Israeli defense minister says ISIS funded with Turkish money

Moshe Ya'alon, Israeli Defense Minister

Men work at a makeshift oil refinery site in Marchmarin town, southern countryside of Idlib, Syria December 16, 2015

During his visit to Athens, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon accused Turkey of sponsoring terrorism by buying oil from Daesh terrorist group.

“As you know, Daesh (Islamic State) enjoyed Turkish money for oil for a very, very long period of time. I hope that it will be ended,” Ya’alon said during a meeting with his Greek counterpart Panos Kammenos in Athens.

The Israeli defense minister further accused Turkey of “allowing the jihadists to move freely from Europe to Syria and Iraq and back to Europe, and in this become part of the Islamic State’s infrastructure in Europe,” the Ynet reports.

“It’s up to Turkey, the Turkish government, the Turkish leadership, to decide whether they want to be part of any kind of cooperation to fight terrorism. This is not the case so far,” Moshe Ya’alon said.

Daesh (also known as ISIS/ISILIS), which is outlawed in many countries including Russia, controls large areas in oil-rich Syria, Iraq and Libya. Earlier in December, the Russian Defense Ministry presented evidence showing that the jihadists had been smuggling oil across the Syria-Turkey border in large volumes.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly denied profiting from IS oil trafficking and vowed to resign if indisputable evidence emerged that confirmed his family’s involvement in the Daesh oil business.

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Israel’s defense minister has alleged that the Islamic State terror group has long been funded with “Turkish money.”

“As you know, Daesh (Islamic State, previously ISIS/ISIL) enjoyed Turkish money for oil for a very, very long period of time. I hope that it will be ended,” Moshe Yaalon told reporters in Athens on Tuesday after meeting his Greek counterpart, Panos Kammenos, Reuters reports.

“It’s up to Turkey, the Turkish government, the Turkish leadership, to decide whether they want to be part of any kind of cooperation to fight terrorism. This is not the case so far,” he said.

Yaalon’s counterpart, Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, made similar statements, saying that a large part of the Islamic State’s oil trade, as well as the financing of terror, is going through Turkey.

Moshe Ya'alon, Israeli Defense Minister
Moshe Ya’alon, Israeli Defense Minister

Earlier, Russia had accused Turkey of shady dealings with ISIS. In December, the Russian Defense Ministry released maps and satellite images it said proved that Turkey was the main consumer of oil smuggled out of Syria and Iraq by the terrorists. The ministry also claimed that the Turkish president and his family were involved in the criminal dealings.

Iran has also said it was in possession of photographic and video evidence of ISIS oil entering Turkey in trucks.

In December, Syria’s envoy to the UN Bashar al-Ja’afari also accused Turkey of supporting terrorist groups. The diplomatappealed to the UN, urging it to end Ankara’s “violations and crimes.”

Turkey has denied the accusations, while the United States last month rejected Russia’s claims that the Turkish leadership was linked to ISIS oil smuggling.

Another force fighting against IS, an Iraqi Shia militia, has also alleged that the terrorists are freely crossing back and forth across the Turkish border, with Ankara providing militants with logistical support. Citing evidence gathered from prisoners and on the battlefield, a military spokesman for the Popular Front’s Badr Organization said the data they’ve gathered directly implicates Turkey’s involvement with Islamic State.

The comments from Turkey’s neighboring countries come as Ankara and Tel Aviv are trying to mend ties and negotiate gas imports. Senior Israeli and Turkish officials met in December to continue negotiations on the exportation of Israeli natural gas to Turkey.



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  1. The Saudis and the Qataris do most of the funding, the US did/does most of the equipping. But it’s OK for Talmudia to partner with the opportunistic Kurds and steal oil fm iraq? That’s OK. And it was OK for Talmudia to give ISIS air support? And it’s OK for billionaire Jews, like Soros, to fund this invasion of Europe. The Jews hate Europeans and Christians much more than they hate the unorganized, childish Muslims. We shouldn’t return the favor but we need to know that: 1. they’re lying if their lips are moving and 2. Defend ourselves accordingly.

  2. Uplifting and encouraging article. Israeli military high command is now getting scared of the corner the Likudists madmen have painted Israel into. they know Israel is finished and are ready to clean house (at least on the surface). Nuttinyaho is on the way out, he may be placed in a straight-jacket or given the Sharon “endless medical treatment” very soon as he has done irreparable damage planning the attack on America of 9-11-01. And yes, Israel should stop treating ISIS wounded and the US Military should stop taking them to Ramstead and supplying them with aerial drops that miss there target by many miles (on purpose of course). The Likudist/PNACer efforts to set up a new homeland in the Ukraine is now doomed to failure with Crimea succeeding and Russia controlling their oil and gas. The Ukraine will collapse economically by Spring and Erdogen will be removed from power by his own Military who are about done with him now too. Odds are the whole World will sink under the new reset and will bring down almost every single existing govt except the Russian Federation and maybe China.

  3. “…during the reign of “king” David….”

    If he even existed – most likely a copy of a king from another culture, or pure invention like the rest of the Torah.

  4. If these demons are always two steps ahead in the game, what gives with this enlightened yet very old story line comeing from the zionist empire. Im guessing war with Turkey by NATO since the evidence is higher than the babylon tower.

  5. Aside from all the great comments already made regarding this article, it might be of interest what Yaalon is cooking up in Greece of all places. On the invitation of Yaalon. Poor Greeks have they forgotten the lesson of their own Trojan Horse.

  6. Yes, Saddam Hussein, Nemtsov, and Litvinenko were also stabbed in the back by their Western/Jewish “friends” . . . The Chinese actually built up China themselves. (as for technology; the Chinese invented almost everything including firearms) By the way, do you dislike fish, and really hate sharks, Mr. Obvious?

  7. Turkey is laundering everyones’ money ,it might appear Turkey is footing the bill but remember the Golan.

  8. and now Zerohedge just posted a story “$681 Million In Mystery Money Found In Malaysia PM’s Bank Account Was “Personal Donation” From Saudis” .. So that’s what MH370 and MH17 costs huh… .Oh wait.. My bad. MH17 is MH370.. One 681 doesnt get what it used to.

  9. Yaalon is right. Daesh if funded by Turkey .
    what he failed to mention is that USA , KSA and Israhell are also funding Daesh.
    Maybe it slipped his mind or has he got selective amnesia.

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