NEO – Officials: Europe is Not a Raped Woman, ‘She Deserved It’



by Konrad Stachnio,  … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Stachnio in Poland is taking on a topic that the Western press covered for a day and then let it go. Silly me, what I see in this story is the continuing failure of multi-level governments, where once leaders feel insulated from angry voters, they are more game to “experiment” with society.

That certainly looks like what Merkel was doing when she not only invited them all in, but advertised for more when Erdogan was only too happy to oblige, knowing that the ensuing chaos would give him an even bigger weapon to use as a threat, releasing more refugees to flood into Europe.

One could look at the numbers of young men in their twenties and see trouble brewing. They couldn’t all be recent Syrian grads of their freely provided university education during wartime, and then abandoning their country on graduation to go make some money in the EU. Impoverished they weren’t, as we saw loads of $500 cell phones, and refugees who seemed to have endless prepaid minutes.

But the sex crimes came as a surprise, because usually refugees in limbo are prone to keep a low profile to not muck up staying in the land of milk and honey, and all the breasts you can fondle. And there’s the rub. When it started, we know now that German political authorities decided to hide the crimes by having police not make arrests and avoiding a paper trail.

Merkel was having too good a time smearing all the “uncontrolled immigration-concerned people” as Neo-Nazis, a kind of political rape in itself, an act of hate toward those who disagreed with her. Hers was an irresponsible move, and worse, a betrayal to her people; because when word got around the hoodlum fringe of the younger male refugees, especially from a few certain countries, they saw they could have some fun with Merkel’s protection.

All tough young men
All tough young men

Corporate media came back into the story because it had to. Disgusted police told how they were ordered not to make arrests. The immigrants learned that “molesting gangs” would stymie the police, who did not want to lose their jobs for being photographed clubbing renegade molesting immigrants.

And finally, and better late than never, some opposition parliament members went public challenging Merkel, and here were are. EU countries, out of self defense are looking to pull out of the open borders convenience, and being lambasted as “hurting Europe” by those leaders who failed the EU by bringing the crisis inside and then hiding their failure.

We are seeing in the EU what we know is a rampant malady in American leadership and politics — that nobody accepts any responsibility for failure. The latest example of this is Michigan governor Snyder, who is trying to dance his way out of a Flint water-poisoning crisis. It took mid-level people breaking the story to avoid even more damage being done. Would a better recall system help, so we could jettison some of these people ahead of the election schedule? Jim W. Dean ]



– First published  …  February 1, 2016 


It seems to me that we are beginning to live in a world in which reality is overtaking fiction. Who could have imagined a year ago that in the streets of European cities such as Cologne helpless, European women will be violated in ‘broad daylight’?

Well, maybe it was still possible to imagine, but that they would be raped by a group of immigrants from countries located thousands of kilometres from Germany?

At this point, public opinion is shocked by the violence of Cologne, however, this is not an isolated event. The difference between Cologne and other places lies in the fact that in this case what happened just entered public awareness. Things like this happen a lot. I cite here just a few examples.

The doctor told me ‘do it’

In an interview with the German newspaper Bild, a German policeman said that the type of events like Cologne were previously recorded in Bavaria. ‘In the past few months, only once it happened that the offences were committed by a German. The rest of the cases involved asylum seekers’. The Swedish media report that the bulk of cases of sexual harassment of women occurred during one of last year’s youth festivals in Stockholm.

Police data shows that at least 150 girls were sexually attacked – in just a few days of the festival – including 11-12 year-old children (data based only on declarations). The perpetrators are alleged to have been a group of approx. 200 young men who came to Sweden from Afghanistan.

In Finland, in turn, 120 complaints regarding assaults on women have been recorded. So far, the police were able to identify 16 people. Most of these people come from “north Africa”.

Denmark is the next country on the list. Local government politicians say that in three Danish cities have seen sexual harassment of women by immigrants from asylum seeker centres. This applies to the town of Thisted. Similarly, in Sønderborg, there were numerous cases of touching women in public places without their consent. The perpetrators were immigrants from local centres.

The cases about which we learn are only those which managed to leak to the public. Evidence of this is even a statement from forensics specialist and former justice minister of Lower Saxony Christian Pfeiffer. In the TV program Phoenix Runde Pfeiffer said that in one of the television station he was instructed that he cannot link the New Year’s Eve attacks of sexual violence with the problem of refugees. He was told that otherwise the interview will be interrupted immediately.

Pretty well the whole question of rape 52 years old muslim Lale Akgün (born in Istanbul, lives in Cologne) commented on in an interview with Deutsche Welle. He is a psychologist, a member of the SPD, in 2002-2008 deputy of the party to the Bundestag. ‘For these men, these women, who live in complete contradiction with their principles and what teaches imam at the mosque are sluts, objects of desire and contempt.’

Acceptance of criminals


What happened in Cologne is not only rape of defenceless women, but showing in what state western Europe now is. Europe is not only a raped woman, but is a woman who is abandoned by her men. In the end, Europe being a raped woman cannot even complain that she was raped because she will be accused of ‘racism’.

An example is the case of 26 year old woman named Selina, who was interviewed for a German TV channel SWR Fernsehen in which she spoke about the attacks in Cologne. The creator of a video in which she was slandered found her account on instagram and on Facebook, made public all the data and showed everyone where she works.

Video has been shown a quarter of a million times. The girl in the movie has met with threats at work, on Facebook accused her of racism and far-right views. Thus we have come to a complete disarmament of self-preservation instinct of Europe.

Perhaps the censorship of German media about rapes have been taking by refugee and infirmity of the German police is taking itself to heart by the government of Merkel, in the words of Peter Sutherland ‘Germany can take much more and will continue to have a people shortage due to its aging of the population.

Governments must pursue policies providing positive news that migrants are good for the European environment, economically and in every other way, rather than constantly showing them as a burden, because they are not really a burden. In a very short time, they will have a positive impact on the community in which they live’.

In view of the fact that ‘Governments must pursue policies which convey positive news that migrants are good for the European environment’. We may think that more and more unpunished rapes are being swept under the carpet. In turn people, who cannot count on the police having their hands tied will go towards getting stronger grassroots citizens’ movements.

Though such as self-defense patrol which was developed in Finland – called “Soldiers of Odin”, or German patrol “Civil Protection”. Also, in several cities of the Rhineland, after the dramatic events of New Year’s Eve, residents have began spontaneously organize.

You do not have to be a Nazi to sympathize with those movements. What would you do if ten attackers attacked on your girlfriend wanting to rape her? Would you not be grateful to those who rescued her from the hands of torturers? Precisely for this reason it is growing more and more sympathy of so-called normal people to self-defense moves. As a result of less and less efficient police service, it is just nothing more than a survival instinct.

What choice do you have? Perhaps what is being suggested by the Austrian police? The head of the Vienna police Gerhard Pürstl said: ‘Women should not even leave the house alone at night. They should avoid suspicious places, and pubs and clubs to party only with people they know ‘.

Taharrush and European women

Police are reduced to protecting their regime versus the people
Police are reduced to protecting their regime versus the people

The more censorship, ‘political correctness’, binding the hands of the police, the more people will be radicalized and go towards grassroots self-defense groups that will guarantee security for them instead of the police and the censored media.

Today, I learned about another group rape, this time of a three-year-old boy who was raped in a refugee center Akuttinnkvartering Forus in Stavanger, Norway.

Going hand in hand with the demands of the Peter Sutherland, the destruction of sovereign states, are anarchists and all sorts of so-called left-wing movements in Europe. The goal is still the largest possible European integration with refugees.

These efforts may eventually produce a measurable effect. According to a report by the United Nations, in fifteen years Sweden will become a third world country. Is that how come true at the end a dream for integration and assimilation Europe with refugees?

An example of European integration with the third world countries is case of That Amon Abdullah, a journalist of Swedish radio which left the country last year and returned to his native Somalia – he told Swedish television that his native lands are more safe than Stockholm.

In turn, the Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist decided to leave Sweden because of persecution. Carlqvist and Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard launched its online newspaper “Dispatch international”, which describes the problems of immigration that mainstream media in Sweden ignore. Hedegaard was beaten last year in Copenhagen by immigrants who came to his house, and narrowly escaped death.

What can we do in a situation when Europe so intensively integrates with third world countries? Quite good advice for every crisis gives us German Finance Minister Wolfgand Scheuble. “If am relaxed about any worsening of the crisis, it’s because if the crisis gets worse then intensify the possibilities for change’.

And maybe, we should not judge the events in Cologne too radically. Perhaps this is just a way of spending free time of new European settlers, something Western Europe, aspiring to become a third world country, should just get used to. I suppose that’s what Peter Sutherland meant when he said: ‘In a very short time they will have a positive impact on the community in which they live’.

With the innovative demographic reforms of the Angela Merkel government, European women must realize that maybe some of them, as seen in events in Cologne, may have to participate native traditions of new neighbors. But the question is – can German women stand it?

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. These pages must address the unspeakable sexual crimes committed against innocent civilians and children of 3rd World countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, CAR,,,endless list) by mercenary armies of the West before they have a moral spine to address the crimes committed in Europe by Erdogan’s criminals.

    As the old adage goes ‘No hate like love spurned’, Erdogan is livid with anger for having been denied entry into the EU, Turkey having ruled many European nations in centuries gone by notwithstanding.

    • @azizkhaflanSo you’re basically saying that innocent women and children deserve to be raped and assaulted and murdered because Turkey is not allowed to join the EU?

      And since you’re trying to play that same moldy old card that “Europe deserves what it gets because of what it did in the past” then don’t forget about the 800+ years of Arab muslim tyrany on Europe and the Byzantine Empire. Don’t forget about how Istanbul was once Constantinople. Don’t forget about how entire coast lines in Italy were completely depopulated by slave raids. Don’t forget that it only ended when Europe finally united and conquered your filthy, camel-faced asses.

      There is a reason that the archetypical Christian devil has an Semitic looking face.

  2. It is a blatant weapon of cultural destruction, launched by pyschopathic megalomaniacs. Merkel must have been paid handsomely for her urrm ‘co-operation’ The mob in Cologne on NYE were drinking alcohol and behaving like football hooligans. I hope the German people get their country back, Merkel has stabbed them in the back big time.

    Pretty vile woman quite frankly.

  3. One paragraph from O’Colmain’s article from – “In the book Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion and Foreign Policy, Kelly M. Greenhill, US foreign policy consultant, argues that coercive engineered migration is a strategy which has been used by governments to gain concessions from other governments. In other words, governments often use refugees as weapons in order to exert pressure on other governments for political ends. While there are undoubtedly many women and children and innocent victims of NATO/Zionist fomented war among the flux of people migrating to Europe who deserve all the help they can get, it is deeply reactionary and dishonest to ignore the obvious instrumentalisation of migration by imperialism.”

  4. Good mention by mr. Dean that nobody among European and US politicians ever accepts responsibility, it is as if when they enter this Western group of officials that they get a vaccine against responsibility. Even in communism which was ten times below capitalism in human rights there was more honor among the higher ranks. Japanese are well known to follow honorable codes in politics. Who flies very high one day falls very low. Western officials are starting to stink so bad, they are rotten and thugish. Turkey joining EU is/was always an obsession of British officials, it was to show that Europe is sort of benign and open to all, but it was of course nothing else than to have a direct EU border on the vast oil fields of Syria, Iraq and Iran. That idea failed miserably and now even the other idea of military controlling these areas is failing miserably so there is really much much heat on the neo-imperial politics of British. Their imperialist response is to flood continental Europe with refugees to “weaponize” refugees.

  5. Looks like the German people need to bring back the SA and NSDAP – something I could not have imagined seriously proposing even a couple of years ago.

    No wonder that the NWO has had to slander and libel the Austrian corporal into a 2-dimensional caricature of evil.

  6. Oh and btw, most of the young “Christian” women in Beirut dress at least as immodestly as the avg. young American woman but the Muslim men don’t touch them…so there’s more to this. This is definitely a hostile invasion. 2 million German women were raped at the end of WW II…11-13 million Germans were killed…Germans were put in camps run by Jews ( thanks America ) tortured and killed by the thousands fm ’45-’49. But after being tortured at Nuremburg for “confessions” I guess the Germans knew what to expect. Only it hasn’t stopped has it?

    • With the exception of one neighborhood, all the denominations live in specific areas in Beirut. Even before the Civil War, Lebanon has a long history of sectarian bloodshed. The Maronites joined forces with the Crusaders against the Mamluks. A Muslim going to Achraffiyeh, for example, would probably be hospitalized if he tried to harass or grope a Maronite girl there.

      It is my understanding that Western women still suffer harassment if they walk through the Muslim areas of Beirut.

  7. Well true, what the one Islamic govt. minister said ( that the women in Europe dress and act like sluts and-according to Islamic teaching-makes them deserving of such treatment ) but that’s irrelevant..These Arabs and Africans DON’T BELONG IN EUROPE even when they’re well-behaved-CERTAINLY NOT IN THESE NUMBERS! Oh my God, this is heartbreaking..Apparently ONLY Israel has the “right to exist”…Not the European countries and especially NOT Germany ( bc of the Holohoax ) the ” destination country ” acording to the wishes of George Soros ( and above him-Jacob Rothschild ) …wow, it’s still 1936 and they still hate-and want to destroy-Germany….”Nazi” as an epithet?! Really? If anything all this crap makes you wish they had won the war-if you’re normal which liberal self-haters are not…

    • General Patton had similar views…
      Patton next came to appreciate the
      true nature of the people for whom World War II was fought: the Jews.

      Most of the Jews swarming over Germany immediately after the war came from Poland and Russia, and
      Patton found their personal habits shockingly uncivilized.

      He was disgusted by their behavior in the camps for Displaced Persons (DP’s) which the Americans built for them and
      even more disgusted by the way they behaved when they were housed in German hospitals and private homes. He
      observed with horror that “these people do not understand toilets and refuse to use them except as
      repositories for tin cans, garbage, and refuse . . . They decline, where practicable, to use latrines,
      preferring to relieve themselves on the floor.”

  8. “Apparently only men ( who have thousands of Euros for travel and expensive cell phones in their pockets ) flee war zones” Great picture, it should be carried at rallies, among others. But it’s true, what’s most troubling is the lack of self-preservation. The sociology majors (presumably) holding signs saying ” Refugees Welcome”, when it was obvious to a 10 yr.old child that this was an INVASION, are the worst, by far. No guns? Start gathering swords, make weapons out of pipes and chains if you have to. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t exercise my “right of return”-if I was in Germany right now my speech or my actions would land me in prison or dead. But I would fight nonetheless. Germany needs a military coup, seize weapons silos-use nuclear blackmail to get ALL foreign troops OUT of the country. ( What? only Israel can nuclear blackmail countries? ) Oh the things I would post on a FB page if I wasn’t married. You men in Europe better start acting like men or you deserve to lose your countries. These migrants are “emptying their bowels and bladders in public swimming pools, masturbating in hot tubs…” They get banned for a wk. and then they’re allowed back in. And keep this in mind: Europe is being destroyed and this Pope has exposed himself as a worse than worthless liberal, modernist coward who is more Masonic than Catholic.

    • The Zionists running “Israel” are immoral and insane enough to actually use nukes. The Germans carrying out a coup you’re describing [hopefully] will not be, and the banksters will call the bluff. Again, instead of focusing on all the new invaders, it’s best to focus on the original ones.

  9. Most likely the NGO’s are advising these so called refugees AKA scum bags, to go forth and do what ever they like to females with impunity. They (NGO’s) need to be held to account.

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