VetLikeMe Feb 15, 2016



Why a Supreme Court Without Scalia Leaves Small Businesses in Legal Limbo

The selection of a new Supreme Court justice following the death of Antonin Scalia on Saturday is shaping up to be a protracted struggle. Until a new candidate is confirmed, the high … [Read More…]



All candidates say they would help veterans, but who actually has a plan?

WASHINGTON (Tribune News Service) — Promising to take care of military veterans is an easy win for presidential candidates. All of them agree on the need to overhaul the scandal-riddled U.S. … [Read More…]



CBS News investigates Wounded Warrior Project

By Chip Reid, Jennifer Janisch CBS News In a three-part investigation, CBS News looked into the Wounded Warrior Project, the nation’s most recognizable veterans charity. What caught our … [Read More…]



Justice Scalia’s Passing and The Kingdomware Case

by Steven Koprince As the nation pauses to remember Justice Antonin Scalia, SDVOSBs and VOSBs are already asking: what does Justice Scalia’s passing mean for Kingdomware v. United States, which is … [Read More…]




Gulf War Illness – 25 Years Later; No Closer to a Cause, Cure, or Treatment

By David Hatfield, PhD This is Part 2 of a multipart series on Gulf War Illness. Part 1 described the conditions that set the stage for the illness in the first Gulf War. Part 2 shows how the … [Read More…]


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Stark Divide Between Democrat, Republican Candidates on Veterans Health Care

Veterans may not now have a choice of where to go for health care. But they will have a choice in November’s election, as we all will. The presidential campaign issue of veterans health care is worth … [Read More…]