Israeli foreign minister admits having secret relationship with Arab rulers

dore goldDore Gold, Director-general of Israel’s Foreign ministry said Israel is in contact with almost all Arab countries.

According to the Tel Aviv Times website, Gold said as long as this news is not reflected in counter newspapers, Israel can be associated with almost any Arab country. Israel’s interest requires having relations with Arab countries and achieving various agreements with them. We have problems dealing with many countries in the world. Now we have problems with Europe which is not a secret, but many countries have opened their doors to us. Israel has keen partners in Sunni Arab states.

He emphasized: We are witnessing dramatic changes and developments in the Arab world willing to establish relations with Israel in secret. However, we have not agreed on all issues with Arab countries, but the Iranian threat exists for both parties and fosters our friendship.

The senior Israeli state department official acknowledged he had travelled within his mandate to many Arab capitals that he could not name.

They say Gold has traveled to Abu Dhabi in November 2015 to open an Israeli office in Renewable Energy International Agency and met with senior officials of the country.

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2 Responses to "Israeli foreign minister admits having secret relationship with Arab rulers"

  1. Zaguero  March 15, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    “Israeli foreign minister admits having secret relationship with Arab rulers”

    I suppose it’s a sign of our times, and a sign that I have become as decadent as those I abhor, but my first thought on reading the above headline was of a sexual relationship.

  2. ManCavePatriot  March 14, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    The Isreali ‘Letter Of Introduction’ to Sunni Arab leaders is signed by, ” House of Rothschild”.

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