NEO – Death in Oregon, the Realities of the American Police State


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by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


We feel sorry for the family, for this wasted life which did not have to happen
We feel sorry for the family, for this wasted life which did not have to happen

American police are no better than the communities they serve. Corrupt communities have corrupt police. Racist communities have racist police. Lazy communities, communities that care more about feeling safe than protecting individual rights end up living in a police state.

On a national basis, America has, since 9/11, become a full-blown surveillance state with over-armed militarized police, in some but not all areas, a threat.

In 1881, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act prohibiting the use of the army to enforce domestic policy. However, state governors who control the National Guard, the 3rd level of military reserve, have used these troops over and over to smash trade unions and, at times as with the “Black Legion,” a combination of National Guard, Ku Klux Klan and Republican Party, that terrorized trade unionists and African Americans throughout the Midwest during the 1920s and 30s.

Today the issue is militarized police, an obvious ploy to violate the still applicable and updated Posse Comitatus laws, by creating an Israeli trained military force inside the US. Law enforcement officials in the US, among the least educated and “morally concerned,” stoked up on decades of entertainment media “scare porn” vilifying Palestinians, Hispanics, military combat veterans and African Americans, live in a fantasy world seeing themselves as saviors of, well we aren’t really sure of whom.

You see, most police departments, not all but certainly most, have long allowed levels of corruption, working closely with “preferred” drug dealers, human traffickers and, of course, politically connected and powerful economic “fronts” that grew out of the Italian and Jewish mobs of the last century.

These gangs no longer shoot down their enemies with machine guns. They now use courts and police and even the Federal government, their power has grown to this extent. They control entire states, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Idaho, Pennsylvania and more.

Challenging them are the Mexican drug cartels, partnered in the American Southwest with the Utah centered Mormon church. Through assassination and mass bribery, the cartel with their Mormon allies, relationships formed during the 1880s when Mormons fled to Mexico after an unsuccessful war against the United States, have taken virtual control of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, half of Colorado and portions of Oregon and Montana.

Militia’s and “supremacist” groups partnered with drug and human traffickers initially gained control over county governments and local police, spreading their power eventually to state offices and now are encroaching into Washington.

Shelly even looks like a mob don
Shelly even looks like a mob don

During the last election, Nevada gambling boss Sheldon Adelson contributed over $1 billion to select Republican candidates. When taken into account that during the last Bush administration America set up the framework for the most oppressive occupation force in world history, a massive bureaucracy of dozens of organizations most dangerous of which are the Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency, it is easy to understand the nature of the budding rebellion and threat of Balkanization of the United States.

What makes this scenario particularly dark is that those who are most radicalized and the best armed are also those who are, because of lack of education and religious extremism, “closet supporters” of those who represent the real police state threat.

Thus, those who work to appear as supporting individual rights are, in actuality opposed to current levels of “excessive freedoms.” The real divisions in America are between those who would dictate religion, enforce racial segregation, abuse surveillance and police powers to enforce their narrow views and those who fear oligarchical rule.

When non-Americans see protest from the right, where the roots of racism and fascism have long been strong, they also fail to see the long connections to economic elites, to organized crime and the hand of dark globalist forces. The right wing coup in Kiev was at the hands of the political parallel to those who are now crying out for worldwide support in Burns, Oregon. Thus we move to that story.

This week, a Utah rancher, father of 11 died in a hail of police gunfire after running a felony roadblock with an 18 year old girl, a “human shield” sitting beside him. Only days before he had announced that he was prepared to die at the hands of police.

The FBI released a video of the shooting, perhaps showing Finicum drawing a weapon after barreling past police in his white pickup truck. Finicum leaves the truck with hands raised, reaches and draws a weapon or nothing at all, pretends to draw again, points at police, turns and is gunned down. Were police right?

Finicum left a large family behind. Could he have fought his fight without dying for it?
Finicum left a large family behind. Could he have fought his fight without dying for it?

Legally they were, based on what we know but morally not at all. The police in this area of Oregon are among the best in the US, local people known to the community, accountable and generally acting within reason and law.

Perhaps without the FBI present, an organization that is not local and not accountable, the reasonable act would have been done, using non-lethal force to capture a suspect that we all knew never planned to kill anyone at all, someone who could have been wounded or overwhelmed and captured.

The crimes all involved in the Burns, Oregon standoff were charged with, though sounding like “terrorism” were actually simply saying stupid things, making illegal threat to the press that begged for more and having a half-baked cause that few American supported.

The “Oregon militia” was not from Oregon, mostly Mormons, an odd religious sect, and occupying a wildlife preserve that 90% of Americans want to see the Federal government protect from people like the “Oregon militia.”

The situation in Oregon, which continues at this writing, has nothing to do with “land rights” or patriotism. Few involved have a history of anything other than individual greed with several of those claiming backgrounds of military service exposed as frauds.

None involved have any history of seeking social justice, far from it, their background invariably involves “freeloading” and pandering to powerful extremist, extremist and “anti-democratic” elements.

What this incident has exposed is the ability of those undeserving of any support, and the majority of Americans would have been happy if the FBI had moved in “Waco style” and wiped out the Oregon occupiers, to use social media and the internet along with foreign press to duplicate what is seen in the Middle East. We are talking about ISIS.


Key supporters of the Oregon militia, such as retired American Major General Paul Vallely, former head of Psychological Warfare Operations, is a big supporter of these movements as are his invisible backers. Vallely has also repeatedly traveled illegally to Syria as has Senator John McCain, to meet with “moderate rebels,” including Baghdadi who now heads ISIS.

In fact, the power right wing oligarchs that support the Oregon “occupation” also support presidential candidates like Ted Cruz and JEB Bush, pouring millions into the coffers. They also support Israel’s occupation of Arab territories, the war in Yemen, the coup in Kiev and have long advocated a war on Iran despite the recent nuclear settlement.

This same group supports military action against Russia to retake Crimea. This is the geopolitical picture that is not seen behind the Oregon “occupation.” Perhaps some should look harder.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. I heard the cheapest tickets at the Super Bowl are $3,000. I have to wonder what kind of a moron would pay that kind of money to watch a game that is really no different than every weekly game on TV. It’s simply another National Distraction to lull the masses into complacency. We’ll soon see how complacent they are as our once-great nation slips into oblivion, like the Roman Empire. It was a great experiment, too bad the American people are too dumb to keep it going.

  2. What we see happening at all levels of our government is the natural adaptation to a radically new condition. The form of governance that we inherited from the American republic cannot effectively manage a worldwide empire. We are witnessing the abandonment of our traditional form of government made necessary by our world conquests. This process has dire implications for what we believe our society to mean, but we are not about to return our new possessions to their owners, not until the last ship’s hold of strategic materials is en route to “the homeland”.

    Like Rome, we have retained the institutions of liberty long after they have become empty symbols without the power to safeguard liberty (“limited government” is a very catchy code phrase for “government too weakened to protect our rights from the one percenters”).

    Even now, most Americans look at Washington D.C. and imagine it the living inheritance of Washington, of Adams, of Jefferson, of Madison, when a coherent argument can be made that the ideals of those men did not survive the passing of their generation.

    Political self-deception for the many, and the laser-like comprehension of reality by the ruling elite, is the rule, not the exception, in the human social/economic condition.

  3. Gordon, you sometimes scare me, have you listened to the video’s of Lavoy Finicum, he by no means had nothing but great respect for the land, and BLM is nothing more then a criminal organization for the UN and Agenda 21……why you say that the ranchers destroy land when their livelyhood depends on the land to be productive and replenish it so it can be used for future generations of ranchers.
    Are you are UN kind of guy, that is why I call you out….. Lavoy was a very educated man on the law and the violations of the Federal Government and he knew what was right when it is the county sheriff that is the lord of the land NOT the Federal Gov.

  4. The Bolshevik method always entails removal of resistance. In the West, we now have the ridiculously obvious applauding of this by the MSM, while at the same time the MSM contradict themselves, endlessly. This has got nothing to do with planning. Simple fact: ADL and other activists, to be able to fill their roles, must be feeble-minded, easy to control and, as gullible as TV viewers. In short: parasitic congenitally challenged individuals not only pretending to have something of interest to say, they even pretend they, themselves, are human. To be human, one needs common sense, morals, decency, in short: characteristics that will get you fired/killed in the present environment which is controlled by genocidal fascists of the corporate kind.

    To transcribe an old German saying: It is very bad for society if morons are hard-working. All the great empires found this one out, too late.

  5. Hi Edward, try 95% and you will see it was a typo. We do a lot of lntel analysis here with a lot of the time consuming huge amounts of info and hours on the phone. VT articles are often dashed out with no proofing to get them up and get onto something else that needs time..and 99.95% of our readers understand this. We often are doing a half dozen reports a day, often for people that need them quickly. We understand this can be hard for new readers to pick up on, but we have enough of a variety of writers for folks to pick their preferences.

  6. dont stop with “just” the police, DOCTORS kill about 170,000 Americans every year too. with all the relational database “fusion center” information and “mandatory healthcare” I really do NOT see this connection being far fetched or reaching “paranoid conspiracy theory” at all. some of it is naturally the patient’s neglect or ignorance to LOOK at what the tin god in a lab coat is trying to prescribe by looking the “meds” up in a PDR (physicians desk reference) what it is for, its ingredients, what it can react BADLY in combination with etc. I’ve experienced this asking a so called doctor to show me what he is intending, “what’s a PDR?” (run!). had a “doctor” tell me 1,1,1 trichloroethane is inert, I wonder where the hell the mofo went to school because chlorine and ether is carcinogenic and will melt lungs!
    they sure try to ban guns but not “doctors” who ARE over 100x more lethal.

  7. An excellent article, Gordon. My apologies for my earlier criticism. I knew you had it in you, just had to shake it out. Well written, just like most of your articles. Now, we need to figure out some way to make everybody read it instead of the lineup for the upcoming Super Bowl. Incidentally, I wouldn’t walk across the street to watch it if I had free tickets on the 50 yard line, and I used to be a real Broncos fan.

    • lol right on Ajeocci, baseball basketball football all the same “get the ball get the ball”, I have a dog that does it like a pro so where the hell is HIS outrageously huge paycheck? these are the jockstrap jackasses and bullies the teachers handed the good grades to because the school team NEEDED them to play dumb (or brutally dumb) puppy on the playfield, so why would anyone PAY to see them play? isn’t it funny-sick how they have turned it into an industry?

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