New York Times Is Catching Up with Veterans Today on Terrorist Erdogan

"All of us need to be vigilant and vocal against the ceaseless efforts of neoconservatives in the US to attack Iran and replace the Shi'a-led Islamic Republic with a friendlier, more secular regime."


Sometimes they will tell the truth, despite the fact that they report colossal lies and fabrications.

Sometimes they will tell the truth, despite the fact that they report colossal lies and fabrications.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


For the past seven months or so, writers at Veterans Today have meticulously argued that Erdogan has been supporting terrorist groups such as ISIS. In fact, Erdogan’s family and ISIS are basically two sides of the same coin.

In addition, VT has been saying that Vladimir Putin caught this man with his pants down. Putin has convincingly exposed Erdogan as a terrorist who has made a political or diabolical pact with ISIS. This is one reason why Erdogan has been acting weird lately. It has been reported that “Turkey broke aviation treaty in blocking Russian plane.”

Obviously Erdogan wants to inflict vengeance on Russia because Putin humiliated him. Literally. Russia continues to strip this man of his political mask and put on the terrorist jump suit.[1] It has been reported that:

Pro-government forces in Syria have reportedly broken a rebel siege of two villages northwest of Aleppo, effectively cutting off Turkey’s supply line to opposition groups operating in and around Syria’s largest city.”

Throughout 2015, VT provided enough evidence to show that Erdogan is a lunatic. The New York Times is finally coming to the same conclusion. In an article entitled “The West Must Stop Giving Turkey a Free Pass,” Behlul Ozkan, an assistant professor at Marmara University in Istanbul, declares:

“The president has a history of jailing journalists and cracking down on media companies critical of his policies. And yet this time the response from his supporters was exceptionally chilling:

“A pro-Erdogan organized crime boss proclaimed, ‘We will take a shower in your blood,’ while the office doors of some of the academics were ominously marked with red crosses.”[2]

The New York Times scolds Western leaders such as Angela Merkel and David Cameron for striking a deal with Erdogan.

We appreciate the New York Times for pointing these things out to their readers, but the report once again is not original. VT readers could have plainly said, “Oh, we knew that a long time ago.”

We are still waiting for the New York Times to expose the real culprits. We know for example that the United States has defended Turkey’s terrorist operation. We know that the United States is being manipulated by the Neoconservatives. And we know that those people have continued to lead much of the Middle East into a sinkhole. How long will it take the New York Times to expose this as well? Two years?

In the meantime, we will continue to move forward. We will continue to expose the real mafia. And we all need to get involved. As Gwenyth Todd told me two days ago:

“All of us need to be vigilant and vocal against the ceaseless efforts of neoconservatives in the US to attack Iran and replace the Shi’a-led Islamic Republic with a friendlier, more secular regime.

“As we saw with the Iraq invasion, these anti-Iranian zealots come from all backgrounds and know how to operate sneakily and effectively using sophisticated psychological techniques to hoodwink not just the US but also other countries into catastrophic war in the Middle East.

“It could easily happen again, this time with even greater numbers of casualties, if a candidate who shares the “bomb Iran” philosophy of Ted Cruz or John McCain were elected President of the United States.

“Again, this anti-Iran movement is so complex and pervasive that it has managed to create the strangest of bedfellows among right-wing Israelis, some evangelical US Christians and many extremist Sunni Arabs.  It will not subside and must therefore be monitored constantly and its false-flag efforts identified and thwarted or exposed before it succeeds in its efforts.”

[1] “Turkey trying to conceal illegal military activity on Syrian border – Russian military,” Russia Today, February 4, 2016.

[2] Behlul Ozkan, “The West Must Stop Giving Turkey a Free Pass,” NY Times, February 2, 2016.

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