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by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg
The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

[ Editor’s Note: We are getting down to the nitty gritty in Syria, and possibly Iraq now. The ability of the Syrian coalition to completely roll up the terrorists and jihadis is self-evident, and it will not take them a long time to do it.

So the $64,000 question is will the West push its luck on not having paid a huge political price for its long support and use of terrorism in their Syrian regime change plans, among other places.

Will they double down in fear that, if they lose here, mass media will lose its fear of changing sides and really doing some investigative journalism reporting? I don’t think so.

Will the US coalition fear that if the “play it safe, low level, war-on-the-cheap strategy” gets cranked up to a conventional level, their respective publics will awaken from their slumber and want to start hanging leaders (politically) as a penalty and deterrent for such a huge miscalculation?

We dodged one huge bullet on Syria when Obama cancelled the US bombing campaign, which our sources revealed afterwards would have had considerable losses for the US, due to under-estimating the Russian-Iranian response.

VT supplied intelligence on the Israeli-staged Syrian officer cell phone intercepts that were the “red line” justification for the attack, per none other than John Kerry himself. This was a long used psyops tool during the Cold War.

The public has to weigh in now during this delicate attempt to wind down the level of combat to begin holding those responsible for this ongoing disaster to a public trial of sorts, or they will just shift their aggressive resources to Donbass and the NATO march to pre-staging a new war with Russia.

I suggest that if we wait to the last minute to try to prevent it, that it will be too late. We need to deploy a deterrent to prove that we are not completely powerless. What do you think? Let Gordon and I know in the commentsJim W. Dean ]


 – First published  …  February 16, 2016

"Do unto others, as they would do unto you"
“Do unto others, as they would do unto you”

It may not be the United States. There is a war going on, not in Syria or against Eastern Ukraine or the dozen other hot spots around the world. World War III may already be under way, started over Sinai when an airliner was downed, or over Ukraine when another was downed or maybe on the pages of a newspaper.

Governments spend nearly as much on the stuff of conspiracy theories, hoaxes, black propaganda, or even organizing their own opposition, be it phony activist groups or even terror organizations than they spend on spying on their own people, and we are learning how much that has cost with frightening revelations nearly every day.

Before we move into background, we might want to take a minute to look at something. In today’s world of “internet reality” where a viral YouTube video a child could create with computer generated graphics and crisis actors may well now be preferred to the old standby, attacking yourself using agent provocateurs wearing enemy uniforms.

Governments have found that events like 9/11, claimed by engineers, scientists and investigators to be something totally different that claimed by the Bush regime in Washington, are no longer needed to start wars or justify the takeover of American government by organized crime, most probably the real reason for the 9/11 “event.”

What can safely be assumed is that nothing is what it seems, no terror group, no “outrage,” not even the geopolitical conflicts fed the masses. Anyone who refuses to knuckle under to organized crime is targeted for regime change, typically begun by either sanctions, a color revolution or a “just add water” instant terror group like ISIS or Boko Haram, intelligence agency constructs so obvious that little explanation is needed.

You see, one government can never accuse another of a false flag attack, not and risk being accused of spreading “conspiracy theories,” no matter how lame the event such as the 7/7 London attacks debunked by John Anthony Hill in his film, Ripple Effect, or the Charlie Hebdo “event” in Paris, deconstructed by Dr. Kevin Barrett in his widely banned book, “We are Not Charlie.”

The question today, or how we begin, is taking a quick look at the highly acclaimed somewhat fictional political television show in America called Madame Secretary. In this very popular mainstream network fictional drama, a woman becomes Secretary of State when her corrupt predecessor is murdered in what is later learned, on the TV show at least, to be a plot by the CIA to bring about a war with Russia.

A Pulitzer Prize level photo analysis that VT did showing a blank being fired during Charlie Hebdo
A Pulitzer Prize-level photo analysis that VT did showing a blank being fired during Charlie Hebdo

A few episodes later something quite amazing happens. Though characters in this type of drama are usually fictional and bashing Russia or Iran has been a Hollywood staple for some time, a new and very unexpected plot line emerges.

In this story, the President’s plane, Air Force One, is “hacked,” taken control of totally and is nearly destroyed, killing the fictional president played by veteran actor Keith Carradine. Russia is immediately blamed and America retaliates by disabling Moscow’s power grid through.

Then something quite amazing happens. As both Russia and America approach a nuclear confrontation, it is learned that the real attack was staged, not by Russia, but by the new government of Ukraine, a government brought to power by a US backed coup. The new president of Ukraine had ordered the terror attack, remind you the “fictional” new president of a not so fictional Ukraine, in order to blame Russia and convince the US to flood Ukraine with weapons, “lethal aid” as opposed to advisors.

Ukraine believed that a false flag ploy might actually bring in American forces, which as we learn, would have been subjected to attack by Ukrainian Secret Service dressed as Russian troops.

Why are we seeing these scripts now, and how really made that decision?
Why are we seeing these scripts now, and who really made that decision?

This is the question we pose, was this plotline in Madame Secretary, framed with a highly accurate depiction of Washington politics and American policymaking procedure set in a much respected television drama the only way a certain “official channel” in Washington could explain is position on the MH17 downing? The comparison between the real and fictional events are simply too close to ignore. Now we can do some background.

Yesterday, the UK Guardian, the world’s last mainstream “investigative news organization,” reported that 470,000 had been killed in the Syrian conflict, a much higher figure than given before. The source for that figure, which any reasonable analyst can assume will be blamed on Russia or the Assad government in Damascus, was not just obscure, it was a total fabrication.

The Guardian and the hundreds of other news organizations that picked up the story, were quoting the Syrian Center for Policy Research. Within minutes a web page was found, one created from a template in less than an hour.

Why are those using material from this obvious front, with no visible people, concerned about their own credibility in doing so?
Why are those who are using material from this obvious front, with no visible people, not concerned about their own credibility in doing so?

A Facebook listing was found as well as well as several online voluntary listings typically used by ad hoc groups such as the 1.5 million “non-governmental organizations,” or NGO’s the UN no longer bothers to be involved with anymore.

There is no membership for the SCPR, no governing board, no officers, no offices listed, no specifics of any kind. When I reported this to Veterans Today’s editor, Jim W. Dean, he immediately assumed de facto control of the ethereal organization, not assuming they were a harmless hoax but rather, though done in a humorous vein, they are something else.

Maybe the vacuous “SCPR” is just like the “SHRO,” the source of the long debunked sarin gas stories that nearly brought the world to war, yes the good old “Syrian Human Rights Observatory,” the all-powerful source of information the Guardian, Washington Post and other news organizations still use.

Some months ago, it was found initially by Veterans Today and then by Russia Today that the “SHRO” was actually one man living over a noodle shop in the bleak British town of Coventry.

The hundreds, maybe even thousands of news stories issued by him, as one man is not a “group” or “organization,” were all simply made up. The “confirmed reports” that nearly brought the world to war were not so innocent inventions.

Worse still, in the United States, the profound anti-government movement, a combination of militia extremists, white supremacists, the Israeli-Saudi-Turkish lobby and organized crime, which includes not only Wall Street but their real lifelong partners in narcotics and human trafficking, the Pentagon and running America’s political parties.

Occupy Wall Street woke people up - but then they went back to sleep
Occupy Wall Street woke people up – but then they went back to sleep

Somehow, in the process those opposing Washington’s excesses were to embrace not only closed borders but became torture advocates, push for expanded police powers, lower wages, fewer consumer and environmental protections and elimination of all oversight of election fraud.

Thus, those screaming to jail Obama and Clinton also hail “boots on the ground” in Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan and seizure of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

Let’s suppose America’s elections are rigged, that Bush was never fairly elected, that congress is bought and paid for with drug money and that America’s courts, media and police are totally corrupt, run by drug cartels or paid off by foreign intelligence services.

Then, were this last statement a safe assumption, and I believe this to be the case, wouldn’t every political, intellectual and social function that failed to take these “facts” into account be nothing more than folly and delusion?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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  1. I would also add that I often wonder why China are not more obviously involved ? I mean they seem to be just too silent for my liking ?

    Maybe that is best, who knows, but they are surely more allied with Russia than any of the West….

  2. I am pretty much of the opinion that the MSM are even worse than the bribed politicians, some of the verbal diaorohea they spout is just criminally insane. Much as the Internet has been a big help and I truly believe the World would be in an even darker place than it is were it not for it and sites like this, we really have to get these media whores in line.

    If I were to demonstrate against any one thing ? Heck I would go for the MSM first. They lead the sheep still, till the sheep are at least more or less free, we got issues big time.

  3. Dear Jim and Gordon,

    Regarding your question in Ed’s Note, waiting for the public to wake up and mobilize themselves, or alternatively, those awoken that hang on sites like VT to mobilize themselves, well, it will not happen. The cyber world (2-dimensional world) or what ever we are cought up in has become more real than reality (3D world). Everyone awoken is hooked on deconstruction, pumping the head full of info, and there are no platforms out there that can enable us to practice our knowledge.

    The problem is: the medium has been made the message; ones diploma/silk suit/lingua franca is not only more important than the message, but authorities discard the message if it comes in a “parcel” that is not of their flavour. Thus the message – the meaning that gives life – is unheard and alas we have the phenomenon that can be exampled by Putin (and his total sum of institutions); 50% brilliance alternated with 50% ignorance.

    If VT cannot be heared by those who must hear for they are in a position to save humanity, then VT must find complimentary ways. We live in what sociologists call Society of the Spectacle; to be noticed one has to make spectacles (like Greenpeace, etc.). In VT’s case you need to attend ALL the congresses (etc.) that you possibly have time with, and pair that by creating your own. If money is an issue and not time then you must find ways; create separate funds for each spectacle you need to attend; find sponsors among the rich and wealthy.

  4. Worker Bee. Am I the only one who got a sudden flash of an SNL skit where mideast news is being reported quoting the “man working in the apartment above a noodle shop in england”? Or a double-double entandre’ where they actually report REAL mideast news pretending to be a skit being passed on by the same source.

  5. I agree. And in fact, I’d take a further look beyond the “almighty cabal.” I think the real forces that are waging war are “other worldly beings.” I’m sure Duff and Dean know more about that, given that they briefed the Syrian government about their danger. Dr. John Dee, the godfather of the British intel services was himself a powerful black magician who reached out to the “other world” for help.
    But I’ll hold my assessment until I see evidence that the forces that stand behind Russia are not the same forces in support of the “almighty cabal” and USG. So far, I haven’t seen the evidence they really are not and that concerns me. I wouldn’t be surprised if all this is part of the same deceptive game as ever.

  6. Everyone that’s been up on this stuff for a while knows journalism is as paid for as the politicians. They all get paid to do their part. It’s what happens when you print your own money. All you can really do is keep peppering your representatives. Don’t let them lie without recourse. Let them know that you know what’s really going on and hammer them at the state and local levels. If you don’t you’ll wish you did.
    I’m not a god guy but that saying that god helps those that help themselves, I think has a bit of significance. Use your voice to be heard. It’s important. It isn’t very often that things matter as much as they do right now and we have to carry the load for all the folks that are still snoozin’.
    Keep up the great work!

  7. i just joined this site as a member in order to write what i am saying. i come to this site from time to time and am astonished at the gut level truth that you unabashedly present. i gave my TV to Goodwill when the crook became president? in 2000. the new one only smiles better. i have learned in the intervening years that most of the gov and media are simply liars and crooks. i feel sincerely compassionate for those people who join the military to serve their country and goodness… only to have to wake up to realize that they are saluting crooks at one level or another. i personally choose not to follow it all too much because i believe in ultimate karma and an actual consciousness that is Our Creator. also, i believe that to some degree you become what you fight if you succumb to the negativity of what you fight or oppose – thus i seek personal clarity through honesty. but somehow… you guys are telling such ultimate nasty truths and are remaining sane enough to persevere. thus, i recommend to you to tell ALL TRUTHS as clearly as possible with the goal of seeking honesty in the world as opposed to possibly attacking this or that person or government – and to do so with as clear of a consciousness as you possibly can… let the pieces fall as they may… do so as a means to liberate honesty and free will in life, in the media, in the military, self and everywhere else. those are my thoughts. True PeacE is the goal. thanks for doing your best.

  8. “…that the “SHRO” was actually one man living over a noodle shop…”

    Yes, but a “news” anchorperson saying, “According to a man living over a noodle shop…” sounds like a Monty Python sketch.

  9. I wish I knew how…but I like the method that the Russian’s are using…Stand with composure before a global forum and enumerate the sequential,overwhelming, factual evidence revealing all of the actions and consequences wrought by the USG…even just post JFK…and let the big zoom out sink in. But that won’t hit the news or the majority of the masses…so perhaps the messages need to come up more from the Arts at the grass roots… artists in print, media and music too as in the 60’s …They hit Lennon and Marley for spreading peace that way…
    I also wonder what the death toll is for hits on truth seeker such as Michael Hastings to insiders like Jack Wheeler. Even the most reticent
    people start to take notice when others get killed or threatened for speaking up…Can’t help thinking 9/11 is the blow the walls down ticket.
    Good place for me to say thanks VT for all you do for all of us.

    • nice comment… and speaking of the music of the 60’s – there was the song ‘The Universal Soldier’ and its line: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” i think that the honesty that you learn from VT leads to people reconsidering the US military as a way of life – a military that degrades life instead of protecting it. and yeah… we grew up being told the Russians were the enemy and now we root for their clarity amongst USA lies.

  10. Seems like the carrion eaters behind the curtain are simply using George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm as templates, or is that the other way around.

    It’s like the chicken and the egg conundrum.

  11. As you gentlemen know, an armed revolution is hard to dial back once begun. So the pen or key stroke must be mightier than the sword. But is this going to hold more sway than the cash cow? We are a forgiving nation to wit that has been exploited, but they can put some of these thugs in the can and put the others out of here to show we matter.

  12. When they make such stories public, one reason may be to fulfill their obligation to tell us what they intend to do. If we then do not object vociferously, our consent will be assumed to have been given for this to happen. It’s about karma, magic and casting spells. So please note that you have now been very publicly notified of their intentions……

  13. Pay every Sunday for a Mass or service on the intention of dismemberment of NATO pact and give it a live coverage. Somewhere in the big east-coast cities cathedrals. In the light of recent Francis-Kiril meeting, so no special explanations are needed. That’s what Solidarnosc and CIA did in the 80s with USSR and militarized Warsaw pact gradually for years until it went on into snowball effect. I’m not saying one has to be believer or religious in order to achieve it, it’s just that it proved to be a very successful strategy in overthrowing communist lunatics. The same kind of lunatics reside at Pentagon for the past few decades.

  14. The six monolithic corporations witch control the political dialogue have to be taken down. Secondly, abolish congress and senate, abolish the supreme court and establish the constitution, our guiding light!

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