Psychotronic Firewalls against Public Truth


by  Preston James


Note: This is a long article and you can read the first part and the conclusion and get a pretty good idea of what it discloses. My personal thanks to the Top Directors of VT for allowing this kind of article, even though they cannot be assumed to agree with its claims.


There’s a buzz in the air and it ends up residing inside your head. How often lately have you noticed a ringing in your ears that just won’t seem to go away?

In a recent Veterans Today article, Gordon Duff disclosed:

“Our discussion of field generated ‘mind control’ is going to be short. Suffice it to say that a highly respected defense electronics firm, not from the US, secretly has demonstrated the ability to “broadcast” feelings, ideas and images directly into the minds of a sector of the population over a wide geographical area. Let me stop right here.”

This disclosure of course supports what I have claimed since the mid-1990’s when I was briefed on such technologies. Here is a copy of the briefing report I received which I shared with numerous website hosts the last several years when it became less dangerous to do so, but only one had the courage to publish it.

Walter Bowart

This Comm 12 Briefing Report is an important document, because it discloses the secret war between the USAF and the USN and various mind-kontrol technologies being used against the American masses.

This briefing document was provided to Comm 12 trainees to inform them and to warn them about mind-kontrol technologies they could run into in their work. Comm 12 personnel were psyops experts who were trained in the latest psyops and counter-psychotronic technologies.

Aquatech was USAF. Comm 12 was USN. The choice for the USAF was allegedly based on the name of a proprietary used for cover, where as the USN used a straightforward name to designate a Committee of Twelve. There is much more to this story, but the rest cannot be addressed at this time, for various unmentionable reasons you can perhaps guess.

Those who want to know more can research Walter Bowart’s work on advanced psychotronic mind-kontrol and Psi-Tech Corporation (the old one).

Walter is now deceased but was the first to really open the door to all these secret USAF mind-kontrol weapons and their illegal and massive deployment against the American People. He had married into a prominent family and had some insider privileges for a while and learned some astounding things which greatly alarmed him. When he became divorced from this family he proceeded to research these issues and wrote about his findings. I had some several interesting conversations with him about his research and his book.

The sad thing is that despite Bowart’s publishing of and publicly speaking out about his discoveries, few other people showed interest in such matters and blew him off as a conspiracy theorist. Walter was anything but that.

His research was rock solid in every way and based on first hand observations and information given him by those testing such devices who were actually quite open about it and wanted to sell such devices to the corporate market at a higher level, which is being done now.

At the time, it was my belief that Comm 12 was part of a coordinated USN (Greybeard) action to re-institute the US Constitution and to block the excesses of the USAF which had gone renegade under the direction of the BCC.

It is important to understand why GHWB (aka Scherf) moved to Texas near the USAF secret operations and E-Systems, which were right next door at Fort Worth. The USAF generals and Colonels often worked at both and double-dipped.

alien-midwayWhile stationed to work inside E-Systems, these men were responsible for the manufacturing, testing and applying of numerous back-engineered Alien ET mind-kontrol and weapons technologies.

E-Systems at that time was also involved with designing and deployed an advanced system for the remote control takeover of most passenger jet auto-pilots through special circuits that were to be included in manufacture.

This is where the narrative on E-Systems and the USAF must end on this part of the story because the rest has been deeply compartmented in special access and unacknowledged programs using privately raised black budget funds, with no accounting involved.

You can come to your own conclusion, but it’s a pretty good guess that what you can read in this 1992 briefing document has been far surpassed in the 24 years since.

We cannot know the whole story in all its details about the psychotronic entrainment and control of the American mass-mind because the specific devices now employed and how and where they are deployed is a closely guarded secret, punishable by immediate execution for those that disclose such facts.

Actually these sanctions of “termination with extreme prejudice” are not even necessary because few would believe the truth anyway and are far too preoccupied with their own lives to do anything anyhow. What I have found over the last 30 years is that few Americans give a damn about these matters because they just do not see any connection to their current busy and over-scheduled lives.

The Roswell crashes set off a complete cover-up and national security lock-down.

Many VT readers already know that after the Roswell UFO crashes (yes plural), the USG went into full panic and locked down various new controls to keep this information from the American public. Numerous leakers were buried in the desert including one nurse. Everyone’s phone was being tapped in the Roswell area as well as all high military and Intel involved.

Mind control isn't just science fiction. Researchers have designed a brain implant that can control the actions of mice with the press of a button. Scientists used soft materials to create a brain implant a tenth the width of a human hair that can wirelessly control neurons with lights and drugs. (Photo : Jeong lab, University of Colorado Boulder)
Mind control isn’t just science fiction. Researchers have designed a brain implant that can control the actions of mice with the press of a button. Scientists used soft materials to create a brain implant a tenth the width of a human hair that can wirelessly control neurons with lights and drugs. (Photo : Jeong lab, University of Colorado Boulder)

It also resulted in the passage of the National Security Act authorizing the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency. But Roswell also resulted in several secret meetings and secret treaties between a US President and Alien ETs. These treaties provided for the abduction of humans as long as their memories were wiped and a list was given to the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

These treaties also provided for the exchange of human and animal blood and genetics for alien ET technologies including transistors, integrated circuit boards, fiber optics, LED screens, anti-gravity, lasers, masers, and particle beam weapons and some advanced psychotronic entrainment devices and special wave weapons which could stop one’s heart from up to 100 feet away (Venus guns). Note: Some believe Breitbart was murdered by use of a Venus gun.

Here is what can be known for certain right now and deployed psychotronics as weapons against the American Masses.

In many Americans this sophisticated mind-kontrol technology is being used to suppress thoughts and ideas, insert new thoughts, and change moods, all being done by psychotronic entrainment, a remote-control electronic process.

And this is all being elicited remotely by the deployment of sophisticated, high powered psychotronics. Most typically hear a faint buzz or high pitched hum inside their heads, many feel it is in their inner ear. Actually this sound is being directly entrained into the brain remotely by advanced ground and space-based psychotronic weapons systems based on alien ET mind-kontrol technology.

And what is the purpose of this electronic war being waged against We The People?

Its purpose is to create a strong barrier between the American People and the truth so they will continue to be bamboozled, robbed, cheated and mass-murdered by their so-called elected leaders who only serve rich and powerful special interests once they get in office.

This secret war being waged against the American Masses is an electronic war against our consciousness and our free will and self-determination.

And sadly, so far it has been quite successful with most Americans significantly entrained to think, feel and believe what the Ruling Establishment wills us to. Meanwhile American jobs continue to be exported and the American economy is eventually faced with complete collapse.

Georgia Guidestones which contain the blueprint for the Globalists’ NWO and their plan for 90% depopulation of Planet Earth and their own New Ten Commandments.

A major pre-arranged massive depopulation was promised and was given public notice in the Georgia Guidestones, along with one Alien ET website identified by the head of a praying mantis. All these major societal stressors will likely quickly accelerate the “waking up” of the American Masses which has been quite slow so far.

Despite all the handwriting on the wall since the Ruling Establishments assassination of JFK which was a major coup d’etat, Americans have been slow to wake up. The reason for his has been all the various types of mind-kontrol deployed by the Ruling Establishment which include:

1. Educational and cultural mind-kontrol which includes diversity training and political correctness which are actually neo-Bolshevik cultural programming designed to destroy America’s borders, language and Culture (credit must be given to talk show host Michael Savage for this brilliant observation). All these enculteration methodologies are combined with Television and movies and 60 cycle based blink rates and induced subliminal hypnotic states.

2. Mind-kontrol through the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) Network News which is technically an illegal News Cartel Monopoly controlled by six major media moguls who report to one large investment house considered to be on the “vanguard” of such enterprises. When you have the National News “talking Heads” parroting the same lies for the last 50 years a completely false reality is created in the American Group Mind. If you express beliefs that do not agree, you are immediately labeled a “Conspiracy Theorist” and/or a “Conspiracy Nut”. Humans are social creatures and desire to conform and be approved by others. When the current social reality is false, truth-tellers are rejected and looked on as crackpots. As in #1 above subliminals, induced hypnotic and suggestive states associated with sound frequencies and 60 cycle based blink rates are deployed to set these messages at a deep subconscious level.

3. Mind-kontrol through entrainment provided by popular music and especially urban rap. Ranges from mild and subtle to extreme in some types.

4. Mind-kontrol through fluoride added to the public water, toothpaste and foods and various toxic additives in some vaccines.

cellphonetowerlease5. Trillion dollar cell phone systems which deploy pulsed-beam microwave.

6. WiFi systems which have been installed in many public schools, restaurants, businesses and homes.

7. Large orbital space platform-based psychotronic generators, powered by He3 fusion systems, which cover whole major geographical areas.

8. Ground based ELF and Doppler radar systems which has secondary entrainment functions.

9. Madison Avenue Advertising and inculcated interests in dressing to conform.

10. Imposed corporate norms for behavior and thought.

11. Various min-altering drugs and mind-altering compounds added to the food and beverages.

12. MMT and other mind-kontrol additives allegedly added to the gasoline and diesel fuels including passenger aircraft.

13. Chemtrail spraying in the skies with barium, anno-aluminum, strontium and other toxic chemicals and biological agents which can be flashed psychotronically to “hive” the American mind.

14. Pre-calculated radiation discharges from numerous nuclear power-plants all over America and the pre-planned Fukushima disaster. These engineered releases are based on the CIA MK-Ultra Research on how brain function is modified by radiation injection, and inhalation. This is a very secret, very sinister completely evil combination eugenics and mind-kontrol programs. Cancer rates in America are now admitted to be one in seven and one in three in many areas and the rates are climbing everywhere because of these planned releases of radiation across America and actually the whole World too. This is one of the key eugenics programs by the Satanic Pedophile ritual child sacrifice human vivisectionists’ Global NWO Evil Agenda for the whole World. VT’s own Bob Nichols, a Project Censored award winner has done us all a great service disclosing this great evil. This man’s research is impeccable and worth learning about.

15. The newer technologically-advanced psi-chrotronics as in “Psi-power” (aka psychic or spiritual entrainment powers). These are spiritual blood spells placed on the American Group Mind through pedophilia, human vivisection, blood sacrifice, mass-murder of war and programmed mass-murder by injection, Big Medicine and Big Pharma, despite the also beneficial elements of much of these when used properly and not deployed as mass-eugenics which they are now being deployed as.

These Psi-power secrets are by far the most deeply guarded secrets and therefore this discussion must stop here.

They form the basis of the continuing power and hold that the Ruling Establishment Top Policy-Makers have on their worldwide Hierarchy/Network of Evil. Suffice it to say that these forces of evil and darkness deployed against the American Group Mind can be stopped cold by raw integrity, honesty, character, mass prayer, love and willingness to give one’s life for what is right and just.

The interesting and also quite sinister quality of this establishment hierarchy is that the whole USG and all state and local governments and your police are organized under its authority. This means that one or several top policy-makers who sit in the head positions of this hierarchy can function as evil dictator kings. They are hidden behind a wall of secrecy and occult-based secret societies, that hold their vicious pedophile, vivisectionist human sacrifice rituals hidden from the public.


Madeleine McCann
Madeleine McCann – a 3-year-old who was kidnapped by pedophile networks

What this means in practical terms is that some fat old, near end-of-life, criminally insane psychopath can make a flippant judgment and order to attack a nation, start a war, harass or murder a researcher or whistle-blower and chop up a child after having him or her kidnapped and pedophiling them.

By the time the order is passed down, nobody at the bottom ever understands the evil criminally insane psychopath who ordered it. They just obey in most cases to keep their job and get promotions. Lately, many have started to “sandbag”, which is to benignly resist by acting somewhat stupid or muffing up the ops so that the innocent whistle-blower target skates free. This is a start at a good trend.

An obvious indicator this is true is the simple fact that every single major world crime group always leads to a secret society based on Luciferianism (Satanism) one way or another along with pedophilia, child sacrifice and human vivisection. I wish this incredible evil was not true — it is almost too must to fathom — but sadly it is a fact.

The entity waging this massive, trillion dollar psychotronic war against the American People is the Ruling Establishment (aka the Powers That Be or the PTB) and it is all deployed by the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) on their behalf.

And it is actually being done under the influence and mind-kontrol of Alien ETs who have infiltrated the Ruling Establishment and hijacked it by occupying and changing the minds of those who comprise the top echelons of the Ruling Establishment, the several Top Policy Makers.

The psychotronics currently deployed are designed to mind-kontrol, to confuse, to disrupt sleep patterns, to activate catalytic viruses and bacteria and to keep Americans, sick, coughing or stuffed up, and quite unable to know or understand the huge con job that is being pulled off on them everyday by the Ruling Establishment.

In some weak-minded individuals who were close to losing their souls, it has been used to successfully “snatch their soul” and transform them into a functional sociopath. If one begins to do evil for personal reward and does so enough this also results in the loss of their soul.

The Ruling Establishment views the American Masses as “Useless eaters” that must be thinned out by 90%.

Tony Blair with his good friend, serial child molester Jimmy Saville.
Tony Blair with his good friend, serial child-molester Jimmy Saville.

It is controlled by only several quite evil, soulless Top Policy-Makers who run a worldwide network or hierarchy of evil, based on the coordination of various criminal groups, pedophilia and human sacrifice. This small group has set up a hierarchy with various levels of advancement. An individual can be promoted if he or she passes the various “tests” put before them.

Are they willing to engage in pedophilia; are they willing to sell their soul to Lucifer (Satan); are they willing to murder or deploy murder or mass-murder by creating wars to depopulate the Earth and make huge war profits and steal others natural resources? If so they move up. There is no room in this hierarchy for anyone with a human soul left inside them and they must become Satanic sellouts and pedophilic murderers and human vivisectionists to advance to the top circles of power.

Sophisticated psychotronics have been heavily deployed by the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) since at least 1990, after at least 35 years of heavy secret experimentation on the American masses as unknowing subjects.

The ability of microwaves to affect behavior, senses and health was first learned by recognizing the problems that emerged in a certain percentage military personnel that worked close to radar transmitters. Increased occurrence of cataracts, increased cancers, behavioral issues, general health deterioration in many.

Early studies showed serious potential dangers of being to close to radar or flying in radar planes on patrol during the cold war. Various studies were done in secret showed the dangers but it was decided that the true effects within the brain from the electrical inductions must be kept secret and any microwave damage must be explained as possible on by the effect of generating too much tissue heat. This was a lie.

It was eventually learned that sound, brain waves, mood and thoughts could be entrained directly in the brain remotely. It was Patrick Flanagan, a true genius, who invented the means to communicate sound by inducing it electronically into the auditory center of the brain for the hearing impaired. He invented a way to electronically induce sound and discernible words and music directly into the brain’s auditory center without going through a non-functioning inner ear  due to dead hair cells or dead nerves connecting them to the auditory center. This was an earth shattering, remarkable invention and one that was immediately classified as Top Secret.

Patrick Flanagan was persecuted for his invention, his shop was burned down and he took a low profile and stayed in the background. Now his story is out and he has explained what was done to him to keep his marvelous invention suppressed. And it seems certain that it was suppressed so that it could be misused by the SSG.

Later this technology was expanded to activate quasi-magnetic nan0 substances sprayed in the air to be inhaled and cross the blood brain barrier. They could then be remotely activated by advanced high powered psychotronics to create a tendency for social conformity and submissiveness to the Establishment and their Controlled Major Mass Media false reporting.

Another name for this induced social conformity is deviance suppression by hived behavior like bees who belong to a hive and are induced to act under the psi-power direction of the Queen Bee.

Regimental insignia of the United States Army Chemical Corps
Regimental insignia of the United States Army Chemical Corps

What are the specific mechanisms of delivery of these advanced, powerful mind-kontrolled psychotronics?

Here is a quick summary and is not all inclusive either because there are numerous psychotronic devices that can be aimed, placed inside or near one’s home or deployed by parked vehicles or those driving by.

TV, cell phones and cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, Doppler radar, ground based, “placed” systems triangulated in on a targeted individual or group, satellite systems, drone and aircraft systems, micro-implant activation, use of micro-implants for satellite tracking, “Prime Freak” identification of every person like an individual fingerprint and satellite or cell system tracking, catalytic viruses that can be psychotronically activated in some vaccines, food, beverages, psychotronically resonant nano-contaminants in vaccines that can be flashed during shopping and keyed into facial recognition systems wired up to the local fusion centers.

Advanced psychotronics already deployed to suppress deviance in mass sporting events, public functions, and even demonstrations.

They were first tested in a well known national sporting goods chain where they were turned up too high and numerous managers and staff cracked who have never had any mental health issues before. this has also occurred in numerous public schools too. These devices are now built into the Wi-Fi of many schools and also the new UN certified energy efficient lights.

They were deployed in the Iraq war as small dome shaped “poppers” and placed on the tops of buildings. They were ineffective and typically gave the US Soldiers headaches and nausea. As with most US Defense manufacturing, advertised capabilities rarely are attained when the usually flawed products are delivered.



In numerous Scandinavian and European nations, scientists have gone public with studies showing the dangers of microwaves from cell phones systems and Wi-Fi for a certain percentage of the population. It is believed that 3-6% are so adversely affected by ELF that it is considered toxic to their systems.

Some countries even have sanctuary cities with drastically reduce EMF and disability programs. It is recognized in some nations now that Wi-Fi should never be used around young children whose brains and central nervous systems are in the process of developing. Numerous schools have removed Wi-Fi and are replacing it with the safer, faster, far superior fiber optic systems.

A great article by VT’s own Jack Heart is one of the best ever published anywhere.

Right now one of the World’s top experts is Barry Trower, EMF communications and weapons expert from the UK. He is a very good man who has gone public and is trying to stop the deployment of these weapons against the human race. There are several quite informative videos about Barry Tower’s whistleblowing on that are worth watching.

In his now censored and eliminated show Conspiracy Theory by former populist Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura produced an informative show entitled “Brain Invaders” which featured technology disclosures by Robert Duncan, a scientist who worked on such weapons.

Obviously State Rights supposedly guaranteed in the US Constitution can help bust up this Satanic Hierarchy of Evil by decentralizing authority back to We The People. Here is a good example of the spontaneously emerging populism which is now beginning to rise up all over America. It can’t happen soon enough.

Stay tuned, because the pace of disclosure is increasing and economic pressures are building. Soon either the establishment hierarchy cracks, or they institute a major “covering event” such as race war, civil war, massive 9-11-o1 “inside-job” Gladio-style staged terror attacks, more fake Sandy Hoax or Boston marathon puffer bombings, or a full-scale nuclear WW3. In future articles, various ways to neutralize Psychotronics will be addressed.


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.

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  1. It seems they violate the Rules of Play themselves, Dr. James, therefore making null and void any such “agreement” in the first place. If “fair warning” is burying messages deep in their stupid movies that anyone with brains would not be watching, and “fair” battle is zapping someone’s brain with lasers, particle beams and ELF, etc technology, and “fair” play is torturing and molesting defenseless children, I say “fair” response is removing the gloves and exterminating the vermin at the top. Why do only the bad guys get to bend the rules?

  2. Recently in an interview with my cousin the Sage of Quay he pointed out that you never seem to see these cell phone towers going up… Anybody who thinks they are for cell phone service really shouldn’t be reading VT, maybe Beatrice Potter…

    The problem will not be solved without those who have the grim resolve and “willingness to give one’s life for what is right and just.” guess we both cannot stress that strongly enough Dr. James. Do not cry to me that they will kill you, particularly if you are military. Like Morrison said “no one here gets out alive” anyway. Speaking of Morrison what Dr. James and I are talking about is exactly what he was talking about when he said :

    “I wanna tell you ’bout texas radio and the big beat
    Comes out of the virginia swamps
    Cool and slow with plenty of precision
    With a back beat narrow and hard to master
    Some call it heavenly in it’s brilliance
    Others, mean and ruthful of the western dream”

    Snatching souls is how the game is played, no ones playing for cigarettes in this place. You start taking their chips away for a few dirty shekels and an amorous liaison with the corpse of a young boy and I guarantee you there will be all hell to pay, literally…

    Great piece Dr James I may have to burrow Mr. Flanagan…

  3. All of this is based on “frequencies”. From ELF’s coming out of Los Alamos affecting residents all over New Mexico, to using them in the oceans to kill off whales, dolphins and all fish camouflaged as submarines doing war games. The cell towers popping up everywhere, with one goal in mind. To release EMP’s which will debilitate humans and the technology they have come to rely on. The scalar and haarp waves controlling weather and used to shoot down “visitors”. This is just a quick summation, but it has been intrinsically implemented while everyone was enjoying the technology like cell phones. There has been an ulterior motive behind all of it.

    How do you beat them? It is all about sound and resonance. Higher vibrational techniques… They have even infiltrated the music industry by having everyone tune to an unnatural frequency and another way that they control the masses. All of the drop D, drop C, drop C# is used to inject fear, depression, anger, etc. and starts with teens, getting them prepared at a young age to accept darkness..
    (which is a lot to go into here but everyone should look into it)

  4. Thank you for taking this issue HEAD ON. It is also the one which is LEAST discussed, being even lower on the list of topics for people than Chemtrails or Aliens (though those are also important).

    There is a huge list of movies which demonstrate in their scripts technology, directly or by analogy or allegory, which has been in place predictably a certain number of decades before the film depicts those features, but more and more behind the times are these films and their plots as time progresses, because the public extrusion of such technology must never be acknowledged as such or people will quickly “catch on” to the implications… And then we would have to look back at all the “crazy people” and think carefully about this as if our souls depended upon it.

    So you’ve brought this issue into the discussion and showed that there is a significant, logical, verifiable and also falsifiable reason to look into that neat little question, which is that how come so many films very well and functionally display these technologies, and others as well, but only PSYCHOTRONICS, among a few others, have been “unrealized” as far as the public knows, but the others just roll along, mostly “behind schedule” as far as the public knows. Psychotronics is kept way behind, as are better forms of energy transformation (not “production”), and certain forms of effective medicine (Tesla and Rife, respectively). ONLY PSYCHOTRONICS acts as this peculiar CATALYST UNRECOGNIZED.

  5. Malignant Narcissists with the “God Complex” are real and their psychology can be accurately defined and to a good extent predicted. Aliens/ entities just seems like Neurotypicals clumsy way of trying to explain a Psychodynamic that they don’t understand. Greer has fraud written all over him from where I sit.

  6. Plenty of Slaves around you just know what to look for . Media is targeted and so is politics . NWO is trying to set these up as defacto leaders that can then never buck authoriety . People who have frozen faces and seem too perfect are good candidates (Ex PM Abbott is probably one !; a constant malfuntion and always weird and frozen before cameras –poor programing made him too wooden ) ; and ofcouse the entertainment screwballs to drive the ‘do what thou will’ agenda .
    They are also often bonded in pairs to maintain there psycological stability (look for complementing tatoos on the wrist) .But it is possible Now that implant technology and this psycotonic signaling is able to keep these Slaves stable ..? They are also prevelent in the New Age businesses and infiltrate religions . Manufactured through military masonic connection all designed to control society completely ; but for what purpose I can’t understand , for what is the point of humans existing at all if we are reduced to robots ?
    I have seen a human hybrid up close in an unusual situation , even called himself ‘it’ at the Cafe waiting for a coffee !

  7. I don’t want you to call me a troll. I have a legitimate question, and one I’ve not seen asked before. Just thought of it.

    If this psychotronic technology exists, wouldn’t it be most profitable for the manufacturer of such technology to commercialize it? Selling devices that create a list of desirable emotions and feelings. Only big enough to cover a household or maybe even in the form of a wearable headpiece for individual use.

    Seems a more logical use of mind control technology than hiding it in all the forms you list in your article. And using it for nefarious purposes. Some entity or entities is surely responsible for engineering this technology and embedding it in our society in all the ways described. Surely that entity would be better served all around by commercializing it.


    • This technology was immediately classified Above Top Secret and Beyond Black and is run by small groups of Intel technicians in special access and unacknowledged programs like Chemtrail spraying. The Secret Shadow Govt (SSG) does not want any of this technology recognized publicly. Some has been market hidden withing retail music programs and Wi-Fi in some stores to increase mood and sales. But this will never be admitted publicly or even disclosed to the buyers other than claiming the music elevates mood because it is happy uplifting music. If you doubt my claim here about this technology being verboten to disclose publicly do some detailed searches on Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan, genius inventor of the Neurophone. For anyone to disclose this technology that works in them and has signed a security agreement, the sentence is immediate termination with extreme prejudice (i.e. death by assassination usually an “Arkenside” or induced heart attack or stroke.

    • A great article… and it is MONUMENTAL that this information gets out no matter how hard it is to stomach! The evil cascades down from Satan/Lucifer himself to the detrimental satanic minions, demons, malevolent ET’ s and basic satan worshippers who have traded their souls for wealth, power and fame. They have the proclivity to destroy everyone and everything on this planet resounding with spirit/God consciousness/life/nature/goodness/and higher frequency vibrations that brings beings to higher consciousness. That is their goal…spread darkness and keep it that way, killing off everyone in the process slowly but surely! The malevolent ET’s have provided this technology hands down bar none! What they get in return is DNA. The new Dulce is now Dugway DGP… They are still at it and it is getting worse!

    • Thanks for the response, Dr. James. I do hope that one day this technology can be used with consent and to the benefit of humans. We all have some psychological problems that could be improved by proper thought entrainment. I would like to have a device that causes me to feel happiness or relaxation or focus when I am researching, etc. Really, this mind control technology could serve humanity in a lot of beneficial ways.


    • Saheike, I’m not saying they’re not already at use. I’m saying that the commercialization of them would generate more profit for the organizations behind them.

      Seems to me a good way to rid the world of nefarious use of this technology would in fact be to disclose it to the public (slowly) in the form of useful devices. In the form of entertainment. Then maybe in the form of psychiatric treatment. If the technology is fully disclosed, then many independent monitoring safeguards can be setup to ensure the technology is being used in a truly benevolent way.

  8. Preston – I’ve heard you say on radio programs that the world would change dramatically if some 7,500 to 10,000 of the key wretched people were terminated. Why haven’t the so-called intel cowboys and allegedly “good” people in the Pentagon done this? Their Constitutional Oaths demand that they destroy enemies from within, and yet they sit by and watch the country go down the drain. Seal teams and drones could accomplish this rather easily.


    • The answer is complicated but one of the main reasons is the “”rules of Play” among those who control such groups. It’s kind of like the Knights of the Roundtable. If this started there would be hundreds of assassinations of political leaders. Erdogen has apparently placed assassination orders out for numerous political enemies in Iraq and other nations. If he proceeds with his sinister plans, Putin has threatened to take decisive military action and destroy the battlefield nukes Israel sold Turkey. It is likely that Putin is reaching the end of his tolerance with all the Turkish terror antics in Syria and attacks on his military, including the blatant shootdown of an SU-24 from behind in Syrian Territory. If Erdogen’s high military command doesn’t stage a coup against him, it is likely the whole Turkish military will be nuked and eradicated. Erdogen has gone completely mad like so many EU leaders. When push comes to shove, Putin has held back and has been extremely tolerance. Such tolerance is now going to end soon and Turkey could be destroyed as a military power and broken up.

  9. (A)rtificia(L) (I)ntelligenc(E) (N)eural Network(S).

    See also China BRAIN Project and US BRAIN Initiative.

  10. Sorry to have to tell you this but Alien ETs are real, fly around in inter-dimensional shifting anti-gravity craft. The evidence is overwhelming if you do your homework on this by examining the video enclosed above of a CIA deathbed confession, Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project, and actual old KGB videos of real crashed saucers and one of a real live little grey. Once you examine all the evidence, it is completely overwhelming. And we know for certain that one group that runs the Satanic Network that engulfs and parasitizes the World is evil beyond imagination.

  11. How about an article on how to overcome these devices?? I’ve lived with this buzz in my head since 2005 and it’s not tinnitus! I’ve gone back to broadband – direct internet connection, and rarely use my router especially at night while sleeping. I use to awaken at times with my head tingling but that has lightened up since going back to broadband. There must be something the elite are taking though to reduce the buzz. You have good articles here. How about something along the lines of a way to stop it? And not an article on placing aluminum foil over my windows, attaching alligator clips and plugging in to the ground of my electrical plug at home.

    • The video at the end of this article is one suggestion. I have written articles that include ways to increase the spontaneous emergence of populism which in strength and mass is the anti-dote. I will be writing some future articles on blocking techniques and other methods to stop this harassment. There were several methods shown in the Jesse Ventura video in the article. Go back and watch that for ideas. The NSA paints the inside of their sensitive facilities with special blocking paint which much be grounded. It can now be purchased from websites such as

    • Hello , I’ve been harrassed with this tech (in Australia ) for over 10 years for not being a sheeple and having indenpendent means and opinion .
      After trying the faraday cage from said link I worked out that 1 cm Neodymium magnets placed around the head in a 3 * 3 config , 3 on top (making a triangel and 3 around the the eye line region (clip two mag together on a sweat band etc ) . The mags groups need to be offset like a SofD and all pointing in the same direction setting up an unstable magnetic bottle . This prevents brainwave entrainment which can send me bonkers . Now all I get is the hiss . I have to sleep and live with this unfortunitly .
      My situation is extreme as I’m being deliberatly targeted by the Gov secret committee , that ofcourse doesn’t agknowledge this technologies existance . They must have my bio finger print . Australian Microwave tower regulations have limits 1000 times greater than some countries in Europe . Is that a part of the system ? Im not sure .

  12. Just about anyone in the world, with a little research or basic skills in electronics can construct electronic devices that can directly influence the psychology and biology of an individual and their brain. When using multiple different types of devices which can be used in parallel together it can cause a ‘greater negative influence’.

    A simple sound wave generator which directs a dense sound wave in one a direction pointed at a target, using a particular frequency, can direct enough power to reverberate and echo off the victims skull that it causes inner ear vibrations, therefore become audible sound perceived.

    US military technology such as the Microwave Crowd Control Cannon or the Vehicle Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS) when used in conjunction with other technologies such as directed sound wave frequency influencing devices… could literally make someone think they are being attacked by a ghost, or a spirit and alter their conscious state of reality leading to mental illness and even suicidal tendencies.

  13. The bottom line with this unbelievably nasty electronic crap, is that it’s a war on the very essence of what is to be human.

    • Yes, that is exactly it. The folks responsible for ordering this deployment are soulless criminal psychopath pedophile human sacrificial vivisectionists. Many believe their souls have been snatched or they were born without such. They hate the human race and intend to eliminate it step by step and replace it with robots after a trans-human period. This is unbrideled evil beyond imagination and the mind-kontrol they have deployed and the powerful all encompassing hierarchy they have set up that controls most of the World prevents humans from rising up and directly attacking these several top Policy-Makers who sit at the top of the hierarchy. The good news is that they are old, wrinkled and decrepit and the whole Globalist NWO system must be completely rolled out before they die or they lose it all (as they have been told) so they are under tremendous time pressures. Right now major Cosmic help is on the way, some consider it Almighty God will move against this Evil Hierarchy through the return of Jesus in full power and Glory to eliminate all such Hierarchical Evil, others believe it is a beneficial alien ET force. In any event it does seem that Cosmic help is now on the way and is fast approaching. If one treats others the way they want to be treated, their very soul is secure no matter what comes and their life will be restored and made eternal. This is always accompanied by kindness and respect for animals and pets.

    • Alas, glad to read about this somewhere on the web, this is kinda why i registered here! but in such a new world which seems to be a downright technocracical tyranny what should we do? i hope the sack-draped prophets would return and row upon the people of the city in the marketplace, and sentiments for enlightment would take over the passion for fighting… Happy St. Patrick’s day, may he keep you people banishing the serpents and exposing the gold of truth like he did!

    • What could be the remedy for thie cephalotronic/neurotronic technocracy? Is there really no way to rat out this shadow clergy?

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