Armenia and Russia: a formidable military alliance


The Russian army keeps expending its military might and can threaten interests of countries, which are situated next to the NATO borders.

[ Editor’s Note: Good gosh, the US has over 700 bases in countries, many of which are under no threat from anyone, particularly where oceans prevent all those with no huge deployment capacity like the US who can actually attack them. Enter stage left we have this ex-State Dept. shill pedaling his Neo-Cold War threat silliness, including “dagger pointed at the heart of NATO”.

Dear Mr. Ereli, when we teach our children about love of country and patriotism now we also have to teach them about all the lying scoundrels that work in government who as a group are one of the biggest threats to our security that we face. Your behavior with you statements here is contemptible as you know that Russia is responding to not only a rogue NATO, but Turkey, also…and competent geo-political strategists know thisJim W. Dean ]


Russia obviously is going to be moving reinforcements nearer to Syria when Turkey is shelling Syrian positions

Russia obviously is going to be moving reinforcements nearer to Syria when Turkey is shelling Syrian positions

– First published  …  February 29,  2016

Agreement on the creation of a joint anti-aircraft defence system with Armenia, reinforcement of the Russian troops in this region can threaten countries of the Alliance and their Western allies, Adam Ereli, former deputy spokesman of the State Department, believes.

He noted, that Washington made no answer to Russia’s deploying such powerful complexes of military power and means near Armenia, and even paid no attention to the Russian buildup of military cooperation with Iran. Beside that, the US ponders over Russia’s joining its combat capabilities with a country that borders with Turkey – a NATO member.

“Over the last six months – as Russia’s war in Syria and pressure on Turkey has intensified – the flow of its arms and personnel into Armenia has escalated to include advanced Navodchik-2 and Takhion UAV drone aircrafts, Mi-24 helicopter gunships and Iskander-M ballistic missiles,” Adam Ereli pointed out.

According to him, Russia prepares a new military alliance with Armenia, which is allegedly to hit unexpectedly at the interests of the US and NATO in the region.

“The growing Russian military presence in Armenia is but the latest indicator of a worrisome trend: Putin’s threat to NATO and America’s interests in Europe,” former diplomat believes.

The military alliance of Armenia and Russia continues to strengthen, and the West cannot leave it without attention.

Ereli dreams of Moscow’s dispatching its soldiers to Armenia and carrying out joint drills there in order to ‘influence’ three frontier states, which are important allies of the US, that is Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

“The Russian military presence in Armenia represents a dagger pointed at the heart of NATO as the Armenia-Russian alliance strengthens. But while Moscow is rattling its sabers, Washington remains silent,” Adam Ereli concluded.

Pravda.Ru reported that the agreement with Armenia was signed by the Ministers of Defence of two countries in addition to a cooperation plan for Defence Ministries for the current year.

For the time being, Russia works upon the creation of Joint regional systems of anti-aircraft defence with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. A corresponding agreement was also signed with Kazakhstan in 2013. The Russian anti-aircraft defence system has been already united with Belarus.


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7 Responses to "Armenia and Russia: a formidable military alliance"

  1. A Clock Of Thirteen  March 1, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    Armenians partnering with Russia? Very interesting. I’m guessing this development will surely bring some sleepless nights to the Chosenites. (I’m betting the Armenians haven’t forgotten, either…)

    Could it be that those proverbial chickens are finally coming home to roost?

  2. pjm  February 29, 2016 at 5:24 am

    Is Adam Ereli a dual citizen? He seems quite worried. I enjoyed this article.

  3. rockwool  February 29, 2016 at 3:02 am

    And NO, if NATO is a formidable military alliance then what ever Russia and Armenia has together is the opposite – kids baking sand cookies in the sandbox.

  4. paul becke  February 29, 2016 at 2:22 am

    Love those snipers’/ghillies’ camouflage outfits. Pity they’re not wearing the long fronds, hanging like weeping willows in front of their moosh, though, on the move, they need to see where they’re going and not trip over them. Still, I doubt if a sniper’s victim would appreciate their humorous appearance, if he could spot it.

  5. paul becke  February 29, 2016 at 2:12 am

    Don’t be rational, there’s a good chap. Remember, we’re reading Western excogitations. You should know by now, you just have to invert whatever they say, and you won’t be far from the absolute truth. Still, good that you point it out, if I may say so, despite my blethering.

    • rockwool  February 29, 2016 at 2:44 am

      Exactly, always invert what the Satanists say for they – Satan – would “come in White”, wouldn’t he?

      And their argument can only come from the position of the Objective, i.e. the position JHWH speaks his wors in the scriptures, where all elses word is merely Subjective.

      Slavoi Zizek has written a fantastic book called Violence (the first chapter is brilliant and a must read) where he shows that “violence” can only be understood when it is Subjective; a stone thrower during a demonstration against Capitalism.

      Conversely the violence of Capitalism – Banksterism – cannot be grasped for it is all encompasing, it is THE LAW, it is Objective – the position of the Judge.

      Another word for it is hegemonic position – the size of it makes it invisible.

  6. volker-dee  February 28, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    I can not really understand why we get presented this peace of western propaganda.
    The choosing of words like – quote: “The Russian army keeps expending its military might and can threaten interests of countries, which are situated next to the NATO borders.” Why does the writer generalize the events at the eastern Turkish border to the whole of all NATO neighbors if he/she writes about Armenia? When we know that Russia is just responding accordingly to the NATO aggression INSIDE the Russian ally´s borders?

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