Wounded Warrior Project accused of wasting donation money (CBS Video Report)

In a story first broken by VT's Alex Graham

Editor’s note:  Former employees silence in mob like reign of terror, critics fear for not just legal retaliation for telling the truth but broad intimidation tactics.  VT editor’s have, out of stupidity, given to WWP.  Most embarrassing of all is seeing the WWP tee shirts on the markdown rack at military exchanges here and overseas.  A humiliation for our veterans.


A CBS News investigation into a charity for wounded veterans, the Wounded Warrior Project, looks into how the charity spends its donation money. What caught our attention is how the Wounded Warrior Project spends donations compared to other long-respected charities.

For example, Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust spends 96 percent of its budget on vets. Fisher House devotes 91 percent. But according to public records reported by “Charity Navigator,” the Wounded Warrior Project spends 60 percent on vets.

Where is the money is going?

In its commercials, Wounded Warrior Project appeals to the American public’s generosity, and it works. In 2014 alone the group received more than $300 million in donations.


Army Staff Sergeant Erick Millette

“Their mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors, but what the public doesn’t see is how they spend their money,” said Army Staff Sergeant Erick Millette.

Millette came home from Iraq in 2006 with a bronze star and a purple heart — along with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD.

Initially, he admired the charity’s work, and participated in its programs. He took a job as a public speaker with Wounded Warrior Project in 2013. But after two years, he quit.

“You’re using our injuries, our darkest days, our hardships, to make money. So you can have these big parties,” he told CBS News.

Millette said he witnessed lavish spending on staff.

“Let’s get a Mexican mariachi band in there, let’s get maracas made with [the] WWP logo, put them on every staff member’s desk. Let’s get it catered and have a big old party,” he described.

“Going to a nice fancy restaurant is not team building. Staying at a lavish hotel at the beach here in Jacksonville, and requiring staff that lives in the area to stay at the hotel is not team building,” Millette continued.

CBS News spoke to more than 40 former employees who described a charity where spending was out of control.


Two of those former employees were so fearful of retaliation they asked that their faces not to be shown on camera.

read more at CBS News

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3 Responses to "Wounded Warrior Project accused of wasting donation money (CBS Video Report)"

  1. Preston James, Ph.D  January 31, 2016 at 6:29 pm

    These apparent absolute scum must be prosecuted for financial fraud and their non-profit status must be removed. Any serious audit will probably show all kinds of “strange” expenses. These folks used expensive attorneys to beat down the author of the former VT story that exposed all this and forced a retraction. This whole scam sure seems to be like a RICO criminal organization. Preying on the gullible caring public, pretending to care about wounded Vets when actually existing to pad their own nest first is about as bad as one can get imo. It’s now obviously open season by the CMMM on this organization and its about time. Moral to the story, don’t threaten, hassle or strong arm VT authors, it will come back at you far beyond anything you can imagine!

  2. Lally Beebee  January 31, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    WWP built a home for a veteran next door to my son’s property. They cut and graveled construction access roads on my son’s property, incorrectly claiming they had a right of way to do so, put up a fence on my son’s property line, and planted trees and bushes on his property. They said they’d clean up the construction waste and repair and replant the roads, which never happened – then guilted and shamed my son when he complained they’d damaged his leach field. “It’s for a GOOD CAUSE”. They imposed on everyone else living nearby, asking to share a water tap with a neighbor because taps were expensive(the person “sharing” would be without water when it was in use in the other home, in other words) and asked tradesmen in the area for free labor…”for a goooood cause”. The goodwill and empathy of the neighbors was soon exhausted, needless to say. Great empathy for the Veteran, no love lost for WWP, needless to say.

  3. Dan  January 31, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    I remember when you broke this story, and it was years ago. Thanks, and good work for exposing the truth that those severely wounded in this phony GWOT are used like tools if still breathing, shot dead with their hands up on their own front doorstep, called “domestic terrorists” by their own government–and as for for the sacred remains of 282 unidentified soldiers who gave their lives, their remains were cremated like stray dogs and thrown in a landfill.

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