AK Party kill vehicles in the Kurdish region

A soldier is seen through a Turkish national flag as he stands guard during an AK Party election rally in Diyarbakir, Turkey October 29, 2015. Turkey holds its second general election of the year on Nov. 1, a snap vote which President Tayyip Erdogan hopes will see the ruling AK Party win back the majority it lost five months ago. REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov

Recently in Turkish political circles they are talking about white “Taurus” cars called “Taurus Bayaz”, operating in the past for unknown murders.

According to “7Sabah” news agency, in his “Diyarbakir” campaign, Davutoglu the Turkish prime minister has earlier warned that if AKP does not win the election, “Taurus Bayaz” vehicles will show up in the Kurdish region again.

At the same time some People’s Democratic Party MP’s have recently asked the parliament to study the state of martial law in some cities of the country.

“Maral Danish”,the Adana representative from the People’s Democratic Party said:The martial law state has never been this serious in the Turkish history and human rights violations have never been this rigorously on Turkish government working agenda. Even in the coups era in 1980, in 1971, and the terrible years we all remember, in the 1990s,we never witnessed such an extended military government where people were denied the right to live.

He also said:Today in many Kurdish provinces martial law state has been prevailing for 16 days and still continues.The government says as long as these regions are cleansed home to house and street to street this situation continues.

Danish also said:This country is managed by lies so that we wonder no more. In many Kurdish areas we witness opposition members’ abduction. These people have taken important political measures during elections to promote Kurdish parties for the purpose of Kurdish people solidarity, and now after the election and the ruling party victory they suddenly disappear.

Criticizing the policies of the ruling party he also said: Davutoglu is speaking of “Bayaz Taurus” and lures people to vote for the AK Party out of fear and now he brings killer cars to the opposition.

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One Response to "AK Party kill vehicles in the Kurdish region"

  1. Howie  February 19, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Interesting story, even Tony Soprano had some morals.

    Then again, so did Hitler and Stalin…

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