Philanthropists, Trust Accounts, Dirty Money and Theft


by Katherine Frisk

The Brothers Rothschild
The Brothers Rothschild

The spotlight recently fell on Baron David de Rothschild and Benjamin de Rothschild. But knowing the history of the family, anyone who invests with any Rothschild, needs their head read because they should know better. A brief recap on how the Rothschild family got their foot in the door :

As the famous story goes during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Rothschild made use of carrier pigeons. Bankers and investors never have, do not , and never will care about who wins any war, because in their eyes all wars are opportunities for pillage, plunder and making more money.

While we in our stupidity continuously fall for hating “the other,”pick one, there are so many to choose from, soldiering on with millions of lives lost, homes, cities and nations destroyed, the bankers are rubbing their hands in glee, time to fleece the masses.

And so Rothschild fleeced England. His carrier pigeon told him that Wellington had won, so he sold all his stock waiting for the lemmings to follow suit, which they duly did interpreting his actions as a victory for Napoleon. When the stock had plummeted, he went back and bought it all up at rock bottom prices and when the news broke that it was an English victory not a French one, he made a fortune off the stupidity of others.

Nothing has changed and people still entrust their wealth to this family.

David fleeced British pensioners through the Rothschild Financial Services Group scheme between 2005 and 2008. If they do not care about the very real consequences of war, you can be sure that they do not give a damn about old age pensioners who after a lifetime of work have now had everything stolen from them by one of the richest families in Europe.

Javier Gómez Bermudez has ordered that David must face trial for this crime, but it appears that he cannot be found. I wonder if he has moved to Patagonia? If people like Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan “too big to fail” can get off scot-free, do they honestly think that they are going to catch David, “too rich to arrest?”

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Edmond_De_Rothchild_header-logoBut it does seem as if the wheels of justice are grinding slowly, very slowly, it has taken over two centuries to catch up with this criminal gang of thieves. The French are launching an investigation into the Rothschild’s Switzerland branch. This from Bloomberg:

“The Swiss unit of Edmond de Rothschild said it’s the subject of a French probe regarding a former business relationship managed by a former employee.

“Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) SA is actively participating in the criminal investigation under way,” the Geneva-based bank said in an e-mailed statement on Friday. “The bank denies all the allegations that have been made against it.”

Edmond de Rothschild, a private banking and asset management firm established in Paris in 1953, oversees about 150 billion euros ($164 billion) and is led today by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild and his wife Ariane. The Swiss unit traces its roots to the acquisition of Banque Privee in Geneva in 1965.

The company has no further comment at this time, according to the statement. Officials in Geneva weren’t immediately available to respond to a telephone call from Bloomberg News on Friday.”

rothchildsPeople like the Rothschilds specialize in tax avoidance — they think that paying taxes is for the “little people.”

They accomplish this through the creation of Trust Funds, something that Rockefeller has also honed to a fine art.

They then sell themselves off as “philanthropists,” doing “good works” for society except when it comes down to it these so-called good works where they fund universities, hospitals and libraries, if Bill Gates and Buffett are anything to go by; train future politicians who will carry out their money-making wars; medical scientists who will develop their vaccines that create disease instead of curing it; genetically modified seeds so that they can own all food sources and geo-engineering projects so that they can own the weather and bully and manipulate other nations with droughts, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis into joining nefarious agreements such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

These agreements will give them even more power and their Trusts and Corporations will have the same rights as governments, will be completely tax exempt, will be able to sue governments for loss of income should any laws in that nation interfere with their profit-making or as the case will surely be, schemes to fleece the masses, and where they will have their own secret court system.

This is not capitalism. This is The New World Order of Monopolist, Fascist, Corporatocracy.

Before it is too late for us all, I think we should take a page out of Vladimir Putin’s book. He threw the lot of them out of Russia. Perhaps if we follow his example these criminal gangs of murderers and thieves will finally meet their own Waterloo. After all, there is always Patagonia for them to run to.


Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.



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  1. Magnificent work here as usual. Highest commendations for such an excellent article.

  2. From what I can gather central banks including the central bank of Russia have made “loans” going back to the 1990s and sometimes the 1980s, loans that have yet to be paid back. I suspect that if it was not for these outstanding loans and the hope for some recovery of monies owed, that Russia and a number of other countries would have got rid of them long ago. But one also needs to take into account that the central banks have signed deals with the Fed which was held over their heads like a sword of Damacles, due to the dollar being the international reserve currency and all trade in oil done in the perto dollar, that is how they nailed the central banks foot to the floor. Now that the dollar is no longer the international reserve currency and trade is no longer dictated by the petro dollar, this should free up central banks world wide. Please see my article: End the Fed !

  3. Wether Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Atheist… Whatever. The common denominator of these guys is that they are MEGALOMANIAC PSYCHOTICS in the true psychiatric meaning… Since there’s no cure for that, we should isolate them ! Like the lepers of the past !

  4. Poor Patagonia, maybe the radiation is less there. Katherine do these Rothschilds hide their assets, we never see them on the wealthiest lists. Would that the walls shall close in on these Khazarian mobsters.

    • Do a study of “Philanthropists.” Everything is kept in trust accounts, so you cannot track individuals, Rottenfeller and Rottenchild alike. Or the Black nobility of Europe for that matter, or Vatican investment in the Vampire Squid. Hence none of these appear on the worlds wealthiest lists and are well hidden in paper work. Many of them you do not even know about. Especially those in the Illuminati P2 lodge. So authors refer to them generally as the “Zionists,” the “Khazarian Mafia.” Naming names and pin pointing the families involved becomes an investigation that goes back centuries. Today you might have information about the most visible ones, Soros, BZ, Bush, Morgan, Astor the Rs, etc. But try getting information on the younger generation, it is like needles in a haystack. They are well hidden in board rooms, in Trust accounts, in tax havens. They rob the world blind and slip away. Often when and if they do get found out, they die conveniently, or so it would seem, only to bury themselves in another part of the world. As Hitler did after World War 2. I often wonder if a deal was struck with Saddam, and if a double took his place and he sold his own country out and now lives under another identity on some remote farm in the Andes. Anything is possible.

  5. Google any news reel of Hitler, then tell me that that man was sane. He was yet another brainwashed manchurian puppet set up by people like Bush, Ford and Rockefeller to rape eastern Europe of its wealth and ultimately invade Russia and occupy it, something he failed to do. Now they are trying again through Ukraine and Georgia and Chechnia.

  6. A rather different view of Hitler from the 2-dimensional cardboard cutout of evil personified (e.g. Satan for secularists) is presented in the “Black Sun Rising” series by Jack Heart and Orage, most of which was published here on VT*. Whether or not they are correct or have misinterpreted the evidence, or been fooled by false evidence is open to question, but what no reasonable person can now question is that the mainstream, black and white, good against evil, version of 20th century “history” is naught but propaganda.

    *Unfortunately I cannot post a link but just go to the Jack Heart page in the VT archives, or use the search box on the lower left at the bottom of the VT main page.

  7. I presume by “the great adolf hitler” that you are a republican, voted for Bush senior and junior, think the CIA are the good guys in all their subversive activities especially in South America where they brought similar “greats”to adolf like Pinocatte and Videla to power, and that operation Gladio supported a just cause? Because the Bush family also thought that adolf was the best thing since cream cheese, as did the steel magnet Fritz Thyssen. This is a good article :

  8. Hips, how you take me or do not take me is not my problem. I see no need to mention that the Rothschild are supposedly “Jewish,” something I question if they have roots to the Khazars, which would mean that they are not really “Jewish”in the first place. I also see no need to mention that they are “Jewish”because many of their co-conspirators are not, a fact that you refuse to comprehend or even acknowledge. In this article I have also mentioned J P Morgan, Jamie Dimon, Rockefller, Buffet and Gates. You might want to keep that in mind.

  9. PART I

    You say Katherine that Patagonia might be a retreat for the retreating hordes of Talmudic thugs.

    Today, I fall back on Section 22 of Bruce Chatwin’s classic, “In Patagonia” to give some light relief to the escape from justice of the mounting numbers already migrating south of the Rio Negro.

    If they imagine it will be an escape from criminal activities I just wanted to say Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid once thought the same and set out for Patagonia. They bought 12,000 acres in the area of Chubut for a life of anonymity rearing sheep. However, a number of bank robberies and pressure from the local police alerted by the Pinkertons forced them to up and leave after five years. Wherever the Khazarian/Talmudic Zionists hide they will be found and held to account.

    • (Part 2)

      You cannot make this stuff up!

      “Butch Cassidy’s horse dealer was a man called Cleophas Dowd, the son of Irish immigrants to San Francisco, dedicated to the Jesuit priesthood…Immediately after his ordination, Dowd startled his parents and the Fathers by riding past on his new racehorse, a brace of six-shooters strapped over his cassock. That night , in Sausalito, he had the pleasure – a pleasure he had long savored – of giving last rites to the first man he shot. Dowd fled from California and settled at Sheep Creek Canyon, Utah, where he raised horses for outlaws. A Dowd horse was ready for sale when its rider could balance a gun between its ears and fire. The necessary speed he purchased from the Cavendish Stud at Nashville, Tennessee, and relayed the cost to his clients.”

      From section 22, page 26, of Bruce Chatwin’s “In Patagonia.”

    • Thanks for that. Interesting. The Jesuits played a large role in South America and also in Patagonia. They set up communes for the Native American Indians, a sort of Kibbutz. Very communist in nature except they kept all the profits in exchange for their hospitals, schools and running those farms. Sort of a cross between feudalism, communism and the Jesuit order which was its own corporation. I mentioned in one of my other articles that I strongly suspect, time will bare me out, that the Vatican wealth and the Black nobility of Europe including the Dutch Royal family that already has strong ties in Argentina have moved lock stock and barrel to South America. Patagonia is one such destination. Not surprisingly we find as one example Luciano Benetton of Italy, a billionaire who has bought large tracts of land there. As has Ted Turner. They are quite happy to throw Europe and no doubt the USA under the bus because they have already set up shop on the South American continent, are well established with property and investments and can move without too much impact to another destination at any point in time.

    • Theodor Herzl wanted Patagonia instead of Palestine for the Jewish Homeland, but was over-ruled (and eventually murdered?) by the bankers backing the Zionists.

    • A Muslim invasion would suit their purpose. That the Rome Catholic church had to flee Europe and move location. Christian Zionists are Rome and Jerusalem joined at the hip. So it does not surprise me that Herzl chose Patagonia. Pontius Pilate the legion, and Caiaphas, the money lenders of the temple, once again move through time.

  10. Yes, Putin did well for his countrymen and women by tossing the Rothschilds and cronies out of the Russian federation. We on the other hand don’t have a Putin. No statesman to speak of. We are a total sideshow with clowns and the whole bit. The only guy that has shown up with any balls is Trump and he’s like Obamacare, you gotta vote for him to see what’s inside. See, we had the hope and change fraud, and that was eye opening enough to see these individuals outright lie to get a vote. The list is long and wide to the promises by Obama. Sad really.
    The US has been so infiltrated for so long by the sleeziest of sewer rats at every level. The quicker people start waking up to the dirtbags that create policy the better.

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