Turkey Artillery Shelling Syrian Army Forces Across Border, Backing al Qaeda Withdrawal

photo courtesy Times of Israel
photo courtesy Times of Israel
photo courtesy Times of Israel
TEHRAN (FNA) The Syrian Army and its popular allies are making a rapid march on terrorists’ positions at Lattakia province’s border with Turkey, battlefield source said, adding that even the Turkish Army’s artillery shelling of Syrian government forces has failed to slow them down.

“The Turkish army’ artillery units opened fire at the Syrian government forces this morning to prevent their rapid advance against the militant groups in the Northern part of the coastal province of Lattakia near the border with Turkey,” the sources said.



“The Syrian army, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Iraqi pro-Syrian popular forces operating in the mountainous regions of Lattakia province are only a few hundred meters away from the Turkish border now,” the sources added.

“The Syrian government forces, after imposing full control over Nawareh village in the Northeastern side of Otayreh and purging terrorists from the strategic al-Barakah and al-Khadhra mountains, are very close to Lattakia’s border with Turkey,” they went on to say.

“Scores of Jeish al-Fatah’s militants have been killed or wounded in the attacks,” the sources said.

“The Turkish artillery shelled the government forces’ positions and movements to prevent their speeding victories against the militant group, but the Syrian forces continued their anti-terrorism operation in spite of the shelling,” the sources added.

“In the meantime, the Syrian army and its Iraqi popular allies carried out mop-up operation across the newly-liberated villages of al-Qanimeh, A’Eid and al-Qastal in the province,” the sources further added.

Reports said earlier today that the Syrian army and the NDF continued to push back militants in the Northern mountains of the coastal province of Lattakia near the border with Turkey following hours of breathtaking battle.

The Syrian soldiers and the NDF have pushed back the militant groups from their positions in Tal al-Bashoureh and the surroundings of town of al-Aliyeh.

The militant groups left behind scores of the dead and wounded members and fled the battlefields to evade more casualties.

Syrian Army, Popular Forces Capture More Territories Near Border with Turkey

Syrian Army, Popular Forces Capture More Territories Near Border with Turkey

TEHRAN (FNA)- The militant groups on Saturday withdrew forces from more villages and heights in the Northern parts of Lattakia province under the heavy offensives of the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) near the border with Turkey.

The Syrian army soldiers and the NDF pushed the militant groups back from the villages of Mezein, Ruweisat Karam al-Borj and al-Rous mountains in the mountainous regions of Lattakia following hours of tough battles.



In the meantime, the Syrian government forces regain control over the villages of al-Qalai’e, Karoura, al-Qastal, Bashoura and Beit Dedo and al-Khedr in the Northern part of the province near border with Turkey.

Scores of the militants were killed or wounded and their military equipment and vehicles were also destroyed in the pro-government forces’ attacks.

The engineering units of the army have launched to defuse bombs and other types of explosive devices planted by the militant groups across the battlefields.

The recent victories of the Syrian arm and its allies in the costal province of Lattakia have significantly shrunken the militant-held regions near border with Turkey.

Also on Friday, the Syrian Army and the NDF continued to advance against the militant groups in the Northern part of Lattakia province and seized back four villages and two heights.

The militant groups withdrew from the villages of al-Mzira’a, al-Awinat, Ruweisat al-Malaka, Jabal al-Malaka and the Height 361 in the Northwest of Salam town under the heavy attacks of the Syrian army and the NDF.

The militant groups left behind large number of the dead and wounded members and fled the battlefield to evade more casualties.

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  1. Captain obvious. Calling NATO “Nazi Allied Terrorist Organization” involves several contradictions. There is not a single fact to sustain any relation between the historical meaning of “Nazi” and present day NATO activities, all directed, directly or indirectly against Muslim and Christians, irrational support of the atheist and marxist State of Israel, permanently picking a fight with Russia since Cold War ends and supporting the NWO advancement for the sake of RKM´s glory. Identifying the irrational NATO behavior with NAZI past has the oblique purpose to condemn 1933-1945 Germany and render subtle veracity to holocaust claims and as such, to provide moral support of the permanent ME state of war and Palestinian daily seen genocide.

  2. It is wrong to say “Turkey” for this is not done in the name of Turks.

    Most of our governments are hi-jacked.

    That hi-jacking is underlined by instead calling those entities after the name of the capitol – “Ankara”.

  3. What can one say? The audacity of the criminal Turks! It’s really the last straw. Obvious is right, Russia and Syria need to pound the crap out of all Turkish forces near the border and the ones that have wandered across the borders into Iraq. Pound the hell out of them. The US isn’t going to back up the Turks against the Russians…Erdogan’s in for a BIG surprise.

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