Interview – Syria talks turning into a war zone themselves

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by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   …with Press TV,  Tehran

Will the Saudis go into Syria to crash the peace talks with Turkey doing the same?

Will the Saudis enter Syria to crash the peace talks with Turkey doing the same?

[ Note: As I predicted, the Saudi opposition group did not get their surrender demands met on the front end of the peace conference, so they walked out, ending the talks for now.

We now have several military escalations in play, including the unsubstantiated Turkish claim of its air space having been invaded; something that is a non issue with no attack involved.

We have Turkish forces positioning to push into Syria to block the Kurds from linking up along the northern Syrian border, where with Syrian coalition or US backing, they could close off Turkish supplies to the remaining terrorists, thus collapsing their resistance. The ones not at the negotiating table would remain in the shooting gallery without logistical supplies.

The Saudis are now threatening to intervene, which I feel means they will pull out the Jihadi terrorists and put them in Saudi uniforms and send them back under the guise of a coalition anti-ISIL force. That farce would be exposed when Syrian commandos and Russian intelligence put captives on display and intercept Intel.

The end game, as the terrorist backers know, is that once the refugees start returning to their destroyed communities, support for the Syrian army and Assad and also Iran, Hezbollah and Russia for having driven them out will go way up, as will hatred for the terrorists and all who have supported them. The state-sponsors of terror will have zero leverage at the table, so they may feel that the more military option is a card better played now, rather than later.

Barzani has added another layer of intrigue with calls for a Kurdish statehood resolution

Barzani has added another layer of intrigue, by calling for a Kurdish statehood resolution

Further complicating things is Barzani calling for a statehood referendum for the Kurds, and not with an internationally monitored election, I am sure.

Those who are losing the Syrian war will threaten to light up the region with new combat. But the Syrian coalition will, by then, have control over its interior lines and fighting on its borders.

Any outside nation’s force attacking Syria, even Turkey, will not have automatic NATO support; and the UN Security Council would be on it quickly, with zero support of the resolution needed to cover it.

Is Erdogan threatening this move with the Saudis attacking from the east to take territory lost by the terrorists and to get a seat at the negotiating table with new demands?

And will the Russians engage them with air attacks? Would more Russian air force assets be moved into Iraq to fly missions from that direction, and have secure lines of supply through Iran and Iraq? I tend to feel the Saudis are bluffing, as they can’t even handle Yemen now. But how stupid people can be is always the most dangerous wildcardJim W. Dean ]


Published on Feb 2, 2016

Bashar al-Ja’afari said Damascus is still waiting for a list of opposition participants in peace negotiations. He accused the opposition of not being serious. He made the remarks after a meeting with U-N special envoy for Syria Steffan de Mistura in Geneva.

The Saudi-backed opposition side known as the High Negotiations Committee says it will not attend a meeting with de Mistura later Tuesday. The talks are set to last for six month. The Syrian government has agreed to allow aid into three towns held by the opposition as a goodwill gesture.


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2 Responses to "Interview – Syria talks turning into a war zone themselves"

  1. Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor  February 5, 2016 at 7:24 am

    I agree, German alt media for years has been telling us that EU MSM journalists and editors can collect two paychecks if they want. No one expected a ceasefire to START off the conference. But the Saudi factions want to stall the negotiations to avoid getting closer to a vote so they can deploy a new disruption plan, so that is why they demanded a ceasefire and prisoner release on the front end. Then all they have to do is block everything from that point on. They can then shuffle their people around, get so RandR and get ready for the next round of fighting when the negotiations breakdown.

    If they go into the negotiation to block their going anywhere, then the military offensive will just roll on and they will have less and less to bargain with. If real opposition crosses over to the Syrian army and joins in the fighting against the remaining terrorists they will have even less of a shot. And if Turkey is thinking of going into the Syrian Kurdish area but the US is preparing to supply them heavily if that happens that is also a wild card. This Gordian Knot is going to go one for some time.

  2. Howie  February 5, 2016 at 12:48 am

    Well informed or not, the Russians always play their cards close to their chest.

    No one predicted Russia would go all in, and bomb the Hell out of the Wahhabi mercenaries.

    When it comes to the question of what will the Russians do, it is prudent to add the words “what if”.

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