Analyst: Saudi Arabia, Turkey Plotting to Transfer ISIL to Jordan from Syria


Analyst: Saudi Arabia, Turkey Plotting to Transfer ISIL to Jordan from Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- A Jordanian political analyst disclosed that the ISIL is planning to shift from Syria to Jordan in a bid to make up for its defeats in that country, and said that the Ankara and Riyadh governments are behind such plots.

“Arresting tens of ISIL terrorists along the Syrian-Jordan border shows that the Takfiri terrorist group is sending its militants to Jordan,” Nahez Hatr told FNA on Sunday.

He said that the Saudi and Turkish spy agencies have orchestrated the ISIL terrorists’ relocation to Jordan.

In relevant remarks on Friday, a senior Jordanian politician warned that the Riyadh government is seeking to destabilize Jordan in a bid to help the Takfiri terrorist groups to achieve their goals.

“After its defeats in Syria, Saudi Arabia is trying to make Jordan an unstable and insecure country through supporting the Salafi and Takfiri currents,” Khaled Bani Hani told FNA.

He explained that after Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi scenarios for Syria failed, Jordan’s Takfiri terrorists who were fighting against President Bashar Assad’s government in Syria asked to return to Jordan, but Amman vowed to try them in courts if they returned to Jordan.

Also in late January, Jordan’s political and military experts warned against the new wave of flow of terrorists into Jordan after the recent defeats of the terrorist groups across Syria.

“Tight security measures should be established along the borders between Jordan and Syria as terrorists are heading towards Jordan,” the Arabic-language al-Qad newspaper quoted Jordanian experts as saying.

The Jordanian military experts underlined the strategic importance of the Syrian army’s recent victories in Sheikh Meskeen, warning that hundreds of terrorists are escaping Syria’s bordering province of Dara’a to take shelter in Jordan.

Jordan has previously announced that anyone crossing the Syrian border into Jordan would be labeled and treated as a terrorist and not a refugee.

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  1. When will national leaders learn that aligning themselves with the NWO will eventually get them stabbed in the back?

    Makes sense that Amman is working to develop closer ties with Moscow, after decades of being an Israeli proxy.

  2. That would be funny that Jordan now is the new IS territory after Jordan has helped supply, train and give aid and comfort to IS. That would be sweet payback to Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia since IS would have a border with them. After Syria is free of IS all they would have to do is guard there small border with Jordan with their battle harden army. Israel and Saudi Arabia would have a larger border with the new IS in Jordan and since Saudi Arabia can’t kick the Houthis butt in Yemen even though they have the upper hand they stand no chance against IS. Oh IS will attach Saudi Arabia for its oil mark my words and Israel will then have Hezbollah at its north, Hamas on its south and IS on its western border. Even with its superior fire power with three determine enemies on all its border except the Mediterranean Sea that won’t quit will and they eventuality wear them down. To Israel and Saudi Arabia, like the saying goes, “Revenge is sweet when served cold,” from cold hearted fanatics like IS.

  3. I think that Assad’s amnesty is for Syrian’s that are fighting against there legal government in Damascus not the Al Nusra and its affiliates who rely more on foreign fighters then local Syrians. I don’t think that Assad will give foreign fighters the same benefit.

  4. I believe Vlad said he was particularly keen to hunt down the Chechen terrorists among them..

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