Breaking/Busted: Video Shows Finicum Armed to Kill, So Many Lied


… by Jim W. Dean and Gordon Duff, VT Editors 

[ Editor’s note: We have two videos, a short one for the quick and lazy. Finicum goes down like right out of OK Corral, gun in hand. Cliven Bundy lied; Ammon Bundy lied, as did the stooge or hostage or groupie, who suckered so many. Please remember the story of the execution, poor Finicum on his knees begging for mercy while police shoot him repeatedly and then empty their guns into his body.

And to think none of this happened in the Walmart tunnels, nor was it witnessed by Alex Jones’ 60,000 Russian troops swimming up the Mississippi. Time for the liars, the fools and the lynch mob to repent, turn in their trolling licenses (you know who you are) and kiss our rosy red asses. (Police Academy film reference) ]


“Right now, I’m asking the federal government to allow the people at the refuge to go home without being prosecuted,” Ammon Bundy said in a written statement read after the hearing by his attorney, Mike Arnold. “To those remaining at the refuge, I love you. Let us take this fight from here. Please stand down. Please stand down. Go home and hug your families. This fight is ours for now — in the courts.”


The video and stills were added the article written earlier in the day

As we wrote on this yesterday, we did not have to get too cranked up and judgmental without more official information on what really happened, other than the initial comments of angry protestors at the scene unhappy that their holding the county hostage days were at an end.

Comments on yesterday’s articles on this were representative of the diverse views on this all over. They ranged from those angry at the government for a number of reasons wanting to pile on with a quick “execution verdict” over Lavoy Finicum’s death, without the benefit of a trial for the authorities on the scene, to those that thought the protester group was the gang that could not shoot straight, in terms of their ability to lead a controversial issue like this.

running with pistol in his hand
Running with pistol in his hand, pointing pistol at police officer in woods

It was no surprise that the police version of the incident was different from the initial reports. It said that Finicum and another protestor did not follow instruction to surrender when they exited their truck, and Finicum reached for a pistol he had in his belt which triggered the shooting.

As I suggested last night, the whole road block incident would have had at least one camera rolling, and it did.

The authorities are now discussing releasing the footage to counter the ridiculous execution claims being made. But clearances would have to be make with attorneys that would avoid later claims of prejudicing a potential jury pool.


Bundy had enough sense to keep the death count where is still is and not add to it. The remaining refuge protester pool was reduced by those surrendering, with a few hold outs.

But it seems one guy wanted to snag the Mr. Bad Boy trophy and was making a social media call for reinforcements to come replace those who had left or been arrested.

And it seems he also had either a death wish or a love for federal penitentiary accommodations. As reported in the LA Times today he said on video:

“There are no laws in this United States now! This is a free-for-all Armageddon!” a heavyset man holding a rifle yelled into a camera transmitting from the refuge. He urged others to join those at the protest site, adding that if “they stop you from getting here, kill them!”

To all you future occupiers out there, I would strongly advise you to take a group paralegal online course on where all the red lines were for creating a number of felony charges for yourselves, including incitement to kill law enforcement officials.

drawing his gun
Drawing his gun

This dummy bought himself a probable ten years of federal time with his video as a confession. And no, I will not be donating to his legal defense fund. I can think of a hundred other causes more worthy.

I applaud Ammon Bundy for waking up and smelling the roses. But he is still responsible, along with the others, for dragging this out to where a death occurred, and they are now under felony charges, when they could have gotten their federal court battle on much lower charges and with no one killed.

Gordon and I can go over endless stories like this, where we have watched slow motion train wrecks where pumped up people who obviously had no one with any sense advising them “blew themselves” up while playing the tough guy, until reality made a house call.

  Longer video:

The Bundys and Finicum were older, mature men who should have known better. What Ammon Bundy wants to do now, which is not his choice any longer, he could have done earlier, instead of the circus route they took with Mr. Death Wish as a leader.

"God Groupie," Victoria Sharp 18, fabricated up story of police murder fooling thousands
“God Groupie,” Victoria Sharp (far right) 18, fabricated up story of police murder fooling thousands

So what can I say… that we are fortunate that we had only one funeral in this sad circus? I can’t, because it might not be over yet. Maybe the idiot calling for reinforcements to kill police officers to join the refuge hostage failed stunt might trigger some Mad Max crazies who are arc-welding steel plate onto their homemade combat vehicles as I type.

I hope the authorities release the video quickly, as we need to put what really happened to bed quickly so we can focus all of our attention on why it happened and who was ultimately responsible. Maybe that will help avoid such absurdity in the future, and needless bloodshed.

Catch the  infamous lying “witness,”… count the falsifications she pours out here… like the officers shooting into the car for 5 to 10 minutes; officers pumping rounds into Finicum after he was down; 40 vehicles; ambush, snipers in the trees…


 VT right again, taking truth over stupidity

Catch the Jade Helmster wannabes with their modern lynch mob YouTubes:

Burns Oregon.Lavoy Finicum SHOT AND KILLED With His Hands in the Air on His Knees By FBI!

OREGON STANDOFF: Robert LaVoy Finicum ”Killed” Shot in the Face!! ”His Hands Were in The Air”

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  1. One more point. LaVoy did not attempt to run over an officer. The officer was well protected behind his vehicle, until he ran out into the path of the Finicum truck. A stupid move in any case, but more so if they believed the people in the truck were armed. Obviously, they did not because the snitches at the refuge had given them full information on the plan by the Finicum group to go to John Day, Oregon for the meeting. The feds knew ahead of time how many people were in the vehicles and that they were peaceful and unarmed. It was an ambush and pre-meditated murder. Only God’s will prevented the deaths of everybody in the truck, including two women, one only 18 years old. It appears that the Finicum truck was unable to stop on the icy road and he took the ditch rather than hit the roadblock. We’ll probably never know for sure.

  2. Um…please someone go to the very beginning of the fbi video…see that small road off to the right of the main road lined with vehicles…does it look like a NORMAL thing to you?? What the heck is that…the 5 o’click traffic jam in gods nowhere?? My husband made it clear they saw these heavy duty trucks as they passed them. Mining company, logging company…he didnt know. He just saw them. He kept going until they came out behind them and turned on the lights…then he knrw it was serious.
    He also never said he saw the wheels on the truck still spinning…that’s what he was told. Lavoys truck was a manual diesel…he knows that so yes..its pissible that they may have been. Honestly he thought it was an odd thing for them to have even noted. It seemed important to them so he remembered it.

  3. LaVoy Finicum was a good family who never had so much as a traffic violation on his record. There are those out there that do exactly what lawyers do to the most decent of fathers in family courts. I have seen it many times over the years. They defame and slander with impunity.

    Finicum did not have a gun. He did not try to run or escape as some one suggested. There were over 100 shots fired in that vehicle and Finicum, being the good person to all that knew him, says he most likely attempted to draw fire away from the vehicle to save the lives of the others.

    I have watched amateur home videos that are far better than this. Really, do you believe this is the best the FBI has? I don’t.

  4. I’m sure the majority of staff at VT enjoy well above average IQ’s, just as many readers do. I’ve enjoyed the articles here often and will continue to do so whether in agreeance with a particular story or not. Having said that, it seems strange to me to witness on video a scene that could have come from the movie “Bonnie and Clyde”. The dead man and his companions were clearly engaged in travel which the authorities undoubtedly expected, and were aware was in no way dangerous in and of itself. Given the serious nature of the scope of the standoff against the feds, one would expect at least one surveilance uav to have a state of the art video camera monitoring the site of the ambush. There’s something wrong in the state of Denmark methinks. So go ahead and make snide comments about the stupidity of your fellow Americans, but even if ten percent are above average IQ, you’ve got enough intelligent people left over to populate Canada. They know that once enough hidden agenda is scraped from the facts, this was a fluster cluck.

    • “one would expect at least one surveillance uav to have a state of the art video camera monitoring the site of the ambush.” – I agree, they might have if nothing more than to defend themselves from made up claims, and it will be in evidence at some point. What Finicum said is as important as what he did.

  5. The video shows a figure approaching from the left that shot the figure in the middle, allegedly Finicum, when both arms were close to his body. When he was shot he was facing the vehicle and pointing at no one.

    The explanations to this article and video require a bit more accuracy.

  6. Amen, We have taken it as far as we can with what we have. This felony stop and shooting will be turned inside out over the next year as all the proceeding drag on. It will be a while even before a preliminary hearing. We sure as hell are not going to try the case in the comment boards.

  7. This video is unclear and could have easily been morphed with sophsiticated software programs pixel by pixel. We need to see the dashcam videos, the autopsy photos, Xrays, ballistics, blood, tissue and genetic samples (required in any homicide). This video looked to me like the policeman shot him in the back first then Finicum put his hand down toward his pocket. We have no way of knowing what was in his pocket, the police lie so much you never know. The FBI lies all the time, always. We don’t even know if Finicum is really a person or is really dead if he is. At least two of the men involved are proven undercover assets. And remember the FBI HRT’s horrid track record of cold blooded pre-meditated murder, murdering innocent women and children. One notorious HRT shooter who murdered four BATF from a black helicopter overhead at Waco, bragged right before he climbed in the chopper, “I am honed to kill”. Year ago I was shown the video by Intel. So cold-blooded murder is a norm for the FBI and especially HRT scum. The favorite FBI trick is to serve a search warrant and ask the recipient is he has any guns…then they say show me and then ask him to hand it to them. Then they shoot him and claim he attacked the FBI man. I know of numerous cases of this involving real victims.

    • amen..

      if there is anything for sure… you can’t be sure of any of it until you are able to dissect the truth for yourselves.

  8. If you watch the vid when the LEO approaching from below with M4 in ready position stumbles the moment he sets foot in the trucks path. At the same instant Finicum reaches for his side with left hand. And “coincidently” we get a very brief focus issue. This may have been the first shot. Finicum now appears disoriented. He starts to spin and reaches for his left side with his right hand and is fatally shot. He may have been trying but he never drew a gun. Should the “Authorities” see fit to release some better than 70s quality video with maybe the sound from the dash and body cams we could settle it quickly. But coming from guys who used to not even record interviews with major criminals I’d say don’t hold your breath.

    • He was shot like a dog and left to die in cold blood. Worst thing is they deliberately parked cars in blind spot almost causing accident. Still worst is that he saved one agent and had to ram his jeep out of road in doing so.! And same agent had no regrets shooting him like a stray dog.

      BTW, he was shot at multiple times. He sure didn’t look like drawing a gun. His hands were going haywire pointing to fact that he was shot multiple times.

      American freedom was because one guy was shot in Boston and the fact that French were at war with Zionists and thus helped Americans.

      Right now nobody can help Americans. It is going to be very long seize for American something similar to what happened to Russians in 1917 to 1999

  9. Mr. Dean – has anyone pursued the Uranium One deal? Or the delayed mining permit for yellow cake near & north of this preserve? I hat the Clinton’s sold their interest in Uranium One to Russia/Mr. Putin a few years ago?. Has anyone at VT checked?

  10. Something happened – no doubt… Whole thing looks contrived with not even passable acting, on either side. People ducking crouching behind a front fender while at the rear fend R less than 7′ away u have casual upright milling. Stupid…
    Not even a decent attempt – as usual. False flag…

  11. So if Finicum was pointing a gun at the officers from the moment that he jumped from the truck as you would have us believe. Why dose the official statement say that “Finicum was shot after the second time he reached for his waste band where a loaded 9mm pistol was in his pocket”. They never claim he pointed it at them. He was clearly killed while reaching for something. And if this is case that makes the 100% certain SIGINT analysis somewhat less that 100%.

    • I don’t remember anyone saying he jumped out of the car with a gun. He clearly put his hands up when he exited. But in a felony stop with armed suspects when told to keep your hands up and you put then down and don’t obey orders to put them back up, the seconds are ticking away on your life.

      When arresting armed suspects on felony warrants the officers are considered to be in a lot more danger and have more discretion to shoot with an un-cooperating suspect making moves with his hands. Finicum was not some speed freak kid. He knew what was going on. In fact the whole group should have been briefed how to deal with an arrest situation so some idiot would not trigger a free for all.

  12. After all, we belong to the generation who has seen the outrageous lies from our government about the JKF assassination, Vietnam war, constant cover-ups about Area 51 and Roswell, and more recently, 9/11 nukes and the Iraq invasion. Did you guys ever listen to what Ted Gunderson, the former Special Agent of Los Angeles exposed about all the dirty works (the rogue factions of) the FBI had done?

    This America is in deep trouble. There are two serious kinds of disconnect from the reality. One group of people can’t see the reality because they are drunk with government lies fed by the public media and brainwashed by the educational system. The other group of people are awaken and don’t accept the lies anymore, but they don’t know who to trust for what is true and what is not.

  13. Gerry, We are seeing people in this comment thread raisins issues they claim were not address but are right in the video. Finicum took off from the first road block after ignoring requests to let the women out, and he did not veer off into the snow bank until the last second at the next one. At the speed he was going I would have put five rounds into the drivers windshield trying to save myself from being rammed by a big truck like that on grounds of vehicular homicide in progress. Finicum actually lowered the bar on shooting him at that point. Then he jumps out of the truck instantly. The purpose of the cropped shot is just to prove he had pulled his gun as that is the “game over” screen shot. Finicum knew that was a no no and did it anyway. We proved the girls claims which were plastered all over the Net by the new Jade Helmsters were bogus, and not mistakes that she made. She made her story up. It was mere child’s play for us to debunk this and we will add it to our string of past debunkings for those interested in not getting suckered on these events, which is a common thing. This will go down as a classic teaching tool, and on VT’s report card with all the others we have done., and all blacked out by corporate media.

    • The FBI proved the “girls'” claims in their press release. Finicum had no gun drawn and did not charge the officers. On the other hand, your cropped shot was so indistinct that no gun could be proven and the FBI proved you wrong in their version of events: Finicum had not drawn a gun or pointed one at anyone.

  14. Edward, the history of the whole world is how you describe. I am always mystified as to how this is so often attributed to the US, and from countries and regions that have been bathed in blood for much longer. It is bias on steroids. Even the American Indian, when Lewis and Clark were camped out on the plains waiting for an Indian raiding party to return to buy horses, when they did they have like 16 scalps and a batch of women and children slaves from the visit to the neighbors. These stories have always been right in the archives but never a word is mentioned by the political correctness crowd that simply airbrushed in out of the narrative of the glorious American Indian. Raping, torturing and mutilating even the young girl captives was just entertainment for them, and set off retribution killings in return, and those were the ones that we are told about over and over.

  15. This new video poses as many questions as it answers. Where were the HRT trucks and second vehicle that were mentioned by the “Sanctioned” video of McConnell. Yesterday VT was claiming he was smoking cannon evidence. And why is the resolution that is obviously better than what the purported stills of Finicum with pistol in hand show lower than other portions of the Vid. He appears to be reaching for a pistol in a cross draw holster but every time I’ve seen him in pictures he had a regular “cowboy holster” With a large revolver on his right side? Had he been shot? Driving with a cross draw is uncomfortable at best. Just remember that these are the same people who gave you 911!

    • No we did not. He clearly says in the video that he got the information from the girls, and that he did not see it because in watching the full drone video it was obvious he was too far away. Our framing in discussing that is that you had direct testimony from one of the group’s members reporting what others in Finicum’s car had told him. That was all there was to report at the time. And then I said we will know a lot more if the video gets released, and an on the ball VT reader (which often happens) sent me the RT story as soon as he saw it and we jumped right on it. Finicum’s draw is not germane. We showed the darkened pixels of the gun shaped object up and level in his right hand as that killed the girl’s hoaxed claims. She will have zero credibility now and I suspect the others will plead with her to keep her mouth shut. We will now wait for the attorneys statements, the medical inquest, and the refocusing over to the land legal issue, and more from the local community who was in the background as the occupiers were grabbing most of the headlines. We are going to predict how this rolls out as there are too many variables.

    • Yes he does clearly state he got the info from the girls. I wonder how when procedure would have mandated separating all the suspects. He also states clearly about seeing 11 HRT trucks which never materialize on the video. And I believe he also claimed to “See the wheels on LFs truck still spinning after he got out a couple hundred yards down the road”. The second stop was at least a mile and two sharp turns. Talk about a trained observer!

  16. Even if one takes the video as real and not a production, even if one sees the gun, Duff and VT are missing the entire issue that the federal U S corporation has no business or constitutional right meddling into rancher’s lives or even owning American land with very few exceptions. The FBI guys , good shoot or bad shoot, had no business being there in the first place….

    • You are doing a classic dance and dodge here. We are not the Federal authorities nor the defendants attorneys, or leaders of the support movement. Why would you put their jobs on us?…other than a cheap shot. Where we have a to die for reputation is debunking liars and scam artists, and we have one hell of a record. As part of the VT brand we have always given our readers a peek behind the curtain as to how this is done, including using in this case publicly available video tools enhancement tools. No one has ever laid a glove us of for this work, but many have hated our exposing frauds which “they liked”. This has always been a curious human response malady that we have had a front row seat in watching all these years, how “flexible” people can get in their truth seeking when they see a version of events that they had like being shredded before their eyes. A standard tactic in to introduce a new issue, and say “we failed”. That is a cheap shot and more readers are up on the tactic, not always done in malice, but we feel is just a reflex action a lot of the time. We can afford to do that as we have a reputation to lose, which internet people, many anonymous, don’t. We are used to being shot at in various ways. This case will roll on now with more and more information coming about, but we destroyed the liars, and we do so love doing that, no matter what their cause is.

  17. Without the audio portion of this video, we don’t a have full picture. Was he being shot at before he dropped his hands? Anyway, I wonder why Gordon is defending the totally corrupt FBI’s version of what happened? The other thing, this picture is vague and could be a fake. Trust no one.

    • That is a bogus comment Cold Wind. We are not defending the FBI. It was simply a video analysis that clearly disproved the obviously ridiculous claims made by the women, maybe the world record of contradictions, claiming to down on the floor boards praying they would survive in a truck getting riddled with bullets while giving us an eyewitness report of Finicum being executed on his knees. The picture is not a fake as we took it right out of the video. No one has claimed the video is a fake. And why would we create a fake video. What we did can be reproduced any computer savvy person that wants to do it, just like we did with Charlie Hebdo and the Mavi Marmara hoaxed video. Why would we doctor a video frame grab when we know a lot of people are going to be doing a frame by frame analysis, which we have not had time to do. We just grabbed the critical frames to show the girl was lying her ass off, and we did that…and it took five minutes was we had the best copy of the footage. The audio recording will be coming. We exposed the liars, which we figured their was a 99.9% chance we could do from the video.

  18. @ Lone Ranger
    regardless of what the camera did, he clearly went for his firearm. What moron does that when they have a team of LEO’s pointing their guns at them and giving a command to surrender?

  19. (Editor’s note: This is perhaps the dumbest thing I have ever read. Grow up and, please, just go away. You are too stupid to live.)

    Before you jump to any conclusions… watch the full version and see for yourself there is something clearly wrong on that f b i video… First view of the critical parts of the video I was struck that the camera dropped down at a critical time just after the truck hit the snow bank (9:15). I went over that a few times to figure out why anyone who is a trained expert would do that. I continued watching immediately seeing the driver get out and walk directly to the spot up the embankment where he apparently was shot and killed.
    Now jump to 10:44 and take note there are TWO sets of footprints coming from the drivers door clearly in the snow and going up to two positions up the embankment. The driver certainly didn’t go back to the truck in the video.Those were clearly two “one way” trips two people made.
    Do the homework…
    BTW… your lousy blowup attempt to try and show a gun…. is less defined than the tiny image, besides the video is mostly a fake anyway.

    • That was just a normal overshoot because the camera was zoomed in. In hindsight he should have been zoomed out more but when zoomed in you are just guessing the distance to the roadblock. If Finicum had crashed into the two blocking vehicles it would have been worse. Jumping out of the car like that was just a continuing of the stupid moves he was making. Here we have the big tough protester that is afraid of being arrested, and put those other people with him including the women are risk…not a nice thing to do. It was extremely reckless behavior on his part. He should have never run the first road block. Was he trying to start a fire fight at the second one where those in the car would open up when they heard him getting shot, and then there would be a car load of dead people to spur the cause forward? I have to wonder.

  20. Editor’s note: Again, more misrepresentation. The Hammonds were on a federal wildlife preserve with a truck and kerosene. Even the Hammonds admit they were there to deal with “invasive plants” on land they don’t own. If I were to do that, and of course I never would, I would be arrested for arson and sent to prison for 5 years. You just don’t start fires on wildlife preserves.

    Dwight and Steven Hammond were doing a controlled burn that got on BLM property. No one was hurt. The Hammonds put the fire out at no cost to taxpayers. BLM accused them of arson. An honest judge thought it was such utter BS, that he gave the Hammond’s a lesser sentence than the minimum.
    They served the sentence that the judge handed down. After bellyaching about
    the sentence, the ranchers who had not committed a crime were resentenced
    under a rediculous “terrorism” law and must spend 5 years in prison for an accidental fire. That’s what the ranchers and militia were protesting about. It is an obscene miscarriage of justice. No one should have died. The roadblock was an ambush, for what amounts to criminal trespass 3rd degree.

    • This all sounds very reasonable, but the courts are filled with cases and disputes like this that go through the appeals systems. There is a long history of “associations” forming to provide defense support for such things and also to push for legislation to reign in rule interpretation they feel conflicts with the purpose of the original law. So everybody else has to slog their way through the legal system and these guys though an armed occupation was what, a more affordable way?…quicker? So small groups now unhappy with the results of a case pull off an armed occupation “to correct things”? And they think law enforcement, the political system, and the majority of their fellow citizens are going to go along with that? I think they knew they wouldn’t, so they did their thing which we have all scene. Maybe we are lucky that only one was killed. There was no big final shoot out. But what happened will now be gone over with microcsopes, and that includes the actions of the protestors, which is why I mentioned yesterday the idiot calling for killing cops to get to the refuge to replace those arrested. People like that just destroy whatever your original cause.

  21. Jeff McMullen, not yours nor mine.

    BTW thank you Dean for that virus imbedded in VT imagery some years back. I tracked it to an altered DeesIllustration and further to one of those old photos of Merchant Marine vessels in the scrapbook. Pops would be proud.

  22. So his hand was in the air waving a pistol at the feds. Suckered in a lot of numbskulls, but that’s not surprising. Apparently the idea that you just take the land if you don’t happen to have enough is widespread out there. Not enough land for your cattle, just graze them on public land that you don’t have a permit for. The BLM leases land to ranchers and charges minimal grazing fees for each animal-unit-month, but hey… let’s have an armed standoff against the gummint. 90% of western cattle ranches are corporate owned and run by ranch managers, and they have actually improved the land. If these guys are what represent the old “mom and pop” operations, it’s no wonder they’re having problems. I just hope we don’t see the next step when some gang decides to take over a national park.

    • These are moochers, playing the rest of us for suckers…that everyone that buys a ranch or pays a mortgage is an idiot as the “land belongs to the people” and is there for the taking. The point below is that the grazing fees are minimal and how few of these moocher situations come up shows that the system has worked, and that is why the moochers don’t have much support other than the government haters and Jade Helmster crowd, who jump on any government bashing wagon that comes along. VT has been a ruthless critic of government policies and organizations but always for specific and well defined reasons. We have never run with the “anti-government” idiots as we know they are frauds a majority of the time. They come to VT happy when they see us with an stance they agree on, but when one day we don’t give them their daily anti-government fix they go cold turkey on us. We view it really as an untreated mental illness, really, and have great fun roasting these folks. Dear Alex Jones, we are ready when you are as we have a very thick file on you which was not hard to compile.

    • Jim, Even though there is no CLEAR picture of a gun being brought to bear by Finicum I don’t see an execution here. What I do see is the predictable result of a rouge Government that escalated the situation until we are here now. The US Government has been Unconstitutionally “Acquiring” land using money borrowed from our grandchildren who won’t even be allowed to access what they’re paying for. The process works well for those who are willing to cooperate. One Acquaintance I knew sold his land to the Nature Conservancy when they approached him. He was a business man first and read the writing on the wall. Another fine gentleman I knew was also approached by the Nature Conservancy with an offer. He was in his 70s, born on the same ranch that his father homesteaded before the National Forest even pilfered the land. He refused. They started cutting his fences and releasing his cattle off of his “DEEDED” land onto USFS property. For which they promptly ran up fines of 7 figures. When I last saw him he said that they started to move to relieve him of his property and that he didn’t have nearly the money to pay the fines. Then with a tear in his eye he told me that the only wish he had was to be buried on that land with his parents and wife and son . A wish they would see to it that was never to be granted. Shortly after he was removed from his ancestral home by a Federal SWAT team.

  23. “Hits cop with truck”? If LaVoy Finicum had rammed the black truck’s tail end, he might’ve gone staight along, and killed the foolish man who jumps in front of his (LaVoy’s) truck. He (LaVoy) seemingly didn’t want to do that. Besides the video does not tell/show who shot first. I don’t believe LaVoy Finicum reached for his gun before he knew/heard they were going to shoot at him. He clearly had his hands up at first.

    • Yes, he hit the cop with the truck, knocked him down. Your smart guy took off with an 18 year old girl in the car, gun in his pants, ran one roadblock, tried to run another. Were they planning on robbing a fedw banks before the “senior center” visit?

      Then again, please listen to her version of events. This may have been the best police shooting in history.

    • Hestroy, I just love it when amateurs think they can dismiss conclusive video enhancement footage, like at that point you are still in personal viewpoints land. Legally, when he went for his gun he could have been shot instantly as that has happened countless times with never a successful prosecution that I am aware of. The cops knew that no matter how clean the shoot was that they internet lynch mob would go after them trying to incite more support, hence the idiot calling for new supporters to kill law enforcement people to reach them. As we can see there is a large online keyboard warrior class of people like this where everything turn on “how they feel about it”. We have watched this for years now, and that is why we are having fun with the Jade Helmster analogy as it fits. People want to believe want to believe and get pissed off when someone takes their lolipop away. Frankly, they use the same tactics that the Zios do at that point,

    • Hey Gordon, I guess they left the Spike Strips home? how did he get by the “supposed” first roadblock when standard procedure is to set spikes?

    • And Jim, If you insist on using the same tactics as the KM does with “Truthers” and trying to marginalize people by labeling them “helmsters”, you above others should realize that Jade Helm was quite real. It was a CyberWargame and data mining operation that VT played a significant part in. The only question is was this inadvertent or intentional.

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