Germany Back in the Poison Gas Business, with ISIS this time

"Just a little dab will do ya"
“Just a little dab will do ya”

[ Editor’s Note: This is a huge story, not just in itself, because it is a “tip of the iceberg” one. I won’t get into a chemical weapons briefing here, but the key question is what is the most important ingredient that weaponizes these chemical agents?

The public generally thinks that has to do with dispersing them so they are easier to inhale. But that is not the case, because you can just breath or cough them out with no permanent damage.

The key weaponizing ingredient is a bonder that sticks to the inside of your lungs, and you can’t cough it out, and it kills you. The companies selling this stuff know what a critical agent this is; and to claim they don’t know where this stuff is going, as it is a widely-used item, is baloney. They are vulnerable to more than just an “aiding and abetting” situation here.

Let’s just go back to some recent news in Aleppo, the five-foot long chemical weapons rockets suddenly falling on pro-Damascus neighborhoods. Do you think that the people firing those don’t know that using chemical weapons will make people leave as refugees as fast as their legs will carry them?

Do you think that Turkey is not aware of these being used, as it helps increase the number of refugees for him to blackmail the EU with? Would you guess that certain German companies might have sold such agents to Turkey, and possibly how many other countries and cut-outs?

ISIL chemical rockets used in the Ghouta attack in Sryia
ISIL chemical rockets used in the Ghouta attack in Syria

Can you remember hearing any news of any company being busted for “loose controls” in selling this stuff, despite the tremendous War on Terror surveillance we have all been under since 9-11? Why is it that they seem to be in a VIP fast lane for getting around all of the security monitoring?

We shall keep an eye on how much traction this story gets, or if corporate media leaves it alone, which will tell us a lot. Gordon has done his usual good work at getting through (and quickly) the smokescreen straw buyers to hide where the stuff is really going. That establishes intent to deceiveJim W. Dean ]


"Can you see me now?"
“Can you see me now?”

– First published  …  March 10, 2016

The 5th Regiment of the people’s militia in the Iraqi province of Anbar in the city of Ramadi discovered these new warehouses.
In the video, an officer of the national militia not only pointed to the canisters containing the dangerous substance, but also showed the procedure that the militants used to produce these chemical weapons. They charged their missiles and mines with it.

The ISIS warehouse for chemical weapons in Saudi Arabia
The ISIS warehouse for chemical weapons in Saudi Arabia

“This is a so-called mixer. The common people call it the ‘beater’. Over here the chemicals were mixed with secondary raw materials in order to fill them into mines and rockets, which they (Daesh) then launched at the security forces and civilians,” the officers of the national militia said.

German executives controlling ISIS precursor access
German executives controlling ISIS precursor access

According to the video, in addition, there were cans of a substance called phenyltrichlorosilane, which falls under the UN classification of ‘corrosive substance’. The substance is corrosive to human flesh and to metal. The bottles were found with Polyolefins Polybond which was used as a secondary raw material by mixing it with phenyltrichlorosilane.

more German poison gas suppliers, what did they know and when did they know it?
more German poison gas suppliers, what did they know and when did they know it?

This is the corporate video for the German parent company supplying precursors to ISIS:

This warehouse was found not far from the previous warehouse in an industrial area. It was an adapted building, which used to be a residential house belonging to a family of refugees. Militants of Daesh decided to remake it as a warehouse for storing chemical weapons.

Henkel brands
Henkel brands

“Militia discovered this warehouse in the industrial area of the city of Ramadi in the process of demining houses that the militants had mined before their defeat by the Iraqi armed forces and the people’s militia,” the source said.

photo of ISIS chemical weapon precursor label courtesy of Iraqi Army
Photo of ISIS chemical weapon precursor label courtesy of Iraqi Army

Earlier, the people’s militia in Iraq’s Anbar province found two warehouses with the substance phenyltrichlorosilane that belonged to the militants.

keeping ISIS clean and well groomed
Keeping ISIS clean and well groomed

On February 11, 2016 on the outskirts of Iraq’s Sinjar the militants of Daesh used this chemical against the Kurdish militia of Peshmerga and Yezidi militia. The attack resulted in 23 people choking and receiving skin burns. The wounded were taken to a hospital in the city of Dohuk in Iraqi Kurdistan.


Daesh is a brutal terrorist group controlling large oil-rich areas in Iraq, Syria and Libya, with the goal of becoming a “caliphate”. Daesh has received a large part of its revenues from smuggling oil, in addition to antiquities, human organs trafficking, taxes and ransom payments.



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  1. confirming @ .50 ….”most of what we do is invisible, but makes a huge difference”…

  2. The damonisation of Germany is a Zionist Hollywood induced mind sport.
    Its a puppet state fully on the strings of the Banksters and the US shadow government.

    Most of the key industry of Germany is in their hands.
    After the unification of east and west Germany the Russians went out with their military from the east part…..but still 48.000 American troops are in “Germany” and many nuclear bombs to “watch” the obligations the looser of WW2 has to fulfill.

    “The security of Israel is our national duty” ….Angela Merkel had to commit on a holocaust memorial day…..means 6 submarines for the nuclear warheads of Israel….and 24 / 7 Zionist media brainwash about the “Nazis”….and the Gas chambers.

    I am sure VT will go further with this investigation and will present us the true face of the chabal who holds the strings in those factories in “Germany”

    1. @Edward
      The economical sanctions against Russia show who is in control of the “German” economy. Even the US attack on Volkswagen is a stitch right into the heart of the economical motor. Would be of interest to know who is the producer of that exhaust fumes software.

      Anyway…. the new season for Nazi hunters is opened especially in Germany. Instead of showing the bombardment of hospitals on schools in Yemen ….”German” news have headlines of broken glasses in an asylum seeker home….permanently they speak about 1000 attacks in 2015. but from 995 they have no proof who did it. Smells like false flag attacks…like the 73 year old guy in France who sprayed “antisemitic” words on 20 cars.

      After the demonisation of Assad and Putin the critic about the secret marriage of Merkel and Erdogan is anti islam hate speech. Now also the wife of Erdogan announced that she accepts Merkel in the Harem of her husband.

  3. My only mild criticism ?

    Germany back in the poison gas headline. I know, most if not all on here get that it is the highest jacked Germany and nothing to do with the average German citizen, I feel for them, they are been used once again.

    Mama Merkel has a lot to answer for, she really does.

  4. Good work VT, tough work gargling sewage but sometimes it has to be done. Get this out officially, better out than in as they say.

    This is the angle they want, some kids need of EU 9/11 incident involving nukes or bio weapons. Keep the torchlight of integrity shining on these suckers who wanna ruin the common, decent, man and divide us to the point of self destruction.

    Danger yes, fear no !

    1. Some kind of*

      God damn predictive text.

      Be nice to have an edit function. Predictive text gets me so bugged out !

  5. Looks like i will have to find an alternative for loctite.

    There is no chance in Hell these scum will get any more of my business.

    1. Thanks VT.

      Just like the israelis, i will BDS any company that are even remotely connected to this kind of crap.

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