9/11 Investigations

World’s Biggest Terrorists

by  Preston James

There are five classes of spy: (1) Local spies; (2) inward spies; (3) converted spies; (4) doomed spies; (5) surviving spies. When these five kinds of spy are all at work, none can discover the secret system. This is called “divine manipulation of the threads.” It is the sovereign’s most precious faculty. ~ Sun Tzu


2-303x320It’s taken a number of years for the evidence to emerge, but it now has.

And actually, it is quite clear-cut and overwhelming when examined carefully.

But after doing so it quickly becomes clear who the main perps were in the Gladio-style, false-flag terror attack on America on 9-11-01.

Turns out that the perps who did 9-11-01 were Israeli leaders and the Mossad, high level traitors in the US Administration, JCS, Pentagon, USAF, NORAD and groups associated with the World’s largest Organized crime Syndicate, PNAC and top NeoCons.

Any independent investigation with an honest special prosecutor could easily lay out the evidence and bring a bevy of indictments.

And there are numerous witnesses who will testify if a appropriate NY State Grand Jury of serious US Investigation is initiated. These American heroes include Steve Pieczenik, M.D., Ph.D, Sibel Edmonds, Scott Bennett and many more who will come forth and present quite damning, incontrovertible evidence of who the true 9-11-01 perps were.

[ Editor’s note: These videos are less than 10 minutes long. When watching videos, you have the option to go to the “wheel” and set the speed from Normal to 1.25. It doesn’t take as long to listen to the videos. ]

And there is the additional evidence of who shorted the airline stock and made millions. That is ipso facto evidence of complicity because it suggests foreknowledge. Or who told mayor Willy Brown not to fly on 9-11-01 or also told that to others.


But just as important is the need to prosecute those who have aided and abetted the crime by covering it up. How about those USG officials who released the Mossad agents and assets arrested on 9-11-01 with explosives, and the dancing Israelis who transported explosive devices into the Twin Towers?

After 9-11-01, the USG passed a bunch of anti-terror laws like the Patriot Act which give the USG unbridled power to fully prosecute these individuals that fomented terror on America on 9-11-01.

These Draconian US Department of Justice powers have not been used on the Big Perps of 9-11-01.

What has been done is that the USG and the Controlled major Mass media has bamboozled the American Public into falsely believing that Osama bin Laden ran the operation from a cave in Afghanistan directing 19 Islamic terrorists with box cutters, supported by Saddam Hussein and Iraq who had obtained Weapons of Mass Destruction including “Yellow Cake”.TERROR7

The big lie was that unless these madmen and their crazed Islamic Terrorist followers were eradicated over there in the Mideast they would come here and continue their terror attacks like 9-11-01.

Of course it is known now for certain that Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset (Trade-craft name Colonel Tim Osman) who used to go in an out of the Pentagon and helped set up the Mujahideen to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

Like Noriega, like Saddam Hussein, like Khadafy, Osman was a CIA asset first built up, used and then cut loose, when the folks who ran the CIA decided it was necessary in order to support their “Terror, Terror Everywhere” false narrative.

And we have the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), patterned after the East German Stasi, set up to surveil everyone and specifically identify terrorists and arrest them. Certainly DHS should be fully unleashed on the terrorists who attacked America on 9-11-01.

But even beyond that, thanks to the amazing contribution of Blakey, we have RICO, which provides serious reach into criminal groups like the ones that were involved, especially the world’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia and its corollary puppet groups like the Mossad, PNAC, the FBI, the CIA, the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC).

High_Treason (2)Administration legal counsel even approved of using torture, black prisons sites and offshore ships for confining so-called terrorists for torture without any warrant, no attorney, and no trial. All that was needed was a “Signed Finding” by POTUS.

Some experts have estimated that up to 40% of those individuals confined in black prison sites were innocent adolescent boys who were kidnapped by greedy war lords in Afghanistan and Iraq and sold to the CIA for large rewards.

So far all efforts to arrest and punish the terrorists that attacked America on 9-11-01 have been misdirected, with the real Terrorists walking free un-prosecuted.

64f3785a (2)This must change. The evidence of who they are is now beginning to emerge all over the alternative media on the Internet and is quite overwhelming and convincing.

We need a new Administration in Washington, a new Congress, and a new US Department of Justice that is honest, not corrupt, not bought off, and not owned as now.

Here are some of the biggest 9-11-01 Perps according to the evidence that has emerged.

It’s pretty easy to figure out who they are when one examines all the available evidence. But here is just a quick selection. Any serious NY State and Federal Investigations will quickly expose all the perps. It is important to note that in cases of murder the particular State where the murder occurs always has the right and legal obligation to have a grand jury and to fully prosecute these crimes separate from the Feds.

220px-Rudy_Giuliani2There is no statute of limitations on murder or fraud used to conceal evidence of murder.

In this case it is mass murder of 3,000 people on that day and many thousands that died later from the toxic dust of the blast. But the suffering has not ended.

Many thousands of first-responders are sick and dying now and cannot get decent medical help. Judge Hallerstein has covered this all up.

And the loss and grief that many families have been left with is unending. The blood of the thousands and thousands of victims of 9-11-01 here in NYC and the surrounding areas, as well as the over a million innocent Mideast civilians mass-murdered by the illegal, UnConstitutional wars that followed cries out from the ground and demands that the perpetrators must also be prosecuted, some in international legal venues.

Israel-did-911-320x281 (2)


From top left: Albert Wohlstetter, Oded Yinon, Richard Perle, William Kristol, Robert Kagan, David Wurmser, Paul Wolfowitz, Joseph Lieberman, the late William Safire, Eliot Cohen, David Frum, Norman Podhoretz, Kenneth Adelman, Charles Krauthammer, Benjamin Netanyahu, Philip Zelikow, Elliot Abrams, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Douglas Feith and Bernard Lewis.




When it is all said and done and the investigation is complete, it will turn out the same individuals and the groups they represent who did 9-11-01 have also been responsible for the MK-ultra engineered and staged mass-shootings in gun-free-zones, both real and those virtual only using the same groups of well paid crisis actors.

Until the USG is fully purged of all those who attacked America on 9-11-01, America can not survive as a nation.

It is important to understand that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was done as a part of a much larger plan, an evil Agenda.

This purging must involve full prosecution of those who direct and control the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) who are accessories after the crime.



This Evil Agenda behind 9-11-01 is known as the Globalist NWO Agenda

regions map FEMA

The agenda has involved the exporting of heavy industry, and most manufacturing and most good American jobs; destroying the middle class and the labor unions; destroying sex roles and the family; promotion of perversity, diversity, deviance and political correctness; dirtying up the populace with illegal drugs for black ops money; bringing in millions of immigrants (legal and illegal) to exhaust the system (Cloward and Piven style); and well-organized, sophisticated efforts to completely asset strip Americans of everything they ever worked for and saved.

But the most important part of this evil Agenda is to stage false-flag terror attacks like 9-11-01 to scare the American Public into giving up their basic God-given Rights, and to stage numerous mass-shooting in gun-free zones (real and virtual only) as false-flag attacks on the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. Unless Americans are disarmed significantly, it will be difficult to complete the Globalist NWO Agenda and transform America into GAZA II, the World’s largest open-air prison camp.

The endgame to this evil Agenda? To transform America into GAZA II with the American people the New Palestinians to be genocided but also to have all their land and resources stolen from them — to Balkanize America into 10 separate FEMA Regions, and then combine these Regions with Mexico and Canada under the secret clauses in the NAFTA Trade Agreement.


For those who want more depth and have the time:

image002 (2)


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Preston James, Ph.D
{p}Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.{/p} {p} A book by Preston James entitled "The New Gutenberg Press" has just been published and is available at www.MoonRockBooks.com {/p}

15 Replies to “World’s Biggest Terrorists

  1. Start with the arrest of “missing link” GWB and mass murderer Cheney. Tell them they won’t be “drawn and quartered” if they give up the names of their handlers. We know who most of them are, but they need to state all of the names with clarity and all the parts they played so the American public can know in detail how this most evil event was allowed to happen. This needs to be done in a massive “live” press release. And of course, the Clinton murder machine needs to be included. When they all start pointing fingers, the house of cards will fall.

    Soros, Kissinger, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, and everyone listed above in the article…… look out!

    Satan won’t save you, but has secretly wanted your demise all along, you stupid fools!

  2. For most of them there is no need for expensive trials they have already stolen enough of the tax payers money, they should be arbitrarily executed, and speaking of Giuliani why was he not depicted in his crime fighting tutu?

    1. Good point Jack. I considered it but thought it might detract from the seriousness of his betrayal of all Americans and all the sick first responders and locals who are fighting for their lives and dying now. That photo is available everywhere and seems to be the point where he went off the rails for good. It has always seemed strange to me how he ended up being a 9-11-01 traitor.

  3. the reason RUMSFELD announced the missing trillions pre 9/11 was because he knew BUILDING 7 WTC WAS GOING TO BE DEMOLISHED.
    THE PAPER TRAIL TO THE MISSING MILLIONS was housed on the computers of this building. also ALL the records of up coming court cases
    of CORRUPTION like ENRON ect ect were also stored in this building a building which had a lord mayors BUNKER that could withstand a DIRECT ATTACK. you would wonder why the lord mayor was not in it. peace and justice for ALL . mylo

  4. sad true and unfortunate, “they” also own the courts one way or another, so I really don’t understand there being a legal way of stopping these criminals in power. they have been in power all my life, they killed JFK. CIA-BCC, mention of DHS being stazi-esque does explain much, hitlers very high ranking officers were all “jewish” (aka RKM cutouts) so it really does fit the pattern, Germany was pumped and dumped the same as Saddam, Gadaffi, and many others with millions slaughtered in the wake. what makes these criminals even think they arent going to end up the same way, and what makes the American People think they wont suffer losses in multiple millions of lives when the puppeteers DO decide to drop the hammer on their puppets in the so called USG?

    1. jcmvdee.. if I had a couple billion I just might spend it all to nominate Preston for president because he IS very single minded about going after 911 perps, accessories, and the RKM that pulls ALL the strings of these saboteuring traitors. it isnt a matter of liking, or admiring, or trusting he’d know what to begin to do after that, just faith he’d do his best to get THAT part out of the way at least.

    1. It’s likely to be the Khazarian Mafia (KM) which takes orders from the Old Black Nobility which takes orders from (according to their own claims) Lucifer. Some others close to the inside say it is evil Alien ETs and call them the Dracos who seem to work through their Cutouts centered in the City of London.

  5. Oh snap! Another goodie from Preston. Great to hear Sabrosky bangin’ the drum. His projections about Israel after the good folks of our military get a hold of the truth is quite likely but sticking Israel with the bill could be one of their audible plans to take the attention off of them as individuals. He also use the phrase (‘High Treason’ and they should be treated as such). Those are words that NEED to be son-ominous with 911. Treason, That’s the long rope. That goes for those folks that print money too. High and long.

  6. Israelis are yet to learn in generations what their faking perpetrators government left them in legacy, a frightening circumstantial notion that could be concealed in the 1200s or in the BC era, but impossible to conceal in the 21st century. 9/11 was really an act of desperation of military industrial complex that took worldwide surveillance for granted. Whichever state official basically supports the official story has kissed the Inquisition ring long ago. Even those countries that were supportive of creation of Israel other than those who were merely concerned of middle-east resources like UK and US, will learn what those Israelis did on 9/11, not because they will act inquisitive about it, but because they will be challenged on another level by phony wars on terror and lunatic Bush statements that will inevitably lead them into the obvious conclusion. The 9/11 Inquisition then will be dreaded and will get worked around its back, for just one reason, there will be no room for trusting them anymore.

  7. Excellent researched and analyzed . Beside the USA Europe has to been included to the same fate. If the system will be not changed, those countries, their people, and their culture will finally perish. This system forced on every decent state is the devil’s Pandora’s Box. It is and will be ever a corrupt and criminal, only for the benefits of those who want to rule the world . For a change we have to get rid of it, because it has nothing in common with the meaning of the word democracy. It needs decent characters and patriots to qualify as leadership for their people and for the better of this world.

    1. Yes, it is a selfish, brutal, anti-human evil agenda run by some of the worst criminally insane sociopaths imaginable. These soulless scum have been responsible for many thousands, even millions of dead, wounded, disabled, displaced people here and in the Mideast. The blood of those they mass-murdered cries out from the ground for these international criminals to be brought to final judgment.

    2. Sociopath is only one third of Malignant Narcissism, the other traits are the GOD complex and paranoia. The God complex is their desire to be everywhere, all knowing and control everyone. Malignant Narcissists (KM) are intrinsically dangerous and irrational. They need attention and love to be hated because to be hated means feared and fear means attention (Narcissistic Supply). Putin and the Chinese leadership by comparison are on the cold logical Psychopathy scale, where the motivation is the best logical outcome from any given set of parameters. Syria demonstrates how the latter (Psychopath) given adequate resources wins out hands down over the irrational, stuck in childhood, spiteful Narcissists.

  8. Good you included “America’s Mayor”–can you believe the gullibility of the American people?–who, if I’m not mistaken, just proved beyond any reasonable doubt his full complicity in 911 by joining Greenberg Traurig, probably in some pay-off capacity.

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