Scene from a Pegida Demonstration on Saturday



The scene above is from a Pegida demonstration held today in Birmingham, England. It’s a screen shot I lifted from the video below…

If you advance the video to about 1:41:00 you’ll hear one of the speakers say the following:

“We are called ‘far right’ because we dare to criticize Islam. We’re called ‘fascists’ and we’re called ‘Nazis,’ but if you look at the ideology of Islam, and you look at the ideology of Nazism, they are exactly the same side of the same coin. One leader who wants to rule the world for a thousand year reich–another leader who wants to rule the world under a global caliphate. Both leaders, Mohammad and Adolph Hitler hate the Jews and want to kill them. Both leaders want to kill the homosexuals. Both leaders are not ever allowed to be criticized. Both leaders are exactly the same people. Radical Islam is Nazi incarnate and is here in this country.”

I guess some of the members of Pegida haven’t quite figured out that Israel and America have been among the chief backers of terrorists in Syria or that ISIS was created to wreak havoc and destruction in nations that have opposed the West. And I guess they haven’t paused to consider that, after something like a year and a half now in the public spotlight, ISIS still hasn’t launched a single attack on Israel.

I don’t know where exactly you’d place Pegida on the political spectrum, but it’s beginning to look like the left, the right, the far left, the far right, the left of center, the right of center and the center itself are all equally clueless these days.

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  1. Yes it does seem that having two active brain cells makes you over qualified for this Pegida bunch shame they do not read VT instead of the Daily Mail. Still who knows maybe some of them are smart enough to figure out they are getting played.

  2. The Jews define themselves as “a people” whose true homeland is Israel, who have the right there to determine who is and who is not a Jew, and to exclude, deport, or severely limit the rights of non-Jews who might potentially undermine Jewish identity and interests. They are the sole arbiters of all this, but deny this status to every European people. In any sane world and on their own lights this would preclude Jews having moral standing or influence in the affairs of, say, the Germans. They can get away with their blatantly genocidal war against European identity and culture because through collusion, bribery, and blackmail they, and not blind corporate entities, have come to own and direct the MSM, which is still far and away the primary determinant of political outcomes. Jews in their capacity as closely identified Jews and supporters of the criminal state of Israel have no moral standing whatsoever to tell the rest of us anything about moral universalism. We need to talk about ourselves using their language about themselves. Their victimology, as we’re now learning to our shocked dismay, is almost entirely based on lies and self-serving mythologizing, and if we don’t recognize them as inimical to our interests as they do us to theirs, we are slated for extinction.

  3. If they honored the Torah, and not bent by Babylon, seeing the ksa does not honor The Profit would clear up some confusion. Many others don’t trouble themselves to look beyond the matrix,say by reading VT.

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