JTA: Sanders volunteered at Kibbutz Shaar HaEmekim


WASHINGTON (JTA) — The kibbutz where Bernie Sanders spent several months in the early 1960s has been identified, thanks to a rediscovered news story from 1990.

Sanders, an Independent Jewish senator from Vermont now running for the Democratic presidential nod, spoke to Haaretz in 1990, on the eve of his election to the U.S. House of Representatives as a socialist. He named the kibbutz where he volunteered in 1963 as Shaar HaEmekim.

As Sanders’ campaign gained traction this year, Haaretz, like others in Israeli and Jewish media, had tried to identify the kibbutz, but until the author of the article, veteran journalist Yossi Melman, said Thursday onTwitter that Sanders had named the kibbutz in 1990, no one had tracked this particular article in the Haaretz archive.

In the Hebrew-language article, a pdf of which appeared Thursday on Haaretz’s website, Sanders tells Melman that he visited Israel in 1963 as a guest of the leftist Zionist Hashomer Hatzair movement and stayed at its affiliated kibbutz.

Located northeast of Haifa, Shaar HaEmekim (Gateway to the Valleys) was founded in 1935 by immigrants from Romania and Yugoslavia who had been trained in farming techniques. The kibbutz still includes farmland and has a flour mill and a dairy, but its primary income is now from the manufacture of solar panels, according to its website.

What drew Sanders to Israel at the time is not known, but his older brother, Larry Sanders, was spending time in the country. Bernie Sanders had earned some renown as a civil rights activist at the University of Chicago.

Sanders has been reluctant during this campaign to discuss his Jewish upbringing and his time in Israel, where he traveled with his first wife, Deborah Shiling, who also was Jewish. His campaign has turned away queries about his Israel stay.

The exact dates Sanders was in Israel are unclear. Although he tells Haaretz he was there in 1963, he did not graduate from university until 1964. He also had not married Shiling by June 1964, when she was listed as a maid of honor at her sister’s Baltimore wedding in a New York Times notice.

Sanders, born in Brooklyn to a Polish immigrant whose family perished in the Holocaust, had divorced Shiling and was living in Vermont by the late 1960s.

At the time of the interview with Melman, Sanders was the mayor of Burlington, the state’s largest city and was a sharp critic of the foreign policies of the Reagan and first Bush administrations, particularly in Central America.

He tells Melman that “as a Jew, I’m embarrassed by Israel’s involvement” in Central America, accusing the country of acting as a front for the American government and delivering arms to repressive regimes. He also says he would like to see greater pressure on Israel to compromise on the Palestinian issue.

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  1. Not enough Jewish controlling USG, now want to run all USG. Just ask him what would do that all money USG lent to the banks, Quantitative Easing, foreclosures, the Federal Reserve, Glass-Stegall. Would he instruct the GA to investigate 9/11?, how come he witnesses daily Palestinian massacres and doesn´t say a word about it? How about not armed supporting of Israel? How about prohibiting AIPAC and any other lobbying? Frankly, he´s a fox left to care for the henhouse, about to be the vice-president to Netanyahu´s regime. He´s just like any other atheist-marxist polluting the Holy Land.

  2. Hey goys, sorry guys, lighten up. He is married to an Irish cailín for almost thirty years – Jane O’Meara and comes from a loyal Jewish background – and by loyal I mean loyal to the United States. Not that he doesn’t have close ties to Israel which goes without saying but that doesn’t necessarily hoist him onto the Zionist bandwagon. Many Jewish people see that entity for what it is and abhor it. Both Sanders and his wife are of a working class background by way of Hardscrabble Road. Bernie Sanders in his way can do much to confound the Anti-US forces – the NWO-Khazarian scum destroying America and the Middle East, and rally the needed Jewish battalions of similarly loyal Americans to our cause. It may prove the outstanding opportunity to cement Jewish support to the flag and our future. The race for the presidency is not yet run and until it is he deserves every opportunity to lay his plans on the line. Then you can choose to vote for him, or not in a calm rational manner. As the old Irish saying goes: Ní h-é lá na gaoithe lá na scolb – the windy day isn’t the day for thatching. In other words be patient. And remember that red-haired Irish cailín has his back!

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