FBI to Investigate Flint’s Toxic Tea Served by Tea Party Governor


Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)

The FBI has joined the US Postal Inspection Service, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of the Inspector General, and the EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division, into the wide-ranging criminal probe of the Flint water crisis, to determine which laws were broken and who broke them in the poisoning of the city.

Governor Rick Snyder, after calling a state of emergency in the city through April, has repeatedly stated that the toxic lead contamination of the city’s water supply was an accident, but the FBI will look to see if federal law was infringed.

On Tuesday, US Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid stated that Flint was a “man-made crisis,” and urged Republicans to approve more aid to the stricken community.

On Wednesday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hold a hearing on the crisis, and the EPA acting deputy assistant administrator in its Office of Water will testify, along with an EPA researcher who early on raised concerns about lead in the water.

Flint’s water poisoning began in April 2014, when the city stopped receiving its supply from Detroit, instead shifting to water taken directly from the Flint River, a source known to have a high corrosive salt content. Corrosive salts in the water damaged the pipes, which contain lead, causing that material to be released into the water, and contaminating it.

In October, the state changed the city’s drinking water source back from the polluted Flint River to the Detroit water system, but warned that the water is still not safe.

It has been revealed that many officials, including several in the US Environmental Protection Agency, knew the water was poisoned as early as April 2015, but took no action, and failed to warn the community.For six months nothing was done. It was not until January that Governor Rick Snyder issued a state of emergency, declaring, “the health and welfare of Flint residents is a top priority and we’re committed to a coordinated approach with resources from state agencies to address all aspects of this situation.”

The effects of lead-poisoning cannot be reversed. Researchers at nearby Hurley Children’s Hospital have identified a “rise in blood lead levels of children less than 5 years old” who live in the area. An outbreak of Legionnaires disease, which caused 10 deaths, is also suspected to have been a result of the toxic water.


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  1. An FBI investigation inspires what? Laughter? It amounts to one criminal faction investigating another criminal faction.

  2. Yes. That is correct. The FBI was created through Executive Order(executive order, 1908) and have no right to even exist and have no authority over the land or people. Anna Von Reitz has already detailed and exposed the fraud that has been perpetrated on all of us. Go to her site and read the files for yourself. Federal agents have absolutely no authority over the people of the land. Admirality/Maritme law is not the law of the land. Semantic deceit and outright fraud has been perpetrated for a150 years now. The Federal government has absolutely no authority over you. It is the other way around. Anybody who tells you any different is either ignorant of the truth(as we all have been) or is willfully lying to you.

  3. In the interim we need Governor Snyder in the interest of the State of Michigan, to step down and let the Lt. Governor take over running his position. It would give the people of Michigan more confidence to know that he has their feeling at heart and let the authorities do their job. I also think we can see that the Emergency Manager model has been a complete failure in the state and was aimed towards the poor, black cities instead of being aimed at all of Michigan’s towns and cities that may have needed help in restructuring their economic problems. They ended up only taking anything of worth in these cities and towns and selling them off to private owners or businesses for a profit in order to pay off their “debts” leaving them nothing in return. This was not the way to clear the debts of any city and just left them with nothing. Some as in the case of Benton Harbor was a gift of a piece of land made into a park by Lake Michigan to be used as such forever. And this was ignored and sold off and made into a golf club for the rich. This was very myopic and shameful of you, Governor. Now the people of Benton Harbor will never be able to afford to use that land at $5,000.00 per annual fee to belong. This was a gift to the city in memory of this family’s daughter and you ignored it for the money. You need to step down, sir.

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