FBI Rolling Up InfoWars Anti-Government Protesters, Except of Course, You know who

Protester Eric Parker from central Idaho aims his weapon from a bridge next to the Bureau of Land Management's base camp where seized cattle, that belonged to rancher Cliven Bundy, are being held at near Bunkerville, Nevada April 12, 2014. REUTERS/J
Clown jailed for bad manners and total stupidity
 Eric “EJ” Parker trains his weapon on federal agents near the Bundy Ranch in Nevada
…by Jen Hayden
The Department of Justice and the FBI continue to rack up charges and arrests against the men and women who took part in the armed standoffs at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada in 2014 and at the Oregon standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge earlier this year.

The arrest reports started rolling in yesterday when the Bundy Ranch Facebook page began squawking that Dave Bundy, son of Cliven and brother of Ammon, had been arrested at the Bundy Ranch.

It was later reported that Mel Bundy, another of Cliven’s sons, who participated in both the Nevada and Oregon standoffs, had also been nabbed in the net of arrests. The feds were just getting started. Let’s take a look at who else they picked up for a likely long occupation of federal jail cells:

Jerry DeLemus

Jerry Delemus doing an interview with Stewart Rhodes at the Bundy Ranch standoff

Jerry DeLemus is the co-chair of “Veterans for Trump.” He was also the self-described “commander of the base camp” at the heavily armed Bundy Ranch standoff 2014. He’s married to New Hampshire state representative Susan DeLemus.

Jerry DeLemus faces nine federal charges that include:

… conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, assault on a federal officer, obstruction of justice, attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer, interference with interstate commerce by extortion, and several firearms charges, according to court records.

Idaho resident Eric “EJ” Parker was among four Idaho residents arrested yesterday. Eric Parker became famous after photographs showed him pointing his gun directly at federal agents during the standoff near Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.

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  1. Damn, Duff! If you keep talkin teenie weenies, where does that leave us little ole grannies when it comes to separatin the bullies from the bullies? Jez.

  2. Do you think we take a lead from the Kos? They are pure claptrap.

    What can be done to exclude from VT those who simply don’t pay attention, total rubes? There is no desire here to pander to those who hang on cheap self financing right wing websites, the inheritors of Fox News, Drudge and Limbaugh.

    Here’s the key, when people who hate freedom threaten the government then, just perhaps, those who have been sucking down the kool aid of “hate the person of color president” spewed by the global mafia might want to improve their “long game.”

    All this comes down to pure idiocy sold to those who never came to grips with human equality or “above the waist” thought processes.

    Grow up, put your “members” back in your pants, use a microscope and tweezers if necessary, and either come up to speed, or park it at the curb.

  3. Cold Wind: When the right goes anti-government and someone is too friggin’ stupid to see that they are shilling for the New World Order, I simply shake my head.

    Why in the name of god would an InfoWars clown be reading VT? The dumb shits should have been chased off long ago.

    No male enhancement formula here.

    Like you don’t know who is paying these Mormon clowns?

  4. The FBI, one of the most corrupt, abusive and constitutional-less institutions in the US posing as “lawenforcement” and VT sides with this criminal enterprise. I never saw it coming.

  5. Well it’s true that Alex Jones doesn’t mind lining up real patriots for arrest while he blathers away for his Khazar bosses. But the woman in the picture isn’t kneeling because ( being unarmed ) she isn’t a target while a man with a rifle would be..unless they are willing to pull another “Mrs Weaver head shot” in broad daylight…it seems the Feds were a little afraid things would go against them ( if only on the PR front if not physically ) and, for the most part, stood down that day…But now the unjust arrests and detentions are ongoing..

  6. Can anyone rightly blame EJ Parker? We all saw the murder of Randy Weaver’s wife ( while holding a baby )..we all saw the massacre down in Waco…we all saw the two patsies of the Boston Hoaxathon get tortured and wacked..We all should know by now that the two patsies in San Bernadino were found in the back of the shot-up SUV w/their hands cuffed behind their back and shot in the head ( meanwhile witnesses described ” 3 white guys in military fatigues” as the culprits.)..Should we really treat this govt. as though it has any real legitimacy? And after the Rothschild Khazar Mafia and their assets/allies were allowed to pull off 9-11? E.J. Parker was prepared to RESPOND NOT INITIATE..

  7. How, pray tell, can anyone tell who/what someone’s weapon is pointed/aimed at by looking at a profile photo of the individual? It would appear that the only way to know where a weapon is aimed, for sure, is to look through the scope or across the sights. Someone is “assuming” and I don’t believe an assumption qualifies as fact. I’m not saying the feds won’t claim it and the judge won’t agree, because they definitely want to shut down any type of citizen protest. As the above writer asked, where are the feds when the bankers are ripping off billions of dollars and fabricating paper gold out of thin air? What is the threshold for prosecution? If the crime is worth more than $100,000,000, the perpetrator goes free, or is it less? Or more? Don’t know, but I notice few or no prosecutions of the fat cats. I expect no prosecution of the Clintons as well. In the instant case, where’s the Real Party in Interest, the Injured Party? The FRCP states the government can not be the Real Party in Interest. Or, perhaps, that’s another of those one-sided rules that only apply to common people.

    • “How, pray tell, can anyone tell who/what someone’s weapon is pointed/aimed at by looking at a profile photo of the individual?”

      There are other photos out there of Eric Parker from a greater distance and higher angle that clearly show that the barrel of his rifle is pointed in the general direction of the federal agents. That is enough to be considered assault on all of those in the general area, without having to prove that he was aiming at specific person.

      On a side note, the way he laying over the yellow line is asking to get run over.

  8. I’d love to see the Justice and FBI people apply as much zeal when it comes to arresting and prosecuting TBTF bankers for mortgage bond fraud and drug money laundering,…a bridge too far, hah?

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