Russia and Turkey Move Closer to War with Assassination Ploy (updated)



by Gordon Duff,  with Nahed al Husaini, VT Damascus

There are multiple confirmations today, from sources in Hezbollah intelligence in Lebanon, from Iraq and now directly from Russia.  Sources also reveal that Russia has become increasingly frustrated and impatient with Turkey for that nations intransigence in the face of numerous communications from Moscow.

Russia has made every effort to inform Turkey that their provocations in Syria will lead to war and the removal of the Erdogan government.

This will happen during the Obama presidency for reasons Erdogan just doesn’t get and will be done with tacit US approval and to the great relief of NATO and the EU, who now see Turkey as a threat to European security.

An assassination list has been intercepted, a broad plot by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, to kill regional leaders in Iraq and Lebanon.  The purpose is to drive sectarian conflict and broaden those involved in a war they fear may actually end someday, something they see as a political disaster.

The list:

  • Druze leader Walid Jumblatt
  • Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasarallah
  • Iraqi Shiite cleric Muktada al Sadr
  • Former Lebanese Prime Minister (General) Michael Auon, a Christian

other names are being withheld…

The teams assigned were hired in Britain and are former operators for British and Israeli intelligence with well established legends (identities).

The first stage in the attacks was to gain authorization from the US and Britain.  In order to authorize the assassination of Nasarallah and Sadr, it was necessary for the Gulf Cooperation Council to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

With the Russian military grouping having already stabilized the situation in Syria and the Syrian Army well underway in a training and refitting schedule, and with clear Russian threats against Saudi Arabia and Turkey, there is increased desperation in both Riyadh and Ankara among the ruling extremist factions.

“Truck convoys with materiel and weaponry cross the border from Turkey to Syria round the clock. They are headed exclusively to areas controlled by al-Nusra Front and Ahrar ash-Sham terrorist groups,” Lt. Gen. Kuralenko, commander of the Hmeymim-based Russian center for Syrian reconciliation, told reporters.

“Artillery shelling of Kurdish militia units, fighting against Nusra Front, continues from the territory of a Turkish border post near Yanankey,” Kuralenko said, adding that these actions hinder the restoration of peace and reconciliation in the Aleppo and Idlib provinces.

There is also evidence of a serious split between Israel and their allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  Israel has been vocal recently in their criticism of Turkey and has told the press of an attempt by the UAE to purchase nuclear weapons, seen by some as a “left handed” way of saying they already sold tactical nukes to Saudi Arabia, something we are told Netanyahu deeply regrets.

We have confirmation that Israel has a comprehensive security agreement with Russia which includes guarantees that advanced armaments will not be supplied to Hezbollah in return for Israel curtailing some activities which may or may not include their role in Yemen.

There is also considerable “informed speculation” about Israel’s relationship with Iran after the recent election.  There is an expectation that doors will open to return of broad economic cooperation between the two nations.  Israel increasingly is looking on joint Turkish and Saudi ambitions as a long term direct threat to the security of Israel, a policy turn-around that points out a number of Likudist blunders of late, including the poisoning of relations with both American political parties.

The real issue, and sources are mixed on this, is how Russia will respond to Turkey’s flagrant violations of the cease fire agreement, not just their shelling of the US backed YPG Kurds.  Turkey is moving columns of weapons into Syria for mixed units, Turkish advisors and unit leaders with Saudi hired mercenaries, in an all out attempt to save Turkey’s military center in Idlib province, the city of Jisr Ash Shugur, which is now under direct threat by the Syrian Arab Army and Russian forces.


VT has strong confirmations that Russian Vladimir Putin now takes the actions of Turkey’s President, Recip Erdogan personally including Erdogan’s involvement backing extremist elements in Ukraine, his nuclear weapons program, Turkey’s partnership with Georgia in the development and use of biological and chemical weapons and Turkey’s direct support of terrorism inside Russia.

Putin considers Erdogan a madman.  More than one source has confirmed that within hours Turkey’s air forces and major armored units would be obliterated by tactical nuclear weapons within minutes of what Russia would term a “redline violation” by Turkey.

Turkey is playing with that “redline” now.


Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. When/if the Russians have had enough of Erdogollum, will they notify US/NATO before turning Incirlik into dust? Or will the US/NATO resources there become collateral damage?

  2. turkish “government” is being so blatant there is no mistaking their WARFARE against Syria.
    the “big network” that was behind it, now trying to deny it, and letting turkey take the fall completely, is pretty despicable. DC, London, izrahell, saudiland, qatar, and more!
    we dont want or need WW3, we need these psychopathic “leaders” removed from power as well as every “from the same cloth” types who think theyed just replace them to continue all the same agendas. “loose lips sink ships”, and Bibi Amin sure flapped his one day!

  3. “gain authorization” for an assassination plot equivalent to that of JFK… in terms of of popularity, loved and respected by people of all nations and not only muslims ……do they have any idea how low and disgusting they are seen as?….they are above none and not one worthy one amongst the whole lot of them…. they are the filth of this planet continuing on a course towards an end they will not escape…their plot was intercepted, their mission failed…all eyes are on them and stay on them in disgust

  4. The BBC had a journalist report from the group that was getting the tour of recently recaptured Kinsabba when the town was shelled with 8 rounds of large caliber rounds coming for the Turkish side of the border as the opposition cannot lay down heavy rounds like that. That is really a dumb thing to do. I can’t imagine a Turkish battery cmdr doing that on his own without orders.

  5. Its rather innocent to advice Russia commanders but, sometime ago there were news about Russia trying a conventional 20T bomb, presumbly to be launched by large aircraft like the Bear. I wander if a few devices like that could be used to make a wide ditch between Syria and Turkey. It can be useful to remove all infiltrating tunnels from Turkey. Making borders harder to cross has been thought by Morocco to check oncoming polysario guerrilla from Algeria. Agreements like Sykes-Picot drew lines not according to geographic or natural accidents but with the purpose to make a continuous source of rift between neighbors, like Britain did when dividing India and Pakistan but with the proviso that India would call a referendum asking Kashmir, an almost all muslim country, if people wanted to be part of India or Pakistan, foreseeing a negative decision against, India never followed the agreement stipulations. so, four consecutive wars were fought between India and Pakistan, and both nations resorted to nuclear armament to discuss positions.
    Perhaps, an under two- key nuclear deterrent can make Erdogan and Netanyahu make up their minds to respect Syria´s sovereignity.

  6. This new cozy relationship between Russia and Israel: what could go wrong? Apparently, Putin has not yet grasped that US mess in the middle east has all along been instigated by the Israelis and their various embedded assets operating freely throughout the US government. Now, it looks as if the Israelis have maneuvered the Russians into allowing Israel to extricate itself from the whole fiasco–this after Israel played such critical role in inducing Turkey and Saudi Arabia to go bonkers against Assad.

    • Both Bibi and Israelis (including military & intel) now regret Bibi’s Rothschild-inspired megalomaniacal idiocy. Since similar idiocy also ‘inspired’ U.S. & other world leaders, Putin may have been quite savvy in neutering the CIC (Chief Idiot in Charge).

      Putin began to shape the Putin-Bibi deal when Bibi semi-secretly visited Putin in Moscow shortly after Russia entered the Syrian fray on 30 September. Bibi is now publicly ‘demanding’ secure borders and protection against Hezbollah attacks etc. — which are probably already a part of the Putin-Bibi deal.

      One price that Bibi and Israel may need to pay is to relinquish the Golan Heights (which belongs to Syria) — IF and only if the Syria/Russia-led coalition succeeds in Syria, a victory that a new Russia/U.S.-led coalition is now achieving (with blessings from the UNSC).

      When Bibi made the deal, Bibi did not expect ANY coalition to win in Syria. Nor did Bibi expect that Sultan Strangelove and the Saudi d-Ruler would become vulnerable. Sorry, Bibi. ;-).

  7. I sure hope the Syrian coalition is planning to surround and capture these Turkish command centers inside Syria and take that to the UN. I can’t imagine why they would just push them out and continue claiming they are just fighting ISIL in Syria. They will never be able to get world opinion behind them unless they show captives. Terrorist don’t come under the military rules.

    • Mr. Dean~ Most world leaders now see that there is little difference in Iraq and Syria between ISIL and Erdogan/Saudi soldiers and mercenaries masquerading as supposedly indigenous ISIL and moderate head choppers. Even Obama now knows this.

      Why should the Syria/Russia-led coalition take the time to “capture” the Erdogan/ISIL command centers when the same purposes might/would be accomplished by photographing and documenting the Erdogan/Turk soldier/mercenary presence in the command centers, then simply wiping them off the map (preferably with Sultan ‘Strangelove’ riding one of the missiles)?

      The UNSC supposed ‘failure’ to condemn what Erdogan & the Saudi d-Ruler were/are doing was only a known-to-be-unnecessary step, given the impending U.S./Russia-declared cessation of hostilities, now embraced by the UNSC. Thereafter, the continuing Erdogan/Saudi hoof-in-mouth ‘foot shelling’ is seen for what it is: the dying gasps of a would-be neo-Ottoman empire.

      World opinion — especially the motivated opinions of VT’s decision-maker leaders — is now behind the Syria-Russia-U.S. coalition (despite any Bush/NeoCon & Clinton/NeoLib protestations to the contrary).

  8. I am part of a generation which grew up with the knowledge that our world could end in a white flash at any moment. In spite of the civil defense drills, we did *not* really expect our government to give us any warning if the balloon went up. So I am not easily alarmed by world events.

    But this business with the Turks and the Saudis is starting to get a bit scary. It’s like the difference between surfing where you know there are sharks, and actually seeing the shark circling you. I remember being disquieted when Erdogan and his party first came to power, but Davotoglu was so genial, and that “zero problems with neighbors” policy seemed to be happening, for the first few years. Then the mask came off.

    • The purpose of this article and the above comments is to let Sultan Strangelove and less insane top Turk snarks know that a broad international coalition is RWA to discreetly assist Turk snark hunters in indigenous snark-change endeavors. Indigenous harpoons may be sufficient; however, other harpoons are available.

      ‘The Hunting of the Snark’ shark is now legal in Iraq, Syria and Turkey — as per Google. First decreed in 1876 by Lewis Carroll, later the sport of Edwardian gentlemen, now the sport of any who care (with or without fits). Snark fin soup is delicious, but snark steak is sublime.

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