Has a major nuclear confrontation between Russia and NATO been thwarted?

Can we all sleep a little better tonight?

by  Preston James

Col. Jim Hanke, Gordon, Justice Minister, with Jim Dean shooting the video

On the road at a counter terrorism conference — Jim Dean (out of frame) videoing Gordon and members of VT’s team with the Syrian Justice Minister

Sometimes Veterans Today comes through for all of us, including the VT columnists and the VT readers, as well as the nations they represent.

VT has done this by making some incredible Intel disclosures that many have thought would never be possible. Some information has come from sources disclosed, some from informants that must remain unidentified or unknown, but all have been very important.

So far there appears to be some big muscle behind VT, or otherwise none of these disclosures would have ever been allowed. This must have been somewhat confusing to the “bad guys” being exposed, as they have traditionally sat at the top of the control-grid hierarchy running the USG.

VT is specifically written for the US Military High Command in and out of the Pentagon, and high officials in various branches of American Intel, some unmentionable.

It was originally written for the US Special Forces and morphed into what it is today. At some point the top directors decided to make it available to all and serve as open source Intel for those who are interested. But its emphasis is still to keep the High Military Command and US Intel officers informed with important information that has been denied to most due their typical stringent, narrow compartmentalization based on need to know only. This has prevented many from ever learning the big picture and that is what the VT Directors have worked so hard to provide for them.

I am pretty sure that these VT disclosures over the last several years have not only made a difference in US Defense Policy, but appear to have helped prevent any nuclear WW3 with the Russian Federation from occurring so far.

Here are some of the important VT disclosures the last several years that point to this conclusion.

Location of friends, Mohammed Atta and the dancing Israelis

Fort Lee neighborhood — Location of friends, Mohammed Atta and the dancing Israelis

It was Gordon Duff, VT Chairman and Senior Editor who disclosed for the first time in a major publication that, when Israel attacked America on 9-11-01 (with a stand-down ordered by the US Administration), nuclear devices had been stored in the Mossad safe-houses in the Fort Lee neighborhood, and then moved to and planted in the Twin Towers and WT-7 before being detonated on that terrible day.

Gordon also disclosed how the Mossad planned to blow up the George Washington Bridge where the main fiber optic cables passed through.

Fortunately this part of the attack was thwarted, thanks to some great work by some adept NYC policemen.

It was Duff who disclosed how the secret team Able Danger, which was investigating the Israeli theft of decommissioned Davy Crockett nuclear pits out the backdoor at Pantex in Amarillo Texas, was told to be present in the actual targeted area of the Pentagon for a special meeting.

Most members of Able Danger were there at the Pentagon and were murdered on 9-11-01 when a cruise missile fired from a submarine was launched. The missile is now suspected to have been a stolen Tomahawk launched by an Israeli Dolphin Class diesel sub, along with pre-planted charges inside the Pentagon.


We know that in December 2014 at the International Conference in Damascus on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism was one such instance. When VT Chairman and Senior Editor Gordon Duff gave the keynote address, it sent sent shock-waves around the world. Duff disclosed for the first time that the real root problem was not terrorism per se, but the world’s largest organized crime syndicate behind it.

This Damascus Conference trip by top VT Directors involved two serious attempts to prevent them from appearing and Duff from speaking.

After his groundbreaking Keynote address which has been made public on VT, Duff delivered a special Intel briefing to key participants. Although I don’t know the specifics, I was told by one of the VT Directors who was present that it was even more revealing, and that those who attended had been previously uninformed about these matters and were grateful for the useful information.


Khazarian Mafia (KM)

It was VT Financial Editor Mike Harris who disclosed the actual name and historical origin of the world’s largest organized crime syndicate for the first time ever. This has been readily adopted as the official name to describe this group by many military and Intel around the world.


Exposing the Psyop against Iran

Duff and other key people at VT, including Jeff Smith Nuclear Physicist and former IAEA Inspector and on the VT Advisory Board, disclosed that there was no evidence that Iran was close to deploying a nuclear bomb, and that Iran had no plans to do so at all. This disclosure was a major factor in stopping a US air and ground invasion of Iran on behalf of the KM and its main Cutout Israel and its PNACers and neoCon Israeli-American “Israel-first” Dual Citizen traitors.


The Nuland neoCon Kiev Coup

Department of State's Victoria Nuland putting the fix in with Ukraine's Maidan coup politicians

Department of State’s Victoria Nuland putting the fix in with Ukraine’s Maidan coup politicians

Duff, Managing Editor Jim Dean and others at VT disclosed that not only did the Russian Federation not invade the Ukraine and take over Crimea by ground assault, but that the Crimeans were basically Russians who decided in a fair national vote to become annexed by the Russian Federation.

Duff and Dean and others at VT carefully exposed the big lie that falsely claimed that the Russian Federation had troops inside the Ukraine attacking Poroshenko’s men and trying to annex the rest of the Ukraine.

VT also disclosed that the US Department of State under the suggestive powers of Asst. Sec. of State Victoria Nuland funneled 5 Billion USD to Poroshenko to stage a coup and unseat the current president, placing himself in illegitimate power.

And how “Porky-pig” did so on behalf of the PNACers, top neoCons and World Zionists and Likudists, and brought in numerous unqualified “Dual Citizen” staffers to run his illegitimate government.



All ISIS/Daesh wounded are taken to Israel for medical treatment, all expenses paid and those that can be are returned to Iraq or Syria to attack and torture

ISIS/Daesh wounded are taken to Israel for medical treatment, all expenses paid, and those that can be are returned to Iraq or Syria to attack and torture

Veterans Today was the first to disclose that Syrian President Assad WAS NOT attacking his own citizens and was not a tyrant, but was supported in a fair election by 80%+ of his own people, and in fact a very popular ruler.

VT disclosed how he was doing everything he could to preserve his nation from being overrun by ISIS — a paid mercenary army of the Likudists, the CIA, the PNACers and some top neoCons, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

VT reported that wounded ISIS were being taken to hospitals in Israel, and that some CIA helicopters had picked up some ISIS wounded and helped others escape after being cut off by Russian Federation air power.

VT was the first to disclose how Putin, a long-term ally of Syria was formally requested by President Assad to assist Syria in its efforts to survive as a nation against the vicious invasion of ISIS, which was sometimes supported by CIA air-power and “mistakenly misdirected?” USAF supply drops. And how Putin was in complete compliance with international law in assisting Assad and Syria with deployment of Russian Federation Air power.

These disclosures on the truth about Syria and Assad have been a major factor in preventing the USG from staging a major air and ground war against Syria and Assad on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia and its main Cutout Israel and its PNACers and NeoCon Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen traitors.


Lee Wanta

It was Lee Wanta, a member of the VT Advisory Board disclosed on VT for the first time publicly anywhere that the USG was in direct violation of an “Agreement of Cooperation” he negotiated on behalf of the Reagan Administration between America and the new Russian Federation, with each agreeing to refrain from influencing or moving into any nation bordering each other’s country in the future.


B-61 nukes

Tactical nuke

Tactical nuke

VT has recently made some disclosures about Erdogan building his own coalition army and air power to stage a large ground assault into Syria and his plans to steal some nukes from Incirlik NATO Air Base, where eighty-four B-61 nukes have been stored for NATO in special bunkers.

VT has also disclosed in a revealing article on B-61s by Ian Greenhalgh that the Saudis were sending in a specially trained team that could enter Turkey, seize and then “re-activate” these supposedly fail-safe B-61s after they “seized” them from Incirlik Air base.

There are very few persons who know how to re-activate these Strong Link/Soft-link security encryption systems protecting the B-61 at the deepest to their five security levels. The B-61 is a variable-yield device that was apparently set to 100 Kilotons, a large city buster. The most effective security measure of the B61s is the ability of the core to be essentially split by the lack of proper code clearance, preventing it from ever going to critical mass.

This Israeli-trained Saudi team is able to counteract that creative security measure. We know now that because of Duff’s and Jim Dean’s hard work and the excellent article by Ian Greenhalgh, the Pentagon listened and immediately instituted another level of security which the Saudis cannot breach.



Israel trained this special Saudi team and is now apparently sorry they did so. This information is the result of a meeting with Putin, in which Israel expressed a change of heart and perhaps negotiated certain concessions, such as having help from Putin to cool off the Lebanese Hezbollah in return for accepting Assad’s continuing in power and Syria no longer being viewed as posing any threat at all to Israel. It looks as if Israel is now playing possum at a minimum, hopefully it is real.

Location of Khazaria

Location of Khazaria

The word inside the Beltway is that an increasing number of elected DC politicians and appointed officials are beginning to avoid the Israel Lobbies like AIPAC for the first time ever, and the ADL is becoming dis-empowered and irrelevant after it was exposed that Israel’s Mossad and its stateside Cutouts and Assets were the main perps in the attack on America on 9-11-01.

The way it looks to me is that if Erdogan persists in his psychotic madman schemes to re-create and run a new Ottoman Empire and attempts to invade Syria with his massive coalition army, which is scheduled for a big exercise near the border soon, the Russian Federation may be tempted to deploy battlefield nukes to readily eradicate the threat.

Not only will NATO likely deny any responsibility to defend Turkey because of the UN Security Council’s decision that formally requested Erdogan to stop staging terror attacks inside Syria, but the US Administration will back off and refuse to help.

If the CIA continues to support the ISIS mercenaries as directed by the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC), it is likely they will be decimated by Russian Federation Air Power, and the USAF will cut them completely loose and allow this growing embarrassment to dry up and die. This will likely leave Senator John McCain and the two retired generals who run ISIS, as well as the KM Cutouts, isolated and without any real Pentagon power to direct this matter anymore.

We know that any major attack against a NATO member is supposed to bring in a full retaliatory response by the US as a complete deterrent against such.

It has probably long been the Khazarian mafia’s wet-dream to set off a nuclear exchange between America and Russia, turning both instantly into Third World nations at a minimum in a single day. The odds against this happening now are diminishing by the day.

From 2nd L, Mike Harris, Jim Dean, Gordon Duff, Col. Jim Hanke. Dr. Barakat - Damascus Counter Terrorism conference, Dec. 02, 2014

From 2nd L, Mike Harris, Jim Dean, Gordon Duff, Col. Jim Hanke. Dr. Barakat – Damascus Counter Terrorism Conference, 2nd of December 2014

It looks to me as if all the hard work by Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Colonel James Hanke, Mike Harris and others at VT has paid off and perhaps prevented both NATO and the US from being drawn in by the KM and their Israeli Action Agents, along with their stateside Cutouts and assets into a hot, full-scale nuclear exchange with the Russian Federation. At least, that’s the way this scenario appears.

All these significant, breaking news disclosures have served to defuse the apparent perfect storm that was carefully crafted by the KM to create massive chaos in Iraq, and Syria and bring the USA into a new Cold War with the Russian Federation which would then escalate into a full scale nuclear WW3.

The PNACers and the top NeoCons have done everything they can to create economic sanctions based on lies against the Russian Federation. All done in order to weaken it economically, to manipulate the USAF and NATO to surround the Russian Federation, and to prepare for a new Cold War which would eventually provoke America and the Russian Federation into a nuclear confrontation with each other.

These efforts by the KM have been made to isolate and economically weaken the Russian Federation, in order to disrupt their oil and natural gas supplies to Europe, and allow Israel to build its own pipeline that would pass through Syria.

Right now, it looks like all the sophisticated efforts to use proxy mercenaries sheep-dipped as ISIS appear to be failing because they have been exposed. VT has played a key role in these disclosures.


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10 Responses to "Has a major nuclear confrontation between Russia and NATO been thwarted?"

  1. jensingr  February 25, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    “If the CIA continues to support the ISIS mercenaries as directed by the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC), it is likely they will be decimated by Russian Federation Air Power, and the USAF will cut them completely loose and allow this growing embarrassment to dry up and die. This will likely leave Senator John McCain and the two retired generals who run ISIS, as well as the KM Cutouts, isolated and without any real Pentagon power to direct this matter anymore.”

    That’s it right there!!!

  2. ayelyahbenjamin  February 23, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    with earned trust delivering hard hitting truth, cementing key relationships and building bridges between Eat and West …. people now understanding through VT just how close we came and how far we have traveled … with lies no longer free to run amok the best is yet to come

  3. camila  February 23, 2016 at 5:18 pm

    I’m from Brasil and, thanks to this site, I was able to know the truth. Thank you, very much.

    • jensingr  February 25, 2016 at 11:47 am


  4. CoJonesGrandes  February 23, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    An excellent article. Sometimes, it’s necessary to remind people what achievements VT has clocked up. I’m curious as to who is ultimately behind VT. Jim Dean once mentioned that Adamus has ET investors. I suppose there is a human group at the heart of VT that has close contacts with positive ETs? I hear there’s a lot of fighting in 4D right now

  5. Raptor  February 23, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Those within have purposefully led people to believe that the US and Russia were still enemies only, recent events paint a much different picture. It’s my opinion that they are working hand in hand in an effort to change the landscape of the entire middle east, redraw boundaries so to speak, and, secure the oil assets.

    A glance at ” who benefits ” should prove most convincing. Who benefits if Turkey takes the bait? What happens to the Saudis if Turkey enters Syria uninvited? All of this is part of a plan, right down to the mention of tactical nukes…who protects Turkey if it’s military is laid to waste by Russian forces? Where do the terrorists go once the snake becomes headless?


  6. volker-dee  February 23, 2016 at 2:31 am

    Thank you so very much for your dedication and spirit!
    There is not a single day since Russia went in to help Syria and fight this most important battle for humanity that I don´t look for news on VT several times a day. I even have to confess that I seldom look into other sources anymore because I learned to trust your discernment the most.
    Your work is VERY important and since we are still alive here in the middle of Europe you seem to be one of the mayor factors that saved our behinds so far!!!

  7. Jason H. Smith  February 23, 2016 at 2:15 am

    Vetrans Today resonates with all who seek to redress the madness of unrighteous dominion, and all that results from it. However, in order to be the voice of legitimate dominion and power, a command narrative is required that, not only, joins up the dots but also grounds the whole process within our deepest needs and desires that are expressed through our families, communities and spirituality. And whatever these are, and however imperfect they may be, if we express the best of ourselves with a heartfelt desire to know of these truths, we will know of them and love them and be a better person for it. For this is the common denominator of all humanity, which keeps us alive, allows us to progress and generally makes life worth living, because we then become a self-knowing and living part of life’s rich tapestry that spans the entire Universe, as an expression of the innate and unconditional love the Creator has for us.

  8. Garry Compton  February 23, 2016 at 1:20 am

    Excellent work – too bad America isn’t run by the Men and Women of Veterans Today and the other True Professional intellects and authors who are telling the truth. Spacibo / Thanks

  9. Altimometer  February 23, 2016 at 12:58 am

    Without a doubt doc, a national treasure are you all. If we can have a source of dignity left in this world VT has delivered it,selflessly, the cmmm is so humiliating. By having enough of the swine destroying the US and the world and doing something about is huge. Perhaps we can sleep better tonight.

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