It is going to be a long hot summer


… by  Katherine Frisk

Col. Jim Hanke (ret), Gordon Duff, Syrian Justice Minister
Col. Jim Hanke (ret), Gordon Duff, Syrian Justice Minister Najm Hamad al-Ahmad

We do not always agree, so we have a gentlemen’s / ladies’ agreement to agree to disagree. My articles are not always a reflection of his views, as his are not mine. But there is one thing. Respect. And I hold the utmost respect not only for Gordon, but all the staff and writers at VT.

In May 2015, Gordon Duff posted my first article on Veterans Today, for which I will be eternally grateful.

That first encounter seems so long ago now, and yet the very same issues have come full circle once again. Gordon wrote a timely and apt piece recently, which I suggest everyone read if they have not already done so: Winning the Right Upcoming War. Duff knows his stuff. Take heed when he says:

From both a military and geopolitical standpoint, a number of things need to happen.

  • Iran needs to confront Turkey and prepare a mobile combat force with a credible air force that can move against Turkey as part of a Russian led coalition.
  • The United States has to more openly recognize its commonality with Russia. Like it or not, America may be confronted with that crusade that the Bush regime talked about, but one that is more action than talk. America’s national security is threatened by Wahhabi extremism, which America is largely responsible for. The only remaining answer is war, quick and surgical if possible, but war. Pointing this out is painful.
  • Turkey needs to be split, with the Kurdish people getting the nation they deserve, one with Barzani and his gangster allies excluded.
  • America needs to recognize that the creation of a failed state in Ukraine and the destruction of Greece and the Balkans has been perpetrated on behalf of Islamists only, that the new “Cold War” has been a con from day one.

This is Armageddon.

This is Isaiah 17.  But not the way it has been presented in the west. Read Isaiah carefully. Israel/ Ephraim is Damascus, it is the northern Kingdom, including Galilee, not the southern kingdom of Judah.

This is Revelation. Christianity had its heart and soul in Damascus and in Greece, the centre being in Constantinople, now Istanbul. The seven churches spoken of in Revelation are now in what became in western Turkey, a region on the border of Syria where Erdogan supports ISIS and buys their illegal, stolen oil.

ISIS has run rampage throughout Syria and has persecuted Orthodox Christians, crucifying them,  beheading them, rounding up their women and children, selling them on slave markets and raping them. If you are looking for the anti-Christ it is staring you in the face.

armenian 4

One hundred years ago Turkey was complicit in the persecution of Armenian Christians. They raped women and then crucified them. They drove thousands into the Syrian wilderness, where they were starved to death.

Today Russia is building a military presence in Armenia, ready to strike should Turkey attack the Orthodox Christian Armenians again.

Five hundred years ago, the Turks invaded the Greek Byzantine Empire and sacked Constantinople and the Hagia Sohpia which had been the centre of Christian worship for 1,500 years.

The Orthodox Christian Church retreated for safety to Moscow which has been its guardian ever since, regardless of a brief spell of communist atheism during the 20th century. Today Kiev in Ukraine, with the support of the Nazi Roman Catholic faction, funded by the Zionists such as Soros and Nuland and including armed insurgents from the extreme Islamic faction and the Crimean Tartars in contravention of Minsk 11, plan yet another attack on eastern Ukraine, which is comprised of Russian-speaking and Orthodox Christians.

Hagia Sophia - Istanbul
Hagia Sophia – Istanbul

In the 11th century the Vatican mercenaries, with funding from the Venetian Jewish bankers, sacked Constantinople and plundered the Hagia Sophia, taking her treasures back to Venice and Rome.

From that time on a split in Christianity has been in place between Rome in the west and Greece in the east. Today the economic devastation of that Orthodox Christian country has been well planned; Goldman Sachs, an adviser to the Vatican, played a pivotal role, along with thousands of Muslim refugees crossing over from Turkey, creating a humanitarian crisis in a country that can least afford to help them.


Two thousand years ago, an Edomite, an Arab, Herod the Great was king in Jerusalem, he married Mariamme, a Levite and the daughter of the high priest. His son Herod Antipas was complicit in the trial of Jesus. Caiaphas the Levite high priest had Jesus arrested, one reason being that he whipped the money lenders in the temple. Pontius Pilate the Roman Legion had him crucified. Jesus came from the north, from what was once the northern Kingdom of Israel, called Galilee.

Today the Arab Saudi Wahhabi Kingdom has been funding and supporting ISIS in their terror campaign across Iraq and Syria.

The Zionist state Judea, which now calls itself Israel, persecutes Palestinians (Samaritans, Christians and Muslims) on the West Bank and the Gaza strip and has been supporting ISIS on the Golan heights. They have also  been buying illegal oil through Turkey from Erdogan that has been supplied by ISIS across the Iraq and Syria border. Jeremiah 34 was as pertinent then as it is now.

The CIA which was founded by Nazis who were given safe passage to the US by the Vatican after WW2, also known as the Knights of Malta who answer to the Pope, have been training and supporting ISIS. As the Nazis were in collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood in WW2, so they are now.

Bush senior and Junior have strong ties to Saudi Arabia and both were close associates of Pope Benedict, a Nazi sympathizer. These are the Christian/Zionist Neocons. McCain, Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney are others. They are the inner circle, the initiated, Opus Dei, the Illuminati. The members of the Bohemian Grove.

Cyrus the Great of Persia
Cyrus the Great of Persia

The Shiite Muslim crescent which incorporates Iran, parts of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon believe in the return of the Mahdi, who will join with Jesus and fight together with him against the anti-Christ.

The Torah Jews unlike their Zionist counter parts are on good terms with Iran. Isaiah saw Cyrus the Great of Persia, now Iran, as the Messiah who freed Israel from the suppression of the Babylonians.

The Russians who have had a resurgence in Orthodox Christianity since the fall of the Soviet Union have come to the aid of Syria and their fellow Orthodox Christians as well as all Muslims and other religious groups who have suffered in this war at the hands of Islamic extremists since 2012.

I feel like I am stating the obvious here. As the parallels through time and throughout history are well recorded. It is staring you in the face.

I will end this as Isaiah ended it, a warning to those who attack Damascus. Israel. Ephraim the son of Joseph. The Firstborn of God. History repeats. May the Righteous prevail.

19. (12) Woe to the multitude of many people like the sound of waters like the sound of nations
20. as the sound of waters they make a din. (13) Nations like many crashing waters shall make a din
21. and he shall rebuke them and they shall flee afar off and they shall be pursued like the chaff of the mountains before the wind and like a rolling thing before
22. a whirlwind (14) And behold at evening time terror, and before morning it is not, this is the share of those who plunder us
23. and the lot of those who rob us. (PP)


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  1. Thank you so much, Katherine. We are winning this “Service to Others” war — not so much by killing all the evil ones (which is sometimes necessary) but by exposing the evils of the “Service to Self” criminal cabal that still significantly controls our little planet.

    With our individual & collective Intentions, Attentions & Detachments (emphasizing the positive), together, we can eliminate the opiate of chaos, fear, conflict & confusion that still plagues our planet.

    “We ‘may’ overcome” is an acknowledgement of the continuing need for vigilance & detachment. Our victory is not yet assured, but we are close — thanks to VT, others and you.

  2. Katherine: Not only multi-dimensional but also multi-vibrational. However, ‘assuming’ that “It is going to be a long hot summer” and that “WW3 has only just begun” may not assist us in transcending and countering the Powers-That-Be/Were — who still attempt to purvey & perpetrate chaos, conflict, confusion and fear.

    Our collective consciousness is a powerful weapon with which to travel along The Path, which we pave with our individual & collective Intention, Attention and Detachment — Vedic tools, which achieve results.

    The Boy Scouts were quite correct: “Be Prepared.” Know what lies ahead. However, we ‘may’ overcome.

  3. Katherine … AWESOME … Thank You.

    I cannot view the crucifixions of those Armenian Christian girls without weeping in anger.

    • Amazing how few people know about it. Hardly spoken of in history texts books. But then I think the history of war very rarely talks about the real suffering and torture especially of women and children. Syria has been a case in point. So has Iraq. Over 5,000 women I read the other day, Yazidis abducted and used by ISIS in sex slavery. No doubt they are also “disposable” Horrendous.

  4. Hello Katherine. I thoroughly enjoy your articles.
    I live in Sweden. I am really grateful to Russia, they have certainly bought Europe some time, not that they get any credit for it…shamefully.
    It seems like NATO are serious in guarding the Aegean and that the globalists are all in now for the migration deal with Turkey no?
    Im guessing they need more boots on the ground here before they can execute their major play. Then again in a year or two’s time they might have it either way, with plenty of smaller scale attacks in the coming up to an all out assault..
    In your view, how seriously can they destabilize Africa in order to push them north…?

    Finally I’d like to throw my hat in the ring by mentioning something hardly anyone talks about and it is the enormous Satanic underground of which Russ Dizdar speaks and others before him. A vast army of satanically forged soldiers, trained from childhood, demonically infused.
    It is probably the core of the army bursting suddenly on to the scene worldwide as in Revelation 9;15
    My guess is the world will be softened up by radical Islam first though.
    People really should take a good look at scripture even if not a christian, and a believer, because the dark forces do. Christianity is their main adversary and at the end of the day, all they do is in preparation for the Armageddon in Rev 19..

    • There have been suggestions that Guantanamo Bay has been used for the purpose of training brainwashed soldiers as you have brought up here. This is in keeping with MKultra and Manchurian candidates. If you saw the early footage all over the net in the early days of the war in Syria, these Islamic extremists fit into that type of profile. Similar barbaric behaviour has taken place in the war in Ukraine. Mindless killers functioning on remote indoctrination. They have been duhumanized and are souless.

  5. I wonder if that mythical Northern Kingdom would be NATO? A kind of Deep Kingdom… Russia is a Federation… of course, of course Israel and US are allies but not out of love. Other interests were at play = oil – and according to a price of it, that bond is weaker than “ever”… Gog and Magog…

    • The northern Kingdom of Gog and MaGog is the Ashkenazi Jews who now call themselves Israel. They took an un-walled city from the Palestinians who are much more closely related to the Israelites genetically than the Caucasian Zionists who invaded the holy land in 1948.

    • Agreed David Vaughn, but be aware that there are identities within the term “caucasian” that have no relationoship with Ashkenazi Jews, and they are more closely related to Israelites genetically than any of them – because they ARE them.

  6. It’s been obvious for over a year now that Turkey, is in the cross-hairs. Those planning changes have been playing the maniac like a fiddle. I’m surprised he’s not yet awake to such. It’s only a matter of time before a catalyst of some sort, touches it all off.

    I remain curious as to what type of fallout there will be.


    • Nobody expected Assad to last this long. And certainly nobody expected Russia to take such an active role. The outcome was expected to be totally different by now with Assad gone, Syria broken up and Islamic state to be a recognized entity and part of the new Turkey Saudi Caliphate. The Iran nuclear deal was also not supposed to be concluded and Iran bombed by now. As things stand, Turkey is exposed with its pants down, so is Saudi Arabia. And if anything Iran is looking very strong and stable and part of the Eurasian Silk Road project. In time Syria will be included and while Saudi and Turkey suffer the consequences of their actions with international disgust, and Turkey Balkanized into Armenia, Kurdistan and territory returned to Greece, Syria will rise from the ashes. As for Saudi, they need to go into the basement and dig out all the old tents and camels because they are going to need them .

  7. Hips, the Sunni Wahhabi are also complicit, and the Illuminati/Jesuit/Opus Dei/ P2 lodge Vatican gang. That is what I have been trying to tell you. It is not one dimensional.

  8. I’m sure all here assembled felt it in their gut… more waiting for what already is here

  9. Katherine, what you have described is a group with very long range plans and like it or not the time has come to make them impotent, thanks.

    • Basically these people, no matter what religion which has been a cover for them, do not believe in truth or justice. Everything that they conspire to do is in order to carry out their criminal activities with no interference. So they lie about everything. Everything is geared to treat the large majority of people as slaves for their system.

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