Mysterious EU Organisation ECIPS seems to be on top of things



The Mysterious EU Organisation ECIPS seems to be once again on top of things as they warned the Calais crisis in France could lead to a breakdown in the ability of law enforcement to control the critical migration crisis if not leading up to yesterdays crisis.

The President Ricardo Baretzky of the ECIPS said that all parties has to work together to find proper solutions and that the migration crisis has reach a point of no return. A one sop solution is not possible the President Baretzky said.

He warned that the European Commission waited too long and that expert warnings were ignored when they had the chance to pay attention to the coming crisis. He said that their door remains open for advisory talks with the EC, however all parties have to work together to solve this growing crisis of uncontrolled migration.

[youtube ArPCs-TsmtU]

The Calais crisis comes at the same time that Merkel’s Refugee Policies are tested in German State Elections today, Sunday’s state elections and results shows already that the anti-immigrant party in Germany the alternative for Germany is making gains.

On Friday and Saturday Thousands took to the German streets and protested shouting ‘Merkel must go’ The question is if she was acting for Germany or on behalf of the whole European Community by imposing her Refugee Policies on the rest of Europe.

Unrest is breading and it’s certain that if the situation is not taken control of, it could lead to a revolution between the far rights and the far left as cultural clashes is unavoidable when such a strong European sentiment of history is under threat by cultural imperialist.

Baretzky said that a New World Council is necessary to keep responsibly in place to ensure opinionated voices are kept monitored and in public interest at all times.


  1. Chancelor Merkel could explain why she rammed the refugee issue through while the EC seemingly deferred. Not doing Greece a bit of benefit which makes Erdogangster feel warm inside. Tell the truth, Germany has been through the ringer too often over strange machinations.

  2. Hmm, I just posted a link for you Mr Duff, but it has not gone up, so I must assume links are now disallowed. Well, on you tube you need a vid from “the Next News Network”, dated 10/7/2014, and titled “A Trans-Atlantic Congress”. It is only about 4 mins long. It gives the framework for the Evolution of ECIPS: A sinister organisation that is a semi covert and represents yet another layer of unaccountability to manage the knitting together of US/EU corporate rule, it exists to manage the TTP/TTIP power grab which is of major importance to the citizenry (opinionated voices) of the regions being subjugated.

  3. Seems as if Baretzky believes “opinionated voices” and public interest are mutually exclusive, and calling for a New World Council,…how conveniently globalist of him. Maybe this New World Council could convene at Davos too, saving on travel fare.

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