Names and Details of 22,000 ISIS Recruits Given to UK Sky News


A memory stick containing tens of thousands of documents, including 22,000 names and contact details of Daesh militants has been handed to western media in what’s been described as an unprecedented haul of information on the terrorist group.

The name, date of birth, hometown, telephone number, school and blood type of every potential Daesh recruit has been handed to UK’s Sky News. The documents are forms that Daesh recruits had to fill out before being accepted into the terrorist network.

 Sky News reported that a disillusioned ex-member of Daesh gave the broadcaster the memory stick that had allegedly been stolen from the head of the group’s internal security police and contained details of unknown jihadis from 50 different countries. The majority of the European recruits are from France, followed by Germany and Britain.

Prospective members had to pick whether they would like to be a soldier or suicide bomber and stipulate if they had an previous “jihadist experience.”

Britain’s security agencies are examining the leaked documents to verify their authenticity.

If found to be authentic, “the potential for security services identifying unknown terrorists is greatly enhanced,” according to Chris Phillips, head of counterterrorism consultancy firm, International Protect and Prepare Security, who told AFP it was a “massive development” and “shows how ISIS [Daesh] is vulnerable to its own people turning against them.”

Doubts have been raised over the authenticity of the documents. Wassim Nasr, FRANCE 24 expert on jihadists said on Twitter:

“Perhaps certain information is authentic but the layout of the documents has been altered in order to sell them at a high cost to different buyers.”

According to London newspaper the Guardian, German intelligence officials have also obtained the same documents. A spokesperson for the BKA, the German federal police, confirmed the agency had the documents and experts had determined their authenticity.

The man who allegedly stole the documents on a memory stick is a former Free Syrian Army member, who had joined Daesh but had become disillusioned with the group, claiming Islamic rules had collapsed inside the terrorist organization, which had been overrun by ex-soldiers from the Iraqi Baath party.

Security service in Europe believes 5,000 people have traveled to Syria to join Daesh. If these documents are found to be authentic, the figure appears to be a woeful underestimate of the number of terrorists from western countries who have joined the extremist group.

‘More Data Sharing’

Following the leak of the Daesh recruitment documents, Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May announced her intentions to strive for better data sharing with the European Union.

“That’s why today I’m going to be working to press, within the European Union alongside my French colleagues, for more data sharing,” May said in a statement.

Taking into account the serious challenge Daesh extremists pose to the security of the United Kingdom and Europe as a whole, it is highly important that member states work together to counter this threat, she stressed.

The leaked list reportedly features both notorious individuals and previously unknown Daesh supports.


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4 Responses to "Names and Details of 22,000 ISIS Recruits Given to UK Sky News"

  1. mylomorph  March 10, 2016 at 6:45 am

    ISRAELI HIT LIST !¬¬! peace and justice for ALL. mylo

  2. NotAVeteran2  March 10, 2016 at 6:38 am

    This COULD be a kind of a false flag (problem, reaction, solution) which ill describe in reverse order.

    Problem = Still too many private citizens are moving around without our knowledge
    (subtext) = We want to take away more privacy / rights.

    Reaction = Create a reaction by a fake datadrop that shows we are woefully
    underinformed on ISIS. The problem is much larger than we thought!

    Solution = We want more data sharing between (international) agencies

    These things are much more transparent if they mention their ‘solution’ on the very same day/article.
    Like Duff once said about reading/disseminating information like this. (paraphrasing)

    “I love it when the articles are short and sweet (less than 1000 words) because it makes finding the talking point much easier.”

    • NotAVeteran2  March 10, 2016 at 6:57 am

      “German intelligence officials have also obtained the same documents … had determined their authenticity.”

      So this means that the Germans are in on this, the data is totally fake, but having a ‘impartial/external’ party confirm your lies makes them seem more plausible (in a very implausible story).

      Also note the language used. If the data was authentic, the text would have read “… had confirmed their authenticity.” As it stands, they examined it and determined it to be fake.

  3. paul becke  March 10, 2016 at 5:58 am

    I hadn’t thought of that ! The US plays kind of confusing games !

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