Breaking: US Sabotages Syrian Power Grid



A view of the city of Aleppo
[ Editor’s note:  Now that the US can no longer get away with bombing Syrian infrastructure “by mistake,” they have gone further.  Before Langley begins their champagne toasts, victimizing the Syrian people is like “shooting fish in a barrel.”  Time to defund the CIA, another of their sleazy war crimesGordon Duff ]

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The source said the reason for the outages is being investigated and hopes power will be renewed in the next few hours.

“Electricity has been cut off throughout all of the provinces,” a source in the Energy Ministry told the agency.

Russia and the United States reached an agreement on the ceasefire in Syria on February 22. The truce, which took effect on Saturday at midnight Damascus time, has been backed by the UN Security Council, which adopted a resolution on Friday shortly before the ceasefire came into force.


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  1. Another one of America’s expertise. Take out the Grid – Amerikraine Neo-Nazi’s did it to us here in Crimea about 3 mos. ago and Russia has been laying undersea cables in order to get us 100% on their Power. You Americans better get ready for the same thing because your Masters are going to take your Grid out probably before the Elections and blame it on some Ameri-Isis army or on Russia. The US gov is shoving your once great name down the shitter. So Wake Up !

  2. This one-sided “ceasefire” was premature, a big mistake. Russia and Syria should have kept vigorously killing these Wahabi bastards right up until Good Friday..

  3. not that I’d put it past them doing this, but without proof the title is only accusatory.
    we do know what was done to Aleppo power and water cleaning facilities months ago. the recent ceasefire-truce with saudi mercenary terrorists hiding in treaty signing groups, with continued shelling by them and turkey too, I’m waiting for Syria and Russia to drop the HUGE info bombs about ALL countries “leaders” who are proven supporting terrorism. they need to be taken OUT (of their seats of power haha).

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