Antonin Scalia took Hundreds of Free Vacations paid for by God Only Knows Who



[ Editor’s note:  Those who don’t understand what the death of this man means need to wake up. Scalia took the judiciary from constitutional oversight to a new height of interventionism and corruption. Scalia’s real clients, other than his Koch masters, were the Belgian pedophile rings that infiltrated Washington and the Pentagon during the 1980s — a series of Satanic cults and the international drug cartels.

Scalia was the most powerful man in the world until a concerted effort brought him down, all based on one little thing, a laptop computer. Read VT’s story, first in a series exposé, to find out how and why this man lived and diedGordon Duff ]


When Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia died, he was on a free hunting trip sponsored by a friend who had had business before the Court the year before. Turns out Scalia took hundreds of “free” trips—more than any other Supreme Court justice on the bench.

Scalia’s Hunting Trip Was a Gift From a “Friend” Who Had Business Before the Supreme Court Last Year

Justice Antonin Scalia was taking a free vacation at the exclusive Cibolo Creek Ranch in West Texas …Read more

According to the New York Times, which examined the Center for Responsive Politics database, Scalia went on at least 258 so-called subsidized trips between 2004 and 2014. In 2014 alone, the paper reports, he took at least 23 free trips to places like Hawaii, Ireland and Switzerland.

At least some of Scalia’s free trips were for business purposes like “giving speeches, participating in moot court events or teaching classes,” but not all—Scalia was reportedly participating in a group hunting trip with a secret all-male society when he died.

Antonin Scalia Spent His Last Day on Earth Living It Up With Members of a Very Old and Mysterious Hunting Society

According to the Washington Post, the late Justice Antonin Scalia spent his final day on this earth …Read more

And at least some of those vacations were sponsored by people who had or could reasonably be expected to have business before the Supreme Court.

In 2011, Scalia declined to recuse himself from the Citizens United case after it came to light that he and Justice Clarence Thomas had attended a Palm Springs retreat funded by Charles Koch and the Federalist Group, which reportedly sponsored at least 21 trips for Scalia to places like Park City, Napa, and Bozeman, Montana. The group, which also sponsored a trip for Justice Samuel Alito, declined to fund any trips for the more liberal justices.

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    Congress must ban free trips and other free stuff from private donors for ALL govt. officials.

    The only thing they can get is just their official salary and benefits or something that is available to any and all citizens (each and every one) on a retail basis—just as buy one get one free chicken sandwich from Burger King, something that is advertised to all in the media.

    This is not only to prevent corruption, but save them from being killed.

    Power ful govt. officials such as Judges make decisions that make people or groups angry enough to want to kill them. What easier way than to offer a federal Judge a free trip, take him/her away from their home and environs to a far off place where the assailants have him asleep in a room to which they have the keys and full access, and under their dominion and control, and then to finish him off, without any witnesseses and without leaving any evidence?

    Congress must step in and save these stupid greedy one from their own deadly greed.

    They are going to kill Clarence Thomas next. He is a greedy guy too, and the Judaists (or their goyim puppets) will trap him with free trips, take him somewhere far and finish him next.

  2. ”Why can’t Pointdexter invite all Supreme Court justices to the ranch & make’m disappear????

    Would that be necessary? If this is actually what happened, I’m sure the rest of the injustices have learned that “snitches get stitches,” “NWO 4 Life,” etc.

  3. Yes, and only God knows how much of the information here provided is accurate, vs propaganda. Investigations for John DeCamp´s book, “The Franklin Cover-Up – – “ led to the White House, verified by The Washington Times, June 29, 1989, front page story. Yet, neither DeCamp´s book nor the follow-on by Nick Bryant covered the political intricacies of Justice Antonin Scalia.
    The swing vote of Justice Scalia that illegally awarded Bush Jr the presidency, 2000, also rewarded Scalia´s sons, Eugene and John, handsomely by Bush and his law firms, reportedly. Currently, 2016, the implication is that the removal from life of Justice Scalia was a multipurpose operation, similar to 9-11. The fatal heart attack of Fla. governor Chiles, that conveyed the FLA governorship to John E. “Jeb“ Bush in 1998 was simply repeated with Antonin Scalia. The Supreme Court was thus conveyed to the machine. Scalia´s sons dare not challenge the machine that elevated them to prominence and wealth. The aftermath of Justice Scalia´s decease is yet to be seen.
    The Bush Crime Syndicate Bag Lady Hillary Clinton winning in South Carolina, suggests a surprise for American patriots, similar to the October Surprise of 1980 by the Bush-CIA. Just as the CIA/MOSSAD fatal heart attack shows no respect for healthy bodies, the touch of the Bush crime family to the voting process shows no respect for the votes of Americans.

  4. Unless your last sentence was a rhetorical and sarcastic question, higher salaries are not the answer for human weaknesses of greed and temptation. I’d rather have an AI supercomputer dispensing justice.

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