Russia tells Israel it is not transferring arms to Hezbollah



The Russians have reassured the Israelis that they are not transferring advanced weaponry to the Hezbollah militia in Syria. Israel’s Ambassador to Russia Zvi Heifetz has said he has gotten assurances from Moscow, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

“There’s an open line between us and the Russians at every level,” Heifetz stressed. “We made our red lines regarding Syria and the involvement by Iran and Hezbollah clear to the Russians, and when we have any concerns, we discuss them.”

Moscow’s reassurances come after a report in the Daily Beast quoted Hezbollah commanders who claimed that the Russians were providing them with surface-to-surface missiles and Russian-made anti-tank missiles and laser-guided rockets.

The Kremlin said it carried out its own internal investigations and concluded that the report was baseless.

Hezbollah is an ally of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus and intervened in the conflict on his side. Russia intervened in Syria four months ago in order to prop-up Assad’s regime.

“The Russian view is that Assad creates stability, and therefore, they want to bolster him,” Heifetz reasoned. “Assad currently serves Russian interests, but not at any price.”



  1. It’s quite clear, Israel is planning another war against Hezbollah and into Lebanon. This is likely to happen sooner than later. Russia is aware of this likelihood. Hezbollah might be wondering what kind of friends the Russian are? Will their Russian “friends” (fearful of’ being accused of “anti-semitism) just sit back and watch Israel decimate Lebanon again? Russia has the same problem the US has– an irrational dislike of facing the truth. Israel won’t rest until both are destroyed. Russia, of course, should provide Hezbollah with whatever weapons they need. Pronto!

  2. It is things like this that make me fume at Kremlin’s mindset, sometimes they show complete lack of strategic thinking.

    The Kremlin even completely lacks the ability to understand that if Israel, NATO, GCC and others support ISIS they simultaneously allow the opposing side the exact same thing.

    …if Hitler terror bombs British cities then the Britons are allowed to respond in the same manor.

    KREMLINS YOU SUCK HIPPOPOTAMUS DANGLIES – humanitys future hangs on a pathetic “antithesis”.

    • Sorry, it’s just the opposite:

      If the British terror bombs german cities, the Luftwaffe is allowed to respond in the same manor.

      The first british bombs fell on german towns in 1939 when no german plane ever entered british skies.

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