Tass: 25 years of Storm


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A quarter of a century ago, on February 28, 1991 the United States and its allies ended the first military campaign against Iraq. The operation codenamed Desert Storm had been launched with the aim to restore the sovereignty of Kuwait, which the Iraqi army seized in August 1990. That war fundamentally reshaped the political landscape of the Middle East and rearranged the entire system of international relations.

As the Soviet Union’s strength waned and the prospect of its eventual breakup was already looming on the horizon, the Kuwaiti events came as a prelude to mono-polar globalization. The United States was already positioning itself as an unrivaled superpower. For the US Administration it was essential to assert its new role of number one actor in the world scene, let alone display no potential weaknesses.Viktor PosuvalyukSoviet and Russian ambassador to Baghdad (1990-1992)

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