New FBI Program Instructs High School Teachers to Report ‘Radical’ Students


Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)

Apparently the FBI is starting its own “21 Jump Street” division, one that unfairly targets Muslim students.

As part of its ongoing war on terror, the FBI has launched a new program in which it instructs high school staff across the United States to report students who show signs of being future terrorists.

“High school students are ideal targets for recruitment by violent extremists seeking support for their radical ideologies, foreign fighter networks, or conducting acts of violence within our borders,” the FBI guidelines read.

“[If you] see suspicious behavior that might lead to violent extremism, [report it to] someone you trust.”

Labeled “Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools,” the guidelines instruct educators to look for loosely-defined indicators that a student could be a threat. “Talking about traveling to places that sound suspicious,” “using code words or unusual language,” “using several different cell phones and private messaging apps,” and “studying or taking pictures of potential targets (like a government building),” are all listed as potential warning signs.

Educators note that many of these so-called indicators are too broad to be effective, as they could be applied to almost any teenager. Other indicators seem specifically geared toward targeting Muslims.

“In practice, schools seeking to implement this document will end up monitoring Muslim students disproportionately,” Arun Kundnani, a professor at New York University, told AlterNet.

A similar program in the United Kingdom, known as “Preventing Violent Extremism,” relies on mass-surveillance of Muslim communities and mosques, and has been expanded into the country’s public schools. This program has been heavily criticized by rights groups.

“Our case studies show that children are being taken away from mandatory school hours to be questioned on matters misconstrued as markers of ‘extremism,” Ibrahim Mohamoud, communications officer with the Islamic advocacy group CAGE said in a statement.

“By alienating parents, turning teachers into informants, and antagonizing students, [UK program] PREVENT is a divisive policy that does an injustice to the education system.”

The expansion of these programs is especially troubling given that there is little scientific evidence to suggest that they are effective.

“Drawing on the junk science of radicalization models, the document dangerously blurs the distinction between legitimate ideological expression and violent criminal actions,” Kundani stated.

Such programs rely on antiquated social theory that has not been proven.

“The whole concept…is based on the conveyor belt theory – the idea that ‘extreme ideas’ lead to violence,” Michael German, a fellow with the Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program, told AlterNet.

“These programs fall back on the older ‘stages of radicalization’ models, where the identified indicators are the expression of political grievances and religious practices.”


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  1. The FBI used to be America’s premier investigative agency. Now they have been morphed into the Praetorian Guard for the United States, Inc. their mission statement has been changed to “Protect the Corrupt Administration at all costs.”

  2. Are they going to teach them to salute and say, “Heil Hitler” too? Maybe they could issue school children brown shirts, too.

  3. Why is there not a program to spot future JDL members? After all, there is more 13th Tribe terrorism in the US than terrorism by Muslims.

  4. “As part of its ongoing war on terror, the FBI…”

    Corrected: “As part of its ongoing war OF terror, the FBI…”

  5. Communism 202 is back and upgraded, it is alive and well in the USA. The Komintern and Informbiro have become the FBI. God forbid that someone names his child Oussama or anything like it.

  6. wash rinse repeat. it’s just like the flyer they sent out over a decade ago “how to spot a terrorist” that had at least a half dozen agency symbols on its cover. if they’re a member of any of those agencies its almost a sure bet THEY are a terrorist, out to terrorize citizens with their paranoia fear porn psycho-warfare crap they are willing or brainwashed to believe in.

    they themselves have been caught so many times recruiting mentally deficient patsies to justify their own jobs and existence that its just plain disgusting, but they’re still in operation?!

    • When you say “they” most here follow you and realize it’s shorthand for the insidious and subversive (to the point of treasonous) neocon parallel communication and command structures in the alphabets, State, Justice, and large PD’s like NY, which is so blatantly obvious that training is directed by a foreign country whose espionage against the United States of America probably matches that of China’s. The rank and file in our alphabets, so we’re clear on this, are among the most patriotic we’ve got. Whistleblower Lt Col Karen Kwiatkowski revealed that even right after Israel did 911, immediately identified as the perps by Dr Sabrowski et al, Israeli military brass were not only walking around the Pentagon like they worked there, but allowed to walk in uninvited, at will, on sensitive meetings.

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