Standing With Michael Moore For Bernie Sanders

I’m standing with Michael Moore for Bernie Sanders because he is the only candidate who is running for all of us, he’s authentic and real and he is beholden to no corporate interests but most importantly I trust Bernie and his message ~ which is something I cannot say about any other Presidential candidate: Allen L Roland, PhD


Want to experience the Real Bernie Sanders ~ watch this brief informal street interview when Bernie Sanders spoke with RT’s Ed Schultz, on the eve of the Iowa election; about how he became a serious contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, after being 40 points behind in the polls ~ and also about how his “terribly radical” ideas reflect the will of the American people. A true revolution is brewing and it gained momentum in Iowa.

But also watch the unguarded moment just before the end of the interview when they were interrupted by another interviewer and Bernie gruffly said how rude, can’t you see we’re talking” ~ and that unguarded moment caught the real and not politically correct Bernie and explains his growing appeal to the politically disenfranchised electorate ~ he doesn’t suffer fools lightly.  See Video

Bernie and RT's Ed Schultz

Bernie and RT’s Ed Schultz

Michael Moore, another truth teller, wrote an excellent article on why he is endorsing Bernie sanders and included this wonderful graph which summarizes the differences between Sanders and the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton. See article ~ but remember, true to form, Hillary changed her mind about supporting TTP when she recently read the populist handwriting on the wall.


I first endorsed Bernie Sanders for public office in 1990 when he, as mayor of Burlington, VT, asked me to come up there and hold a rally for him in his run to become Vermont’s congressman. I guess not many were willing to go stump for an avowed democratic socialist at the time. Probably someone is his hippie-filled campaign office said, “I’ll bet Michael Moore will do it!”

They were right. I trucked up into the middle of nowhere and did my best to explain why we needed Bernie Sanders in the U.S. Congress. He won, I’ve been a supporter of his ever since, and he’s never given me reason to not continue that support. I honestly thought I’d never see the day come where I would write to you and get to say these words: “Please vote for Senator Bernie Sanders to be our next President of the United States of America.”

I wouldn’t ask this of you if I didn’t think we really, truly needed him. And we do. More than we probably know.”     Sincerely Yours,  Michael Moore

Bernie has just fired a volley across the bow of the Clinton establishment Battleship in Iowa which is committed to maintaining the Status Quo but that’s just the opening round ~ there’s more to come ~ Bernie’s just getting warmed up particularly when you can truly see the real implications of trickle-down economics.


 The indignation of the bottom 90% has steadily mounted, as it’s income has disappeared, as seen in this graph ~ especially since Wall Street threw the US and world economy into the abyss in 2008 and then used the crisis to further enrich itself at the expense of the working population or bottom 90%.

The bitter betrayal by the Obama administration, which came to power by promising progressive “change” and instead has maintained the status quo as well as overseen a further and unprecedented transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top, along with an expansion of militarism and war ~ has only intensified the anger and combativeness of working people and youth ~ who are all part of the growing Bernie revolution which will soon hit New Hampshire.

New Hampshire will not be decided by coin flips as in Iowa ~ but could be decided by illegal electronic vote flips. The bottom line here is that some 80% of the votes in the 2016 primaries will be cast or counted on electronic voting machines owned by private corporations. Courts have ruled the source code proprietary, and thus inaccessible to the public.

What this warning means is that much of the nation has no legally binding mechanism by which results can be publicly verified ~ If the Sanders campaign fails to aggressively push for exit polls and a verifiable vote count, this current thrilling attempt to restore American democracy, as well as the power of the people, might prove futile ~ for the establishment has no moral rules.

“The way the Clinton campaign has been red-baiting Sanders is unfortunate ~ and tone deaf. According to NBC, 43% of Iowa Dems identify themselves more closely with socialism (sharing, helping) than with capitalism (greed, inequality). Most polls now show young adults (18-35) across America prefer socialism (fairness) to capitalism (selfishness). So, what is democratic socialism? It’s having a true democracy where everyone has a seat at the table, where everyone has a voice, not just the rich.“: Michael Moore

Allen L Roland, PhD

 Heart centered spiritual consultant and advisor Allen L Roland can be contacted at  [email protected] Allen is also a lecturer and writer who shares a weekly political and social commentary on his web log and website He is also featured columnist on Veterans Today and is a featured guest on many radio and Television programs.

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6 Responses to "Standing With Michael Moore For Bernie Sanders"

  1. Snoop Dough  February 9, 2016 at 8:42 am

    Sea frog, I tend to think as you do!

  2. BR549  February 6, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    Moore is a perfect reason to NOT support Sanders.

  3. Dan  February 6, 2016 at 8:46 am

    Ron Paul, who’s no oxymoronic Trotskyite champion of the American people, called out Sanders’s duplicity for publicly co-sponsoring the Audit the Fed bill while personally amending it to a toothless tiger giving cover to the Jewish moneyed interests whose fiefdoms include not only the Fed and Wall Street, but the US Treasury Dept as well. Sanders, as the chart shows, is also a big supporter of the carbon tax, which will in effect, and quite literally, tax us for being alive and drastically accelerate our diminishing standard of living. He was instrumental in passing Dodd-Frank that protected rather than prosecuted the TBTF banks. His “tax the rich” rhetoric about income will never touch the existing wealth of a Michael Moore, for example, and, as Biden let out of the bag, will be borne almost entirely by what’s left of the middle class. Morally and therefore most importantly, Sanders is pro everything that will lead to the extermination of what’s left of Christianity in Anerica. Sanders’s heroes Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky all promised a workers’ paradise and delivered hell on earth for all but the elite. Emma Goldman back from the dead.

    • Dan  February 6, 2016 at 9:23 am

      Regarding Sanders’s mobs of adoring college kids, I don’t buy it for one minute. Young people, in Iowa no less, are attracted to a Brooklynese-speaking Jewish Trotskyite? Take a look at those crowds. It all reminds me of when, decades ago, publishing magnate Jerry Finkelstein wanted his ne’er-do-well son Andy on the City Council of NYC. So, he brought in busload after busload of Jewish coeds from as far away as East Hampton College. The Jewish press took it from there and, presto, Andy was the face of the future, adored by the young. You can bet that’s all there is to “Feel the Bern!”

  4. jonnbrown  February 5, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    Khommie-Khazars will not prevail – we have had enough of all of this.

  5. jonnbrown  February 5, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    The fact that Sanders supports Gay “rights” is enough to judge him and any other would-be-leader as a contributor to the decline of modern civilization. Defame me as “homophobe.” These kinds of disparaging terms against anyone with moral fiber are pathetic and only work for cheap crowd control.

    “Gays” [homosexuals] need to go back in the closet and stay there because the whole homosexual rights charade is nothing more than a militant posterchild for social destruction. And portrayal of this lifestyle as “normal” is so contrary to the natural order of even the animal kingdom, you’d think people would get a clue. But civilization is cowering under the “LGBT” peer pressure militia on a daily basis and has long forsaken the very spiritual vocation of husbandry and propigation of all living things through the seed bearing process. May God have mercy upon those whose morals will never surf the shit-hole to hell.

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