NEO – Erdogan’s Plan, Islamic Empire or Armageddon



by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,  … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg
The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

[ Editor’s Note: The possibility that we are seeing an attempt that a Mideast NATO, of sorts, is testing the waters as a major lever against the two traditional Mideast powers. As the US has shown in the Ukraine crisis, what is not politically kosher for NATO to do, it can do itself or in conjunction with other selected members.

The layering that uses the world bodies as screens effectively eliminates the public from having a input in a decision-making process; it is so effective that one could easily argue that the system was constructed to be able to exactly do this. This is why I coined the phrase “pretend-a-democracies” for the West — the shoe fits.

As Gordon covers below, the size of the combined militaries of Turkey, the Saudis and other Gulf States, both air power and armor is bigger than NATO, but with one big difference. It is there. No huge air and sea transport is needed play the card.

Sure, a major conventional war would not necessarily be the goal for this group. But it is feasible they have decided to threaten such, as they watch their plans to carve up both Syria and Iraq going up in smoke due to the Syrian coalition effectiveness.

We can see that Erdogan’s flooding Europe with refugees was the opening shot of this move, and one we were all astonished to see Merkel immediately jump on board with; followed by the total “it’s none of our business” attitude, where the weak underbelly of Greece and the Balkans were the chosen route. It had all the fingerprints of a planned, major military operation. And then someone pulled the trigger on the Paris attack, with no one asking at the time “why now?”

So we are in a dangerous game of high stakes poker as to who is bluffing and who is not, and what cards do the player really hold. To watch this happening so early in 2016 is direct evidence of what Putin described in his year end press conference… how the West has been tearing down all the conflict resolution mechanisms that have been painstakingly built during the post-Soviet period.

Someone in the West viewed conflict resolution as a roadblock for what they wanted to do. And the number one suspects of course, due to their well-known emergence of power during this time were the NeoCons.

They brought us the destabilizing gift of a new US “defense” doctrine, where preemptive strikes could be carried out against any country that the US deemed “could” become a threat “at some point in the future”. In the past, we had the rational view of preventing an “eminent threat”.

If there were any major opposition to this defense policy change, it sure escaped me. If anyone knows of any, please share it with us in the commentsJim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  February 20, 2016 –


Turkey and Saudi Arabia have made their plans clear to an amazed world — a new Wahhabist empire, an “Islamic State,” not the one the puppet front organization ISIS is running, but a real one with up to a million men in uniform, over three thousand modern combat aircraft and nuclear weapons.

Syria will fall to them, as will Iraq. They will take Jordan in a snap, crushing it from the north and south. The Gulf States are already onboard, willing members while Egypt may hold out a while, with Israel, as long as it survives, holding one flank while Libya is already “gone,” part of the secret Erdogan caliphate.

Erbil strongman dictator, Barzani has already split Iraq, a “done deal.” He has joined Turkey against not only the PKK but Turkish Kurds who are being wiped off the map and his Syrian brothers, who are being slaughtered to his silence, and of course the government in Baghdad that pays his salary.

Afghanistan is under attack, with ISIS recruiters and Saudi cash making significant inroads, not only there but in nuclear Pakistan as well. To his north, Ukraine is fully onboard, ready to declare war on Russia any day, while Bulgaria and Romania remain silent partners, ready to knife both Russia and NATO in the back.

Georgia is a de facto client state of Turkey’s, a path for arms smuggling, the new “other silk road,” from Ukraine, by plane or Black Sea trawler from Odessa, into Georgia and through Turkey into Syria and Iraq, into the hands of Erdogan’s terror armies.



Erdogan and Netanyahu
Erdogan and Netanyahu

Israel woke up first and dumped Erdogan like a “hot potato.” He had them fooled the way he had Europe fooled. He even had Russia and Iran going for years with promises of trade deals and gas pipelines. Now it is clear, this is a madman bent on world domination, nothing less.

There was a time when Israel saw Syria as a threat, a modern nation allied first to the Soviet Union, then the Russian Federation, a modern army and air force, capable of perhaps not matching the Israeli juggernaut, but a force to be contended with.

That Syria is in ruins today, the army stretched, winning against a “sea of foes” for sure, but unlikely to ever be a threat against Israel again, which is why Tel Aviv supported both insurgents and terrorists.

Today, Assad’s Syria is all that stands between Israel and an Islamic Empire, not the “Islamic State” of ISIS, but a Wahhabist monstrosity capable of wiping Israel off the map with ease, American backing and a nuclear arsenal notwithstanding and Israel now knows this all too well.

Israel will look back on its former days of planning a preemptive strike on Iran or pouring armies into Syria across the Golan Heights as its “crazy days”.


War Has Begun


A war is already going on. Turkey has invaded Syria, ISIS is a Turkish army, Muslim Brotherhood recruits, mercenaries, underwritten by the Saudis and Qatar, aided by rogue Western intelligence agencies, the CIA and MI6.

Turkey has bombed Kurds inside Syria, not the claimed “rebel” PKK, but the US allies of the YPG, and is now shelling them in violation of a UNSC memorandum.

Turkey has invaded Iraq, sending in 1500 troops who now protect Mosul, the ISIS capitol. Their base sits on the strategic route for ISIS oil theft, protecting it until it enters the breakaway “Barzani Caliphate.”

Turkey is in a shooting war with Russia, kept in check only by a Russian naval force in the Mediterranean and Caspian Seas and by massive Russian military exercises north of Turkey’s borders.

Turkey is actively threatening Greece with continual air space violations and aggressive claims made against Greek islands in the Aegean.

Turkey is preparing for war with Iran, ethnically cleansing their common border of Kurds and through building a military base in Qatar to launch operations from.


The Burned Down Friends of Erdogan

Erdogan family runs organized crime in Europe
Erdogan family runs organized crime in Europe

Putin was Erdogan’s friend, with a broad commercial relationship theoretically cementing their relationship. Assad had always known Erdogan for who he is, as had Iraq.

Netanyahu was surprised also, believing out of his usual hubris that Israel’s nuclear arsenal and US backing, now not so solid, would guarantee them ascendency in any relationship.

Obama and Erdogan are totally on the outs. Following Obama, as is not always the case, is the military leadership of NATO.

America and NATO have, over the past couple of days, awakened to a “new cold war” of rhetoric and petty Baltic State buildups, all empty posturing based on manipulation by Erdogan and his powerful backers in Washington, which include all but the Greek factions of organized crime.

Erdogan has destroyed Germany’s Merkel, whose popularity is at an all-time low.


The Two-Edged Refugee War

Erdogan has been very successful in the refugee war. It isn’t just the upheaval that has left the European Union in ruin. He has also filled Europe with terror cells, modeled on the Gladio model NATO had inflicted on itself during the last century in response to the Soviet threat.

Europe is now honeycombed with weapons caches and terror cells while attempts to resist these efforts are derailed via claims of racist bigotry. This is where Erdogan was really clever. His terror armies, ISIS, the FSA, al Nusra, can round up tens of thousands of Syrians and herd them to the Turkish border.

At will, Erdogan’s huge army trucks them to the coast and loads them onto boats, drowning some, pouring the rest into Greece, a nation he hates almost as much as he hates Russia and the Kurdish people.

Political attempts inside Europe to stem this tide are represented as neo-fascist. Moreover, funds earmarked for counter-terrorism in the EU are not only sadly inadequate to deal with the thousand fold increase in threat level but are bled off for refugee services.

Europe now lies prostrate at Erdogan’s feet.


This Is a Nuclear War, No Question About It


The combined military of Turkey, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia, the New Islamic State, or better stated, the “Islamic Empire,” can field up to 3500 modern main battle tanks, over 3000 generation 3+ combat aircraft, the most advanced air and missile defenses American could provide, and put over 1 million men in the field.

When you look at what they have done with ISIS, al Nusra, the FSA and the “sister” organizations, probably fewer than 80,000 fighters, the political and economic damage, the human disaster, the suffering they have caused, and you look at what they can do, you realize that this was always intended to be a nuclear war.

Recent mainstream military publications have reported that both Turkey and Saudi Arabia are ready to test nuclear weapons. Israel reported that the Gulf States had recently approached them about buying nuclear weapons.

Now that we are facing a real nuclear war at the hands of nation after nation that had been previously “above suspicion,” can we wonder why all the fuss about Iran?

Former IAEA inspector and VT editor, Jeff Smith, says that the UN became aware of Saudi Arabia’s nuclear capability as early as 1982. Smith also reports that in May 2015, Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen with a banned neutron-type nuclear weapon, the evidence is conclusive.

What is important, however, is to note that over 18,000 Turkish troops are on the Syrian border now, with another 250,000 available to move into both Syria and Iraq within 30 days, all fully mobilized. From the south, some already in Jordan on “training exercises,” Saudi Arabia has armored forces ready to move into Syria while more are staged to attack Iraq.

The Kurdish Pergmersha would join its Turkish allies against the Baghdad government, fighting alongside ISIS units they have been fighting against, in a reversal that may have seemed impossible a year ago but is much easier to accept now.

The threat isn’t just Turkey against Iraq or Turkey against Syria. It isn’t simply Russia lashing out at Turkey.

The threat is the creation of an autocratic terror state run by a madman, a state of stonings and head choppings, a state of slavery and conquest, a state built on the Wahhabist extremism that created the model for ISIS but 30 times larger, encompassing North Africa, the Balkans to the Indus River.

Have we seen this all before?

Turkish air force
Turkish air force

When Russia announced it would wipe out any Saudi or Turkish forces moving into Syria, that looked like a nuclear threat. To counter it, Turkey was prepared to steal the NATO nuclear arsenal at Incirlik Air Base, 84 thermonuclear weapons.

This plan had long been underway with Saudi specialists trained in defeating the weapon safeguards based on stolen nuclear secrets secured from Israel, something Israel deeply regrets now, we believe.

Israel, also out of short sightedness, had upgraded Turkish F16s for service as nuclear bombers to use against Russia, perhaps not to “use” as such, but to blackmail Russia into backing down when Syria was overrun.

Of course, when Syria was to be overrun, the puppet state of “Barzani-land” would be set up, a virtual “Gaza” for surviving Kurds, while the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia moved into Iraq in an ironic reversal of Saddam’s 1990 move.

Tell me I am wrong.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. There is one question that needs to be asked. With the Saudis being involved in Yemen, what’s taking so long for one of their oil field facilities to suffer an unexpected accident?

    Maybe they’ve yet to get down in the mud and play for keeps.


  2. Agree 100% and that in and of itself was the plan the entire time. One mad man is just that, one man. One too easy to find to be boasting about like a crowing Rooster in a pen.
    It’s not such a far stretch to understand that the US will, without doubt, side with Russia in the end….like said above, it’s also my opinion that most of this is beer talk.

    Investment in the silk road needs protection, and plenty of NGO’s are chomping at the bit to go all in only, they will not do so until all terrorists are either rolled up, or real stability is in place. So why not move it along just a bit……just my 2 cents.


  3. This article is full of emotional touch rather then facts. Giving too much credit to Saudi crime family and Erdo Mafia, while hidding the real evil forces in the West.
    Wahabism (a fascist minority idealogy) was created by agents of Palmerson then UK illuminati prime minister in order to create enmity and war between Muslims.
    1.Saudis can not even with their papper coalition defeat poor Yemen.
    2. Wahabism is the most hated sect in the muslim World. It is the West who armed them with any weapon available in the their arsenals.
    3. We see clear Islamo-Phobic propaganda in this peace by connecting the Western controled Wahabists and Shayks to real Islam.
    4. We see signs of making Israel an innocent lamb here, while it was they who planned the partition of Syria, Iraq, Libia, Sudan etc decades ago.
    5. Just some days before Russias involvment in Syria, Duff wrote an article saying that Iran and Russia made a deal with West to damp the Syria and Assad. To our surprise just days later Russia attacked ISIS. I personaly do not believe many of his analysis. In the recent articles he became so Islamo-Phobic and spreading propaganda, which will not make the already devastated life of muslism around the World easy.

  4. No doubt the wishful plan of Saudi sheiks with puppet Erdogan is revealed in this article. Also the deceit of US “leadership“ permitting Erdogan access to 81 nukes stored on the USAF base, Incirlik. For a view of the larger picture, we recall the deceit of israeli leadership, 1948, when the alias Ben Gurion had his army initiate genocide on 700,000 Palestinians, (per Rabbi Henry Siegman) pressuring the finalization of the 1948 land-grant, entitled “Israel.“ Continuing, the nuke development program in progress since 1957 revealed by Mordecai Vanunu, Ari Ben Menashe, Victor Ostrovsky and numerous other Jewish-types who could no longer stomach israeli deceit and became documented whistle-blowers. Also, media revelations of a couple of Jewish-Israeli spies who were sacrificed by Israel, gaining future “prisoner trade potential” while distracting from the continued manipulation by rabbis such as Dov Zackheim in the Pentagon and Michael Chertoff in the Bush cabinet, MOSSAD affiliates. The numerous revelations of the israeli plan, such as the testimony of Dr. Alan Sabrosky, presented by veterans today cannot be ignored.
    This article tends to remove guilt from “Israel,“ even tends to engender sympathy. It tends to remind of the myth of 6 million gassed at Auschwitz, which myth engendered a wave of world-wide sympathy on the crest of which Israeli-Judaism continues to surf, while scape-goating Islam´s constituency.

  5. Don’t see Erdogan as a top chain of command in his Syria’s endeavour. Also nuclear weapons used in Syria would have consequences and repercussions on all surrounding countries, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Though if Sunni and Shia majorities of the Middle East will not learn to cooperate there will be a war forever there. Without even the need for MSM to demonize either side. To put the pressure back on Netanyahu the countries around and in Europe should all vote unanimously for two-state solution, not declarative or some crappy symbolic parliament votes. To end this nightmare of re-creating Israel/Palestine experience in central Europe. For example 6 million Turks live in Germany for decades and now suddenly they are all undesirable over couple of months of crazy middle east politics? Equally in Belgium, France etc. That would put pressure back on the Israelis, so Netanyahu could not ask Obama in public like a cartoon character if he would provide him with Golan as if it is his to provide, or if it is British. But so far Turkey and Saudis are not concerned about it and when they see they are dumped by anglo-american psycho geopolitics they might act violently not only to poor Shia or Kurdish minorities for that sake.

  6. “will happen” is their vision, one my “will” rejects outright … there is the real there is also the counterfeit..”Islamic State” is Anti-Islamic… a global groundswell of informed masses and the real “will of the people” is in motion and ahead of the counterfeit control system bleeding humanity dry as it is failing and falling …. the vision of the world is materializing where no reason to wage war exists and is carefully and cautiously emerging as an end to the term “elite” as abundance is for all …. A new World Council by the people for the benefit of all humanity and one the UN will be forced to recognize is in motion as the “will of the people” for wars to be starved out of existence with military might and manpower is being directed towards peace and rebuilding new is reality, only those with an anti-human agenda reject pain and suffering to cease and time to heal… a Truth based world the counterfeit cant prosper…as we speak into the future of all children, will it and move with it

  7. I don’t think that Erdogan is the mastermind behind this. Look at the circumstances that led to this situation. You write that we all were astonished about Merkels behavior. Why did she act like this? For her its the ultimate aim to resolve Germany and all other european states into the EU as a own state. She was told that Germany needs to have a weaker economy to make the Euro stay functional. She insistently believes that Germans need to get multi-ethnisiezed as a lessons of ‘the holocaust’. Erdogan couldn’t knew she would act like this. That is all the work of talmudic infiltrated freemasonry. This believe-system disturbed a european-russian alliance during the unfolding conflict. Everything shows in this direction as a supposition for the circumstances that we have now. Who sold all those weapons, for a very long time, to the arabian staates?

    • … How could Erdogan make such plans without NSA recognizing it? No, I say we need to keep focused on the main game that is played. What You describe so precisely, is how it will unfold. The talmudic money-system simply needs war, because of growth loss. And further – this is the deadliest sin in their perspective – because of an opponent system growing in Russia and China, same as it was in Germany. In second world war german Wehrmacht was weakened because of the exercises in Africa. A unnecessary and uncalculated loss. Hitler tried to avoid that, but was not able to. I think it is exactly that, what they want. Not just a war for Russia with several fronts. They want Russia to loose capability – not calculated capability – because of the necessity to send huge ground troops to seize Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Then Russia will be weakened enough to start action. And by the way, the talmudic master race would have lost their last local opponents and could simply await the wars end.

  8. A horribly logical conclusion Gordon. I really hope you have it wrong. We might not have long to wait. If Turkey plan to attack it has to be soon, before the SAA and allies has liberated more of its territory.

    It is probable that when/if they do then Kiev will strike into Donbas as a diversionary move. The word on the street there is that Monday or Tuesday night may see some action. The street has been wrong before, hope it is this time. Is there any info on Western diplomatic missions sending people home?

    If it happens NATO will certainly find out just how good Russia’s real weapons are.

    • JohninMK, the satanic numerologists behind these events might like either Monday or Tuesday for action. Using US date method, Monday Feb 22 = 2/22 or 222. Tuesday Feb 23 = 2/23 or 223. 223 is just a reverse 322, the number in the Skull and Bones logo.

  9. To have even a fraction heaped upon them that which was dealt to Syria will have these these types realizing the errors of their ways. It’s always true of those who send someone’s children other than their own to kill and be killed, unless the ilegit children of the powerful are considered for some purpose. The proverbial underside of the bus awaits for those who are of no more use in a world controlled through greed by those with the need for order out of chaos. Erdogan and the KSA are just mad enough however to do all that was stated in this article and DC will take customary don’t blame us tacit.

  10. I read an article from a Toronto, Canada News Paper (not mention who) about seven years ago, in this article actual shown the pipe line oil to go through Iraq into Syria as was PROHIBITED. I read another story of these players country wanted to build a gas pipe line through the Red Sea into Syria and again was PROHIBITED. However, I asked myself why not go up into Saudi Arabia – Israel, Lebanon – Turkey instead than rather placing a pipe line at the bottom of the Red Sea. Now time for some calculation, take all the countries in the oil business and all the political confrontation and other read articles, soon discover what is going to occur.

    When you think the end is near on one country interests than they show up to battle.
    If every one’s mind just say no to War, with all these minds globally together than there shall be no war.

  11. You open the gates of Gehenna, Gordon and from Erdogan’s viewpoint resolve a major problem of a Wahhabi Caliphate with the striking military forces needed to achieve it, under the will and guidance of a madman. In simple terms it is frightening because it is a real menace. However, as H.L. Mencken said “that for every difficult question there is a simple answer – and it’s wrong.”

    There are too many vagaries at play here and such is the de facto level of American involvement, hidden Israeli intent and the continuing Neo-Con expansionist nightmare that at the end of the day no one knows what the real state of play is. Personally, I believe Egdogan is being taken for a fool, made all the easier because he is one. The petty criminal mafiosa style operations centred around stolen oil to pay the proxy and poxy US/British/French/Saudi/Turkish ISIS jackals leads me to believe it is an Anti-Muslim crusade to destroy the seven countries mentioned by General Clarke back in 2001. Two questions. Would Israel allow the scenario you brilliantly describe Gordon to threaten its borders? Will Russia capitulate when its future rests too in no small measure on how events pan out in Syria? He who has most to lose, has most to give.

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