Neocon hissy fit over Trump: US hawks are afraid of becoming irrelevant

Would he get serious if he won, or would it still all be a big game for him?
Would he get serious if he won, or would it still all be a big game for him?

Sputnik News,  Moscow

Phil Giraldi
Phil Giraldi

[ Editor’s Note: Most of the people I know who don’t like Trump for his immaturish bravado — despite his creating the gold standard on getting free press during the primaries in cost per vote — love how the NeoCons seem to be so concerned about his getting to the Oval Office. But this may be premature.

If he gets the Republican nomination, he certainly does not want to spend all of his own money in the general election. Trump knows they will want access, and understands how that game is played. A united Republican front will be needed to beat Hillary, using other baseline issues, such as who gets to appoint the next few Supreme Court Justices.

Trump will trigger a 110% get out the vote effort for Hillary, and she will be a serious contender, regardless of how many people despise her. And in a close race, the independents could be the swing vote, hence you have not seen much polling of them… yet.

As Phil Giraldi points out below, Hillary is tight as a tick with the NeoCons on foreign policy and has pledged allegiance to Israel as the others have, although the Repub primary contenders set a new low with their knee-pad protestations that they would serve Zion more loyally than any others. They are all security risks in my book — but maybe I am just an old meanie.

Trump has had a faceless staff up to this point, so we have no clues what a Trump administration would look like. We will get a feel for that with his picks for the final run up to the election, and whom he solicits to build a winning coalition. It will be quite a show — of that I am sureJim W. Dean ]


The NeoCon front line
The NeoCon front line

– First published  …  March 12, 2016

US hardliners do not seem to be particularly happy with Donald Trump’s unexpected rise. Experts say, the hawks “are terrified” of becoming irrelevant should the bombastic billionaire move into the White House following the November presidential election.

“The neocons are essentially afraid of becoming dispensable, shall we say, if there is a change in the administration,” former CIA counter terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer Philip Giraldi told the Liberty Report.

Political analyst Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity echoed this sentiment.

“None of us know what [Trump] would do, frankly, [if he is elected], but it seems to me as if the neocons are panicking because they feel that they don’t have a 100-percent certainty that they will be in the driver’s seat,” he noted. “There is a little bit of a question that something might change come election time.”  

Giraldi further observed that neocons are wary of Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, and Donald Trump because both are not supported by their parties’ establishment. It follows then that they could radically change America’s foreign policy – something US hawks strongly object to.

“One of the interesting things about the neocons is that they’ve managed to infiltrate both parties. They stress their relations with the GOP, which, of course, are pervasive. They have basically defined foreign policy for the Republicans for at least the last twenty years,” he explained.

But neocons also hold sway over the Democrats, he added.

Hillary Clinton, according to Giraldi, is “basically” a neocon and several neocons worked for her at the State Department. “And a number of leading neoconservatives are indicating that they are going to vote for her.”

“So [neocons] have this bipartisan ability to shape foreign policy. Their trick of course is to have both sides covered,” he added.

Some neocons, like Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the US State Department Victoria Nuland or American historian Robert Kagan, will be advising Hillary Clinton, while others will be on Team Trump in the coming months.


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  1. Mr. Jim Dean refreshes the long-since-known knowledge that the “religio-politico” neocons control Dems and Reps and D.C.. Control of the voting machines must also be included.
    Considering the history of the presidential vote since the alias, GHWBush and the CIA pulled off the “October Surprise of 1980,” does the refresher by Mr. Dean suggest that Trump supporters should be prepared to write-in “Donald Trump” on the voting form? Perhaps ?
    Considering the diversity of NEOCON inventions, it is well to consider all possibilities – – – .

  2. Trump is Dead Man Walking.

    There are two events that no candidate for high public office dares to mention, 1) the assassination of JFK and 2) the 9/11 fairy tale.

    Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth sent packets to the campaigns of all the presidential candidates. None of them even acknowledged receipt, except for Trump’s crew. They replied with thanks and stated that they would study the materials.

    Were Trump to even state that the twin towers fell from controlled demolition, rather than from burning jet fuel, then he would blow the entire official 9/11 story out of the water. Trump would have to be silenced, to prevent further revelations.

    “They” would have to assassinate him.

  3. David, The first line of my intro is what the people that don’t like Trump are thinking that know…and the article is from Sputnik…not me. Yet you are attributing both some position I have, when as and editor, and what we do here all the time, is to put this issue in front of our readers. We have 35,000 articles in the archive doing this, and I have only put up 1350 or so. Gordon?…is probably over 5000. I will not be campaign for anybody, nor did I the last time, nor the time before that. They were are too scary for me.

    • Hi Jim – I know you didn’t write the article. I did think you wrote the caption about it all being a game though. And “Most of the people I know who don’t like Trump for his immaturish bravado….” seems to suggest that you also attribute “immaturish bravado” to Trump. But in any case, thanks for the clarification and I appreciate the work that you do. Cheers.

    • ” I will not be campaign for anybody, nor did I the last time, nor the time before that. They were are too scary for me.”

      You are a true gentle Mr Dean,

  4. A timely article and realistic in its analysis. Yes, Trump is a master at getting free publicity. He sometimes makes inaccurate statements to play to numerous groups that otherwise wouldn’t support him. I hope he is an American-firster as he claims. Certainly the Establishment (KM and BCC) are scared to death of him and view him as an outsider. Are the rumors he is empowered by a secret Pentagon break-away rear guard faction true? If so hard to know what that entails and where it will take him.

    Hillary on the other hand is the choice of the Process Occult System, a hanger-on of GHWB and the BCC, fully supported by the Top Policy-makers who represent the Khazarian Mafia, a woman that laughs at any serious question and refuses to answer them. While at the US State Dept was a hard core mass-murderer and laughed about it. A many faced Chameleon with zero qualifications of any kind, fully evil, no heart, no conscience, no soul left. Fully initiated at the highest level in the Occult, Mystery Religion system of ancient Babylonian Talmudism (black arts).

    • @Dr. James “Are the rumors he is empowered by a secret Pentagon break-away rear guard faction true?” I think this is more than probable. And it could involve Russian help since Trump is the ONLY candidate wanting good, peaceful relations with Russia. Without those good ties, WW3 looms ever nearer. Putin and Trump have an understanding which they have signaled openly and probably in more depth covertly via these “rear guards.”

  5. One other thing that is the most frighting, If Trump gets the nomination, then, not only the Soros scum, but the neocon scum will encourage massive riots in every city to where Martial Law is instated and scumbag Obama suspends the elections and is made King……sounds like a Bush Plan to me, I mean they are all in “The Club”
    I think we need Gen Dunford to get into action here. and other people who can intercept this. Please !

  6. Trump has done an astounding job of creating emotion in our country that’s been dumbed down by hormones, TV news and Caitlyn Jenner. He’s got the cowards, crooks and pedophiles also known as policy makers running scared, and that’s a good thing. He has a touch of WWE brashness and a message that not everyone agrees with but right now his energy feels a lot more genuine that the Goldman crowd that makes up other front runners.

  7. Well, on National TV, Newt Gingrich spilled the beans, when asked, Why does the Establishment despise Trump so much, Newt replied, Well he is not in the club, he has never been initiated.
    So, this is why Trump should be every Americans choice, and something tells me, he is going to pick Jeff Sessions as VP……and he would tell those neocon whores, where to go but, with so many of them it will almost impossible to keep him and his family alive now and in the future knowing how these Satanic people work.
    I know many don’t believe in God, but for our nations sake, please pray for him and his family.
    God only knows we are imperfect and yes Trump has a big ego and can be bombastic, but God uses a host of different folks, as long as their hearts are pure. For some reason, which if you look at it, we have two amazing figures coming from the two most powerful nations, on this Earth, at this time. These nations also have the faith of the Christians, Putin and Trump…….in the book of Revelations in chapter 11 vs 3, it speaks about how God sends the world, two witnesses, that the Powers that be, try to destroy, but they can’t until the very time of the end, when the 7th trumpet blows. I sort of feel these 2 men, who speak truth to power very well is what this means.

    • Yes, whoh is VP pick will be important, but historically they are pick to help deliver a region, like when Kennedy picked LBJ, or to deliver a big state they need to win. Often they are sending feeler messages out by who they have advising them on things like foreign policy, what think tank they are dipping into, but which Trump seems to not have done..yet.

  8. (comment part 2)

    My sense of him is that, if as President, he manages to learn the truth about “things” he will act according to principle and with America’s true self-interest in mind. Obviously we need to be concerned with who he puts (or is put) around him. Reagan was forced to have GHWB as his V. President and it was literally (almost) the death of him.

    Anyway, how frightening Trump obviously is to those wretched neocons (and so many others). The man is smart and courageous (he has been put through the wringer in these however many months. Can’t we at least appreciate how much courage (and energy) it takes to do what he’s done, and how much skill the doing of it has required?) Again, take a clear look at the people who are after him. Among his enemies are quite clearly some of the true enemies of this country.

    It is time to forget about the democrat Republican thing. This country does not need another Clinton for God’s sake (or Bush or other bought and sold politician). This guy and his “followers” are a manifestation of Brzezinski’s “warning” about the awakening masses. We should support him. What other real choice do we have. What a friggin’ depressing thing to pull the lever for Hillary or Cruz or any other of those pathetic bought souls. Thanks.

  9. Hi Jim – I see this idea in your caption that it is “a big game” for Trump as incorrect, to put it mildly. You talk about “immature bravado.” This is someone who has masterfully dispatched with his
    competition. And he’s already pivoted. Wasn’t it you by the way that said awhile back that you thought he was purposefully sabotaging his campaign? Perhaps you guys need to reconfigure your analysis.

    Anyway, the neocons are scared to death of this guy. Read the weekly standard. Kristol is a frightened baby. Trump is a true outsider. It is “the establishment” versus Trump. It is not just something people say either, it’s not some talking point, it’s true. Big money republicans and democrats, Bushes, Cheney, Romney, special interests. All the media. The Washington Post (for example) is just a wreck contemplating him.

    I believe he is in danger, quite honestly. Our so-called “democracy” tends to seek to dispatch with threats to the ruling class. And he is a big threat. He is basically uncontrolled, and I believe will largely remain so. I hope so.

    Of course there will be, as there have been, attempts made, in many different ways, to neutralize him. Agent provocateurs, infiltration, idiots saying (or doing) things “in his name” attempting to smear (discredit) him and the “movement” he has inspired. Matters will continue to escalate as he becomes more and more of a “concern.” The methods to neutralize him and his campaign may get more concerning.

    • If nothing else, Trump’s candidacy proves the “neocons” on the left and those on the right were kissing cousins all along.

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