“We Need To Out Bernie Sanders as a Jew”


…by  Gilad Atzmon

The headline above is not an anti Semitic rant delivered by a militant Jew hater. It was yesterday’s headline in the ultra kosher Jewish Forward. The Forward, once a Jewish socialist magazine, gave a spectacular demonstration of Jewish insularity.

The Magazine is troubled by the fact that “Sanders has downplayed his Jewish heritage almost to the point of renunciation.”  In his victory speech in the New Hampshire primary Sanders said, “I am the son of a Polish immigrant.”

According to the Forward, Sanders did not identify as “the son of a Jewish immigrant” or, even more simply, as a Jew. I guess that the Forward believes that Sanders can’t just be an assimilated American. They demand that he adhere to his Jewish roots and ‘his’ people. But why? Why are the Jews are so fearful of the American dream? Is not being a socialist in America Jewish enough for the Jews at Forward?

In The Wandering Who I elaborated extensively on the notion of Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder. I argued that while some people are truly tormented by a past event, Jewish culture facilitates a unique mental condition in which the Jewish subject is tormented by a phantasmic event set in the future. Jews are indoctrinated to think at least one holocaust ahead. And The Jewish Forward has provided exactly such a scenario.

“But as the nomination process continues, it is imperative that Sanders name this background often — because you better believe the Republicans and the conservative press will, if he gets the nomination.”   According to the Jewish outlet, Bernie better identify as a Jew before the anti-Semitic Republican Goyim decide to do it for him. They will be “using oblique and coded language in small-town newspapers, and using more direct language on conservative radio, his opponents will call into question both his loyalty to America and his fundamental Americanism.”

Hang on a minute, why shouldn’t the American people question the loyalty of any presidential candidate? The Jewish Forward predicts that Sanders’ success may call attention to some questions regarding Jewish loyalty to the empire. Why would a Jewish outlet be concerned with such a question? Is it because Rabbi Valerie Lieber, the author of the opinion piece, knows that Jewish loyalty to America is a legitimate issue?

Should we assume that the Rabbi knows that AIPAC, the Jewish American Lobby that dominates American foreign policy, is primarily loyal to Israel? Is the Rabbi concerned that many American Jewish youngsters fly to Israel to join the IDF rather than displaying their loyalty to the United States by joining the Marines and fighting the wars inflicted on America by the Lobby?

The Forward is not going to wait for Sanders to make his Jewish background into an issue. They call upon the tribe to do it for him.  “Rather than passively hoping that Sanders takes control of the narrative, we should all be speaking up about his Jewish heritage.” They simply ask all“To Out Bernie Sanders as a Jew.”

“In an ideal world,” according to the Forward, “Sanders’s Jewish identity wouldn’t be an issue for his campaign one way or another. But we do not live in an ideal world.”

Let me translate this Talmudic sophistry into English. In an ‘ideal Goyim-less world’ Sanders’ Jewishness wouldn’t be an issue. There wouldn’t be Goyim to challenge his Jewishness. But, unfortunately (unlike the Palestinians), the Goyim are here to stay.  However, Sanders is actually doing pretty well in spite of being a Jew. In the real world American youngsters are loving Sanders.

In the real world, a person can be an American first. In the real world Sanders may be nominated in spite of his Jewish origin. I guess that the Forward knows little about the real world; all they know is that in the Jewish tribal world the Jew is always primarily Jewish. They just can’t let Bernie be.

For the Forward socialist = Jewish.  So whether or not Bernie thinks of himself as a Jew, “his Republican opponents will. Their surrogates won’t stop at painting him as a New York socialist; even if he leaves out the word ‘Jew,’ they will not.”

But here is a Talmudic question to the Forward rabbinical board. If ‘New York Socialist’=Jewish why should Bernie Sanders declare himself Jewish twice?

In the crudest manner, the Rabbi ends his piece declaring: “Let’s begin to out Sanders as a Jew now, so that if the country is not ready for a Jewish president, he won’t win the nomination.” Obviously, American Jewish institutions do not want a Jew at the helm for the same reason their British brethren opposed Ed Miliband. The Jewish Lobby knows that it is much easier to squeeze a Zionist global conflict out of a Goy than to get a single M16 from a Jewish leader.


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  1. Gilad, I have listened to quite a few of Bernie’s speeches. There is a good reason he mentions that he is the son of a Polish immigrant (and doesn’t mention the Jewish part). This is in the context of the “Presidential eligibility” question. To be eligible for that office, one must be a “natural born Citizen” as required by the US Constitution. At the time that John Jay recommended it, “natural born” was simply defined as being born of 2 US citizen parents, who were both US citizens before the child was born. We have had quite a few candidates who did NOT meet that standard. Ted Cruz does not. There is still a question about Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and John McAfee (and others?). All 3 had a non-US parent who might or might NOT have become a naturalized American prior to the child’s birth. If the parent becomes naturalized after the child’s birth, too bad so sad. NOT eligible.

    Bernie has specifically raised the issue of eligibility, saying that it’s amazing that nobody has asked him about it yet. It’s in that context that he mentions the Polish parent. Sorry, but being Jewish is irrelevant to this issue. But Bernie hasn’t told us yet, whether both of his parents were US citizens before his birth. That would be nice to know. For the record, the US Senate and the political parties could obtain this info from the candidates. It’s a scandal that they have not.

    • There is a 2nd part of “natural born Citizen” that I should mention. “Natural born Citizen” as the phrase was used in the 1700s, did NOT mean that the child had to be born on US soil. He could be born abroad, and the host country would list this as a US Citizen birth. As long as the parents returned to the US and raised the child there, that’s what counted. As a matter of fact, John Jay was a diplomat overseas, and his own children were born overseas. He would never have suggested the “Natural born Citizen” phrase if there was any way his own kids would be rendered ineligible by it. So all the yackety yak about Cruz’ Canadian birth misses the mark. That part is irrelevant. What makes him ineligible, is the fact that his father Rafael was a Cuban as well as Canadian citizen, but not a US citizen. Rafael only recently became a US citizen, in his old age. That’s why we know about him. But we don’t know about the other candidates’ parents yet, and it’s pretty late in the game by now.

  2. Again with “Goyim” diss. I think you thought it was safe so you could crawl out of from under whatever rock you were biding you time under.

    Sander’s is a Jew, a Zionist, and a Zionist by definition is never assimilated. What about his “heritage”? You mean his ethnic tribal connection which override any other consideration. If it is difficult for you to imagine, let me give you a comparison: if a Muslim was running for the president, do you think it will be an issue.

  3. Man has to deconstruct their power with his mind in Grandmother Earth’s programming. All the left brained men are fighting the union of the halves of their brain. All you do is meditate on it and “make it so”, but you are all resisting, so removal of the tyrants has been slowed.

  4. They needn’t worry about that. His policies will ensure that he could be a Martian and the people would love him to bits ;while he earns credit for the many Jews who are very good people.

    • yes, perfectly true. Moreover, they become very nice persons, like anyone who shows respect to others. As a buddhist i met some israelis in Dharamsala (been living for five yers there), and most of them are very nice people (as soon as they adopt other beliefs). But one thing very disturbing, is that when it comes to Israel, they have an automatic reaction of attachment to this state, sort of psychological formatting that makes them at the end systematically call for Israel, agaisnt all their ‘normal’ behaviour’.

  5. Certainly appears the ultimate goal to keep things in status quo. But dear Rabbi, don’t call him a “New York” lib because he didn’t call you brother. He would preside over a nation, small towns and NYC to Hollywood where all is well.

  6. We always fall for the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum election spectacle while the demon behind the curtain gets away with murder–big time!

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