Inside the twisted, racist, anti-Semitic mind of the Jewish Daily Forward

The Forward tries to silence critics of Jewish-Zionist power by name-calling. Don't expect them to debate the facts.
The Forward tries to silence critics of Jewish-Zionist power by name-calling. Don't expect them to debate the facts.
The Forward tries to silence critics of Jewish-Zionist power by name-calling and denigration. Don’t expect them to debate the facts.

The Jewish Daily Forward is sometimes called America’s leading Jewish newspaper. But that is not, strictly speaking, true.

America’s leading Jewish newspaper is the New York Times. Runners-up include most of the other big newspapers, including the former WASP bastions the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

They’re all “Jewish newspapers” in the sense that that a disproportionate number of their key positions are filled by Jews, many if not most of whom consciously or unconsciously support Jewish tribal interests.

It is just a simple fact, not an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory,” that Jews “Dominate in American Media – and So What if We Do?” It is a simple fact that Jews totally control Hollywood. It is a simple fact that Jews, who make up less than 2% of the population, are wildly over-represented in big finance in general, and the bribery-based system of political finance in particular.

And it is a simple fact that virtually all wealthy, powerful Jews are pro-Zionist…and that many  are fanatically dedicated to using their wealth and power to support the Zionist entity occupying and genociding Palestine. (Yes, there are many Jews who are not Zionist, but few of them are wealthy or powerful.)

If you don’t believe me, please consult sociologist James Petras’s The Power of Israel in the United States. Additional required reading includes Petras’s essay in Another French False Flag, which explains how “the Zionist faction” of the US militarist elite has been responsible for America’s catastrophic wars in the Middle East.

But anyone who notices any of this, and recognizes that Jewish-Zionist power is what dragged the US into the quagmire in the Middle East — notably by way of the 9/11 inside/outside job — is setting themselves up for a witch-hunt.

The latest victim is professor Joy Karega of Oberlin College, who is being inundated with insults because she has dared to breathe a word or two of truth via social media. In a classic case of Zionist blame-the-victim-for-precisely-what-we-perpetrators-are-doing tactics, the racists at the Forward are accusing their victim, Karega, of racism.

The Jewish Daily Forward’s article “Inside the Twisted Anti-Semitic Mind of Professor Joy Karega” inadvertently exposes the twisted, racist, anti-Semitic minds of its author and publishers. These people simply take it for granted that the truth is an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” and that anyone who defends it is a lesser being who deserves to be insulted, but needs not be rationally or empirically refuted.

The anti-Karega lynch mob, led by Jewish Zionists, is trying to assassinate her professionally. Yet they deny that they are trying to silence her! From The Forward: “…of course the question here is not whether Karega should be ‘silenced,’ but rather whether she should be funded as a professor at one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the U.S.”

So The Forward insists that working to get Karega fired and destroy her ability to make a living is not an attempt to silence her! Such arrogance is well-nigh unbelievable.

The Forward’s anti-conspiracy-theory tropes are drenched in racism. As a white guy who has brought up conspiracy issues with fellow white folks, I have heard more times than I can count some variation on “So what if 80% of Muslims are 9/11 conspiracy theorists? Who cares what those paranoid wogs think?”  Or: “So what if black people believe these conspiracy theories, they’re just not as smart and educated as us white people.”

Pakistanis know “al-Qaeda” better than anyone, and only 3% of them believe the official story of 9/11. But whenever I bring that up with white Americans, their superiority complex kicks in and they dismiss the far-more-informed perspective from Pakistan…for no particular reason, except maybe that the people over there have a bit too much skin pigmentation.

The Forward article fairly drips with that kind of implicitly racist condescension toward proud African-American intellectual Joy Karega. It begins by describing Jewish anti-conspiracist Isabel Sherrel contacting Karega in an arrogant attempt to bully her back into line – not by citing any evidence against Karega’s position, but by calling Karega “not educated” and saying Karega’s views stem from “ignorance.”

To an unconscious exponent of Jewish superiority like Sherrel, her own 100%-evidence-free name-calling is “honest, respectful, and open-hearted.” She is so permeated by her own sense of tribal and/or racial superiority that she cannot even entertain the idea that she ought to be arguing with Karega as an equal, using logic and evidence, rather than bullying her and calling her names.

The Jewish Daily Forward article, citing Karl Popper, suggests that we “demand evidence for the conspiracy theory.” Yet it buries Popper’s legitimate call for a debate based on logic and evidence beneath an avalanche of implicit and explicit ad hominems.

The Jewish Daily Forward’s article attacking Karega is not just arrogantly, condescendingly racist, but anti-Semitic as well. Its rhetorical purpose is to cover up the truth about the so-called “war on terror” and thereby perpetuate that war, which has mainly targeted Arabs, the only major group of Semites on earth.

As I wrote to Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov:

You write that you are similarly nonplussed by “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.” Are you referring to the theory that 19 young Semites, led by an older Semite on dialysis in a cave in Afghanistan, blew up the World Trade Center by using box-cutters to kindle minor office fires?

I, too, am outraged by anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Today virtually all of the world’s Semites are the speakers of Arabic. (“Semite” is a linguistic category, not a racial one.) And I am outraged by the way Arabic Semites have been falsely blamed for the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, the murders of innocents by large white paramilitary professionals  in Paris and San Bernadino, and many similar false flag incidents. These false flag public relations stunts have triggered the murder of more than 1.5 million people and the destruction of the homes and lives of tens of millions more. THIS is the real, indisputable and ongoing Holocaust; you and your colleagues are perpetrating it right now with your tax money, your silences and your lies. The blood of more than a million innocents is on your hands.

So while I appreciate your support for academic freedom, I respectfully request that you take the next step and sponsor a debate or symposium on false flags in general and 9/11 and the 2015 Paris attacks in particular. If you or anyone else believes they can defend the 9/11 Commission Report, or the official versions of the Paris attacks, in a debate, they should be not just willing but actually eager to put the “conspiracy theories” to rest.

I will be happy to travel to Oberlin at my own expense to participate in any such debate. Meanwhile, I am sending my three books Questioning the War on TerrorWe Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, and ANOTHER French False Flag as a gift to the Oberlin College Library, where faculty and students can refer to them to understand the positions of Professor Karega and the hundreds of millions of people around the world who share her interpretations of current events.


Dr. Kevin Barrett




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  1. ““Semite” is a linguistic category, not a racial one.”

    No, it is not a linguistic category. The word “Semite”‘s original, true definition designates the genetic descendants of Shem, Noah’s first son:

    “The words “Semites,” “Semitic,” do not occur in the Bible, but are derived from the name of Noah’s oldest son, Shem (Gen 5:32; 6:10; 9:18,23 ff; 10:1,21 f; 11:10 f; 1 Ch 1). Formerly the designation was limited to those who are mentioned in Gen 10; 11 as Shem’s descendants, most of whom can be traced historically and geographically; but more recently the title has been expanded to apply to others who are not specified in the Bible as Semites, and indeed are plainly called Hamitic, e.g. the Babylonians (Gen 10:10) and the Phoenicians and Canaanites (Gen 10:15-19). The grounds for the inclusion of these Biblical Hamites among the Semites are chiefly linguistic, although political, commercial and religious affinities are also considered. History and the study of comparative philology, however, suggest the inadequacy of a linguistic argument.”

    However, many Arabs may have some Semitic blood! Yet this does not make them Semites any more than Obama being part white makes him Anglo Saxon. They are mamzers, or mixed race people.

  2. “So what if black people believe these conspiracy theories, they’re just not as smart and educated as us white people. . . . …for no particular reason, except maybe that the people over there have a bit too much skin pigmentation.”

    I’ve discussed the same topics with a multitude of people and never heard anything to corroborate these anecdotal statements. I find it suspect at best, especially from one who appeals to “logic and evidence” a few breaths later. There’s a multitude of “logic and evidence” that demonstrates the difference in intelligence between the different races. The real racism that denies this truth will end up in the history books for what it is: the modern day equivalent of professing the earth is flat. My main point is below:

  3. I find myself in disagreement with most of the comments. The problem isn’t (just) religion, since non-religious nationalistic Jews (such as the founders of Zionism) can exemplify it more than religious Jews (such as Naturei Karta). And I certainly don’t think all or most Jews are psychos, just waiting to become torturers and killers, satanists, etc.!! That doesn’t describe the many Jews I’ve known, including friends, radio guests, and colleagues.

    The Forward’s “my tribe is always right” mentality is not limited to Jews! (Americans, whose wars are ALWAYS criminal wars of aggression yet falsely cast as “defensive,” are just as bad in their own way.) So I think this problem needs a more nuanced interpretation than most of what I’m seeing in the comments section. Gilad Atzmon’s The Wandering Who is a good place to start.

  4. They are the choosing people, choosing to worship satan in exchange for some fleeting worldly powers. They will soon be reborn as maggots and cockroaches, well deserved.

    Thanks for continiously putting the light on these psychos.

  5. Anti-Jewish ideas attitudes invariably develop fm over exposure to Jews. One can’t help but notice their penchant for lying in the interests of the tribe, how their whole skewed moral vision is totally based on tribal interests…how they hate the “goyim” ( everyone else ) and kill and torture them w/abandon when they maneuver themselves into a position to do so ( the USSR, post-war Germany, Palestine )..

  6. Whenever faced with ANY criticism, all these anti-human dregs ever do is project their crimes and misdeeds onto others; and of course resort to hurling the usual nonsensical labels, such as “anti-Semitic” or “Nazi”, at their critics. And, bear in mind, that it’s actually accurate to label the liars themselves as “anti-Semites”, as they routinely kill TRUE Semitic peoples, whilst not actually being true Semites.

    Of course, it’s impossible to debate when one doesn’t have a leg to stand on. And they NEVER do. Hence the child-like strategies. You will also NEVER hear an apology from them, I will add.

    And this nonsense about them being “God’s chosen people”? Nonsense. Were that true, their deeds would speak for them as such. Instead, their deeds consistently speak the exact opposite. Similarly, they wouldn’t need to be ceaselessly, and vociferously, promoting this idea. How so many in the World cannot see through this ridiculous smokescreen I will never understand.

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