You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: New York Times, Washington Post, and National Public Radio Believe in Conspiracy Theory!

Newsweek is now saying that “ISIS is the real winner in Libya,” an implicit admission which basically says that Putin was right all along about the New World Order: its principle is based on Satanism, which is a metaphysical rejection of the political order and practical reason.

Who killed Mikhail Lesin?

Who killed Mikhail Lesin?

…by Jonas E. Alexis


If you don’t think that the Zionist media and New World Order agents believe in conspiracy theory, think again. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the National Public Radio already believe that Mikhail Y. Lesin’s death was conspiratorial. They all take it for granted that Kremlin is probably behind this act.[1]

Rigorous evidence? No. As Jim W. Dean has already pointed out,

“Washington police are handling the case quietly… with no press reports on hotel witnesses, or how the body was discovered, etc… the usual in a sensitive death like this.”

All we know is that Lesin died and that no serious evidence has been put forward yet. But the New York Times and other news outlets have already been propounded indirectly that Putin must be an accomplice!

As we all know, NWO agents do not have to provide evidence for their spurious notions. All they have to do is repeat a mantra over and over in the media and people will begin to believe it.

As Chris Hedges said two years ago, these people and their “media institutions have a vested interest in perpetuating” bold lies as facts. Hedges continued:

“That’s not a new phenomenon, it’s not even particularly unique to the US, but the more intense the conflict becomes, the more you have power vested in perpetuating that narrative.”[2]

Remember how they convinced political slut Sarah Palin into believing that Ahmadinejad wanted to wipe Israel off the map? Remember how this mantra turned out to be a colossal hoax? Remember how they propounded over and over that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? Remember how they declared ad nauseam that the Assad government is a terrorist regime and had used chemical weapons on his own citizens? Remember how they wanted to use that bold lie to invade Syria?

Well, John Kerry has said that he really “got fucked over” when he learned that Obama would not strike Syria.[3] Strange, isn’t it? Why would a person get “fucked over” when the President of the United States decided not to slaughter people and massacre and plunder a country on a false pretense? Obviously Kerry wanted blood all over Syria. Obviously he wanted Assad’s head on a silver platter. Obviously he would have been happy if Syria turned out to be another Libya.


If Obama is right, that Vladimir Putin is “scrupulously polite” and “very frank,” then shouldn’t the media make a genuine effort to ask the man about what happened to Leslin as opposed propounding one conspiracy theory after another? In fact, Russia has repeatedly made several requests to Washington on this very issue, but Washington remained silent.[4]

“William Jones, the Washington Bureau Chief for the Executive Intelligence Review, told RT that the Western media would inevitably exploit the former Russian minister’s death to try and implicate Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government, which he believes is a ‘false lead…’

“‘The media, of course, is going out after the Russian government, going after Vladimir Putin. This is their favorite target, this is the obvious thing that they would do and this is probably a false lead in terms of what actually happened to Mr. Lesin,’ Jones said.[5]

What we are seeing again and again is that New World Order agents are really afraid of contacting Putin and having a frank dialogue with him because they know that Putin will literally destroy their political defenses. Putin would certainly ask them why they are still sleeping with terrorist Erdogan. The Washington Post itself has declared that Erdorgan “must reform or resign,”[6] but the Post never asked the United States to bomb the terrorist regime, which has been supported ISIS from its inception.

Putin would also ask the regime about what they have done in Libya. Even Newsweek is now saying that “ISIS is the real winner in Libya,”[7] an implicit admission which basically says that Putin was right all along about the New World Order: its principle is based on Satanism, which is a metaphysical rejection of the political order and practical reason.

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5 Responses to "You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: New York Times, Washington Post, and National Public Radio Believe in Conspiracy Theory!"

  1. Psychopath  March 14, 2016 at 4:55 am

    Probably murdered Mikhail Y. Lesin themselves so they could blame it on Putin…

  2. Raptor  March 13, 2016 at 3:57 am

    ISIS is a made up term, at it’s core it’s a convenient scapegoat for the criminal elements that control these regions. Hired mercenaries do the dirty work while the term ISIS, gets blasted through the media as nothing more than cover. Kerry gets hanged out to dry more than anyone I’ve ever seen. He must be extremely gullible or, really, really dense.


  3. Garry Compton  March 13, 2016 at 3:40 am

    Ya well, Here’s one for you – The Polar Shift – believe or not – will take out most of EU and turn Saudi Arabia/ME very cold. All these countries leaders kissing America’s Government have paid there 10 million a head plate for a place in the New America in the Osarks, Denver or other Tax Payer funded underground safe places. So, all these Wars and domestic scams were just a front to keep those Tax Payer from even thinking about having their spot in the New America – once tis Conspiracy shows – Truth beyond a reasonable Doubt ! Reply to that Washington Post

  4. Dan Sheppard  March 12, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    Brother Nathaniel is an absolute gift to this world. I hang on his every word he uploads onto YT.

  5. Worker Bee  March 12, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    Sorry, but as much as I want to believe, I still have my doubts about Putin. Unless something changed within the last year that freed his hands?

    “Putin is strangling Syria…” – Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, May 22, 2015 at 3:48 pm in the comments section of “The “Helmsters:” Israel Calling in Markers from Her Saddest Assets”

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