Damian Thorn, Satan’s Son, Ragpicker’s Fantasy

"call girl" Jill Kelly, General Allen's "liason" who received one of the nations highest awards and had sex with every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff...you just can't make this stuff up

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

I thought the Israeli series, Homeland, was stupid enough, episode after episode of childish propaganda and cheap Islamophobic masturbation by the criminal gang that drops clusterbombs on Gaza schoolchildren.  This was violently offensive crap, no question but now we have seen something genuinely sad, tragic and yet dangerous, bordering on terrorism, from the Arts and Entertainment Network, known as A&E.

The show is “Damian.”  It is loosely based on the 1970s horror epic, “The Omen,” a B movie starring Gregory Peck and Lee Remick.  A clip from that film:

The newer version begins in what they call “Damascus.” They take us to the “Christian Quarter” of “the Old City.” I have been ther and the resemblance is incredible. Nothing is similar, not just dissimilar, it is bizarre.

Shot out cars, bomb damage everywhere, children with maggots on their eyes, the undead roaming the streets and then a truck appears. Out jumps what I assume are IDF (Israeli Defense Force) extras, I am assuming this must have been filmed in Israel, perhaps by the same studio that did the phony bin Laden tapes.

Posing as the Syrian Arab Army, mind you in downtown Damascus, the soldiers began turning over tables, all covered with relics, finger bones of saints, bibles of different kinds, crosses, statues of assorted saints and martyrs, it was horrific.

Of course having actually been to Syria and having a good friend,  Syria’s Grand Mufti, defender of Syria’s Christian communities as a friend, the idea of what I had seen was offensive beyond measure. The Assad government in Damascus is closely allied with Syria’s large Christian community.

Remember, Damascus is a city where you can order alcohol anywhere, where women wear shorts are bare heads are the standard, just like in Tel Aviv. As for this kind of cheap propaganda:

Let me tell you what is wrong and what it costs.

Back in early 2015, the beginning of March I believe, an organization called the Atlantic Council had a series of seminars in order to demonstrate their role in organizing America’s new war in ISIS.

Running these meetings is the now discredited General John Allen, a former Marine like myself, perhaps a bit less careful about his friends it seems, Allan was the fall guy that believed the Atlantic Council when they convinced him, and you should have seen this idiot pontificating from his chair, that tens of thousands of Christians were willing to join the new American force he was going to train.

You see, the Atlantic Council pulled in a ton of cash totally fabricating a secret report stating that Christian communities across Syria were teeming with volunteers to join the new American force that would be training in Turkey.  Allen was planning to provide them with million in cash, give them air support and modern weapons.

As sex scandals go, the one that brought down General Petraeus, the founder of ISIS, who emptied Iraq’s prisons and spent $300m (where did we hear this figure before) building a Wahhabist militia inside Iraq that would, what he claimed at the time, offset the influence of Iran on the Shiite majority.  This was his plan, we call it ISIS, we could simply call it “The Petraeus Head-Chopping Club.”

As for Allen, he retired in 2012/13, he dragged it on, after being caught bringing “the bimbo of all time” into the Joint Chiefs where they passed her around like a party favor.  Perhaps Jonas Alexis can do a piece on this.

After making a total ass of himself on March 2, 2015, and Allan has done little else his entire career, he finally resigned in disgrace (again) “in order to take care of his family” on November 9, 2015.

There were no Christians in Syria that support the anti-Assad forces.  There were none that wanted anything to do with Turkey, where Christians are persecuted, nor with the US, a nation no one believes. There were no Christians, the Atlantic Council made it all up much the same as if they were getting their information from the same people produce the shitty TV epic, “Damien.”

Yes, they are one in the same, from that little country with all the nuclear weapons and where every little boy will some day win a Nobel prize or at least get to shoot a Palestinian child.

What Allen did, however, is spend $300m on TOW missiles which were given to ISIS and al Nusra while the 46 “fighters” he did train immediately joined the other side.

And some wonder why, in Vietnam, more officers died in fragging incidents than from enemy fire…


Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. I have to agree with the good doctor that VT has been highly courageous in exposing the Holo-hoax.

    But when he says “Veterans Today is MythBusters for decision makers”, I must strongly disagree. Mythbusters is nothing but a bunch of horse-dookie. VT is the real thing.

  2. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a short story once entitled “When the Devil Was Well.” It was about atrocities committed by madmen in control of Italian city states during the Renaissance. The Devil has been well in the world for a very long time. After a promising start, the US was taken over by the European devils in due course and now is as rotten as any flea-bag European principality. Sane people try to keep a low profile while seeking some meaning in life. Some few brave souls raise their heads above the parapet and dare describe what they see. Thanks to VT for that.

  3. the “Damascus” described, a purposeful taunt, very much in your face…. remember the van driving around on 9/11 painted up with planes crashing into the Twin Towers? ….. and the evil twisted f#*$’s do get off on it…. let me guess everyone wants to kill the kid in Damien, because that is what they do best kill kids and get away with it

  4. HM & DH: No widely-read publication targeting U.S. & global decision makers does more myth-busting articles & radio shows exposing & documenting the truth about U.S., UK, EU, Israeli, Turk & Saudi myths.

    Veterans Today is MythBusters for decision makers. If you want all anti-Holocaust programming all the time, please use your remote and find another channel.

    P.S. Some WW2 German work camp deaths were related to nuke bomb development, provided to U.S. by Nazis who did not surrender and which the U.S. used to slightly terrorize the civilian populations of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

  5. The Damascus intro in A&E’s “Damien” opener is the most insidiously evil and blatantly propagandistic segment that I’ve ever seen in 60+ yrs. of mostly not watching mainstream TV. Straight from the fictional film cans of McCain, Petraeus, Allen, Christian Zionists & Bush/NeoCons. BTW, I too recently went to Damascus as an observer with VT.

    Damien’s anti-Christian Damascus subplot plays well with Fox TV’s even-more-popular “Lucifer” series. Yes, Fox now has a TV series portraying Lucifer as the good guy. Why are we not surprised?

    As a prophylactic to don before penetrating Damien’s Damascus intro, read VT’s “Damascus, the Anti-Christ and Armageddon,” which gives you a clue about why Armageddon-seeking Christian Zionists and treason-teasin’ generals might find “Damien” to be so masturbatory.

    If y’all think that Duff is being too harsh on the treason-teasin’ Allen & Petraeus, remember that Allen & Petraeus provided $300M in U.S. TOW missiles to ISIS & Co. — now being used against our U.S. Special Forces guys in Syria. Isn’t that special?

    Remember also that McCain, Bush/NeoCons & some Clinton-NeoLibs still facilitate the overthrow of Syria’s govt. by ISIS & al-Qaeda, whom these U.S. officials still find preferable to current Syrian leaders.

    Did the anti-Christ make them do it? Or was it ‘good guy’ Lucifer? ;-).

  6. Paul: U.S. forces killed more indigenous civilians & U.S. soldiers in Vietnam & SE Asia during ‘a war to turn America white with drugs and black with oil’ — a single war — than the U.S. & others did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya & Syria COMBINED. Is it any wonder that some U.S. soldiers did not like what their supposedly-superior military officers were ordering U.S. soldiers to do?

    For example, one purpose of Vietnam War was to do seismic testing for oil in the South China Sea, where U.S. B52s dropped unexploded ordinance to do seismic oil testing for Rockefeller interests — who bid-in and SUPPRESSED South China Sea oil-tract leases in post-war bidding RFPs by a reunited Vietnam.

    This South China Sea seismic oil testing ended on the last day of the war — just as the last helicopter lifted off the roof of the U.S. embassy in Saigon (with desperate pro-U.S. Vietnamese civilians falling to their deaths as they dropped from the landing rungs of last helicopter). For whom should we “feel sorry”?

    Our U.S. tax dollars at work. Again…

  7. The American people knew about as much about Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran as they did about Nam — that is why the Pentagon gets away with doing anything they please. The problem is Americans trust their Government and that is a very fatal flaw. Keep up the Great Journalism Gordon. It gives me something to read while I wait for the Turks to start playing ” sappers” – here in Crimea – Nam 70-71. Spacibo

    • Garry: You say: “[T]hat is why the Pentagon gets away with doing anything they please.”

      The Pentagon is ‘just following orders’ — from the oligarchs who control Congress, the President and the civilian command structure above the JCS & generals. Not a defense for the Pentagon, just a fact.

      After reading “War Is a Racket” by USMC General Smedley D. Butler, you will know that ex-CIA guy Daniel Ellsberg’s “Pentagon Papers” was just a cover-up for oligarchs who control the game board.

  8. Did CIA Director (DCI) David Petraeus really say “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”? Or does that ‘distinction’ belong to someone else?

    • The quote is usually credited to William Casey, then CIA Director, long since deceased. There is a lot of controversy about whether or not Casey really said it. Barbara Honegger, in a forum that was discussing the validity of the quotation, said: “I am the source for this quote, which was indeed said by CIA Director William Casey at an early February 1981 meeting of the newly elected President Reagan with his new cabinet secretaries to report to him on what they had learned about their agencies in the first couple of weeks of the administration.” Some folks say Honegger is not to be trusted.

      A search on the complete quote (I use DuckDuckGo) produces lots of results for further investigation.

    • Of course, source of quote is Casey at early Reagan cabinet meeting, as per Barb (whom I know).

      However, General Sterling D. Allan or General Betray-US might have recently repeated it. ;-).

  9. So Gen. Allen was dumb enough to think that the Christians in Syria would be foolish enough to revolt against the leader ( Assad ) and his govt. which has been protecting them and ensuring their religious freedoms? Is he nuts. Besides good taste in call girls there doesn’t seem to be anything redeeming about the man. How does a dolt like this rise above Lt.Col.? Saddam protected Christians in Iraq as Ghaddafy did in Libya too btw…oh the Oded Yinon plan is turning Israel’s neighbors into chaotic, destroyed nightmares. What kind of people wish that on their neighbors?

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