Interview – The Syria peace talks become a new battlefield

While the $9 billion in aid being requested for the refugees, no one is talking about who will be liable for the rebuilding
While the $9 billion in aid is being requested for the refugees, no one is talking about who will be liable for the rebuilding

Iran has provided aid to Syria worth $2.8bn

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with Press TV, Tehran

The Saudi terrorist coalition is going for broke on the front end of the peace talks wanting all their demand up front
The Saudi terrorist coalition is going for broke on the front end of the peace talks wanting all their demands up front

[ Note: War by diplomatic means has opened a new flank in the Syrian peace talks on top of the current successful anti-terrorism campaign. What the terrorist supporters have lost on the battlefield, they are trying to win back by holding the peace talks hostage. Somehow I cannot see the Syrian coalition going along with that. They would have to be out of their minds to do so.

Of course, the Western coalition has to put some credible threats on the line, but that is fraught with risks, as every cab driver in the Mid East knows who the real supporters of terrorism are.

Despite corporate media giving maximum cover that there is some indigenous groundswell of dead-ender disaffected Muslim young men feeding the jihadis, we know these rookies are not wizards when it comes to getting around all the massive surveillance, including cell phones being a part of their bodies.

Someone is not only leaving the back door open for them, but leading them to it. But the more these terrorist supporters push their losing Syrian hand, the more they risk the stretched rubber band breaking and triggering a quantum leap in opposition to their treasured State immunity.

The Russians have a lot of Intel they have not yet released — especially communications intercepts. They have held these cards close, saving them I believe for a key moment to use, hopefully as a deterrent. But if that fails, then they no longer have any reason to continue holding it back, and we could see a mother load dump. We shall hope that this all this rolls out during the coming Spring, a good time for new beginningsJim W. Dean ]


Syrian refugees
Syrian refugees
– First aired … February 05, 2016

Zarif was addressing the Donors Conference in London. He reiterated that diplomacy is the only way to resolve the Syrian crisis and called for the resumption of peace talks. Zarif said outside actors must facilitate dialog instead of seeking to dictate its outcome.

The Iranian foreign minister also demanded an immediate ceasefire to the conflict. However, he said ceasefire should not include cessation of operations against terrorism.


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