefing areas for the “select few” has been the issue of life after death and how human belief systems though “vibrations” (excuse the lame use of the term) could influence or cause or define, another set of language failures, a continuation of consciousness after physical death, not just a continuation but circumstances as well.

For instance, the idea of inheriting a magic planet of “see through” virgins after death, if that is what one’s religious dogma were to espouse, would be realized, at least on the level of surviving consciousness.

Worse still, the idea of interacting with superhuman entities, jinn’s or demons, perhaps angels, the differences again are subjective, would call for negotiation, perhaps even bargaining, a chance to reunite with lost love ones, perhaps even dead pets.

Two or three years ago, it was generally believed that a deal would be offered, one to end planetary terraforming and the systematic depopulation through war, weather modification and new diseases, all things right out of the new X Files.

Some of us were almost promised that it would happen.  In the interim doors that were opened were closed and history moved forward inexorably toward what?

Were one to examine the “reality” I am writing of, the one we are experiencing, and were one to see it as an alternative timeline as opposed to “how things really are,” there would likely be consensus.  Our world, this version of it, is poorly written, highly improbable and little more than 3rd rate street theatre.


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  1. Maybe the crop circles are just bored satellite operators playing “spirograph”. But some of the messages have been intriguing. What really bothers me here on the ant farm is we used to have up to 90% longer life spans until somebody started tinkering with our DNA.

  2. The “G” engines were coming ,weren’t they?? Yet that technology can’t account for a Star Ship type conveyance if you will. Someone has the goods but they’re keeping the grip. And who’s the wise guy that gave the order to shoot them down?

  3. Maybe reality is that ww2 was to make money and place the Khazarian/Nazis/Jews in Israel, because the temple mount really is a space port and “God” said “I shall return.” And the “Leaders” want to be there for the return to give “God” his gold he needs for the atmosphere of his planet. As we hear of the new planet incoming that looks to be part of our solar system. Maybe that’s another reason why the “leaders” want to take “7 countries in 5 years.” Besides money/gold.

    • Maybe that’s why Netanyahu publicly says to keep it quiet, regarding archeological finds. Or they know what archeologists like Paul Botta in 1843 found in Mosul, or W.Andrea in 1903in Nineveh or what the French found in 1877 in southern Mesopotamia. Maybe Zechariah Sitchin was right? We all get to pick our own reality.

  4. Yes, Gordon, we are on a different timeline and there’s much hope. Truth is stranger than fiction and that perhaps pushes most away from the stuff you wrote in this article. But I’m glad many VT readers here are keen and conscious. Bob Lazar was among the first few who openly talked about reverse engineered flying sauces and his experience at Area 51 back in the 1990’s.

  5. Oh, that’s all right, that’s what fools do. Luckily for you, you don’t, and probably never will, realize that yourself. Like William Shakespeare said; a fool mostly thinks himself to be wise, and a psychotic always thinks so (he actually dreams it), and that foolish pretender you mention has all the marks of the latter. How in the world can “people” like you criticize for instance Noam Chomsky? That man (like Putin) has credibility, and has done incomparably more than most. But he knows (as Putin or Xi) he cannot talk about certain things (for instance 9/11), because that’d pretty much mean war. You want to follow/worship, or align yourself with a gosh-awful stupid bungler/quack/white-livered liar like Mr. “Phd”?, you suit yourself, dµmbo. (but then don’t criticize anyone else; RT, Alex Jones, not even Donut Dollie, Pµssy Riot, or Merkel)

  6. Mr. Preston: However interesting your article, doesn´t hit the nail on the head. Find variables and constants on the American History, with few exceptions, Masonry has had a total command of politics, either playing as a republican or a democrat, the presidential office as well as Congress have always been run by Masonry, obviously, Supreme Court also had and has a Masonic presence. Seemingly surface analysis might find you in the presence of RKM, but how about the bridge between the boss and the pawns? Rarely, Americans reach into the innards politics that begins with Masonic oath for many, in every political field, in the Administration, the Military, the Judicial, Lawmakers, even in Evangelical temples. You can make plenty surface and obviously shallow descriptions, but once you´re touching the flesh under the skin someone is going to call you up and ask you to direct your articles to those that MSM have searchlights focused on but never on the scaffold that´s behind the supported politician or official, or military, or judge or preacher. Unless you reach to the depth in your research hardly people would begin to understand the true forces behind political decisions.

  7. Disclosure would be of no benefit for the masses of humanity that go around like automatons responding this way or the other to the surrounding stimuli. In fact, it would be detrimental. Imagine choosing a man from the street and making him a General: he wouldn’t know what to do. In this sense, Michio is wrong when he says that the people “has the right to know”: you earn it, an you can only be shown the way. Even if a “knowing authority” were to tell us the secrets of life on earth and the afterlife, our conditioning (world mind, the value system in which we are inserted), would refuse it, protest it, and turn against it, in the interest of preserving the integrity of the individual. Man cannot live without illusions, and when he loses them, he breaks down, he can’t continue functioning.

    • Disclosure would be “no benefit to the masses”? Really? Or do you mean that disclosure would not benefit the self-serving agendas of the hidden elite who think their superiority gives them some right to oppress, subjugate, mass murder, and destroy the planet’s human populations, ecosystems and genetic diversity? Are you afraid disclosure might just empower the masses to enact justice against their oppressors? Do those who claim some province to the truth or advanced technology use their knowledge for advancement of man, or for destruction? Just look at what happened to the WTC on 9-11, and the subsequent human slaughter, you’ll have the answer. “Man cannot live without illusions”? I beg to differ. Illusion is dysfunctional. Mankind cannot evolve and advance within illusion. You can choose to embrace illusion if you want, but pushing illusion onto others is interference with their quests for functional constructs.

    • In a way I think both of you are right. It’s kind of like making a calculus textbook readily available. Yes, for the masses who have yet to get to college algebra, a calculus textbook would be of little benefit. BUT there will always be a bright few who are ready or could easily learn. These are our future leaders and for this reason alone we should make information readily available (i.e. disclosure). Also, for those who don’t know college algebra, but are ambitious, making the subject of calculus known to them may motivate them to study hard so as to get to calculus some day.

      Now there is one caveat. I have read what was supposed to have been declassified documents describing ordinary peoples’ “encounters-of-the-third-kind.” One feature from these case studies was that for many, the experience of meeting novel, non-terrestrial life forms was so overwhelming, it was as if it erased a part of their mind/personality complex… If disclosure is done properly this is unlikely to happen, but it shows we must be careful. And I do agree that maintaining secrecy does empower the control system and cut us off from a lot of advancement/technology. Disclosure may be disruptive, but done with caution I think it will be a MAJOR positive for humanity.

  8. Excellent article. No where else do we get this analysis. Thank you. Watch in the next episode we’ll see Mulder get a cat named fluffy.

    • KSP…an answer to your Keshe comment, which is largely “on the money.” I have known Keshe for several years. Two years ago, I assigned two scientists, one from Adamus (with the “u”) to meet with him in Italy. It was a total disaster.
      I assigned a working group headed by Jim Hanke and including Mike Harris, two of the worst skeptics in the world.
      They went to Italy and went over Keshe tech with DARPA.
      Then, on my part, I reviewed the history of Keshe controversy and found more than one national intelligence agency targeting him.
      Then, behind what you note, tons of obfuscation, we then find things that really work. What would you do?

  9. Human beliefs are a power source, a current, with purpose and intent unplugged and redirected , to bring to the fore this…. “world, this version of it, is poorly written, highly improbable and little more than 3rd rate street theatre”….. however, the alternative timeline “the reality of how things really are,” the current is re-connected and runs through a conduit plugged into true Source,…. a lifeline when held and believed, the real comes to the fore and this “version” withers….. unless it is truth who wants to hear a “disclosure” they spend decades on screenplays and movies testing them on audiences just getting their lies to line-up
    ‘Were one to examine the reality of how things really are,” …. Our Source is love, moving the real to the fore in trust, truth and knowing

    • Yes our beliefs manifest the reality, conjuring the version of that which we experience. Unfortunately many ‘beliefs’ are influenced by what is on TV, at church, etc.. But the tide is turning and cannot be stopped, the truth is there for everyone and will be brought to the fore. “Seek and ye shall find” so many of us are seeking and finding, for we all are members of the tribe of Judah numbering 186400!

  10. Actually, “vibrations” was a very apt term to use. There are certain factions who want to control disclosure and some factions who for obvious reasons want to shut it down entirely. They’ve got a good gig going on here. Thankfully, neither faction is gonna get their way.

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