Camel Monarchies, Backers of the Headchoppers, ban Hezbollah



[ Editor’s note:  The backers of world terrorism, rulers of tinpot police states, take offense and Iran and Hezbollah.  What is it that Jim W. Dean says, “You just can’t make stuff like this up?” … Gordon Duff ]


[ Update: I just did the headline story on this for Press TV’s Top Five. We need to let these Gulf States know they have crossed a red line, the attempt to tag their own targets of terrorism in retribution for their resisting successfully. The soft under belly with these folks is phone campaigns into their embassies and consulates letting them know that you know about their being state sponsors of terrorism and they should be made to pay for it.
They are not used to dealing with public protest as their issue are normally under the radar. This is a very affordable tactic that does not take much time. Keep the calls shorts as all the log in and pass up the line was that you told them this dumb Hezbollah move motivated you to call to them them know who the real terrorist areJim W. Dean ]
– First published  …  March 02, 2016

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The decision of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCASG or GCC) to designate the Hezbollah militant group a terrorist organization is a “historic” one, a member of the foreign affairs committee of the Saudi Arabian consultative Shura Council told Sputnik Wednesday.

“I think that today’s decision is historic, because when such a decision is made, it means the countries of the Council have come to the end of the tether, their patience has been exhausted, it’s enough of the Hezbollah and Iran’s actions behind its [Council’s] back,” Zuhair Harisi highlighted.

The decision of such a scope may have political and economic consequences even for Lebanon as a whole, he noted.

we're using the Madonna photo again
We’re using the Madonna photo again, part of our new “tabloid friendly” image and for the benefit of our UK readers

Hezbollah is a Lebanese Shiite political party and militant group established in the 1980s to fight Israel’s occupation of Lebanon. Besides the GCC, it is considered a terrorist organization by Israel and certain Western countries.

The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, a loose political and economic alliance, comprises the monarchies of Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman.


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  1. A couple points to add –

    1) Hezbollah is part of the March 8 Alliance, which opposes the Saudi-puppet March 14th Alliance. It’s always important to note which alliance any player in Lebanon is involved with. Unless, of course, it’s Walid Jumblatt, who has changed sides more times than Alkibiades.

    2) It is passing strange that Oman has been part of this, given their generally friendly relations with Iran. They may have been subjected to extraordinary pressure.

    3) Being called “terrorist” by these clowns is like being called “anti-Semite” by the Zionists. It’s not a cause for shame, but rather a badge of honor; a sign that one is doing something right.

  2. The best chance the Zionists have on the long run to clear the heat off of them is to storm places like Falklands or Tasmania, forcefully emigrate the population from there and then give the land as a gift to Gypsies or to whoever else is pending on the anglo-american UN humanity tribe list of Cain (Commonwealth). That would help them return the unlawful favor the British have sent them. That would keep the heat off of them, unlike bombing the very vicinity like Libya and Iraq just keeps bringing more and more heat on Israel. Bombing Syria and Lebanon from Israel is like bombing Israel. One adjacent cell cannot survive without the other.

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t go wishing the Zionazis on our Islas Malvinas! We have enough trouble with our new puppet-President Macri selling us out to the vulture funds.

  3. Again this I believe is attribute to the power of the stage, rather than to the power of the performer on stage. What is equal though to most of the Sunni and Shia nations as well as most other nations and Western nations in particular, is that they would agree on recognising some version of Palestine, and that is where the key lies, however USA categorically disproves of it but for how long? On many issues when USA center stage speaks “we”, the -we- comprises of multitudes of nations, however on denying Palestinians the right to existence the stage, “we” is very poor and very small term. If “we” is 2 out of 195 than it is a really poor result. Kids know this very well but not US super-career diplomats. Are we against terrorism? “Yes.” That would probably score 190 out of 195. Are we against religious terrorism? “Yes.” That would score also very high in favor, probably 185 out of 195. Are we against Palestinian militant islamic arabs killing random Jews? “Yes”. That would also score like 190 out of 195. Are we against Palestine? “Yes.” That scores though something like 20 out of 195, or even less. Now why is that so? Are 170 nations a bunch of idiots with no ability to derive from premises? In case of Palestine “We” is “They” and will remain so. It will never be “We”, at least not in the way of this suit-and-tie sabre dancer psychopath from the picture.

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